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Mike Sherman: 'We're making noise'

Mike Sherman thought the Dolphins missed on an opportunity to win a statement game earlier this season when the team went to New Orleans undefeated but couldn't deliver a win. He does, however, believe the Dolphins came through in a statement game on Sunday.

And now where are they now?

"This was another opportunity like that one," Sherman said Monday. "This opportunity exists for us to go out there against a really good football team and make some noise. And that's what we're doing now, we're making noise. That's about it. We're playing as hard as we can play and coaching as hard as we can coach. And we're taking it one day at a time. However it ends up, it ends up."

One of the reasons the Dolphins are making noise is the December improvement of quarterback Ryan Tannehill. He has thrown for 843 yards, 8 TDs, 2 INTs in three games. And yesterday's 312-yard, 3-TD performance was outstanding.

But maybe not his best, according to Sherman.

"Let's see, that was pretty near the top," Sherman said. "I don't know if it was the best, but it was pretty near the top. His decision-making was excellent. His compusure. He made some big time throws in critical situations. Considering the opponent, I guess it was near the top."

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, great guy, continued to add to the building legend of defensive back Michael Thomas. We all know Thomas was poached off the San Francisco practice squad by the personnel department last week. He showed up at camp on Tuesday.

And on Sunday, pressed into service by injuries to Brent Grimes and Nolan Carroll, he intercepted Tom Brady to save the day. Well, Coyle was asked how many practice repetitions Thomas got with the defense last week.

"He got zero reps in practice," Coyle said. "The only reps he got were reps on the scout team (running the New England defense) and he spent a lot of time in meetings."

Coyle said assistant Blue Adams kept Thomas in meetings after practice, after most players had left Friday, then again on Saturday after the walk-thru.

On the final series, Jimmy Wilson moved to cornerback. He hadn't gotten a snap at cornerback dating back to OTAs two years ago, Coyle said. Rookie cornerback Will Davis was in the game. And obviously Thomas was in.

Interestingly, the Dolphins see Thomas as more a safety or nickel defensive back than a cornerback, Coyle said.

"As big as the last play was, the play prior to it, it looks like on our film, the [receiver's) got the ball in his hands and (Thomas) comes over the top and punches it out. If he doesn't make that play, we never get to the last play."

Coach Joe Philbin declined to say whether the botched field goal was a fake or not. It was.



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Mike Sherman is stepping his game up at the right time too. Maybe he started reading the tea leaves and realized his job was on the line.

That Tannehill throw to Wallace in that tight little window was some sweet music ... my how long it's been since we had a maestro that could do that

Posted by: Jack! 10.6 | December 16, 2013 at 12:52 PM

Fully agree! I'll root Ravens against Pats, Ravens winning out no longer hurts, we take care of business and win out too.

Of course to win AFC East requires Pats lose final 2(Ravens/Bills). Would love to go to Playoffs as AFC East kings. Then lmao while Brady does more expletive interviews.

This team can't take a Bills team that leads the NFL in sacks lightly. If they play the same way they did in October, they will lose.

Miami needs to bring their run offense to Buffalo. Slow down that pass rush and take advantage of the Buffalo weakness in defense.

Luckily that game is next week instead of yesterday because the area got a lot of snow and it was just miserable. Supposed to warm up to about 45 degrees by Friday which is about as good as you can hope for around here at this time of year and should be plenty comfortable for the game.

Nice Game! Still pulling for a Ravens loss tonight though!!

Good to see them getting Wallace involved in different ways.

I hope that next season (with injured players returning etc) that Rishard Matthews doesn't get swept away, I think he is excellent, and RT clearly likes throwing his way.

sweet win - on a side note anybody else notice how much nicer the field looked with the painted end zones?

This team can't take a Bills team that leads the NFL in sacks lightly. If they play the same way they did in October, they will lose.

Posted by: 315 Dolphins Fan | December 16, 2013 at 01:22 PM

I agree, the Bills scare me a little. We have to run the ball effectively and our defense has to stop the run better if we want to beat these guys. I have a lot of confidence in this team, especially Tannehill but he needs help.

I think we need Tannehill,Miller, Thigpen and Thomas to make plays with their legs early in this one before we start passing.

Dolphins 31 Bills 13

Make no mistakes about it, EJ Manuel is not Tom Brady.

Dolphins have 2nd 30pt game of the year, simply because Ryan Tannehill is nearly red hot right now. You guys saw the precision lasers he threw Sunday.

I haven't been in "Beam me up, Scotty" mode since the heyday of Marino.

@ MIT, definitely.. I like the way they've switched the offense about recently: Yesterday, NE were constantly expecting Tannehill to run with it.. Which they did great at Pittsburgh, but left alone yesterday.

