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Newsy afternoon at Dolphins camp ...

Newsy afternoon today at Dolphins camp where the team has placed cornerback Dimitri Patterson (groin) and R.J. Stanford (broken leg) on the injured reserve list.

For Patterson, this decision marks the end of a tough battle to regain his healthy after he injured the groin in the season-opener. He was able to play in only six games and started only four of those following the injury. He did suffer multiple setbacks during his attempt to recover.

The Dolphins today announced the signing of free agent cornerback Justin Rogers, a three-year veteran, and the poaching of Michael Thomas off the San Francisco 49ers practice squad.

The team is practicing today and running back Lamar Miller, who left Sunday's game with concussion like symptoms and did not return, is on the field.

Although it is impossible to say how much Miller will work and the Dolphins won't say, I can tell you he would not be on the field at all unless he had passed a concussion protocol test.

A source close to Miller tells me he doesn't think the running back's symptoms were too serious. So it makes sense that, barring a setback, Miller should be available for Sunday's game against New England.

Finally, the Dolphins added four new members to their relative new Walk of Fame. The third class inducted into the Walk of Fame consists of WR O.J. McDuffie, RB Mercury Morris, DE Kim Bokamper, and OL Keith Sims.


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I suggested they put Patterson on IR way earlier in the season. Groin injuries can take a long time to heal. But what the hell do I know.

3 of the 4 belong on the walk, OJ does not. This is not the walk of solid players, it is the walk of the elite ....

Great win against the Steelers and lets win this Sunday against the Pats.

get this guy a groin transplant...come on!!

"Regain his healthy". How do you get paid?

OJ McDuffie was a great wr, you are clueless.

Its OK Mark, they are inducting pre-conucussion OJ Mcduffie lol

hA!!! next thing you know they will be inducting Chris Chambers...

cocoajoe, so what, you want a cookie or something?

The Merc is LONG OVERDUE. Just how in the hell you can have THUNDER(Czonk) without LIGHTNING(Merc)?

Impossible, right?

LOL.....Mark, I confused my receivers. I forgot

Bad foot = OJ Mcduffie

Bad Head = Chris Chaambers

Meh, same player LOL

Mr. DD you are correct on paper we "appear" to have an easier schedule. Yes we "should" beat the 2 teams with the worst QB's in the AFC. However as a long time Dolfan I can remember better Dolphin teams losing to the Bills and Jets. Especially when we needed the win and they could play spoiler. I also firmly believe that NO division game is a walk in the park for either team.

I posted this scouting report on the phins on the last blog just prior to this one coming up; it has some get information.


Similar results anyway ... both had one year that was Pro Bowl worthy and several years providing solid but unspectacular results...

I can think of 50 guys I'd induct before McDuffie.

Glad to see them all get into the walk of fame , it really hurts losing Patterson but then they have played pretty much whole season without him he will be missed and looks to be a really good player Dolphins need to bring back for next year.

Ok, it's no "The Honor Roll". It's the Walk Of Fame.

More like our "B Movie". There are at least a hundred former Dolphins that can be added to that list. Not really news.

Great to see big ole Keith Sims get an honor....solid player....gentleman and a pleasure to be around. His play got lost because of perennial all pro LT playing next to him. Great draft by Shula that year he got Sims and Webb!! That's when we used to know how to draft OL!!!!!!

The trafficking conviction probably didn't help Sam.

And Dr. Love, I'd rather have some ice cream. Black Jack Cherry is my favorite.

MIT it isn't "THEE Honor ROll". Walk Of Fame is more like "the supporting actors" category.

It isn't the "Lead Actors" list.

..Bill A..Good post. I agree 100 percent. It would make the jets year if they had an opportunity to knock us out of the playoffs. I expect we will get their best shot. Buffalo as well.

Why I think this game this week is so important is to keep momentum. Last weeks win was nice. But lets get real for a second. The Steelers are not a goo team this year..I get it. We were on the road, tough conditions, must win game, in a game not many gave this team a chance..

NE is a different animal..We all know it. The team knows it. To me..No gimmies. But a win this week gives this team a lot of confidence going forward. A loss may take some of the air out of the balloon.

Not surprising about Patterson. Groin injuries require minimum 3 months of total rest, no running at all. Just stretching to break up scar tissue. Good luck next year.

