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Mike Sherman: 'We're making noise'

Mike Sherman thought the Dolphins missed on an opportunity to win a statement game earlier this season when the team went to New Orleans undefeated but couldn't deliver a win. He does, however, believe the Dolphins came through in a statement game on Sunday.

And now where are they now?

"This was another opportunity like that one," Sherman said Monday. "This opportunity exists for us to go out there against a really good football team and make some noise. And that's what we're doing now, we're making noise. That's about it. We're playing as hard as we can play and coaching as hard as we can coach. And we're taking it one day at a time. However it ends up, it ends up."

One of the reasons the Dolphins are making noise is the December improvement of quarterback Ryan Tannehill. He has thrown for 843 yards, 8 TDs, 2 INTs in three games. And yesterday's 312-yard, 3-TD performance was outstanding.

But maybe not his best, according to Sherman.

"Let's see, that was pretty near the top," Sherman said. "I don't know if it was the best, but it was pretty near the top. His decision-making was excellent. His compusure. He made some big time throws in critical situations. Considering the opponent, I guess it was near the top."

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, great guy, continued to add to the building legend of defensive back Michael Thomas. We all know Thomas was poached off the San Francisco practice squad by the personnel department last week. He showed up at camp on Tuesday.

And on Sunday, pressed into service by injuries to Brent Grimes and Nolan Carroll, he intercepted Tom Brady to save the day. Well, Coyle was asked how many practice repetitions Thomas got with the defense last week.

"He got zero reps in practice," Coyle said. "The only reps he got were reps on the scout team (running the New England defense) and he spent a lot of time in meetings."

Coyle said assistant Blue Adams kept Thomas in meetings after practice, after most players had left Friday, then again on Saturday after the walk-thru.

On the final series, Jimmy Wilson moved to cornerback. He hadn't gotten a snap at cornerback dating back to OTAs two years ago, Coyle said. Rookie cornerback Will Davis was in the game. And obviously Thomas was in.

Interestingly, the Dolphins see Thomas as more a safety or nickel defensive back than a cornerback, Coyle said.

"As big as the last play was, the play prior to it, it looks like on our film, the [receiver's) got the ball in his hands and (Thomas) comes over the top and punches it out. If he doesn't make that play, we never get to the last play."

Coach Joe Philbin declined to say whether the botched field goal was a fake or not. It was.



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what a change this is. great seeing brady pissed off

I agree that player perception is nothing...don't want to play here??? Dueces... But I'm not negotiating multi-million dollar contracts...if this team can win out I think Ross let's these guys continue to do their jobs...and I think they will have earned the right to...good job...don't matter what any of us think...

Rick bro I said give me time. . I'm eating and can't type everything. You sound like a lunitic... there's a reason Ross hasnt extended his contract yet

mass all those teams u name though are so much better at home pats havent lost a home game. cincy is close to being unbeatable at home

He did that in the off-season matty...2 years...

Jeff Ireland deserves the criticism receiving since the disastrous oline play earlier in the season. He totally ignored making moves that could have completely adverted this.

We were headed straight to the crapper!

Then, in a DESPERATION move, he signs McKinnie because of the horrible play of Clabo. Wa-la comes the Cog/Martin issue. Now, into the picture comes Garner/Brenner.

So, actually, the oline does not settle down as a result of Ireland's fine work. He had a HUGE assist from one of the most embarrassing PR situations in franchise history(Cogs/Martin) to settle the oline situation.

Still, I'm ok with him keeping his job as long as the team continues to win. What could have been the final straw to do Ireland in(Cogs/Martin), may also serve as the major thing to save Ireland's job.

Just Win, Baby!

Jack it was 1 yr and his yrs up.. rick prior to calling someone an idiot try spelling things correctly. . It'll help your point

not a fan of ireland. id prefer he leaves

wrong matty his contract now runs through 2014 season

Well through 2014

not a fan of ireland. id prefer he leaves

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 16, 2013 at 06:34 PM

Same here, dusty, just not as adamant about it as long as the team is winning. Or there is not a clear cut upgrade available.

Yeah I corrected myself

Was thinking it was out bc there's a report Ross hasn't made a decision on Ireland post this year

Past.. dang phone

If someone here should pat his own back it should be Dashi for being right about 95% of the time. And boy does it feel good. Ireland isn't getting fired. Philbin will still be coach. Sherman is developing Tannehill the right way. T-Sizzle is the Truth Truth!! N.Carroll is the fins #2 CB, The Fins prefer to go 4 wide than run 2 TE, and many more logical post that Dashi makes.

Just like to say it feels great to be a Dolphins Fan. If we make the Playoffs we can actually make some noise. As the Shermanator would say.

