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Mike Sherman: 'We're making noise'

Mike Sherman thought the Dolphins missed on an opportunity to win a statement game earlier this season when the team went to New Orleans undefeated but couldn't deliver a win. He does, however, believe the Dolphins came through in a statement game on Sunday.

And now where are they now?

"This was another opportunity like that one," Sherman said Monday. "This opportunity exists for us to go out there against a really good football team and make some noise. And that's what we're doing now, we're making noise. That's about it. We're playing as hard as we can play and coaching as hard as we can coach. And we're taking it one day at a time. However it ends up, it ends up."

One of the reasons the Dolphins are making noise is the December improvement of quarterback Ryan Tannehill. He has thrown for 843 yards, 8 TDs, 2 INTs in three games. And yesterday's 312-yard, 3-TD performance was outstanding.

But maybe not his best, according to Sherman.

"Let's see, that was pretty near the top," Sherman said. "I don't know if it was the best, but it was pretty near the top. His decision-making was excellent. His compusure. He made some big time throws in critical situations. Considering the opponent, I guess it was near the top."

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, great guy, continued to add to the building legend of defensive back Michael Thomas. We all know Thomas was poached off the San Francisco practice squad by the personnel department last week. He showed up at camp on Tuesday.

And on Sunday, pressed into service by injuries to Brent Grimes and Nolan Carroll, he intercepted Tom Brady to save the day. Well, Coyle was asked how many practice repetitions Thomas got with the defense last week.

"He got zero reps in practice," Coyle said. "The only reps he got were reps on the scout team (running the New England defense) and he spent a lot of time in meetings."

Coyle said assistant Blue Adams kept Thomas in meetings after practice, after most players had left Friday, then again on Saturday after the walk-thru.

On the final series, Jimmy Wilson moved to cornerback. He hadn't gotten a snap at cornerback dating back to OTAs two years ago, Coyle said. Rookie cornerback Will Davis was in the game. And obviously Thomas was in.

Interestingly, the Dolphins see Thomas as more a safety or nickel defensive back than a cornerback, Coyle said.

"As big as the last play was, the play prior to it, it looks like on our film, the [receiver's) got the ball in his hands and (Thomas) comes over the top and punches it out. If he doesn't make that play, we never get to the last play."

Coach Joe Philbin declined to say whether the botched field goal was a fake or not. It was.



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Jimmy Wilson is playing flag football out there. WTF
He needs to be coached up or benched.
Our running game is improving. But we need to have at least one play per game where RT dashes for a quick sprint to keep defenses honest. Preferably to run out of bound or a slide to avoid injury. RT's speed is under-utilized. FINS UP!!

Damn I hate ESPN.

It's all about the troubles and injuries of the PATRIOTS.
No one wants to speak about the game in terms where maybe the DOLPHINS are actually playing better these days.


Yeah I was reading somewhere else where a fan was criticizing our use of the timeouts. I thought they were brilliant. Gave our defense a breather, killed any momentum, allowed us to line up against them without any confusion in the heat of the moment. I've been wondering for years why this tactic isn't used more often. It proved successful yesterday.

Yes Mark it is a Dolphins blog. Hhahahaha I know because you wouldn't be able to tell by the posts right? I'm convinced that's why we don't ever get new posters. They must look at some of this crap and cringe. Why would they post if they are going to get ridiculed on their own fan site by non fans. Weird.

Glad to hear the other guys are still around. I do miss Kris's posts though, he always keeps me grounded.

The Blog,

I've been on your list for years so I'm used to it. Nothing new to see here, moving on. Hahaha

The kid Michael Thomas happens to come from Stanford, you know, Jim Harbaugh, JMartin, bright bulbs...

I just want to know 2 things. Where are all the Tannehill and Mike Sherman haters?! And do you still want to fire Ireland?

Tannehill *will* win a SB one day, something Marino never did.

I'm enormous.

No one is reporting that we lost our slot receiver for the year as well as our monster TE, just the poor Patriot's injuries...interesting.

Well, maybe ESPN isn't giving them credit (I know it's grinding Tom Jackson's gears that we're winning after his comments about 'Le Affair Incognito') but many others are praising the Dolphins as a team on the rse.

Jeff Garcia was very effusive in his praise of Tannehill this morning. Thinks he is on hos way to being a true star in the league.

