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Most Dolphins walking wounded will be playing

If you believe the injury report, you'd say the chances of cornerback Brent Grimes and running back Daniel Thomas playing against the Bills on Sunday are poor.

Neither one practiced Wednesday nor Thursday. Grimes is nursing a groin injury, Thomas the ankle that forced him to miss a couple of games a few weeks ago.

Well, I'd tell you it is not quite as dire as what the injury report suggests.

Firstly, the Dolphins Thursday injury report is a farce. The Dolphins do not practice on Thursdays this season. So the report the team releases is a guesstimate of what would have happened if they had practiced -- and about 98 percent of the time this year it has simply been a repeat of the Wednesday report. So I dismiss that thing as soon as it comes into my email inbox.

Secondly, Grimes continues to insist he'll ready to go.

"I'm feeling good, I'm feeling good," he said. "I'm doing what I have to do (with treatment) to make sure I'm feeling right for the game. I feel real good right now."

Grimes was at practice again Friday. He will travel with the team to Buffalo. Barring a setback, expect him to be available against the Bills.

Thomas ... that's a little trickier.

He's not 100 percent. He's managing some pain and swelling. His outlook doesn't look quite as rosy as Grimes's outlook.

As for the remainder of the walking wounded, Paul Soliai (ankle), Chris Clemons (knee/hamstring) and Nolan Carroll (knee) -- the most worrisome of that group is Carroll. And yet all expect to play on Sunday.

Long snapper John Denney missed practice today. It is unclear why at this point.

[Update: Thomas is the only player listed as questionable for Sunday's game. Carroll practiced full Friday and is probable. Grimes is probable. The reason Denney missed practice is because he's ill. I'm assuming he won't go AWOL soon.]


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Thats been on my mind too. Look the cool reality is after all we have been through this year we at least control our own destiny.

As it stands we should be good enough to beat the next two enemies at the gate. It will come down to who wants it more.

Minnesota put a beat down on Philly.

NeMo: I remember the Ravens, Giants and Packers got hot toward the end of their seasons and it carried them through the playoffs. Miami is getting hot now. Let's just pray they keep the momentum going.

Thanks Bill, I actually saw it once too at Orchard Park. After a dolphins victory, a man jaw jacked his woman in an rv then dumped her off in the middle of the lot and took off.

All class.

Marco,I've questioned the D at times this year, but then I looked closer into some numbers.

Points per game we have given up only 21.1 PPG. That doesn't seem great, but in today's new age NFL that is good enough for 8th or 9th. Top 10 is pretty good.

Takeaways we have 23 of them in 14 games. That is about 13th or 14th in the league I think. Not great, but above average at least.

Red zone efficiency on defense we are tied for 6th in the league according to ESPN. This is an elite mark or very close to it.

The worst Mark for our D is 3rd down conversions where they are only ranked an average 16th in the league.

Yeah, the defense isn't as dominant as I wanted it to be and they scare me when they give up a lot of yards. However, they make big plays and bend but don't break. I still think its a top 10 D or close to it, but that's just my opinion.

I think if our offense can get us 27 points, which I believe they are capable of from the last 3 game, we win pretty comfortably on Sunday.

Undoubtedly Ryan Tannehill is getting hot at the right time of year. To have REAL SB ASPIRATIONS, as dolfans, we need to see this defense suddenly catch fire too.

Would be absolutely awesome to see this defense become sparked by a PS player(Thomas) with less than a week with the team, coming in having a career game.

Would be great to see this defense begin to catch fire by holding Bills offense to 3 or less points. Both Tannehill and this defense catching fire late, are REAL SB ASPIRATIONS for dolfans.

Would love to be the HOTTEST TEAM, in playoffs.

Marco,I've questioned the D at times this year, but then I looked closer into some numbers.

Points per game we have given up only 21.1 PPG.
Posted by: NeMo | December 20, 2013 at 01:16 PM

Take away the 38pts allowed at the Saints and it would shave at least 2pts off of the 21.1ppg allowed avg. So we would have similar points allowed as in 2012(18-19ppg).

