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Miami Dolphins defeat Patriots, 24-20

Well, the dynasty isn't exactly dead ... But the Dolphins put a significant dent in the New England Patriots armor this afternoon.

Dolphins 24. Patriots 20.

It ended when Michael Thomas, signed last week, intercepted Tom Brady on fourth down with mere seconds to play. The Patriots in typical fashion had driven from their own 20 to inside the Dolphins red zone.

Ryan Tannehill, meanwhile, outdueled Tom Brady. He engineered the drive for the go ahead points. He hit the go-ahead TD. He finished the day 25 of 37 for 312 yards with three TDs and no interception. Tannehill's rating was 120.7.

Yes, this is the Dolphins biggest win under Joe Philbin.




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Tannehill is playing well down the stretch and great job by Michael Thomas. He stepped up when he had to.

Where are those that said Tannehill was a reach, a project player? Gone for good with any luck.

Dolphins never make it easy but this was a huge win!

No surprise but one hell of a Game. We loved it.

Ape Tamer, Fire Rosssss, Krissy where you guys been for 3 friggin weeks??? Tannehill is the real deal.....WE HAVE A QBBBBBBBBB!!!!

Gotta give Philbin credit for keeping these guys together with all the C*ap around them.


Where are all the file Ireland folks now?

what a job by these Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill and The whole crew!

Armando T'hill also completed 68% of his passes.

We have a qb boys!

I hope this game finally squashed all those Henne or M.Moore comparisons. T-Hill is the Dolphins QB and he is pretty good and gets better every week. The Fins have their QB.

not file but FIRE Ireland folks

T'hill 2nd conse4cutive 4th qtr comeback win. WE have a qb, I almost want to cry, its been so long!

Marco where are youuuuuuu??? Is Tannehill still no the answer?? Kris?? Craig M?? hmmm would anybody like gravy on that CROW??

I no longer feel like the fins can't comeback. T-Hill is showing that he is clutch when needed.

Everyone who said I was getting ahead of myself with posts this wee, I only say:


Sam you FINALLY believe we have a QB?? I can remember many debates we had with you. MIT, myself went weeks with you about Tannehill. WELCOME to the PARTY...my friend!

Dynasty? The Patrits have't won a super bowl in almost ten years!

Ilove this team and love this QB!!


Not ashamed to admit that I shed a tear after this game. Suffered for much too long!!

I also like the chemistry building between Wallace and T-Hill. It is more than just throwing the ball deep. They are connecting on different routes. You can see that they are starting to click.

ummmm Sam you ad us winning the Super Bowl....that is getting ahead of yourself...

Intense game. So many players deserve the game ball, but big shout out to M. Thomas. This team has got momentum now going down the final stretch.

This is too funny ... Michael Thomas, co star of Miami Vice.... (phillip) michael thomas...

MIT....A TEAR>..how about straight out bawling??? I aint ashamed to admit it.

torture. GO DOLPHINS!!

Wooo Hooo! Where are the naysayers now? T-hill was the bomb. Great win...

Bill I am with you. We have had to argue with all these guy every week. They want to see the Dolphins tank the season to draft another QB. They must just enjoy being pathetic!

pats fall to 3 seed if cincy wins means we would play at pats in playoffs

10-6, here we come.


Bill Cowher sounds if he had opprtunity to come to Miami right now. He would come before packing his bags.

So nice to see the Dolphins getting love. :)

so whats wrong with grimes, anyone?

Tannehill 25/37 for 320 yds 3TD 0INT QBR 120.6

Ok Bill, I admit it...

WOOO BROTHER!!! This is just too nuts, the franchise is back!!!

Y'know, I bet Moore woulda had 5 TDs .... bwahahaha! Kidding!


That was T-hill peeps. He carried the team today. He's going to be here for a long time! We have our franchise QB for those of you that didn't see it before now.

thill is da man. we found our qb, finallllllylylylylylylylly

The chinaman can go plug his own arse! He ripped Tannehill just a few weeks ago!!!

Good thing I picked up and started Tannehill this week. Just had a feeling he was going to have a great game today. Loved that he didn't throw a pick today.

what if mia wins out and pats lose to balt next week. div would be on the line in last week of season

Sam you FINALLY believe we have a QB?? I can remember many debates we had with you. MIT, myself went weeks with you about Tannehill. WELCOME to the PARTY...my friend!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 15, 2013 at 04:10 PM

I was only critiquing the deepball issues and pocket awareness at the time. Pocket awareness creeped up again in 1st half(2 of the 3 sacks) then T'hill cleaned it up.

Kudos to THill today I admit I was one of his critic but he has been playing outstanding as of late. I'm glad he proved me wrong! Defense gets a game ball the bend don't break D

Tannehill is rattle-proof. And damn good. RIght now he is looking like the best QB of his draft. Wilson is great, not taking anything away from him...but Tannehill is ONE TOUGH SON OF A GUN.

Also he has the right attitude. Sack him 100 times and he bounces up, points no fingers, next play bam!

MIT you were the biggest supporter, stats wise, for Tannehill. All the debates with Sam, Kris, Marc, Craig, Ape, 2Watt.......WE HAVE A QB BRO!! that's what I am most happy about....WE HAVE A QB!!!!

Anyone who expected it to be easy is insane....Pats are still relevant my friends. But damn good day to be a phimosis fan. Can't look too far ahead, two tough divisional games to go, jets and bills would love to ruin our momentum.

how bad is grimes injury???

Tides Changing !! Great win today

No excuses whatsoever. Blow by blow , and Ryan topped Brady.

how bout the 4th and 5 play by clay, bad call but he broke the tackle he needed to

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 15, 2013 at 04:17 PM

Sam its all good bro....youre a Dolfan it shows and I guess youre like Thomas the Apostle.....you neede proof before you believed!!

Whew! We got away with a couple possible pass interference calls...But it's about time after the lousy calls against us last time against the Pats.

Fins Win!!!!

Tannehill has thrown for more TDs this year than M.Moore has thrown the last 4 combined.

Kris is not man enough to come by and say he was wrong.

Wrong about him being a project player

Wrong about him not being worth the #8 pick

Wrong about him being only 'meh'

But look for him to show up shortly after Tannehill has a bad game.

Feels great to be in a playoff push and stick it up Brady's butt. What a game and win. Bring it on Buffalo and B-more. We have plenty of fans up here in the Philly area routing the fins on. Can we say relevant. Hell Yea.

Now imagine Tannehill with another year under his belt and a good OL. Concentrate on building the OL next year and tweak that defense. Look our Belicheck and Brady your time dominating this division is up!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 15, 2013 at 04:20 PM

:) :) :) 3 smiley faces for you sir!

Grats to all true Phin Fans!!! This was for all of you who hate on our young QB, Tanehill. Who want to run Philbin out of town. We got us a squad boys. This was a great win.

Marco.....um....having a hard time finding a good argument against Tannehill still? How about swallowing your pride?

We beat the Colts, Bengals and now the Pats. The team is formidable and dangerous. Like I said earlier we can play with any team in the league. AND...the difference in the game was Clay's one reception.

Tannehill 25/37 for 320 yds 3TD 0INT QBR 120.6

Tannehill 25/37 for 320 yds 3TD 0INT QBR 120.6

Tannehill 25/37 for 320 yds 3TD 0INT QBR 120.6

Tannehill 25/37 for 320 yds 3TD 0INT QBR 120.6

Tannehill 25/37 for 320 yds 3TD 0INT QBR 120.6

MarC, kris, Craig, ape, 2watt, MARCO....care to comment???? Didn't think so!!

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