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Mike Sherman defends abandoning the run

The Dolphins abandoned the run on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, seeing the nine runs he called in the first half not working all that well, basically abandoned the idea of running the ball in the second half.

The Dolphins called only three run plays in the second half.

And Sherman believes that was the way to go.

“I just did not feel at any point that of those 12 carries our longest run was three yards," Sherman said Monday. "We really haven’t had many explosive runs this year which is not good, we need to continue to build towards that.  A lack of productivity in the run game caused me to veer off into another direction."

And this is where the words sound fine but the logic is simply absent.

The run game wasn't working for the Dolphins so Sherman went in another direction.

Did he go in another direction when the passing game stunk? Or did he keep calling passing plays?

By abandoning the run, Sherman thought he was doing what was best for the Dolphins. Wrong. He was playing right into the hands of the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills wanted the Dolphins to pass the football. They were praying the Dolphins would pass. You know why?

The Bills lead the NFL in sacks. The Dolphins lead the NFL in sacks allowed. The only way the Bills were going to collect more sacks and build on the momentum those plays deliver is by having the Dolphins throw the football. And Sherman obliged.

Another thing: The Bills are not a good run-defense. They were ranked No. 26 in the NFL against the run. So by abandoning the run, Sherman was declining to attack the weakest part of the Bills defense.

And all this happened in a game where the score was 13-0 with over six minutes to play. So it is not as if the Dolphins were totally out of this game and needed to pass out of desperation.

Look, the Dolphins are passing team. I get that. They throw the football more than any other NFL team save one. Despite this, Sherman claims he believes in balance.

“Believe it or not, my history has always been with the run game," he said. "There is a definite place for it, as well as the pass game. You’re talking about post season play, people are going to defend what you do the best.  If you can’t keep them from having numbers to take away your run game by being able to throw it, then you’re going to have a tough time running it.  Because a of weather situations that you may face and the grunt and grind of it all you have to be able to run the football, I think to be successful.

"To be successful in the playoffs I believe this too and people are going to stop what you do best, if you’re a really good running team you can’t throw the football and capitalize on situations where there is an overpopulated box then you’re going to have a tough time too. I think you have to be able to do both and you have to be able to have balance."

To be able to do both you have to commit to both. The suggestion the Dolphins are committed to running the ball is a joke.

Running the ball requires persistence. It doesn't always work. It doesn't always work early. Teams that do it well stay with it.

The Dolphins don't stay with it. And not surprisingly, they don't do it well. 


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You don't know me but PLEASE do me a favor. Watch what inevitably follows a first down incompletion. It will be a run UNLESS it's the last 2 minutes of the first and second half. I guess they don't want to take the chance of being 3rd and 10 so they end up 3rd and 9. Everyone in the NFL must be aware of this tendency. Surely they scout themselves. Don't they???? Just keep track on Sunday. If you haven't already noticed it I would be surprised but that they continue to do it is STUPEFYING!!!

Also I know Tanneyhill can exercise the read option. He did it in college. It was open the entire 1st half even though the fake is less than half hearted. IF they are afraid of him being hurt by running it, what do they think will happen after getting hit 30 times a game in the "pocket", being facetious. AND he can always slide down after picking up the 10 yds or so he will gain on the play and he will open the running game. Won't even get into screens, speed options or hot reads.

Sam are you blind we should be 11-4 if we had a coach that knew what he was doing please Sam you are smarter than that

Posted by: Marc from nj | December 23, 2013 at 10:17 PM

No marc from nj I'm not blind. If we had an owner and gm that knew how to choose the rigtt hc, right now we maybe 11-4.

How's that? Exactly what I've been posting.


The YG DB SAMBO game..

Preach one thing and ridicule anyone who differs.


Once they finally agree, change your position and ridicule them again for agreeing with what you thought only yesterday and now find absurd.

Then give a hearty LOL.

I just drives me nuts to watch these wannabes

For some reason, no FA brought in seems to do better in Miami, rather they regress.