How about a couple of those touch passes down the sideline to Matthews?! Even someone at the Boston Herald described the pass as 'pristine'

Having gone through 10 years of disappointment for this team, I didn't have much hope in Oct. I was prepared for another team implosion. Everyone just sucked from GM down to coaches and players. Now come Dec., how wrong I was to underestimate this team's resilience. Sherman's game calls are getting better, Philbin is managing the game better and taking some big risks, THill and Wallace are finally connecting, and more. In short, this team has serious momentum going into the most crucial part of the season. Once in the playoffs, they'll be one scary team to play against.

We know Tannehill can put up 30pts in the snow. He put up 34pts in the Heintz(Pitt) deep freezer.

I'm still in shock that we finally one in the snow again (when was the last time? Dallas and the Leon Lett debacle?). Having said that, I'm truly hoping for some decent weather- I think under normal conditions we should be able to beat them.

Still, can't look past them. Huge emotional win is normally followed by a letdown. I trust and love the maturity and work ethic of this team though- I'm confident they're gonna be ready to play.

I don't think they'll let the Bills sweep them, but, I also don't think that the Jets will get swept...

Rivalry games are tough. Neither is a gimme.

@ 1:35, he was so on the mark yesterday, quite the exhibtion to behold. Down the stretch tannehill has gone from being a respectable 2nd year qb to a very good qb period. The scalps he's taken this year is impressive - even to the most ardent Tannehill non believers.

But you're right - how small was that window to Matthews on that next to last pass?

The throw to Wallace where he tip toed the sideline was also undefendable.

He was off the charts in every measurable yesterday and in our biggest game of the year, no less.

@MIT - Agreed, waited a long time for this.

What impresses me most with Tannehill is the poise and how tall he stands, despite the amount of sacks this year. It doesn't seem to bother him.

HAHAH. OK, Settle down MarK. If you can defend after a bad game you can temper after a good one.

It was his best game to date. It was impressive. He's still got work to do.

I was happier than a pig in expletive, but, the game should have never come to that last play.

The last 3 and out series was terrible. The first 3 and out series was terrible. Deep balls still wild. Not all on RT, but, they could have smacked NE in the mouth if they executed at a higher level

Glad to hear that grimes just has a little lactic acidosis. He should win comeback player of the year. Hope Nolan gets his knee right. He has stepped in admirably. Forget everyone one else, we just need to win out and everything takes care of itself. It's us against the world...ahem...the nation, led by ESPN; the world wide haters in sports. I bet we get a blurb tonight on MNF with it all being on Tom Brady and how Gronk was missed: like Mando said in his in game tweets "if Gronk is here that's a TD." Eff em all!!! Go Phins!!!

If Tanehill figures this deep ball thing out with Wallace...it's a wrap; the young padawan will be a full fledged Jedi, lol.

Marc, I'm one of the guys that wanted Tannehill in the draft. I didn't want a third round pick in Wilson or Foles or COusins. I didn't want Matt Flynn. When Luck and RG3 were deemed out of play thanks to Matt Moore and it was clear Peyton manning didn't want to come here - Tannehill was the guy I wanted.

So sorry if I get a little overexcited. But I'm heavily invested in this guy - he's never had to win me over - he had me at Hello ... hahaa...

So to watch him progress makes me proud. But I agree ... he has to play like he has over the last six weeks for an entire season to be "there" to be our poster boy, to have my unborn son or daughter wear #17 gear like I wore Marino gear as a kid ... but I think he can get there.

As far as the deep ball, that will get there. To expect a 2nd year Qb to bea finsihed product is unrealistic. But his toolbox is already enough to win at this level .. evidently.

Hopefully the time to granting losses is over. We will lose games of course but I think the time for thinking we go into a game with no chance is done.

Dr S, lactic acidosis? is this the same thing as lactic acid I get from working out muscles too hard or workign out after I've been idle for too long?

I love that there are people picking apart these two plays because it shows they really don't know what they're talking about when it comes to the QB position and should just step back and let the people who know do the talking.

The two plays in question are the 4th down play to Clay and the td throw to Thigpen.

"They say on the play to Clay, "bad throw, Clay made that play happen". WRONG, great throw because Tannehill had pumped to throw but had to stop and wind back up, and then adjust his arm angle to throw the ball because a defender was in his face IMMEDIATELY trying to swat it. It was a GREAT play by the QB AND the TE.

The throw to Thigpen. People say, "It was low, had he led him Thigpen could have run under it"

True to a degree in that if the ball was throw further he could have run under it. But check again, watch the replay from the end zone and keep an eye on the line. There are at least three guys in front of Tannehill, one of them being Mt. McKinney. He couldn't see a thing when he let that ball go. All he knew was Thigpen was in single coverage and he wanted to throw on his outside shoulder because the defender wouldn't be aBLE TO TURN FOR THE INTERCEPTION. He relied on instincts and threw blind. They still scored a td.