BIll, Keith Sims was a beauty. he's definitely deserving.

And Sam, yeah, I don't know who it was that suggested OJ, maybe it's ebcause he's always around the stadiuma nd it wouldn't cost them a plane ticket...

"Thunder and Lightning" was the nickname the Saints used for their backfield of Chuck Muncie and Tony Galbreath. Hank Stram (their coach at the time) coined it.

It was never used for Csonka and Morris. The only nickname for Miami's backs at the time was "Butch and Sundance" which referred to Csonka and Jim Kiick.

I suggested they put Patterson on IR way earlier in the season. Groin injuries can take a long time to heal. But what the hell do I know.

Posted by: cocoajoe | December 10, 2013 at 01:37 PM

Based on what I've seen, not much.

daryldunphy, any team in playoff contention this time of year, and losing to an INFERIOR OPPONENT, really wasn't a playoff caliber team anyway.

Real playoff caliber teams do not get ambushed by INFERIOR opponents fighting for their playoff lives. If it so happens, it tells a little more about the caliber and fortitude of your own team.

I am changing your name to Dr. DD.....just has a nice ring to it....I agree with your post@ 1:55. I will go 1 step further. If we lose the Pats game and it is on a last second drive by Brady I would venture to state we will lose our last 3 games. Talk about air out of our balloon.
The Dolphins need to make the Pats game a statement game. We need to DOMINATE the Pats in EVERY phase of the game....including the scoreboard...no FG.

only playerz wit rings shuld be lauded
evry1 else just plain suxx

Bingo Sam @ 2:00, if we lose to Buffalo or teh NYJ then we don't deserve playoffs ... period. Even if we beat the Pats and one of the others....

The problem with recurring injuries in professional football is that the player never has a chance to heal properly because their lively hood depends on their health. They push themselves to come back too soon and the teams agenda (try to win at all costs) doesn't help either because they force players back before they are fully healed.

I have played hockey since I could skate and I know all about groin pulls because I have had to deal with them on more than one occasion. They can occur in the inner, upper thigh as well as the actual groin area where the upper leg meets the pelvis.

I've had both. The one in the upper thigh area can be healed pretty quickly if you treat it right and are diligent. You ice the area to bring swelling down (and this is the most important step) compress the muscle with an ace bandage or wrap. This way when the muscle warms it doesn't have as much room to swell. That allows the muscle to heal a lot faster. Then elevate the leg to keep blood flow and swelling to a minimum. Repeat with ice 15 minutes off, 10 minutes on. You will heal in no time but make sure to stay off of the leg as much as possible AND when you do have to walk keep your legs close together, no stretching of the affected area! I don't believe this is the type of pull Patterson had but I wanted to write this out in case any of you ever have the unfortunate luck to sustain this type of injury. If you do, follow my steps and trust me you will heal so much quicker, I promise.

Mark I can tell you who DIDNT nominate McDuffie......Dr. Uribe!! OUCH he beat him for over $11million in a lawsuit!!

oh boy here we go here comes the tome

Posted by: will annoyingly correct every historical

error | December 10, 2013 at 01:58 PM

The term has been used by "HISTORIANS" to describe the Csonka/Morris tandem.

Listen closely when watching the old footage of early 70's championship years.

I don't think the Dolphins need to make a particular statement against the Patriots but they do need the win, and that probably means they need a healthy lead in the fourth quarter.

Tom Brady is one of the top quarterbacks in the game, especially when he isn't pressured, beating the Patriots will be a very tall task, a lot riding on Wake and Vernon.

Ravens have difficult games against the NFC North-leading Detroit Lions (7-6) and the AFC East-leading New England Patriots (10-3) before their regular-season finale in Cincinnati (9-4).

If we beat Pats then Bengals have a great shot at 2 seed, they have the tie breaker against Pats. This will make them both play hard against the Ravens. I can see the Ravens loosing all 3 games.

Loose lips sink ships wally.

I have never had a groin pull....I have pulled my groin before, multiple times in fact ;)

Aaay, the ESPN power ranking finally moved us ahead of teh Jets .. took them a while to figure it out...

I believe Patterson suffered a high groin strain. These are incredibly hard to come back from and sometimes require surgery to strengthen the muscle. There is no way to compress the area and icing it isn't a pleasant task!