This jets game is gonna be ugly

Philbin would not know a game plan if it hit him in the face

I can't believe some of the crazy dumb BS on here. Really you guys... after one game... have condemned the whole team and staff. Not much reality in these posts. Your type of fan behavior is toxic and pointless. It's like watching a debate betwenn the Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest. Top to bottom fair weather fan/trollish non sense. They had a bad game after winning 3 in a row. These guys are a win away from the playoffs...you never tear down a team that does that.

I just drives me nuts to watch these wannabes

Posted by: Marc from nj | December 23, 2013 at 10:23 PM

It's not the players fault Marc in nj. Over half of our starters are playing in the wrong system.

Ireland/Ross promised fans chicken salad, but thus far, have delivered chicken you know what.

You are a loser ,you accept losing we do not ,it was not just one game you idiot we had control of the playoffs now we do not buffalo pushed us around like rag dolls it not ok

Todd Bowles should have been our coach

Posted by: Marc from nj | December 23, 2013 at 10:14 PM

This team would be farther along under Todd Bowles. The coordinators would still be Mike Nolan and Brian Daboll. In my opinion Daboll was the best OC this team has had in years. Marshall, Dansby, Bush, Burnett, and Long, and Incognito would still be here. I really liked Todd Bowles. He did a great job as the interim HC.


You have to be permanently limp with no hope to be blogging wiht Marc from nj.

No, Miami is not a good Football Town with the Stadium situated where it is now.

Hahaha you are quie funny stiffy

They had a bad game after winning 3 in a row. These guys are a win away from the playoffs...you never tear down a team that does that.

Posted by: TruthhurTs | December 23, 2013 at 10:26 PM


After winning 3 in a row, we lost 4 in a row. Only thing stopping this is we wont have 4 games left to play.

AGAIN, REMMBER LAST TIME? (The 3 straight win aftermath?)

Dear Truth, Have followed this team since George Wilson Jr, John Syofa and Joe Auer. They have had a bad 15 years and not just a bad game. They last won a Super Bowl when Richard Nixon was President, they were last in a Super Bowl during Ronald Reagan's First Term, they last won a playoff game when Clinton was President. It is a forgiving attitude like yours that leads to those moronic Cubs fans who don't mind going over a 100 years without winning a World Series. Don't be a "FAN", just like the team. Remember "fan" comes from FANatic and you know how we feel about FANaticS.

I for one won't spend another dime on this team as long as Sherman is calling plays. Period.

Seriously!! You can't be serious about saying "people are complaining about ONE bad game", it transcends ONE bad game. It is now a blanking LEGACY that must be terminated with some urgency.

Lou, we have the best chance of all 4 teams for the last wildcard. And you are moanin? How many times in the last decade has this team been alive on the last week of the season?

Bowles, Daboll and Moore with Brandon Marshall, Reggie Bush and Karlos Dansby was the better plan. The alternative, Philbin, Sherman, Tannehope, overpriced and limited Wallace, Lamar Miller and unknown Ellerbe is a pipe dream.

The Dolphins can't sell anything but hope at this point.

Such a sad state of affairs for what was at one time a flagship franchise.

Beating The Patriots got everyone's hopes up.

Same as 3-0.

Then the mediocre Phins let you all down...again.

19-0 to The Bills.

This had been a year of firsts for The Phins.

A strange season.

Up and down bizarre.

...and the low points have been lower than at any other point in franchise history.

Six 1st downs on Sunday...lowest total in franchise history.

Two yards rushing against The Bucs...lowest in franchise history.

Most sacks given up in franchise history.

Losing to an 0-8 team in prime time.

Jonathan Martin.

New logo, new era.

Are we digging the new logo yet ?

Good luck next year w/o Grimes.

Without Grimes the team would be 6-9 now.

His plays won the Colts and Bengals games.

Wake and Grimes are the only players on the team.

Ireland lives to draft ten more players that won't hit the field.

New logo, new era.

