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Miami Dolphins defeat Patriots, 24-20

Well, the dynasty isn't exactly dead ... But the Dolphins put a significant dent in the New England Patriots armor this afternoon.

Dolphins 24. Patriots 20.

It ended when Michael Thomas, signed last week, intercepted Tom Brady on fourth down with mere seconds to play. The Patriots in typical fashion had driven from their own 20 to inside the Dolphins red zone.

Ryan Tannehill, meanwhile, outdueled Tom Brady. He engineered the drive for the go ahead points. He hit the go-ahead TD. He finished the day 25 of 37 for 312 yards with three TDs and no interception. Tannehill's rating was 120.7.

Yes, this is the Dolphins biggest win under Joe Philbin.




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Yeah sorry forgot he knocked that Td out of Anedola`s hands that was huge , take it back Thank God for Thomas lol and yes these last two games send me out for just for men , stresshad turnedmy beard into Sanny Claus white

Thill>Luck>RG III

The new Earl Campbell is Eddie 'The Hammer' Lacy.

Nice to see Dallas lose as well.

Now we need a Lions win to have the 'almost' perfect weekend my friends :)

MIT, Dallas had a 26-3 halftime lead. This may finally be the season Jerry Jones lays the axe to Jason Garrett's head.

What a collapse!

I have no idea why cowboys keep him , hes great all season till playoff time comes then he turns into a chokaholic every single year , think his first year he was muffing a game winning kick mis handling ball as holder


if cincy loses tonight miami controls its own destiny


How bout them Cowboys ????

As Switzer once said, "Are you havin a good time now Jerry... we did it baby... we did it we did it", ha ha.

After years of Cowboys that have been down here and scr.ewed us, its sweet to see them eat it.

Many thanks to the 49'ers for all you have done for our new S hero Thomas.

Any spare OLB would be appreciated, Wheeler looks ready to be replaced.

brian that isnt even close to the truth. dallas never makes playoffs for him to choke in

Homo and Arod are prolly secret lovers

That`s what I`m saying, when they need to win to get in he chokes

Would be cool to see the Steelers win later no too.

Bengals could still be drawn into the Wild card mix, so lets see the Big Ben show, back on track.

Now with qb position in hand, I would love to see Jimmy Johnson running this defense.

Never will happen, but, boy can one wish!

bengals lose, miami just has to win

Wouldn t we still get in seeing as we beat Bengals head to head

Of hand I can't think of a better Defensive Debut than the one Michael Thomas had against the Pats.

As far as impact goes, that's enough to keep him on the team next year alone !!!

long as bengals lose tonight, miami will be in no matter what long as they win last 2 games

I think we would be a better 3-4 D than a 4-3 D..

good to see grimes saying hes ok

if we had same record I mean

Marco, Ireland should scour The Seahawks PS for players. Might finds some real gems there that can not make the 53 man team on defense.

Phins win Big BIG game. It's delightful to see and we hurt the Pats playoff seed to boot.

People have been talking about Shannahan coming here as OC, when Sherman retires.

I say no thank you.

Yeah dusty, Bengals lose, both Ravens/Fins win out. Ravens win their division. Their final game is at Cincy, meaning they clinch division outright.

We beat Cincy in tiebreaker scenario for final wildcard spot.

I remember YG arguing with EVERYONE about Eli being Elite. Do any of you guys remember that?

Most were trying to tell him that Eli was good, but was more a product of the Giants system and the supporting cast.

Daytona wasn't hearing a word of it.

Everyone has a right to an opinion. But that doesn't give you the right to be so enamored with Eli's good looks, that you OVERLOOK the facts.

I'll take Tannehill everyday of the week and twice on Sundays rather than Eli and his 5 int's a game. I believe Eli just set the record for the MOST multiple Int games in a season!

Eli........Elite.........? ROTFLMAO!

Go Phins!!!!

Just hope we are over playing down to lesser teams , have had bad habit of beating great teams and losing to last place teams, think Philbin and the players ,arent going to fall into that trap this year , they are playing like a team with a mission

which shanahan, his son wants out of his dads shadow now. id take the younger shanahan in a sec

This is the first game I forgot about Martin and Incognito...I'm in a forgiving mood for the Holidays.

