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Miami Dolphins defeat Patriots, 24-20

Well, the dynasty isn't exactly dead ... But the Dolphins put a significant dent in the New England Patriots armor this afternoon.

Dolphins 24. Patriots 20.

It ended when Michael Thomas, signed last week, intercepted Tom Brady on fourth down with mere seconds to play. The Patriots in typical fashion had driven from their own 20 to inside the Dolphins red zone.

Ryan Tannehill, meanwhile, outdueled Tom Brady. He engineered the drive for the go ahead points. He hit the go-ahead TD. He finished the day 25 of 37 for 312 yards with three TDs and no interception. Tannehill's rating was 120.7.

Yes, this is the Dolphins biggest win under Joe Philbin.




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brian come on man u cant be serious

and yes dusty has helped me tag team the Tannehill haters on many occasions. Dusty is NOT a Tannehill hater

Been a fan for 40+ years - great to see the Phins execute in the 4th quarter! Need to continue building momentum and finish the division strong. Great job Phins!

Did the Ravens lose yet, Eh?

Buffalo will not be a push over next week. They already beat the fins once at home and it is going t be frigid in Buffalo. They can end up wrecking our season.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 15, 2013 at 04:25 PM

You really are a pathetic negative nancy. You were worried about every single play of the game, a great game that we won against a great team, and now immediately you are going nervous nelly about the buffalo game? What a sad sack.


If you have my bad for not naming you. I know the other 2 that I didn't mention are old-time bloggers. I just don't want to name the wrong one.

But I know who for a fact has been against T-Hill. And like I said, It is real black and white here. People either hate T-Hill or they like him. And more people hate him here than like him.

Brian you be serious with that Moore talk dude. He's he back-up and a good one. That's it. Get over it.

Where is MarcoTroll?

true dashi, ive been here for years i went through the henne lover days and now the thill hater days

are u kidding me we dont deserve this game and philbin get some balls and go for it

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 15, 2013 at 01:53 PM

Another stupid post by the king of clueless bloggers. Don't deserve the game in the second quarter and we're trailing 10-0?? Since when is the game over in the second quarter??? New England is very RARELY ahead in the second quarter and look how many wins they have. Another lesson learned...A game is not over until it's over. Instead of making up stupid posts, shut up, watch and learn. LOL!!

Ireland will still be gone at seasons end. . Doesn't handle contracts well. . Ie soali grimes starks

GREAT WIN!!. Bill and Mark, for me INWARD tears OUTWARD joy!!
I don't feel guilty about the perhaps non calls on the INTs at the end. The Pats ran picks nearly the entire game, which is par for their course.

That said…uh oh, here it comes, I'm not ready to crown Ireland GM for life. It took him 4 years to accomplish what teams like Seattle, the Bengals, the Colts, and others did in 2 years or less. Some may new coaching, but all the misses by Ireland have cost us, especially at O-Line and CB (draft). today, a PRACTICE SQUAD guy, Michael Thomas came in, with 2 practices and accomplished more in one game than other of this year's db draft choices. McKinnie should have been signed pre-season. Maybe 10 less sacks, and 2 more wins.

So please, lets wait another year, and see if Sims, Jordan, the 2 db's, Gilleslee, etc pan out. That, and have him make 2014's draft MEAN something.

Tanne had a fabulous game, the long miss to Wallace not withstanding.

The Fins MUST get back to business against the Bills, IN Buffalo. No easy task ever.

Impressive Dolphins victory in a must win game against a very good team in December. It's been a long time...

First beating the Steelers on the road in the snow last week and now the Patriots. Impressive.

Have to give a lot of credit to the coaches and players for holding it together and elevating their play after all that has happened this season.

matty that may be true from report on nfl network today about ireland being on thin ice. but if we make playoffs i bet ross keeps him

Dashi Im posting on here since the old typepad days, way before you appeared about 6 years ago....I used to post as Greg...my name is Greg W. Arnsparger.....I used get on posters for not using real name so I started this year using my whole name.

I gotta give Ireland some credits here. He found three fruitful acorns (or other teams' junk) with M. Thomas, Brenner, and McKinnie.