Nemo, exactly why I believe 27 is the magic number guaranteeing us a win on Sunday.

Bills offense averaging 25ppg at home.

Anyone else aggravated how the Ravens are being called a hot team?

Seriously, you dont score a TD and win and get handed a victory by the officials against a crappy team.

That seems a little more lucky than hot

Posted by: Rdubs | December 20, 2013 at 01:32 PM

Not in the least. My only concern is this team. Not concerned what the media may or may not think of us either.

My only concern is how the Miami Dolphins performance they hit the playing field. Then we can determine hot or not. In the NFL, a team's only as good as their last W or L.

Plus, there can be more than ONE HOT TEAM over a given period. No big deal.


Rdubs, they Ravens are incredibly lucky. The refs have cheated for them as much as the Pats this season and that's saying something.

I think the Dolphins would be able to beat them in a rematch even in Baltimore. Tannehill and the O-line have improved greatly since then.


I didnt mean from a Dolphins persepective. I just think the Ravens are lucky and are very medicore. Sometimes its better to be lucky than good, I guess

The Ravens aren't very good in general. They failed to score a touchdown in their last game and before that they were in a shoot out with the Vikings. I'm going to repeat that a shootout with the Vikings.

Posted by: Rdubs | December 20, 2013 at 01:44 PM

Luck has been described as "When Preparation Meets Opportunity". For Christ sakes, they are fighting for 6th wild card seed just as us. Why is good even entering the equation?

We're 8-6, so non-dolfans could view us as "more lucky than good" also. Just like most dolfans, I'm sure Ravens fans could care less what other fandoms think of their team either.

In the end, GAMEDAY, will sort out all of the good vs lucky teams, all the way up to the final gun of the SB game.

Tell you what, if the Ravens can win out, they are not lucky, they are good. That's a crazy last three games they got served up.

Ravens still have Flacco who caught absolute fire during last year's post season(SB champs). He still has a very nice receiving corps. Ray Rice is still one of the best receiving rb's in the league.

Their defense is above average to having dominant moments, not dominant games as in the past.

Regardless of what some of us may feel about the Ravens. They are still a very good team, for what they have to work with, and will be a TOUGH OUT for anyone playing them. Before, or once entering the playoffs.

Philbin at least showed by going for it on 4th and 5 he has the type of balls we will need to beat the Bills and Jets.

We also know that Sturgis can't be trusted with 50+ FG's so got for it on 4th down. Look the next two O's we face are very stoppable, we need to go for the throat to nake it in to the show.

This is the biggest reason we need Cinci and Baltimore to lose this weekend while the Dolphins need to win.

Give it all you got and hope you lock up the 6th seed. THEN you have two to three weeks to rest these guys and get them healthy for the playoffs.

They lock up a spot this weekend and you can rest the entire team against the Jets for all I care.

It's going to be pushing 70 degrees in New York and Philly on Sunday. Always a bit colder in Buffalo but it will certainly be well above average.

Weather is zero factor in this game. The only "story" is how WARM it will be, actually.

Posted by: Rdubs | December 20, 2013 at 01:32 PM

That hot team was just outscored by their own kicker. The Ravens offense is so hot they couldn't get in the end zone one time.

Yes Rdubs, it's ridiculous. The talking heads are no more than pre teen girls with crushes on their favorite boy in class, or in this case favorite player or winning team.

They've put themselves in a great position with an impressive and uncharacteristic run/rally here over the past 4-5 weeks.....most/all players across the league are dinged this time of year, so everybody is managing pain/injuries.....weather wont be a factor.....no more excuses, no more nothing--Fins have the talent so just need to get it done, period.

Sam.....your right when you say that Thomas had a career game. It actually represents his entire career.

Yes, we need our D to rise above it's current station. This week, in particular, against the run. If we lose it's because we weren't able to stop their running game.

Seems that the coaches biggest job this week, and going forward, is hiding Wheeler when he's on the field.

44 and rain on Sunday in Buffalo. They're probably practicing wet ball drills a lot this week. I was hoping for snow to slow some of their faster defenders down. And our guys just played in the snow and did well, I don't think Buffalo has had to deal with snow yet (?) this season but I could be wrong.

