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Newsy afternoon at Dolphins camp ...

Newsy afternoon today at Dolphins camp where the team has placed cornerback Dimitri Patterson (groin) and R.J. Stanford (broken leg) on the injured reserve list.

For Patterson, this decision marks the end of a tough battle to regain his healthy after he injured the groin in the season-opener. He was able to play in only six games and started only four of those following the injury. He did suffer multiple setbacks during his attempt to recover.

The Dolphins today announced the signing of free agent cornerback Justin Rogers, a three-year veteran, and the poaching of Michael Thomas off the San Francisco 49ers practice squad.

The team is practicing today and running back Lamar Miller, who left Sunday's game with concussion like symptoms and did not return, is on the field.

Although it is impossible to say how much Miller will work and the Dolphins won't say, I can tell you he would not be on the field at all unless he had passed a concussion protocol test.

A source close to Miller tells me he doesn't think the running back's symptoms were too serious. So it makes sense that, barring a setback, Miller should be available for Sunday's game against New England.

Finally, the Dolphins added four new members to their relative new Walk of Fame. The third class inducted into the Walk of Fame consists of WR O.J. McDuffie, RB Mercury Morris, DE Kim Bokamper, and OL Keith Sims.


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POLY-Turf, cocoajoe. Even worse crap than Astro Turf was, according to many

That garbage would literally start to melt in the Miami heat and turned the OB into a skating rink. The players HATED it even though they won a ton of games on it.

I recall hearing that Robbie and the City of Miami got the turf for nearly free because the company that made it wanted a demo model of how "great" it was.

They were out of business a few years later.

"Bruise Brothers" was pretty great, agreed.

See us "old timers" can agree on something. We gotta show the young'uns how its done!!

OJ McDuffie was the man! he was the prototypical slot receiver of today before they took out all the big hits and hand fighting. He also could return punts. Stop hating mark!!! Go watch the edminton eskimos

Hate shelving Patterson. 4 int's in basically 6 games. Phins might have had 2 more wins if he was a healthy specimen. Where's the love for Richmond Webb? He stonewalled Bruce Smith for nearly a decade.

See us "old timers" can agree on something. We gotta show the young'uns how its done!!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 10, 2013 at 03:17 PM

Ha! Hey, anyone that remembers Jim Del Gaizo and the 'Dolphins Dolls' is ok with me!


Please excuse Mark. He has to fart and we all now that pain

now = know

Killer B's was a great nickname. Except for that poster they put out. It looked like the vintage Bumble bee uni's that Pitt has been wearing on throwback day.

Not only them but I knew Denny Sym before his untimely death in 2007.

Get Jordan on the field at LB and bring 5 often from all sides.

So, I see no one's blaming Sherman this week....LOL

That's because Sherman didn't cost us another game....but make no mistake most of us still want him gone at years end!!

Haha, rdubs, tahnks for the tips. the clench and silence technique has backfired too many times. I'm in the open here in a quiet office.

I just went to the can, played a few games of candy crush and let nature take it's course. Feeling much better.

Mark when in a crowd its best to make those loud fart noises with your mouth all the while youre sneaking out the real deal!!

but make no mistake most of us still want him gone at years end!!
Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 10, 2013 at 03:46 PM

Thats not true.

From last blog, 48, DEFINITELY Shanahan getting most of the Redskins blame. Surprisingly though, Griffin is #2. Fair weather fans are jumping off the bus while it's still moving (I happen to think Shanny messed him up by allowing him to start the season). This time, Snyder's a distant 3rd, he hasn't really been a problem, he dines with RG3 and gives him some extra perks, but I don't have a problem with that, he's the franchise player.

Slam, I'm a Sakatechewn Roughriders man myself!!! Naw, just joking don't watch any of that league.

How am I hating if I say there are more worthy Dolphins recipients. I have no idea who's in the walk but I think all of these guys were better Dolphins than OJ...