I know it doesn't need to be said after this game, but I will say it anyway; Eight 2013 draft picks were active for the game. And they beat the Patriots. Someone is doing something right.

The reason Tannehill is playing great is because they are letting him throw on running downs some of the time. He is great two minutes before the half and with two minutes to go. Top 10 in the league!

The Patriots ran better than we did but we won. In the last game it was the other way around. I wonder if we could learn something from that?

Screw the run. Let Tannehill throw.

Its all about the Pats injuries according to ESPN. Nothing about us being down to our last corners or having lost our tight end and slot WR for the year, not to mention Binns like you guys mentioned.

I mean lots of teams are missing key players. Its an excuse for the Pats when they lose, but if they win its just magic and crazy and awesome.

Such a terrible double standard.

Nemo, if what you say is true about Jenkins shutting down Vereen, that is a monster job. Vereen is killer. I know. I have him on my fantasy team and he has been racking up stats. He got shut down. Luckily I have Jammal Charles, Eddie Lacy and LeVion Bell to take up the slack.

Thanks, Signal. it is so obvious, and painfully sad how much they hate us. i have not even had a chance to see ESPN as I am at work but I know what it's about. Some of the posts have even confirmed it but it is what it is. You can't be too shocked though. We have supposed fans on here calling Dion Jordan a bust when the kid has made plays including the one you mentioned. If they can't see it why would we expect less from a network that hates us.

And krillian, you are dead on. I thought those timeouts were spot on. You can tell the defense needed a breather and tom brady lives for catching the D off guard. It let them get ready. Philbin gets props for going on it on 4th and 5. He was getting crap for that call but if he punts it we lose.

Everybody Knows, I'm glad you still won despite Vereen's bad day. Yes, I think Jenkins was a big part of shutting Vereen down.

According to Omar Kelly it seemed like Jenkins was in to stop Vereen, while Wheeler was in for Blount and Ridley. Omar also mentions that he jammed the tightend well on the final play of the game.

Just watched a few highlights and it looks like he was out there a lot and I remember him doing quite well in the game. Jenkins has a really bright future hopefully.

No excuses for the Pat's injuries. Gronk was injury prone in college, that is why he wasn't drafter higher. So him gettin hurt is par for the course. Plus, the Phins were decimated in the secondary and still managed to win. See what happens when the refs don't cheat for the Pats? They lose!

Great Win , I have been watching espn on and off and all they talk about is the Pats injuries not about how well the Dolphins played. Dolphins really should have won the first match up, but you can tell they have closed the gap on the Pats next year Dolphins will sweep the Patsies , and another thing the Pats were looking for PI call this time didn't get it poor babies

all this means nothing unless we win the last two. It is undeniable that this team is growing before our eyes. Stop the run and block the de's vs buffalo and it will be a win!

While they are obviously riding Tannehill's success, I'm still nervous about this Bills matchup. Those guys do a good job in the secondary and have a very good 4 man rush.

I really think we need to run the football well to when in there stadium and be more consistent in maintaining the field position battle. We have to get away from those 3 and outs we keep having.

That said, we get this win in Buffalo and the Jets game shouldn't be too difficult if we just play our game.

"Statement game" ? WTF is that ? There are 16 games in an NFL season and to say the NE game was a "statement game" is more stupid then "street cred" WTF ever that is. Mando you just showed how uneducated you are so stop pretending you're "street" worthy. There are two more games to go and both are more important then the NE game. If you don't believe that then go ask the Cowboys if every game is not a "statement game". Sherman, fired from 4 NFL and college coaching positions. Yeap, Sherman fired from 4 NFL and college positions, Im sure his information is gospel.

Dolphins didn't exactly pound the Pats, it took a very fortuitous int. or Brady would be claiming a "statement game" of his own. Sorry Mando, I don't mean to bully you,,,lol,,lol,,lol,,lol,,lol,,Free Incognito.
P/S bought my oldest son an Incognito teal Dolphin game jersey for Christmas, and he loves it. My son is a staff Sgt with the A/F and is a Combat Arms Instructor. He along with most of the Military can not comprehend an NFL Tackle being bullied.

Was it my imagination that every 3rd down in this game, regardless of yards needed, an empty backfield pass play? Really Sherman?
Posted by: RonC | December 16, 2013 at 03:05 PM

You are not wrong that was bonkers, lucky it didn't backfire.