Go phins!

After the Brady driv thrwing the ball almst every time Tannehll came out and nd did the same!!! He just took control and,as someone else said He outBradyd Brady!

Sam, He really should. They have rejects we could only dream of having.

There would be space if we put Taylor on the practice squad, or even Davis, though he did a little bit of work today.

Justin Rogers may turn out to be a find too. At least he has knowledge of the Bills schemes, we shall see.

Ireland, does deserve some credit for finding some decent players of the other players reserve lists. He has had years of experience doing this.

bills game gonna be another huge test

WOW, why would a poser bring up anything another poster said 2yrs ago? Is it KIDDIE HOUR again?

I have posted some serious doubts about Tannehill, he has steadily improved, last two weeks 6 TDs one INT, that is excellent. He has taken some tremendous hits and keeps on ticking, he is tough, yes I believe the Dolphins have a quarterback.


Thats what i've been saying. Steelers could put us back into the drivers seat.

Also we can still win the division if the Pats lost their last two and we win ours.

Its a massive win for us today in so many great ways.

Go Steelers !!!

Go Lions !!!

yes yes marco


So we are pullin for The Steelers...

Go Steelers!

go steelers, then go ravens next week vs pats. lets bring the div title down to last week of season and see if pats choke it off at home, doubtful but would be interesting

I'm not too edgemictaed but I get it..

Had the Pats won Chris Berman and Tom Jackson would being a 30 minute segment on it. Still haven't seen him mention the Dolphins winning yet.

No one hates the Dolphins like Chris Ethel Berman.

The press hates us..

You know this..

Lol trash me too.

John A,

Thills deep ball is a work in progress, but his short-intermediates are so good.

Witha couple of pieces on the O-line and a power back we could be a force next year. Thill still has to close the last two games out, but recently he has been great.

Clay, Charles Clay. Team hero, breaks tackles and saves the season again, MVP, next to THill.

That's Okay..

We will cook em up some crow!


That cause both of them picked the Pats Sam.

Berman near to real tears, what a clown this man really is.


i know you're a little weasel who waits in the shadows for my posts and then responds under different names.

To clarify I will ALWAYS be respectful of others on here UNTIL they start the BS first. If you bring a knife to a streetfight, expect me to bring a gun.

( I know you won't understand any of this......get someone to explain it to you).

Always great to have a win, and to see progress with our QB. Bill

Ok now I need the Steelers to win and Antonio Brown to get me 12 points for a fantasy victory.

Cincinnati loss means fins control own destiny... cincy and ravens play head to head last game. Ravens loss would put them at 9-7 and cincy loss would put them at 10-6 but we beat them head to head. Go steelers!

shouldnt be a problem rick

IDK how Al Michaels can say Cincy is an under the radar football team. It seems like that's all I've heard all year. Bengals, Bengals, Bengals.

Why would anyone be surprised with those WR's, Dalton and that D.

Personally I think they're under achievers and probably will continue to be under Lewis.


I can save you TONS of grief. Just post as your normally do. With one exception. Because things get lost in the translation. Instead of typing the word Hottie, replace it with Palmie (which is what you really mean anyway).

Presto...many of your pestering peers will go away.


So we are pullin for The Steelers...

Go Steelers!

Posted by: Powhitetrash | December 15, 2013 at 08:15 PM


Listen, these are good Teams we have beat, this is no mirage. And under duress.

LMAO Marco.

Whew! We got away with a couple possible pass interference calls...But it's about time after the lousy calls against us last time against the Pats.

Fins Win!!!!

Posted by: AsJoeRobbieSmiles | December 15, 2013 at 04:21 PM

The refs were letting New Englands pathetic tackles hold and sometimes outright tackle Vernon and Wake all game!

One of the worse, most blatant examples was on Brady's final go-ahead TD pass. If their right tackle wasn't allowed a take down on Wake, they never score that TD.

Everybody **KNEW** we had to beat them bad and beat the refs too.

The Kicker: We DID! We beat them WAY worse than it looked. I posted last night that this is a GREAT time to be a Dolphins Fan! It is!

Before the season began, Bill Polian predicted nobody is going to want to face the Dolphins come October. Well, he was off by a month, but he was right. This team's got game. They are tenacious.

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