I would like to see Sherman get a quality OL before passing judgment on him. His hands are somewhat tied in running the type offense that he is trying to run.

I do fault him and Philbin on the game plan for the Bills. Under those weather conditions they should not have been throwing the ball. That is the kind of game where you change it up and put in 2 TEs and run the football. You can still sneak the TEs out and pass the ball to them but you could not keep the same game plan with 20 mph winds, 35 degrees, and rain. That was dumb!

Here. When we were forced to came to Miami from Cuba in 1961, most People here were Anglos. As we Cubans came in in increasing #s, the Anglos, xenophobic like they are, started leaving the center of Miami going either North or South of it. Of course, most of those Anglos were born here and considered themselves Southerners and hated to go North. They also loved Football with a passion. Most of those Football loving Anglos are situated now SOUTH of Miami and NOT North of it. You know...

Oscar what does that have to do with our team sucking

Oscar, we're not xenophobic, we're simply better than you.

Dan Le Batard is the only intelligent Cuban on the planet.

Well, him and Emilio Estephan.

Because anyone who could take a woman with no talent as far as he did...

They'd have to be brilliant.

Ireland must go first bring in a real gm type and let him decide about the head coach

Oscar the anglos have been replaced by Haitians and poor American negroes, Dominicans, Jamaicans, Koreans.

The reality is the team will have to move. There is no other NFL city with with fewer fans than Miami. Most of the fans we have could not afford a ticket. Foreigners, immigrants, seem to gravitate to baseball and basketball.

The stadium here will never be full for more than a game or two per season.

Ross will be the last owner in Miami...I expect another poor showing in 2014. The team is moving.

Such a waste of time on absolute non sense posts. It's unreadable knee jerking conclusion jumping over the edge silliness. Where all these let's destroy the whole team takes a week ago? The fact being is the Phins are currently the #6 seed in the playoff race with a game to play for all the marbles. If you don't want to watch or follow the team then don't watch. It's not mandatory.

Before we nuke the whole team and everyone involved let's wait and see after Sunday...there's a long off season to make changes. Change is coming.

Tellus, Read what you just wrote. You are happy because once or twice a decade they are in playoff contention. Does thay strike you as incongrous? Maybe you are just messing with me? If so, you got me.

I said it ALL year, the coordinators are HORRIBLE!!!!! Sherman is an idiot. Buffalo blitzed constantly, we did 1, exactly 1 screen pass and I saw 0 slant passes and very few outs. What kind of offensive coordinator lets his QB get killed over and over in a game. As far as defensively, embarrassing that a practice squad player out played Tannehill and beat Miami twice. I don't mind keeping Philbin but these coordinators MUST GO!!!!

Wouldn't it be something if the fins make the playoffs and win 3 straight on the road to go to the superbowl? The Ravens went to the superbowl last year with a 9-7 record. The Ravens had lost 4-5 before going on a roll to win the superbowl. All you have to do is get in and then you never know.

It is a function of distance, Marc. The farther away you are from the Stadium the more difficult it becomes to get to it. That is reasonable, no?

I have not seen Craig M posting lately, has he been vanished or is he posting under another name?

Oscar, que dice? No comprendo siempre pero sigo trabajando. Es necessario hablar muy despacio o no puedo comprender, pero Estoy leyendo aqui y todo que Puedo decir es "Que?"

Jeff, you're wrong. You don't blame a lack of anything for a coordinators issue. It's week 16, you KNOW your players. You adjust and call things that are working. Sherman didn't do a thing, he let Tannehill do a 5 step drop all day with curls and long routes. It's embarrassing. Thing of all the crap Sherman has pulled, throwing late in the game with a lead, running sweeps on 3rd and inches, I can go on forever. I just want to know how I get a job as an offensive coordinator in the NFL, anyone can do better. Sherman is stealing from Miami and Ross with every paycheck he takes.


Tellus, Read what you just wrote. You are happy because once or twice a decade they are in playoff contention. Does thay strike you as incongrous? Maybe you are just messing with me? If so, you got me.