When I saw the schedule at the beginnng of he season I was not looking forward to playing Buffalo in December. However,since we all saw how they played in Pittsburgh last week,I have a lot of confidence in a win this week.

With Jordan and Jenjins mature with another camp behind them, the rest of the league has to be shaking in their boots!!!

As for the empty backfield, Who won? It's all about matchups and it worked. The way Tannehill is playing, I am putting it in his hands too. Remember the third down runs that we lost yards on? THAAAT SUCKED!

Posted by: Mr. Titman | December 16, 2013 at 04:25 PM

I grasp your point but the Bills are built differently than the Steelers. They have a better running game and are more adept at creating turnovers than the Steelers.
Stopping the run and limiting turnovers by staying balanced on offense are 2 problems this team has had this season.

I still see us winning this one though, I think the Bills 5-9 record gives some people a false sense of confidence though. I just hope our Dolphins team doesn't take them lightly.

So many sad Pats fans out there. Blaming the injuries. Then saying there should have been some BS pass interference or holding near the end. I guess last week and the first time around wasn't enough for them.

Tannehill outplayed Brady and will still keep getting better while Brady will be 37 next year and declining.

We have 38 million in cap money, compared to their 7.5. They have Spikes, Edelman, Talib, and Blount as free agents. Mallet their next generation QB will not even be under contract for them after next year.

The writing is on the wall for them, so I guess they are trying to cling to the past while they still can.

*Breaking News*

Buffalo Forecast, Sunday: Freezing Rain, 33

I'd rather them play in the snow...freezing rain sucks!

Ok It's time to stop talking about Jeff Ireland loosing his job. Right now Jeff Ireland is looking like a real live genius. He drafted the franchise QB we have all been waiting all these years for + he drafted Charles Clay & Olivier Vernon that are having pro bowl caliber seasons. Matter of fact, If you look all over the roster you will also notice that practically the whole team + most current starters, are players Jeff Ireland has drafted in the last 3 or 4 years. Now you consider that almost every rookie we have drafted over the last couple of years have made a considerable impact & continually improve. That is more than enough reason to prove that Jeff Ireland is a top notch general manager. Oh he also found Cameron Wake in the Canadian Football League + he found Dimitri Patterson on waivers + found this weeks hero (Mike Thomas) on San Francisco's practice squad. I mean how much more proof does anyone with a brain need ?

Weather forecasts 6 days in the future are hardly correct. Weather just changes too quickly up here. We really won't know about the weather until a day or 2 before.
This team has really grown. Tannehill, Wallace, and the coaching staff have definitely improved the last several games.
Buffalo is a tough opponent, but the Phins should win this one. OL is much better this time around. Hopefully, the secondary will be intact, or this game could be trouble.

...So there were some that did not like the way Croyle had our corners playing yesterday..In the 4th quarter especially. The common complaint was we were playing to soft of a zone...A few of us debated this point earlier this morning.

My point was this decision was purely from a personnel reasoning..Perhaps some past tape on the Pats ma have suggested playing them in this manner.

Well if any of you listen to NFL radio. You know Philbin is on every Monday at 12 EST. Thy talked about the strategy on the last drive. Philbin confirmed what I thought was the reasoning. He said that because of injury. Because of the inexperience at corner, at safety. We had to play a bit softer then we would have liked. He also said that there were some technique issues with the young guys. The 4th down conversion where he called timeout. We(Philbin talking) played a perhaps a hair farther off then we would have liked. We had some technique issues there. We had a rookie corner, with a guy who none of us thought sunday morning would be in this situation as his help on that side..

So..There is is..I know it is easy to say "We should be pressing them at the line of scrimmage" And in a better circumstance, with our better players on the field..We may have done this. But considering the personnel..I think they(Croyle, Philbin) did a great working with what we had to work with..

"Is everyone else tired of reading Mark rant & rave about Tannehill like a crazed, stalking, lunatic desperate to have his baby?"


Damn I hate ESPN.

It's all about the troubles and injuries of the PATRIOTS.
No one wants to speak about the game in terms where maybe the DOLPHINS are actually playing better these days.