Even if Ireland was on his last year. Which he is not. The Fins don't negotiate during the season. Even with the front office.

What kind of example will Ireland set if him and Mr.Ross extend him during the season, but won't negotiate with players during the season. Practice what you Preach.

Common Sense isn't that common.

Worst thing for Ireland is he's neither hit it out of the park with his upper or lower round picks. Tannehill could be a first, but, how much of that can be attributed to Mike Sherman?

Were not Sherman to put a STAMP OF APPROVAL on it, would Tannehill even be a Dolphin.

Definitely, Ireland's 1st-2nd rd picks have not been high impact players. None have yet to see a pro bowl. Neither have lower rd picks, unless you dare to include kickers into the situation.

Plus, we've gone through fa players like going through a cheap pair of sneakers.

I call ALL personnel decisions post-Parcells truly Ireland's. Because some here like to "cherry-pick" and include players Parcells-Ireland era to enhance their arguments.

Then omit players Parcells-Ireland if it indicts their argument.

All I know is that Jeff Ireland has a great eye for talent & because the average experience of the players he has drafted are in their second & third seasons. This team is going to get real good over the next couple of years & no other GM in the NFL boast's as much up & coming talent as we have here.

Posted by: Rick | December 16, 2013 at 05:12 PM

I agree that Ireland has done a good job. He had to rebuild a 3-4 defense into a 4-3 while also changing a run first offense and transforming into a WC offense. That takes time and it comes with issues.
Yes our Oline has had issues but nothing gets fixed overnight. J. Martin seemed like a steal in the 2nd rd, who could've predicted he would be such a wimp?

BTW, I just don't see credible GMs being readily available so we need to stick with Ireland.

There are both positives and negatives as to keeping or dismissing Ireland. This team is on the brink of yearly success, so taking out one of the talent finders could be a mistake as Ireland would take all of this year's scouting knowledge with him. Conversely, Ireland finds more acorn players that contribute right away than he drafts. I see this as somewhat of a problem. Players undrafted are contributing before players that are highly drafted. Its good as long as he finds the acorns, but what happens when that luck runs out? And eventually it will, if he doesn't start drafting better. Furthermore, I'm not so sure the players respect him and/or trust him. Solia and Starks come to mind with that thought. I don't believe it's as bad as the famous Ryan Clarke "nobody wants to go their" anymore, but if his negotiating team continues to insult the teams current players, then Ireland will lose out on those players and future FA without offering more than market value. Ireland has been good, but he needs to get better.

Ireland needs to draft in the 2nd rd based on fan polling. He just seems to miss everyone of those picks aside from Misi.

His 2nd rd picks:

Henne-average backup QB
S. Smith- meh
Taylor- constantly hurt so can't contribute

Jake Long is a future HOFer. As long as he plays more than 10 years in the league.

The Pro bowl contest is a popularity contest. The Dolphins haven't been popular in over a Decade. R.Jones should've been a Probowler last season. M.Pouncey is another one.

Ireland has done his job, and with Philbin and Co the players are being developed.

If you want to know Ireland's real worth look at how the Cowboys have drafted since Ireland left. Ireland was J.Jones scouting department. The Cowboys were stacked when Ireland was scouting for Jerry.

People forget, When Parcells first took over the first thing he did was trade J.Garrett for J.Ireland. Garrett use to be the Dolphins QB coach. Parcells was almost willing to trade picks for Ireland, but Jerry wanted Garrett.

Parcels knows who helped build his team in Dallas. Ireland. Who do you think found UDFA T.Romo? Jerry? Parcells? Ireland?

Parcells problem was that he wanted a Puppet Coach. When he was never a puppet himself.

Ireland even picked a better coach. He picked a coach that wasn't a puppet.

As long as the Irish Man don't interfere with coaching, up to now he's shown he's an average to pretty good GM. Hard to find replacements for those.

Posted by: dbmfins | December 16, 2013 at 07:08 PM

You hit on something about Ireland finding acorns but not getting elite talent in the early rds. I think it is because he drafts for upside over production way too often. He looks too far into measurables and doesn't pay as much attention to college production.

I think that is why he gets sleeper undrafted FA's like Wake, Brenner and Hartline but ends up with duds like Clyde Gates and Phillip Merling.

Things that the combines don't measure like heart, work ethic and intelligence seem to be what make some of his picks misses.

Who here doesn't think that the first person that would contact Ireland if he was a FA is B.Belichick.

Ireland would fix the Pats scouting problem. Plus, Ireland is the type of GM that drafts for the Coaches System. He doesn't force players on the Coaches. Except for Spo's last season. But that wasn't cause of Spo. Spo was always a puppet. It was cause Parcells was no longer running the team and Ireland wanted to add speed.

