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Most Dolphins walking wounded will be playing

If you believe the injury report, you'd say the chances of cornerback Brent Grimes and running back Daniel Thomas playing against the Bills on Sunday are poor.

Neither one practiced Wednesday nor Thursday. Grimes is nursing a groin injury, Thomas the ankle that forced him to miss a couple of games a few weeks ago.

Well, I'd tell you it is not quite as dire as what the injury report suggests.

Firstly, the Dolphins Thursday injury report is a farce. The Dolphins do not practice on Thursdays this season. So the report the team releases is a guesstimate of what would have happened if they had practiced -- and about 98 percent of the time this year it has simply been a repeat of the Wednesday report. So I dismiss that thing as soon as it comes into my email inbox.

Secondly, Grimes continues to insist he'll ready to go.

"I'm feeling good, I'm feeling good," he said. "I'm doing what I have to do (with treatment) to make sure I'm feeling right for the game. I feel real good right now."

Grimes was at practice again Friday. He will travel with the team to Buffalo. Barring a setback, expect him to be available against the Bills.

Thomas ... that's a little trickier.

He's not 100 percent. He's managing some pain and swelling. His outlook doesn't look quite as rosy as Grimes's outlook.

As for the remainder of the walking wounded, Paul Soliai (ankle), Chris Clemons (knee/hamstring) and Nolan Carroll (knee) -- the most worrisome of that group is Carroll. And yet all expect to play on Sunday.

Long snapper John Denney missed practice today. It is unclear why at this point.

[Update: Thomas is the only player listed as questionable for Sunday's game. Carroll practiced full Friday and is probable. Grimes is probable. The reason Denney missed practice is because he's ill. I'm assuming he won't go AWOL soon.]


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Say waht you will about Daniel Thomas, he's a tough SOB. Most players with his injury would be on IR right now and partying on South Beach. The man is trying to earn it. Don't know if he will or not but his heart is massive.

Must be tough to decide who to activate as backups...
Extra RB?
Thomas is playing tough. Would like to see more Gillislee.
Would be very happy w Carroll&grimes.
Siliaia too.
Hopefully no rolling of dice resting guys for next week or the "next".
Get the win Fins !!!

There is no next week if we don't win. This is the playoffs!

Congrats o our Canadian Friends....Canadian Court struck down anti prostitution laws today. Maybe I will retire to Canada after all!!

Good to see most of our guys will be good to go. Yeah, Thomas has been tough and has had some moments this year. Hasn't been great, but has at least been decent.

Armando thanks for this blog...Have a very Merry Christmas.

My question is blog related. Why does the Herald allow the one or two people that troll this blog to ruin the content of the blog? It gets very personal on here most days.

I've never seen a RB worse than D.Thomas.

Can our coaches keep us on our winning streak? The weather looks better for us than normal buffalo in december.Will buffalos back up Q.B. beat us again,or will we prevail and win another up north then go to miami and put a hurting on fat boy and the jests.Tanny and offense is playing better than ever.go phins make the playoffs.

Bill A, everyone has a right to work! And pervs have a right to spend!!

Everybody pumped up for this game!!!

All the Dolphin fans who are sweating this, dont worry!!!!

This isnt the Phins of the last 10 years

This is the 2013 Phins

The Bills are in a world of hurt this week...This team is ready to take on the best of the NFL in the next 6 weeks!!!

LETS DO THIS SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Salem Dupont. Touch my earlobes.

It's our time, rdubs!!

The franchise is BACK!!

Yup that's true MIT. They aren't hurting anybody. I keep monitoring the weather because I really do not want to miss the Buffalo game. I feel good about this game its next week against the team I hate most in the world....yes HATE!
Even when we win the sorry jest fans like to talk their BS. Truly the worst fans in any sport!









It's sure been nice lately not having Mouth around. He'll come back when he thinks people have forgotten the whipping Mando gave him.

Although, it would be nice to see Armando put her back in her place again over something else she blabs about.

Most priceless moment on this blog in a LONG time!

Please guys and gals can we just keep it football...the personal stuff is really getting old. Please its Xmas week after all.

I have a strong feeling that the Dolphins will dominate the Bills this Sunday....MIT is right....ITS OUR TIME and we owe them for how lucky they got earlier in the season.
Im thinking like 27-10

hopefully JI is hammering out the details of grimes extension RIGHT NOW. best CB we've had since surtain and madison and with a warrior mentality. should be a team captain.