Posted by: Tim in Tampa | December 16, 2013 at 03:14 PM

Tim.... I hear ya man... But don't waste your time hoping it will change. It isn't just ESPN either bro. NFL channel was all about "Gronk F'en this... and Gronk F'en that"... Not a word about Miami having to field the freaking snow cone vendors at corner just to finish the game...

Just loo at who they employ. NFL AM has two former New England stand outs as every day analysts. Linebacker Willie McGinest and Fullback Heath Evans. Both those dude BLEED Pasty Pink.....

I can, however hear former >>..|_|/\/\..<< great, Mike Ervin and FSU great Dion Sanders giving Miami much love. They also had Miami picked.

Many of the ex-player annalists on those shows are players from teams with traditional rivalries with Miami. And... you do have to remember. Contrary to the opinions of some... Miami has laid waste to every team in the NFL except The Houston Texans plenty of times. Those wounds run deep. But mostly... It is because players and fans from heavy Media locations like LA(NFL Channel), New England(ESPN)and New York (CBS and FOX)... despise South Florida and the South as a whole.

I'll give you a nice trick if you ever get sick of listening one of the network announcers or color guy tea bagging Miami while announcing the broadcast. Turn down the sound on your TV and find a radio broadcast (WQAM 560) is the local Miami broadcast. You can also sign onto "The PHINS.COM" who are apart of the Miami Dolphins broadcast network on your computer.

It make watching games on TV 100% more tolerable and you don't have to listen to all the BS they swill about what the know very little concerning. I attend most home games... But can say it has been YEARS since I listened to a broadcast from CBS or FOX during an away Miami game. Only if I'm at a friend who won't change it or out and about (Sport bar, whatever)... have I heard they're drivel...

Try it... Game are MUCH better when they are spent with friends and when friends are doing all the talking.

At least, we won't be 7-9 as LV had predicted.

Nope. It was in the first half that I noticed those huge zones. They decreased in size in the 2nd half.

I'm in utter shock!!
Can't believe the play of the Offensive Line!! Couldn't be more proud of their execution and Chemistry. Let's go Lions!!!!
Let's Go Lions!!
Let's Go Lions!! Beat the Ravens tonight!






Light Rain / Freezing Rain

Chance of precip: 50% Wind: NNW at 12 mph Humidity: 92%

Brady will pick you apart if you play zone on him or if you don't flush him out of the pocket and change his rhythm. How we won that Game I'll never know. I guess it is as deity said, it was written to be so.

As was so often the case during the Marino Era, the Dolphins'dreams, and our hopes & dreams, will soon be buried at the Graveyard known as Rich Stadium.

Chris Berman is already warming up his "Circle the Wagons" speech. The Bills will be a very difficult opponent and they're feeling pretty good about themselves after outlasting Jacksonville yesterday. They have a true feast or famine defense. If they get a few early sacks or a turnover, it could snowball into lots of sacks and 3+ turnovers. Miami's best bet is to bulid a steady lead by running the football and keeping them at arms length (10 points or so throughout the game. Normally, the Bills are an extremely tough out at home (they just don't lay down when they're trailing), but at this point in the year, with only pride to play for, they may not be up to the task if Miami hits them early and often. Then again, the ghosts of Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas could conjur up a Bills Christmas miracle. Miami 23 Buffalo 21.

Ok It's time to stop talking about Jeff Ireland loosing his job. Right now Jeff Ireland is looking like a real live genius. He drafted the franchise QB we have all been waiting all these years for + he drafted Charles Clay & Olivier Vernon that are having pro bowl caliber seasons. Matter of fact, If you look all over the roster you will also notice that practically the whole team + most current starters, are players Jeff Ireland has drafted in the last 3 or 4 years. Now you consider that almost every rookie we have drafted over the last couple of years have made a considerable impact & continually improve. That is more than enough reason to prove that Jeff Ireland is a top notch general manager. Oh he also found Cameron Wake in the Canadian Football League + he found Dimitri Patterson on waivers + found this weeks hero (Mike Thomas) on San Francisco's practice squad. I mean how much more proof does anyone with a brain need ?