IMPROVEMENT BABY! PROGRESS is all I wanted to see. The kids getting better and NO ONE can deny that.

Jelani Jenkins played a lot yesterday. Apparently he was in the game to shadow Vereen. Looking at Vereen's stat line and some of the plays I think Jenkins made it looks like he had a pretty nice game.

Jenkins is only 21 and seems to be improving. He had some pretty good combine measures if I recall right. I think he was in the upper 20s for bench press.

I see Jenkins pushing Wheeler for the starting job in camp next year.

Marc it's not one good one, the team just won three in a row brother. Mark has the perfect demeanor, it's called happy to be a fan when my team is winning and I'm going to let the world know because they don't hold back when we're losing! lol

Come on Marc, it's the Patriots, the game ALWAYS comes down to the last play. Actually lately they have been blowing us out so it's amazing we were even in it on the last play! I can't believe you're complaining about Tannehills game yesterday dude. It's unreal. As if you won't be happy unless he becomes the greatest QB to play the game. Dudes lucky you're not his father I guess. Sheesh.

The guy is getting better EVERY week and you're talking about a lot of work to do to become what? The best ever right? Lighten up Francis! lol

Is everyone else tired of reading Mark rant & rave about Tannehill like a crazed, stalking, lunatic desperate to have his baby?

He's married, Mark. You missed the boat. Stop posting the same ole slobber every single post.

"And now where are they now?"

GOD you are terrible

"he has to play like he has over the last six weeks for an entire season to be "there" to be our poster boy"

Mark don't let Marc suck you into this line of thinking because it's crazy. He has to play well I agree. But every QB has bad games every season. 16 games of this kind of success is unrealistic to say the least. Next year he will have bad games because they all do. And in no way does that mean he can't be a franchise QB.

HAHA. I'm NOT complaining! I'm HAPPY. I'm just being objective.

Biggest win in 5 years. Phenomenal game by Tannehill & the receivers. The weapons are there for him but our O-line & our RB's MUST do a better job of protecting him. The kid is incredibly tough but eventually he's going to get injured.

Have to love this kid Michael Thomas. Not even a rep in practice??? Just crazy. Kid won the game for us with that pass break up & then the INT.

Phins78 as usual feeding the known trolls.

Uhm, sorry for being a fan???

The very same stuff, Mark. I'm just as giddy as you are about our boy, Tannehill. I always thought he had "IT" but that he needed time and experience. We are of the vocal minority that are not ready to bail because we haven't achieved instant gratification. People fail to realize that sometimes it's about the journey. It feels that much sweeter when you finally shut everyone the hell up!

No doubt P78 that he will have bad games.. but he can play better that he did earlier this year over a full season.. oh wait, I've been told I'm too much of a fan ... never mind ... he can't do nothing right!

I don't usually go online at this time but the blog seems to be more mature around this time from Monday to Fridays. It kind of goes with my theroy that there are a lot of kids from the age of 10-17 on the blog in the evenings and on the weekends. Thankfully, they are still in school.

Great insight from everyone.

LOL @ 2:18

Uhm, sorry for being a fan???

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 16, 2013 at 02:16 PM

You can be a fan while maintaining SOME objectivity & not sounding like a redundant, love struck juvenile.

All the kids Orlando but the one adult shmuck who acts like a child is still lurking. hahaha

O Tannehill, O Tannehill, How lovely are your passes!

And if my grandfather would've been my grandmother I would've had a different last name. ( for the Gronk comment) And most of our backfield was injured, so that even's it up!

All the kids Orlando but the one adult shmuck who acts like a child is still lurking. hahaha

Posted by: Phins78 | December 16, 2013 at 02:21 PM

I agree. Craig M is always lurking.

So we Beat

The Jets

The Steelers

The Patriots

All in a row?

Did this really happen?

Is it all a dream?

3 teams I hate the most, defeated by my Dolphins

Does it get any better?

Oh yes it does, Playoffs and Super bowl!!!


This Blog needs a little Tanehill and Dolphin love, The Blog. He's counteracting all the negativity. ;)

It seems, at this point, that I was wrong about Tannehill being a 'concern' or a potential bust. He's played very, very well recently. Outstanding, actually.

I'll admit I was on the bandwagon yelling for Sherman's head back in Oct.
The play calling was bad and the QB was getting sacked what seemed like every other play...with no running game at all.
...I don't know what changed (Cogs & Jmart leaving?) but its working now.
We run when running makes sense...(I still don't like throwing on what seems like every 1st down)....and dialing up perfect slants to Hartline which = $$ every time.