I love twitter, not really but it makes me laugh. Someone just asked Armando who he thinks is better, "Demarco Murray or Daniel Thomas?".

This guy is either looking for attention or is one of the most ignorant Dolphin fans alive. lol

Come on guy really, you don't know the answer to that you have to ask Armando? too funny.

Phins78 your right they haven't had a game in the snow. Actually they haven't really played in any 'conditions' yet.

As I was saying Thill needs to get of to a good start, something he has struggled with this year.

Im not killing him, before you start MIT, just stating his rating in the 1st quarter is only 69.3.

On Turf he is also only 79.8, so getting off to in the groove will perhaps allow us to run the ball more for the rest of the game. I just worry about that Bills pash rush.

This is one time I'll be happy with those under 2 second throws. D Thomas will hopefully have the kind of game he had against the Steelers and Clay will get around 7-8 catches.

Just so you guys know.Thad Lewis has fumbled 6 times this year, in his limited opportunities. Rain could play into our hands

Hope you guys are right, rain could be a factor lets just hope it plays in our favor.

I miss mouthy moron telling everyone their wrong & getting *tch slapped into next week by mando.

please come back moron!

IMO we have to stop the run at all costs. Even if that means using 8 in the box and playing man to man in the secondary. That puts the game in Lewis' hands and that should be a winning strategy for us. Without Stevie Johnson, his best receiver, its going to be tough on them in getting separation. Also if they get down in the second half it will fall on Lewis to win it for them. At that point, I really like our chances.

Wonder what would happen if Johnson showed up unannounced? Would that be a rallying situation for the Bills?


Steve's mom died. I doubt he is even thinking about this game.

I agree with your strategy, just stop the run...PERIOD

I agree with that signal. Focus on the Bills run game, let Thad try to beat Grimes/Carroll. That will probably result in some picks. IMO it is pretty simple, contain their run and limit mistakes.

Dolphins are in a good spot. For the first time in a long time I actually have confidence that they can score at the end to win games. Haven't been able to say that in well, forever?

I agree with you guys. Focus on stopping the run. Thad will be throwing it to robert woods, tj graham, marquise goodwin, scott chandler, and tony moeaki. Thats not exactly a murderers row. Dolphins should really be able to win this one, hopefully going away.

Rdubs...ya I know that his mom died. But for whatever reason he did play last week after hearing the news. We all handle grief in our own way so I could never be critical of him! Just thinking that a lot of family matters were most probably put to bed this week, it might be to his mental relief to play. It would certainly be a tension remover and get his mind back to something resembling normalcy. Just saying....

In central New York here. The weather this Sunday looks unbelievably awesome. 50 degrees are you kidding me? That's beach weather guys. Last Sunday it was like 6 degrees.. Kills my snowboarding plans, but good for phins, I'll take it!
I've been a phins fan all my life (from Miami) but have never been to a game. I might actually go this weekend in buffalo since there are a lot of seats for sale. Pretty excited! Might drop by Toronto cause it's such a cool place. Mark, any suggestions for cool restaurants or anything must-do in Toronto?

If it's raining a big hand is very helpful. John Elway had relatively small hands which made his 'rain games' some of his worst games.

Anybody know the size of T'hill's hands? Ordinarily it wouldn't be of any interest but if we have to come back in the 4th and it's raining...?

Yo Jeffy,

How is that Jonathan Martin draft pick workin out for ya?

Posted by: Phins78 | December 20, 2013 at 02:11 PM

You're quite right, yet, you forget 1 important crucial factor. Yes, the Ravens scored ZERO TD's vs Lions. MORE IMPORTANTLY:

The Ravens D made 6FGS STICK(18-15 over Lions). No matter how great the offense, there are at least a couple games a year offense falters. This is when Very good TEAMS have a DEFENSE that will have their backs.

Lions offense avgs 26ppg. Ravens won 18-16. Very good job by their D of holding offense averaging 26ppg to 16pts. MORE IMPRESSIVELY they did it to them in DETROIT.

Winning isn't about how many points you score alone. It's also about how many points the opposition is allowed to score.