I love the win. I'm so pumped today. one key fact about yesterday. anyone who knows football and watches with some level of football intelligence could and would tell you that NE was holding us all game long. holding us in the holes on runs, holding our pass rushers ( especially wake almost every play), holding all over the field. I understand holding occurs on every play in the NFL, but these were blatant holds that completely changed the game. I thought we put good pressure on brady all day long, but if they called holding at all, just once, we would have creamed this team. This game would have been complete domination by us. There was ONE flag thrown on NE yesterday. ONE FREAKIN FLAG! A pass interference penalty that was so blatant they had to call it. It was a 2 YARD PENALTY. one penalty for 2yrds. That is one big reason why it is so hard for us and everybody else to beat NE. Hats off to all the boys! Great win! Im proud of the whole team and proud to be a Dolphins fan.

This was a great statement game for the Dolphins. To pull out the victory over Brady was epic as Brady had 3 shots from the Dolphins 14 and one from the 19. In 4 attempts, Brady couldn't deliver the late game magic he cast on so many other teams this year! And it's absolutely incredible that the Dolphins now control their own destiny no matter what Baltimore does! This young team is now realizing how to win the tough games, the same type of games they lost just a few weeks back. I don't believe they will fall for a trap game against Buffalo, not now.

And all the comments about how ESPN hates the Dolphins are spot on. If ESPN wants to talk about Brady and the Patriots, why don't they talk about how little class Brady has? Brady drops only his 4th game of the year, one of which late game heroics failed, and he demonstrates his sportsmanship by using expletive's during his press conference prior to abruptly ending it by walking off. Great player, ZERO CLASS!

shocked the refs did not call pass interference on the second last play. Patriots always seem to get that call.

Bills will be a tough game. O-line has improved drastically since we lost to them--shows if you give T-hill time then he will get it done.


I believe I actually heard Phil Simms say yesterday that the Patriots hold on almost every play. And while watching the game, it is absolutely noticeable how much the Patriots do hold on every play However, NO ONE can say the game was decided by the refs!

Sore loser, heheheh.

And yes Ireland still needs to go. .. I was a supporter but the way he handles business doesn't add up to success.

Meaning too many player complaints

Matty for once you and I completely disagree on Ireland. You can count on one hand how many GM's have done as well finding talent from the draft, FA and other teams. I don't care about player complaints at all...of course they are going to complain they all think they are worth a bazillion dollars with the parasitic agents talking BS to them the whole time.

Hey Armando...you know what's getting old??? You having to pat yourself on the back in most every post or tweet you make...I find I rather pathetic...you make a comment...it materializes...you have to toot your own horn??? Over and over again??? You sound like a child...and not lkle a supposed grown arsed man...Get over yourself dude...how about you write a column about how much you are wrong??? Remember when you were trashing this entire organization??? All its players...coaches and staff??? Remember when you were calling for Philbin to be fired??? How about when Philbin makes a good game time decision...say uses his time outs to get the ball back before the end of the half to keep the team in the game by scoring a TD...you say something like..."Really good coaching by Philbin there at the end of the half, remember when I questioned his character and called for his head??? Boy was I wrong".


@ mattybfromnc : OK you give me reasons for his failure & lets find out who's evaluation is more correct yours or mine. So why do you think Ireland is a bad GM & be specific ?

Matty where did you go, did you run off like a little coward without a leg to stand on ?

I know I will be a happy fan if I don't ever see that empty set again...unless somone is motioning into the backfield...I liked that...did you also notice how well the players away from the ball were executing fakes...that handoff where T-Sizzle faked the WR screen to Hartline afterwards...the action by both players was NICE...I can see this O taking off...and 2 of the 3 biggest offensive off-season aquisitions are caput...impressive...

Give me an hour or so to get home so I can type on a computer and not my phone. Not saying he is a bad gm... but player negotiations around contracts is an issue. Player perception is another

The Phins certainly have their weaknesses, but so does every other team in the AFC. Pats aren't that good anymore, Denver's defense sucks and KC's now does too, Indy has no receivers. We all saw how 'good' the Bengals are last nite. We just have to get in, that's the key. Once in, this team can go far. Go Lions!!!!

I can't stand all these idiotic & unsubstantiated claims that Jeff Ireland is a bad GM & should be fired. As far as I am concerned, he is one of the top GM's in the game today & anybody without the backbone to come up with logical reasons for his firing should just shut the hell up & crawl back into their little holes. NO ONE WANT'S TO HERE YOUR IDIOTIC OPINIONS !

claim CB Jalil Brown off waivers

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