Dan Marino
Nick Buoniconti
Paul Warfield
Richmond Webb
Jason Taylor
Keith Jackson
Bob Keuchenberg
Bob Griese
Jim Langer
Irving Fryar
John Offerdahl
Mark Clayton
Dwight Stephenson
Bob Baumhower
Larry Little
Jake Scott
Larry Csonka
Bill Stanfill
Troy Vincent
Wes Welker
Jake Long
Ed Newman
Patrick Surtain
Brock Marion
Keith Sims
Mark Duper
Bryan Cox
Dick Anderson
Manny Fernandez
Mercury Morris
Tim Bowens
Earl Morrall
Norm Evans
Jim Kiick
AJ Duhe
delvin williams
Roy Foster
Ferrell Edmunds
Cam Wake
John Denney
Randy Starks

Ah, Bill, the diversion technique. I used to do this all the time at the ex girlfirend's house. just used to make any loud noise possible to cover it up. Kick the table, slap my leg, whatever. It takes exquisite timing to pull off.


You left off Jonathan Martin and Mike Wallace. You are slippin playa'!

Mike Wallace needs about one good year in a phins uniform to join that list.

They do have J mart in the walk of fame...unfortunately it is right next to the toilet....drip, drip, drip!!

And to the fairy, Jet/Pats fan, b**ch-boy troll (who's now calling himself Roger, as in "I have no balls"), go rant on a home and garden blog you poor excuse for a sentient being. THIS IS FOOTBALL!!! You g-dd-mn right it's rough and tumble. Millionaires getting paid to break each other down until their brains are so messed up the only out is to kill yourself! THAT'S THE NFL! Where you play a game on Sunday after getting a Cortizone shot, then look disabled Mon-Sat trying to recover from all the abuse you took. THAT'S FOOTBALL! Where team trainers practice battlefield medicine trying to patch players back together. THAT'S THE GRIDIRON GAUNTLET! Where 5'8"/185lbs men better have sub 4.4 speed or else they get Amandola'd, as in put out almost each and every game. THAT'S THE MOST VIOLENT SPORT EVER TO GRACE THE EARTH! It's kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, HIT OR BE HIT!

You aren't cut from the same cloth Rebecca. You aren't molded from the same steel Rachel. You aren't strong enough, sharp enough, durable enough to have a CLUE ROBERTA. So do everyone a favor and keep your sweet jaws (which only clench when you're being ridden) SHUT! OK Ramona? Are we clear?



DC what the heck was that rant all about?? Did you pop a vein in your neck?? Do I need to call my cousin in DC Metro??

Well I don't wanna end up in the angry Korean Lady's soup??? So Im outta here for the night!
Its been fun today folks...DC take a valium...Mark take a gasx!!

Haha, no Bill, it was in response to the troll from the last blog who didn't appreciate my "pop Brady's kneecap" post. As a rule, I generally don't respond to trolls, but like a good pitcher, sometimes I have to go trollhunting to brush them back off the plate. Trolls are like deer, pretty harmless with basic pea brains. But if you allow them to multiply, they become a nuisance. So from time to time you need to go on controlled population-control hunts. That's the purpose I serve on this blog. To add my 2cents on the best team to put on a helmet...and to act as the Trollhunter. They have controlled fires out West so wildfires don't burn up all the homes. I use verbal troll retardant to beat back trolls. It's a tough job (as if you didn't know) but somebody's gotta do it.

Why are we signing 2 CB's?? Did we not draft 2 in this years draft? Are they just another Irland bust?? Wasting pick on players that are not playing. For that trade your picks away for players that are going to get on the field.

Aight Bill, and you remember, it's protect and serve, not stop and frisk. That brotha could be the Mayor's son (and then you'll be on needle trash pick-up on Jones Beach)!

Eddy, because Dimitri is the defensive Danny Amandola. Guy is Samuel L. in Unbreakable. He's a glass house in a meteor shower. They need to cut him now. Why pay a guy millions to play a quarter of the games in the season? Makes no sense.

@ 4:04
Wow dude you sliced him up finer than frog hair....Next time include the time of his post so we can find it easier.

DC, I'm guessing they will cut Dimitri in offseason. Its a shame because he was good when he played.

Eddy, the 2 new additions are for special teams and depth. With Patterson and Stanford on IR we have 2 roster spots to replace them.

Grow up child, what are you in middle school?!! What an embarrassing post, "troll hunter"?

Bad luck for Patterson, he really did play well when he was healthy this year, hopefully he can get healthy enough to try out for some other teams this offseason!