Ireland is still missing drafting a Star Player here in Miami. We'll see how DJ turns out. odin, YG and I will help him out in the Draft next year.

AH Woodshed, of those 6 guys you mentioned Ireland only drafted Misi, Martin & Taylor. Misi is a solid second round pick that's been a starter since the day he was drafted (Although not a super star), Martin was considered by many as a second round steal & no one could have known that he was a whimp when there wasn't signs of it in college & Jamar Taylor is just a rookie that's getting healthy & waiting for his opportunity.

So look on the bright side; Jeff Ireland drafted the franchise QB (Ryan Tannehill),the next Jason Taylor in (Dion Jordan),Charles Clay that's becoming big play Clay, Lamar Miller (who frank Gore compares to hall of famer Clinton Portis),Rishard Mathews our current slot man in the 7th round, 2nd yr. DE Olivier Vernon (11 sacks) in the 4th rnd., Sam Brenner an undrafted rookie. Shall I go on ?

As you can see Jeff Ireland has done not only a good job, but a great job !

You're absolutely right. I wonder if he is drafting scared and afraid to take a chance on players. Dez Bryant comes to mind here.


My last post was to you, just forgot to get your name in there.

Ireland picked the 3rd best qb in 08.

And honestly Flacco isn't that much better than Henne. And M.Ryan wasn't worth the #1 overall.

Not saying Henne is any good but compared to QBs drafted in his class he isn't that bad.

Specially when the Jets use a #5 overall on M.Sanchez in 09. A 2nd rd pick on Henne doesn't look that bad.

If you look at Miami's current roster on espn.com & look at the players years of experience you will see that the players he drafted only average 2 1/2 yrs. of experience. When you keep in mind that the average player doesn't come into their prime until their 3rd or 4th seasons, you will understand that this is a team that's going to show major results in a couple more years. Personally I think Miami will be a Super Bowl contender for the next 10 years, if they manage to keep the contract's from becoming a problem.

Isn't Tannehill a Star player in the making?

Just repeat after me FIRE IRELAND!!

Don't say anything after that. Cause explaining it would be an egregious mistake.

Tannehill is a good Player in the making. I wouldn't call him Peyton just yet.

Greetings from the upstate NY area. Guys and gals, you should know, it is bloody cold up here right now. Let's hope it's not the case when the dolphins come up here next Sunday. The thermometer on my car read 6 degrees farenheit just now and today it snowed like it was nobody's business. You guys wouldn't know what it's like, but let's just say this makes pitt look like a tropical island. I really hope it warms up for the game next weekend.. for the sake of the phins... and mine!

The last 3 and out series was terrible. The first 3 and out series was terrible. Deep balls still wild. Not all on RT, but, they could have smacked NE in the mouth if they executed at a higher level

Posted by: Marc | December 16, 2013 at 01:48 PM

The **ONLY SOUNDS** that shouls be coming out of you is the sound of those Crow Bones cruching in your MOUTH!

You've been the most critical so-called Dolphin on this board. Instead of trying to save face by REPEATING the obvious.

Please Marc, just STFU and EAT YOUR CROW.......Boy-LOL!

When you consider that Miami has 20 players with lots of potential in their first couple of years in the league, it offers a whole lot of optimism for the next decade. Miami is going to be great & Stephen Ross will have the best team in the NFL over the next couple of decades, as long as Joe Philbin & Jeff Ireland stay here together.

Rick @ 7:34,

I feel the same way you do about this team. However, to fill holes on the team, Ireland will now need to draft players in the high rounds who will immediately contribute, as the players who are coming into their peek may not have the luxury of waiting for more players who will develop slowly.


Like I said they should stick to Fire Ireland!! Because once they start explaining why he sucks and should be fired they just start to look ridiculous.

Wah!! Wah!! Wah!! We should've drafted D.Bryant. WE HAD 3 WRs, Marsha, Hartline, Bess. Ireland traded back to the end of the first round, picked up an extra 2nd and drafted Odrick and Misi which are important players in our defense.



Dashi you are a moron !

Dez Bryant is a head case I don't want any part of. Why don't you just root for the sorry Cowboys ?

Peyton is an all time great.

A Star player is just a really good player that people like.

That is almost as ridiculous as Salguero explaining what a Franchise QB is. That he needs to be a Superbowl winner.


Blow me and you know what to do with the remainder.

Dashi is here talking football and you resort to personal insults. GTFOH!!

Fins need to be more creative with screen passes vs Bills... Go Fins!