Posted by: Lou | December 23, 2013 at 10:53 PM

You are messing with me. Did I say I was happy once or twice a decade we are in contention? Nope. You said that. There is only right now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. And I'd rather be alive for a spot in the final week than dead as usual. Somethin wrong with that?

Dolph, I believe the Head Coach can circumvent the play calling of his coordinators, if he deems it inept. If you run a company and you continue to utilize people who are insulting your customers, whose fault would it be if the company failed?

For the majority of these bloggers, especially those here 19 hours a day like Marco, it is obvious the highlight of their week is an occasionally grandiose bowel movement.

We are still here, most of those Anglos, Cubans and Blacks who invented the waving of those white rags into an insurmountable force. They just took away our Stadium from Us.

The RB's stink.

The RB's stink.

Posted by: Bottom Line | December 23, 2013 at 11:05 PM

The bloggers stink.

If you run a company and you continue to utilize people who are insulting your customers, whose fault would it be if the company failed?

Posted by: Lou | December 23, 2013 at 11:01 PM

Remember Ireland cursing out a paying fan?

The RB's stink.

Posted by: Bottom Line | December 23, 2013 at 11:05 PM

The bloggers stink.

Posted by: Top Line | December 23, 2013 at 11:08 PM

The team stinks.

You know, we Cubans and Rednecks around here seldom travel North. Most of those People in Broward are Jets loving Northerners and other Latin People addicted to Soccer.

Another story. Once, while my friend and I were at the OB during a SB Dolphins Team Game, I noticed a Black guy a few rows down from Us talking to a very blonde Girl in between our waving the hankies. By the end of the Game, he was grabbing her assss and she seemed content about it.

I know you guys would like to prattle on aimlessly and endlessly with your "knowledgeable" posts about our loss yesterday but really some of you guys need some meds. Last week there was none of this blow up the whole team talk except from the trolls of course. I'm surprised you peeps haven't broken legs jumping on and off the bandwagon so fast. Just one question won't you guys feel silly if the Phins win on Sunday? Nah probably not but you should. LOL..

In the spirit of Christmas...I'll just say whatever...and leave you guys to your absurdity. Enjoy it.

SAM I AM I expose Marco the child molester as a troll and I am about to set my sights on you.
Last week you were blogging how the team was a true Super Bowl contender. You said Tannehill was possibly a franchise QB and the team was hot at the right time...now after 1 loss you wanna fire everybody?? If this is not the definition of TROLL then please explain you f^kkin LOSER TROLL

hmmmm MARCO, SAM I AM and EVERY YG/DAYTONA/FIRE ROSS fake name are on here almost 18 hours a day???? Could they be one????????????

BTW..Where are all the guys that were second guessing Ireland for not resigning Jake Long??? He blew out his ACL and MCL Sunday. Won't see him again until next year in the regular season.

In case you know it all peeps did not know. He wound up on IR...AGAIN for the 3rd year in row. Say it with me now...Injury prone.

Probably, most of the Women writing in this Blog are of the non breeders type sexual preference. It doesn't matter, they are Great Fans.

The Bills weren't scared of neither the run nor the pass. They are simply a better team with more playmakers. And when did Miami this season show anything promising running the ball? Consistently? With this o-line? You're kidding no one. The one thing that scares me is if Buffalo one day gets a true franchise QB. Then we'll be in serious trouble.

Troll is a compliment when talking about the hapless Fins.

SAMDrivel has been busted as a troll 1000 times now. His wife is revolting and his pecker don't work anymore.

What else can he do but ridicule these bloggers here who are mostly ignoran, illiterate fools who can't see past their eye lashes.

Another story?

The why do respectable bloggers like MIT, BIll A, Phins78, DarrylDunphy and DC talk to these losers? Why even give Marco or Sam I am the time of day????????

I have It on the tip of my tongue.

osacr cant you repatriate you feckin illiterate Cuban fool??

swim back to feckin cuba you wetback!!!!!!!!!

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