Just so you guys know.Thad Lewis has fumbled 6 times this year.
Posted by: Rdubs | December 20, 2013 at 02:23 PM

Sounds like T-Fumble!!

So if they take the 6th seed looks like they are in for a rematch with either the Bengals or Ravens. Both are very winnable games.

Winner would get Denver, then probably the Pats.

If the road to the Superbowl was Ravens, Denver, & NE. That would be one hell of a run.

Stop the screen. Wheeler will be a target against Spiller, I'd put a DB on him if Jackson isn't playing.

Thad will be looking for him as a playmaker and guy who can break out easily against our LB's in coverage.

Bill,not meaning to get personal but the hos that won that case were uglier than a broken can of worms. They look they could take a punch and have taken a few. If they want to legalize that I hope whoever is paying wheres dark sunglasses.

Go Phins. Great to see Grimes up and at em. Along with Big Paul. Go Phins again.

Winning isn't about how many points you score alone. It's also about how many points the opposition is allowed to score.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 20, 2013 at 02:57 PM

Very enlightening. Are u sure?

If we win out we're in. If Baltimore and the 'Phins win out we're in. I still would prefer lining up against Baltimore in the first round then NE but can't come up with a scenario that works.

Just came with one but who the hell cares? Not important at this time!

I thought that the do or die game of the year was Pitts. Then along came the Pats and that became the big one! Now a team that can't hold the jock straps of either of those two teams, is ling up to be just as important. Sure makes it fun and interesting!

I believe the most critical factor in facing the Bills scrub qb again will be our pass rush, not run defense.

Playing he Broncos, Bellichik allowed their rb to run for over 200yds, guess what? Bellicik won.

In our last Bills meeting the run game for both teams was fairly even. 2 THINGS shine most in our loss:

1. Tannehill's 19yd pick 6(would have made sack/fumble nonfactor)

2. Thad Lewis 21-32.

Lewis threw for zero td's and less than 202yds. But remember, Carpenter had 3FGS. Lewis' 66% completion means he marched them downfield well enough to have these decent fg attempts.

Lewis absolutely can not have another 66% completion day. Even if he does repeat throwing for only 200yds and zero tds. I would like to see his completion percentage drop into the 50's.

This means we should win comfortably.

Against Buffalo I would play 8in the run box and blitz their scrub qb 80% of his pass plays. Because there is no way, tis scrub qb ready to put a team on his shoulders and win the game.

For all the Ireland haters... keep hatin'


Winning isn't about how many points you score alone. It's also about how many points the opposition is allowed to score.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 20, 2013 at 02:57 PM

Very enlightening. Are u sure?

Posted by: Idiot Depot | December 20, 2013 at 03:06 PM


Sam...In the rain both teams passing games may have to be shelved. Or to such time as they are needed. Also the winds are predicted to be near 17 mph. Rain and wind? Any pass over 10 yds. will be a real hit or miss! Any time it leaves the QB's hand it's eventual destination will be a mystery!

Fins 27 Buffalo 6

Jeff Ireland, worst GM ever?


Common, who told you Ireland has more power than Aponte regarding the salary cap?

Our offense of late is really predicated on the short passing game and the running game. Very few long passes. This should help us in the rain.

We need to go with quick passes as the Pats did against us last week. I am wary of the Williams's. Mario vs Mckinnie and Kyle vs Brenner.

We also haven't turned the ball over a lot recently, we need to continue that trend as well.

My biggest worry is the defense. Just about everyone
except the front 4, Misi,and Grimes,could stand to improve their game. We really need to add a playmaker or two to that group next year.

All of our injured players including Grimes, Carroll, and Big Paul are probable except Daniel Thomas who is questionable.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | December 20, 2013 at 04:21 PM

Take that back it will be Jerry Hughes vs Mckinnie. That doesn't help much though. Hughes needs one more sack to hit double digits for the first time in his career.

Dolfan Rick,

Clamputalla nevura harrobla? Polwanga vivineba desbernabrex:

1) Vocha lebibi
2) Blopar unredabal

Kagu vespanta regunicaw!

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