I would be surprised if 9-7 will get us in. That would mean that the Ravens would have to lose 2 of their next 3. Maybe but I don't think so.

That Bills game really worries me. It is going to be freezing in Buffalo and they already beat the fins at home. We also came out pretty banged up in this game. Soliai, Grimes, and Carroll were all hurt (hopefully, they will be back).

Go Fins!

Bill A.,

Yeah, I've seen you defend T-Hill. But you get what I am saying. It easier to point who likes T-Hill here and who hates him. You would've had about 5 people on here liking T-Hill and 101 Hating on T-Hill.

I just want to see how many here back peddle better than B.Grimes during this week.

for all the trolls out there saying Ross should sell the team; screw off. dude was as happy as i was when then score the go ahead. go dolphins, go RT17.

That's what they get for playing conservative. Dolts.

Posted by: Franchise Of The Fallen | December 15, 2013 at 01:53 PM

Another stupid post by a clueless blogger. "Dolts" have won 3 in a row and are playing their best football of the year. Seriously, how stupid can you be to post something like that?? LOL!!

What is so great is that we are the better team. And, with our youth the sky is the limit.

I wonder if Armando would still trade Tannehill for Rothlesburger straight up?

ravens will def lose 2 of 3, maybe all 3. will be underdogs in all 3.

But was sweet seeing the Patsies go down, they cheated on our first possession , holding our receiver around the hip to break up timing pass, Tannehill showed some steel , just very happy if he ever goes down like the Greasy days we have an excellent back -up who should be starting

agree on buffalo game, scary .

Montreal I get where your coming from but not all you've mentioned are trolls.

You can't blame some fans for being unsure about this team. We've been pretty bad for awhile.

Finally....finally turning the corner! Go Fins!!!

brian im not buying your sarcasm bro, no way

We win and continue to win. Next is Buffalo. Great game by Tannehill. I wonder where his game goes at times during a game. Then bamm bammm bammm bamm td, baby. Great to watch.
Some of the guys on the blog today were dumping on our coaches for calling timeout when we are on defense.
There have been times when Philbin this year went home with a couple of timeouts in his pocket when he could have slowed Newton and Brady and gave his d a rest and time to regroup. Great use of his timeouts.

It aint over till its over! Dolphins win the Super Bowl in the snow! Aqua snow cones for everyone! Ross, Ireland, and Philbin go to Colorodo to smoke a footlong Joint!

Dashi is most likely the most positive Dolfan on here...he truly loves his Phins and would tell us all we will be 16-0 every year. And he will back that up with the reason why....you gotta love that!

If T-Hill was black or latin,more People would like him in South Florida Eh? But a pasty faced RED NECK from Texas is no easy pill to swallow down there in South Cracker Florida Eh?

Where is all the play matt Moore idiots tannehill not even thru 2nd full season yet idiots out their pit in matt Moore proven backup unreal

Love seeing all you phony slobs crawling back on the bandwagon. Unlike you, I NEVER LOST FAITH IN THE TEAM OR ON OUR ABILITY TO WIN THIS GAME!

philbin u pos wake up

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 15, 2013 at 01:53 PM

Now that's a good post. Great analysis from a football genius. LOL!!!

Ape your jets are on.......why are you here??

ape everyone would love thill even if he sucked, cause of his wife

Ross is beyond stupid if he fires Ireland. Ireland has done very very well. Even to bring in Thomas a few days ago and the guy makes the game winning INT. Brenner where'd he come from...? and some of you have been completely wrong on him too.

Can we all agree THIS is a new dolphins team?!?!
No more last minute chokes
No more 4& outs on game winning drives.
No more late 4th qtr pick-6s
No more check down chads
No more minus takeaways

Go dolphins!!!

Interesting. According to CBS we are the first team ever to beat Brady and Big Ben back to back.

I new the media would back off our jock if we started winning too. Have to keep it up!

He don't look like much, but does Tannehill have an arm when he steps into the ball, or what? Great throws on his part today.