I say putting Dimitri Patterson on IR and bringing him back next year is well justified considering his level of play when healthy this season.
It's not like he was injury prone, he had the groin pull early and that continued to cause him to miss time all season.
Grimes and Patterson on the corners for the whole season next year would be fine with me

That's because Wheeler't tackles are usually 5 to 10 yards down the field. For every acorn, Ireland signs 5 bums.

I'm overjoyed that the Dolphins are holding it together and playing well. But if they stumble into the playoffs and get ousted like a lot of pundits expect, it just shows how ignorant Ross is for keeping Ireland around. I would point to this year's draft where the majority of players can't even sniff the field. How easily some of us forget when they sting together a couple of wins. And we were about an inch from blowing it on a freak play.

Posted by: tvegas | December 10, 2013 at 10:37 AM

These are the kinds of posts that make me laugh. Sorry, but the shortsightedness is just shocking-lol.

FIRST: Ross, Ireland and Philbin are just in the 2nd year of a MAJOR Rebuild.

Second: Ireland's picks are begining to pay big dividends. Most are really coming through and starting to contribute big time. Not just roster spots either, Ireland's list of Playmakers is growing weekly.

Try: Vernon, Tannehill and Charles Clay. Not only are these 3 making plays, they're all at or near top 10's in their prospective positions.

How about: Pouncey, Miller, Daniel Thomas(just lately-lol)and Garner and Brenner. How about Odrick and Misi? SOLID contributors to say the least.

TVegas then makes a crazy comment about making the playoffs only to get ousted. Huh? What? With SissyTard Gate? With the O-Line falling apart. With all the injuries? Being in just the second year of a rebuild?

I find it amazing that these guys are in contention for anything. Just making the playoffs in the 2nd year of this rebuild would be AMAZING! Regardless of how well they do.

Vegas and some others are posting like........well......like spoiled rotten little fans would.

Just saying..........


And BTW, that childish rant was because I called him a low class scumbag for saying he hoped Tom Brady gets his knee destroyed.

Does anyone know what Jamar Taylor's injury problem is? Is it a recurring thing or different problems?

odinseye, I'm in the camp that says Ireland needs to go. He's been a bad GM, objectively, whether the Dolphins do or don't make the playoffs or win a playoff game doesn't change how good the roster is.

@ 4:55
"whether the Dolphins do or don't make the playoffs or win a playoff game doesn't change how good the roster is."

Now that's a stupid statement.

It's simple, lose the next 3 games and Ireland is on the hot seat. Win out and make the playoffs... he's here in 2014.

What numbers do you have to compare Ireland to another GM to say he's not good or should be let go? It would be insane to to let Ireland go at this point but might be willing to listen if you can give some comparative stats or examples of where others have proven to be better.

Fact is.. He is hitting on players and some are hitting big like Clay, T-hill and Grimes. Things could be so much worse.

True but one win in the next three games would represent improvement and probably allow Ireland to keep his job.

From last blog, 48, DEFINITELY Shanahan getting most of the Redskins blame. Surprisingly though, Griffin is #2. Fair weather fans are jumping off the bus while it's still moving (I happen to think Shanny messed him up by allowing him to start the season). This time, Snyder's a distant 3rd, he hasn't really been a problem, he dines with RG3 and gives him some extra perks, but I don't have a problem with that, he's the franchise player.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 10, 2013 at 03:50 PM

DC, as soon as I read up on Shanny and Griffin, I wondered what your take would be.

The wheels have really come off the bus in DC. I read through quite a few fan comments and it seems like 75% want to trade Griffin and play Kirk Cousins.

I watched Cousins play here at Michigan State. I think he could possibly be a real good NFL QB. But lets be honest, he ain't no Robert Griffin. He's more of a prototypical pocket passer in my opinion. But maybe thats what they need? What says you DC?

Also, is Shanahan the problem?

Is it Griffin? I was one of the few that predicted he wouldn't survive in the NFL with his particular skillset. Having said that though and like many young QB's, could it be in the supporting cast(Cam Newton comes to mind)?

Good post. I couldn't agree with you more.