I am torn with the Pats game this week. We still could win the East but would need Buffalo to beat the Pats next week and Pats lose this week. I would hate for Ravens to beat Pats this week then next week Pats win and we get shut out.
Do we go for Division? or be happy rooting for a wild card spot??

We actually could have a home playoff game if we won the division and Indy or Cincy lost a game or 2.

If anyone is rooting for the Pats to lose to the Ravens so we can win the East is misguided.
Do the math. When was the last time Tom Brady lost 3 games in a row?
He lost to us last week (1) would need to lose to the Ravens this week (2) then the Bills at home to save their playoff lives (3).


Go Pats beat Ravens!

I agree....Grimes is HUGE for this team and he needs to be resigned. I think making the playoffs and him ending the year healthy is a recipe for him wanting to stay. Can't see why Ireland wouldn't pay him is fair salary (if not slightly more given how much he has contributed this year).

The degree of ease in which we can beat Buffalo will be heavily dependent on our pass protection performance and Sherman calling plays designed to slow the pass rush. The execution of these plays will become a critical factor too.

Now add, 125yds or more rushing, then we should easily hit the 30pts margin scoring. Bills defense is giving up 25ppg.

Tom Brady is not GOD....I mean Montana, Marino, and the other greats all lost 3 in a row at some point.
We are talking about a 36 year old Brady with a weaker team than usual around him. My issue is that Buffalo is so bad. I would much rather win the division and have the CHANCE for a home playoff game.

"And I'll repeat myself, at the risk of being rude"

This game will come down to the running game on both sides of the ball. We shut them down and we average 4 or more per carry...Fins WIN!!!!!

I think that we beat the Bills through the air. The Bills are ranked 29th against the pass and 4th against the run. Yes we need to run to keep them honest but it will have to be Tannehill for the 4th game in a row!

The MAGIC NUMBER for beating the Bills is 27. Their offense avgs 21ppg. Defense gives u 25ppg.

Bill A, the game in Miami I saw v the Jets was brutal. It looked like a Royal Rumble. Scraps in every section it seemed...

Then now I feel really good about my prediction earlier

27-10 we WIN

The weather looks pretty good for Sunday. Saturday is a lot messier.

brief shower or two in the afternoon, 48 degrees, winds at 19 mph are substantial but not game changing I don't think.

Mark the jets fans have always been a bit brain damaged. Even when they lose they just keep on talking....and fighting of course. I know you saw the footage of that big tough jet fan punching the petit lady Pats fan this year.
That's why Rex fits so well there he is as classless as his fans.

What was the story there anyway? I heard the guy was actually attacked by the she wolf pats fan...

Mark if that the forecast I should be able to get a flight. I would hate to be sitting in an airport watching the game if the flight gets grounded. I hate it when we play the Bills this late in Dec. I usually miss going to those games. I did it once and got stuck in Buffalo for 5 days....never again.....nothing but wings in buffalo...ohhh and a bowling alley!!

It appears they were arguing in the stands and then she followed him out yapping and he gave her a roundhouse after she slapped him.

haha, no word of a lie, the fan shop advertised at the top of this page has an autographed 8*10 pic of Cecil Collins...

Im sure nobody in the incident was innocent....the big burly jet fan was an ex-con. Did time for Manslaughter....so he was no angel. I also imagine that the pats huer was yapping away.....those Bostonian huers can give it pretty good too.

Yeah, Buffalo is a ghost town. Kind of sad actually.

Well, if that's teh scenario then perhaps she should watch her mouth next time. I wouldn't do something like that but as a woman you shouldn't exactly be surprised when your mouth writes a cheque that your butt can't cash. Goes with for man or woman... should always speak respectively to someone unless they step out of bounds...

Cecil Collins 8x10 is how much?? a PENNY incl shipping!!

We have to run the ball on the Bills for the best chance at victory.

Bills lead the NFL in sacks and have produced 26 turnovers. We have improved our pass protection in recent weeks, but we still have issues stopping the better DL and blitzers in these league and the Bills are right up there at the top.

We pass on those short to intermediate routes that Thill has been improving on. A deep shot or two is always handy to keep the DB's that little bit deeper but we really have to play the percentages.

I see our D having a similar game to the first one against the Bills, so our ST will have to be efficient. Hopefully we can get of to a fast start. Thill has been great the past few weeks, but usually doesn't get going till the 2nd quarter.

I see us taking it but by less than a score, another 4th quarter nail biter. Oh and yeah lets see if we can keep it to football my friends ?