Only rest and muscle relaxers (ice as much as you can stand) heal this injury. And if you're trying to push it every week in practice or a game forget about it, very low chance you will heal before the seasons over. I'm sure they were hoping for the best.

I feel bad for Patterson. I really like the kid and he is one hell of a nickel back. Every time he actually made it on the field he would make at least one big play to help the team. I sincerely hope he can heal up and get back with the team next year at full health. Good luck Dimitri and hope to see you in a Dolphins uniform next season.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 10, 2013 at 02:00 PM

Sam, I usually agree with you, but this past week we watch the patsies on the ropes against the lowly brownstains. If it wasn't for a bullshiit PI call in the endzone, NE would be in a lot tougher spot getting into the playoffs.

Cocoajoe is black jack cherry the new name for cherry garcia (ben and jerrys) or is it a different ice cream?

Love the cherry garcia but JB Cherry sounds interesting.

Not loose lips just stating facts...

We still have our work cut out for us...

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 10, 2013 at 02:05 PM

BTW Sam you are correct....I was a fan of the 70's team and they were called the Thunder and Lightening of the 3 headed running backs of Csonka, Morris and Kiick

Have to respect the sign in, he knows it's annoying and admitted as much! But not to me, love people who are accurate and know their facts. It's the only way everyone gets smarter :) Nothing wrong with learning. Unfortunately the fragile male ego doesn't allow most of us to admit we may need help!

Bills and Jets won't lay down, but if we can't win 2 of the next 3 we don't deserve the playoffs anyway as you guys have said.

That scouting report on Boston.com was a nice writeup, thanks for sharing that kyphinfan.

"will annoyingly correct every historical error"

This sign in that is

and yes Sports Illustrated gave them the name Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid but that was Csonka and Kiick!!

They were never called Thunder and Lightning. The other guy was right. That was the nickname used for the backs in New Orleans.

And, yes, I was around back then and a season ticket holder.

Bill, who knew a foot was worth so much?

will annoyingly correct every historical error"

This sign in that is

Posted by: Phins78 | December 10, 2013 at 02:17 PM

It would be ok if he was correct unfortunately Sam was correct on this one.....sorry I lived it!

rdubs, the groin is not the penis. You're pulling the wrong thing. Try the other one. lol

Oh, Lord. Now a few of you guys are going to add Medical Expertise to your (self-acknowledged) vast knowledge of football strategy and player analysis?

You are the guys in the bar that everyone is rolling their eyes at.

When does 'Spurts Illustrated' come out with their swimsuit addition? Anyone know?

Bill I didn't even read the posts in question, I just liked the sign in because he called himself annoying ;)

Im sorry Vet but you will have to think back a little harder.....the press made the comment not the Dolphins or the players. Butch and Sundance was Csonka and Kiick. Morris and Csonka were referred to in NFL films footage as Thunder & Lightening.


I will make a dikk joke about anything. Even if it is scientifically inaccurate. Because wiener and fart jokes ROCK!!!

I went to Dolphins games back then too. Butch and sundance was the only nickname anyone used, and it was for Czonka and Jim Kiik. We never used thunder and lightning for Zonk and Merc.

Miami Dolphins RB Mercury Morris

The ’72 Dolphins had the top yardage, rushing and scoring offense (385 points in 14 games) in the NFL that year. Their offense featured a punishing ground attack, centered on their thunder-and-lightning backfield tandem of Mercury Morris and Larry Csonka. The speedy Morris and the grinding Csonka each ran for over 1,000 yards in 1972, while Morris led the team with 12 rushing touchdowns that season. The passing game took a backseat, as starter Bob Griese missed the final nine games of the regular season with an injury, and backup Earl Morrall managed the team for the rest of the way, letting the run game do its work. In fact, Morrall and Griese combined for only 1,998 yards passing in 1972, making the passing game a bit of a flaw in the NFL’s only “perfect” team.

I can find more if y'all like????

The debate is still going. Surely someone can find some evidence and put this one to rest? I would be interested in finding out the truth.

Posted by: Rdubs | December 10, 2013 at 02:24 PM

lol, you must be a fellow Howard Stern fan.

Muncie and Galbreath were called Thunder and Lightening on the 76 Saints......well after Morris and Csonka in '72-73.

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