Rick, you're one of the best bloggers here man. I love your posts and I can tell you're a real fan. As far as the idiots, I'll put them in their place...

Yeah. all of you STUPID Homers who keep changing your pathetic names after a win show up now Eh?
IMBECILES ! did the Ravens lose yet Eh? stupid homers Eh? UH HUH

Sorry Tannehill went three and out today twice missing a wide open Wallace shorted the pass and a wide open Hartline with no pressure on both passes Moore is more accurate long ball thrower, you forget he won 7 of 9 and used to hit Marshall in stride all the time

Say something haters!!! WOOOO!!!

GREAT Dolphins win today....TANNEHILL is a FRANCHISE QB!! Night all.

Like some of you have said. The Bills are gonna be tough on the road. Classic trap game. We are much better though and need to prove it.

I am telling you, Incognito being gone from the locker room is the main reason this team is winning now. The ONLY way the Fins miss the playoffs is if they're stupid enough to reinstate him.

Yes failbin is a f#$king idiot!

Posted by: scott lemire | December 15, 2013 at 01:54 PM

Another stupid post by a clueless blogger. Idiot? He just won 3 games in a row...Weren't you saying the same garbage last week...And we still won...Now again today, just because we fell behind he's an idiot?? You got screwed again...Don't you ever learn?? I think it's safe to say you're the idiot. LOL!!

1 of the Big 3 (YG aka Sam)

Posted by: Dashi | December 15, 2013 at 04:40 PM time


About time somebody else noticed that, AND brought it to attention.

One VERY cool thing (at least for me) was seeing how Matt Moore practically kissed Tanny, rubbed his head, etc. That is one helluva teammate, for sure. Tanny must be as well to engender that sort of respect from his competition, Who says the Fins locker room is unhealthy?
You don't win these sorts of games, Steelers, now Pats without a strong positive thing going on behind locker room doors.

You HAVE to salute the HC and strong positive voices on the team.

Serious question: if the Fins and Pats both finish 10-6, who wins the division? They'd both have the same divisional record.

Jeff Ireland with another great find with this kid Thomas. Ireland has put a heck of a team together. He has found the franchise QB and playmakers everywhere. His big job in the offseason will be to build this offensive line (LT, RT, RG) and then to tweak the defense (two more playmakers on defense). We are close to taking this division from Bellicheck and becoming a serious SB contender.

Fair enough Montreal...and thanks.

VERY impressed by Miami's win today. I think Philbin outcoached Belichick in the 2nd half.

miami would win div cause of a better div record

I don't usually come out this neighborhood...But these Dolphins deserve praise where its due...from me...who typically has mailed it in at this point of the season.

I still wouldn't care if Ireland suddenly burst into flames, but it appears his personnel MIGHT finally be turning the corner on a LOOOOOOOOOONG street.

Whatta game, HUGE win. Couldn't ask for anything more from Tanny, that's a hell of a stat line, and to outdeul Brady at that. Credit to Philbin for going for it on a long 4th and 5, credit to Sherman for calling a brilliant play, and credit to Clay for making the play. That was for the game and all 3 came thru. So satisfying to end it with a pick too. Big ups to Michael Thomas!

Oh yeah... Phins up!

and I wasn t being sarcastic I do like Tannehill , hes developing into a very good QB , but you have to hit your 60 Million dollar receiver in stride for TD`s and he`s yet to do that , I know Moore would be lighting up the score board like a pin ball machine with Wallace

Armando has been taking credit for RTs play all month...looks like it continues for another week!!! Kris will do his usual flip flop per week...NoVA football fans are the worst...trust me...and just ask the Redskins...Tannehill haters choke on a DIKK!!!

lol burst into flames,loooooool

just awful start amazing philbin cant even have them ready for this big of a game

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 15, 2013 at 01:54 PM

Ahhh dusty...aka bill Connors...dusty dusty dusty...Not ready but we won the game...Seriously, are you ever right about anything?? LOL!! Can you please tell us again how it would of been good to lose all of our games after the Tampa loss and get a higher draft pick??? LOL!!! Unreal...I think my 5 year old knows more about football than you do...

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