@ dbmfins : The Dolphins no longer draft players to develop. The only guy they drafted as a project is Michael Egnew. Guys like Dion Jordan & Jamar Tayor haven't cracked the starting lineup, because they have to earn the starting jobs first & like I said VERY FEW players come out of college as NFL stars & when they do they have to be obviously better than the current starter on the team. In Dion Jordan & Jamar Taylor's cases, they had to beat out Olivier Vernon (11 sacks),Brent Grimes & Dimitri Patterson that are all playing near a pro bowl level.

Does anyone think that Brady was a classless jerk during his tv interview? He is fine when his team wins though. T-Hill has never acted, and I don't think ever will, that childish even when the Phins loose. What a way to treat the media and the fans who root for him. The only thing that makes this great is that the Dolphins caused his melt-down. What a clown!

Good job to the Fins! They played their butts off and scraped a victory from the dreaded Pats. Depleted or not a win is a win and Belicheck and Brady would be the first to say it.

Shout out to the team for standing toe to toe and not folding when it started out a little rough.

Hats of to the Oline for playing better of late. Scratching out victories when starters went bye bye is admirable. I like the aquisitiion of Mt. McKinnie and hope he has a couple more year left in his tank. He loves Miami and it's too bad he wasn't drafted a Fin. Atta boy Brenner! Keep it up kid. Grow into the position and stay a spell.

In watching the replay of the botched field goal attempt you totally see a lineman on the play shoot out to the left as if going out...I believe it was fake which is probably one of the reasons it was botched. He had all kinds of things going through his head besides just fielding a clean snap.

Grats to the DEF. They held up just enough to get the win. I am shocked that the hoodie did not go for it after their second long drive stalled.

Hats off to Philbin for having the nuts to call the 4rth down play to Clay. Many coaches might have punted (teh announcer Phil Simms said he would have punted) but I believe we never get the ball back in time if they did IMHO.

Thank you Mr. Ross. While many don't like the way you run team I for one appreciate you signing the big checks to gain some notable players. Wallace is showing signs of getting more on the same page as Tannehill. I believe if Tannehill was ALREADY accurate down the field the Fins win a game or two more and Wallace looks the part of his paycheck with 5 more TDs and way more yards.

Kudos to the fan faithful that have been wringing their hands just like me during every game. We definitely needed this one as the NE riddle needed to be solved.


Crow can be flavored different ways, if you like.

Man, Wallace is something else. You saw what happened yesterday when he was in the clear. Nobody is going to catch that mofo from behind.

You tell Us what kind of Crow you want to eat, we'll eat accordingly. Right, odin?

Back to back wins against Pitt and NE, featuring two of the top QB's of the last decade, has silenced blog naggers Kris and FireIreland to the point they no longer show face, at least under their regular names.

They can't admit they were wrong about something nobody is ever always right about. A testament to their sheer pathetic nature.

Let's hope their hiatus is permanent

No chance we would have gotten the ball back if we had punted on that 4th down. That was the right call.

You see, Winning fixes everything, even major Assssholes.

Oscar, I agree. Had we punted, stick a fork n us, we were done.

Even had we gotten it back, we're looingat about 1:15 left, just like when The Pats got the ball when with our go ahead GAME WINNING TD.

Sam had we gotten it back we could have easily been another TD behind.

4th and 5 was a guts call. But logical. Philbin is a steady leader. Vulcan-like.

I like it.

Lions 7 Ravens 0. Bush may as well be wearing a Dolphins jersey tonight.

I'm rooting Lions tonight, and will be rooting Ravens when they play the Pats next week. Pats loose last 2 games, we win out, we're AFC East champs, and at least 1 home game in the playoffs.

To a previous post, I'm not sure Tannehill was the 3rd best QB in the draft. The story has not been written. He is still a candidate for the !st best QB in the draft. Let's see where Luck, RG3, Tannehill and Wilson are in year 5.

Somethin tells me nobody is going to be complaining about 'reaching up' for Tannehill at 8. He is looking like a steal right now.

Many like to cite his flaws, while ignoring his positives, which are looking pretty heavy right now.


Reports are Shanahan wanted to stay put for Tannehill at 6. Who knows, had that happened, the Skins could be winning their division right now. Who knows. Maybe Mike does.

When it comes to Ireland's performance as GM I only base it on 2011 till now. The first 3 and last are very different looking because Tuna was in charge of all personnel decisions through 2010. JI was the only guy who had the nad to take a QB in RD1 since 83. Not comparing him to the greatest coach of all time. I would put money on a bet that if Jeff I was calling the shots in 08 Matt Ryan would have been the pick. Thats why I judge JI on picks from 2011. Clay 5th rd "11" BP Nalbone 5th rd Grimey FA pretty good when other teams weren't paying attention.

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