Yeah Mark that's pretty much the same scenario on anonymous blogs.....she figured he was big and he wouldn't hit a "lady" so she obviously felt safe yapping and even slapping him. What she didn't know is that jet fans don't care if your a women...pretty much like bills fans too. I saw many event up there as well. Funny thing I have even seen it from the jets and bills fans when Im in Miami at a game. So they travel as violent losers also!!

If we can make the playoffs by winning our 2 remaining Games, who cares if NE or Baltimore wins? This upcoming Game is the ONLY important one for Us.

Yeah, yeah, make the Playoffs then we'll worry about who we will face there.

Sam it will be another close one.

We only have had one win this year of over 20 points and our average points diff on the wins is 7. The majority of our games have all been tight until the last few minutes, I see this one the same.

In case you missed it...really good analysis of (Is Tannehill really the 5th ranked passer?) Tannehill at the SS.

Then now I feel really good about my prediction earlier

27-10 we WIN

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 20, 2013 at 12:27 PM

Not so fast. Bills offense avgs 21ppg overall, however, at home their offense avgs slightly over 25ppg.

Miami 27 Bills 24, but I like Miami 31 Bills 24.

This offense comes off a 34pt ROAD performance against Steelers.

The Bills season is basically over. And I would say the same for the Jets even though it's technically possible for them. They have nothing to lose and they have all the motivation to be the spoilers for their arch rivals the Phins. Let's hope the Phins aren't overly confident and remain hungry.

Mark have a safe trip...bring us home a DOLPHIN VICTORY.
If I go I will look for you...in fact if I go its usually around that area I sit because the seats are heated and you can go inside to the lounge and watch the games if it gets crazy weather wise. As I sit here today the weather may hinder my plans. I will continue to monitor....just know we are ALL with you in Buffalo.
I am leaving the blog for the day...NYC last weekend before Xmas, Big Tree at 30 Rock, Times Sq....equals high alert........as usual any post are not me!!

The game may come down to the kickers and that makes me nervous


The Bills are without Manual AND Stevie Johnson on Sunday. It’s almost as if they don’t give a damn about the game. They will not meet their season avg for points this Sunday.


Correct, the divisional games are always tough and both teams will play as hard as they can. Many players are playing for their jobs for next season. Rex Ryans job will also hinge on the Dolphins game, if his fate hasn't been decided already ?

We can do it, however we shall see if Philbin can get the team out jacked up and read for a war. If we leave Buffalo with the win, I feel better about our chances against the Jets.

A Raven loss is the way to go, puts us in a nice spot for the final week. Bengals may lose to the Vikings too, especially if A.P is back.

Posted by: 48-Go | December 20, 2013 at 12:51 PM

Without anything meaningful left to play for, except pride. With Christmas on the very near horizon, maybe we can catch Bills players more looking forward to their Christmas day plans.

They've beaten us once, so, maybe they've already mentally satisfied with gaining a split of the season series. Unless we play awful enough to give them Chr5istmas gift by giving away the game.

Another question, has Michael Thomas earned additional playing time! Is this guy a diamond in the rough or just a guy who had a good day. Hope to find out if he is the first and not latter.


Thats a hope, rather than a reality my friend, ha ha.

A Ravens loss coupled with a Bengals loss would be nice this weekend. However, I believe the Dolphins will win out, so I’m hoping for a Ravens win. You never know, if Buffalo somehow pulls out a win over NE and the Dolphins win out… Dolphins 2013 AFC EAST CHAMPS!

I would prefer that the team just gets in and actually want the Pats to win this weekend. The East would be great, but I just want the team in the dance.

The last 3 super bowl winners are

Ravens- 4 seed
Giants- 4 seed
Packers- 6 seed

The Packers is the most interesting one. Tell me if any of this sounds familiar.

They had to win their last 2 to get in.

They finished with a 10-6 record.

They lost to their division rival Bears once early in the season, but won the rematch. However, the Bears still won the division.

Joe Philbin was the offensive coordinator of this team. I hope they just get in and stay hot and we will see what happens. No one is great in the AFC this year.

Marco and Sam: I believe it was in 2011 the Phins played the spoiler for the Jets' playoff hope - beating them 19-17. Rex Ryan will remember that and will be pumped up for revenge.


Get in and stay hot, thats the way !

We all know this team has the potential to do well. The coaches just have to keep it together for us. Our D troubles me more than the O.


Deja Vu?

Stevie Johnson is not playing.

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