Team is gelling before our eyes and peaking at the perfect time. Don't want to jinx the team but we beat Buffalo on Sunday and you can punch our ticket to the playoffs!

I'm glad Robert Kraft was there to see that. I hate him. How can you be that rich, and come to a game dressed in a blue shirt with a white colour... He was disguised as a carpet salesman.

The cameras pick him up, clapping after every TD.. I wanted them to show his face after the INT... They would've done if it was Jerry Jones.

I have to admit I didn't think we were going to see progress like this from Tannehill this season. Between the bully BS, putrid running game, mediocre play and revolving door on the offensive line, and the loss of Keller, Gibson, and Binns I thought he was done. No way would I have imagined a second year qb being poised through all of this adversity and leading his team. Not only leading but gaining the respect from the entire team . It really says something. And the kid may break 4000 yards with 28 tds and 15 ints if the projections are correct. Are you kidding me?!!! Who in the heck isn't getting behind that?! Marc, BE MORE OBJECTIVE ;)

Posted by: The Blog | December 16, 2013 at 02:21 PM

TRANSLATION; "waaaahhhhhhhh, boo hoo, I can't make fun of your team so I will make fun of all of your posts".

What a f$#@ing pu#@y.

Buffalo is a team to worry about. In fact, I am more worried about this game than I was with the Pats. We were due to beat the Pats and the Phins are on the upswing.

However, the frozen turf has ruined a few good players. Bo Jackson is one I believe. I would think we should really focus on dink, dunk and run. Don't hang Tannehill out to dry on the concrete. And Buffalo has a great pass rush.

The head coach called a great game yesterday, using all of his time outs and slowing Brady down when the Pats were on a roll at the end of the game. I have never left a place with a beer ticket and an NFL coach should not leave a place with time outs in his pocket.

Speaking of Craig. Mark, what gives with Kris, Craig, DC, and the rest of those guys. I'm not here much but I haven't seen their names when I come in. Have they been showing up that you know of?

klndry very true. Here's what scares me the most. The Bills are probably the biggest spoilers in the NFL and they're used to it. They are in this position every year and seem to thrive on it.

That's why the pundits are always pointing to Buffalo ,"being on the rise" every preseason. It's fools gold. They play well the last two weeks because they have nothing to lose and love being the spoilers. That is all and that is what worries me too. You are so right.

drsamii...your dead on. All the expert pundits on the network talked and talked about how the 'little' receivers just weren't built to score in the Red Zone. With Gronk all things would have been different. They failed to mention that our 2 starting CBs were on the sideline. Or that in the last meeting Jordan totally shut down Gronk.

Somebody should point out the merely obvious to these 'experts' who seem to fall in love with their own voice!

Also one of us mentioned about the continual holding done by the OL of the Pats. ESPN missed that also!!

TRANSLATION; "waaaahhhhhhhh, boo hoo, I can't make fun of your team so I will make fun of all of your posts".

What a f$#@ing pu#@y.

Posted by: Phins78 | December 16, 2013 at 02:32 PM

This post is way too feminine. Not to mention completely false.

Seeing as I'm not trying to bash my own team but, rather, the redundancy & femininity of his pots.

Add your dumbas* to the list now too.

Hey 78, why don't you get up off your as* & give your brain a rest for awhile? Whaddya say Nancy?

P78, only on a Miami Dolphins blog are you accused of being too much of a fan? Uhh, I thought it was a Miami Dolphins blog and not an NFL blog or an AFC East blog. And i am being objective, he was amazing. He was off the charts yesterday and for the last four weeks actually on every qb metric. Completions, attempts, completion %, TDs, yards, yards per attempt, turnover %, rating, whatever you got, he's been killing it. That is BEING objective.

Sigh, now that I got that out of my system. Kris, I haven't seen in a while ... don't know. Craig has been here and been happy but he's scared of the bills game or leery of it at least. Man, that guy picks against his team every week, haha. Well, maybe he's the lucky charm, keep picking against them, been working.

DC, he's here and happier than a pig in shite.

Was it my imagination that every 3rd down in this game, regardless of yards needed, an empty backfield pass play? Really Sherman?

Mark and Marc,

The only reason I was ok with Tannehill was b/c he had Sherman's endorsement. You can like Sherman or hate him, but he's had some success at the NFL level and had direct experience with THill as a qb at Texas A&M. But I have to admit, Ryan's lack of experience at the position going into the draft was a definitely a point of concern.

Having said that, I think it'd be difficult to think that his progress hasn't been anything but a remarkable success. He definitely has room for improvement, but the strides he's already made are nothing short of impressive and should do nothing but give us all hope for the future. Go Phins!

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