Cam Newton is a much different qb as of right now. He's always been more accurate, but Cam's biggest strength over RGIII is his size and strength. He's durable. Robert Griffin is playing on a twice surgically repaired knee. Every time he gets hit (which is a lot), it appears to be one of the most gruesome hits of the year. Don't know why b/c he has decent weight (220), but he's like a ragdoll out there. Part of it is his build, and the other part is that he has almost absolutely zero skills at protecting himself.

Sam, Thanks for mentioning Crash Jensen. One of my favorite Dolphin stories. Came in as a Qb, volunteered to play special teams and turned in to a great weapon offensively.

A good team is very hard to build it takes time along with cohesion with the coaching staff just look at the strong teams they all have that in common

It seems like this team is growing up before our eyes , although the coaches are still making huge errors we almost gave that game away at the end

It's a true statement, whether or not Antonio Brown happened to step out of bounds and keep the Dolphins out of the playoffs doesn't have much to do at all with how good the roster is or how good of a GM Ireland is.

With Ireland you can just start from the beginning and follow what he's done in Miami. A scout under Carl Peterson and Bill Parcells (never worked under anyone else), two men most Dolphins fans agree aren't good GMs.

So he's a Bill Parcells protege, but fine, two different people. Now, as is the custom of apologists, we'll go ahead and throw out his entire body of work as General Manager of the Dolphins while Parcells was here.

His 2011 draft philosophy was unforgivable, to pass on quarterbacks with so many prospects available and only Chad Henne on the roster is inexcusable. Fine, Mike Pouncey's a good center, but that was absolutely the wrong decision, he needed to take a quarterback there, to at least TRY to fix the franchise. He opted out and wasted an entire Dolphins season.

I could list the players he took in the last three drafts but you all know about what Ireland's hit rate is.

The fact of the matter is that he's not good enough at drafting to replace players lost to free agency - he's on the complete opposite spectrum of good GMs, he had to spend like a drunken Dan Snyder to put together this roster.

Everyone knows and agrees you have to build your team through the draft and there's no reason to believe that Ireland can do that.

The very best you can say about Ireland is that he's not killing the franchise (which I disagree with) but is that really a reason to keep him as GM?

There are hundreds, literally hundreds of scouts with Ireland's resume who didn't happen to learn everything they know from Bill Parcells.


You act like Ireland was born in a test tube with a brain permanently programmed by Bill Parcells and no mind of his own. That is beyond ridiculous.

He has been around so many different coaches and scouts from all walks of college and pro's. He sees and understands far more than you can imagine. His drafts are showing he is his on guy and not a clone of Parcells

Compare Irelands last 3 drafts with all the other GM's. He rates pretty well.

Some say "one and done" should the Fins make the playoffs. I respectfully disagree.

Especially should we enter on a 5gm win streak.

Why? 3 chief reasons why.

1. Means oline would have solidified

2. 2-Headed pass rush duo(Wake/Vernon) Both had sacks

3. Ryan Tannehill's slowly taking his game to another level. 5-0 going into the playoffs would be "RARE_AIR' for him.

Denver is clearly head and shoulders over the rest of the AFC. Still, they have serious defensive warts, and Peyton Manning has had 17 POSTSEASON playoff appearances advancing to the SB only twice.

Even when having homefield advantage, Manning isn't a sure thing. Just like last season playoff loss(Ravens).

The Pats and Chiefs are best after Broncs. Pats lost Gronk and are very beatable. So are the Chiefs.

Exactly why I love our playoff chances if riding in on a 5gm winning wave.

odin, I'm not sure about Cousins. You're right, great in college, real mature, and shown flashes in the NFL, pretty accurate passer, but also has pedestrian tendencies. I'm not going to write him off after a couple starts and some garbage time work, but I think he needs a little more work before anyone gives him a Matt Flynn contract.

As far as RG3, the Shannys (daddy and sonny boy) really geared the game plan last year to Robert's strengths (running, no progression passing) and while he was magnificent, it kinda just delayed the obvious, he needs to learn to be a better pocket passer, reading defenses, going through progressions. Then he got hurt, and this year didn't have his wheels to get him out of trouble. And since he's behind, he doesn't see the field quickly enough. On top of that he has a horrible line (kinda like we did) built for zone run blocking and not pass blocking (those guys, minus the LT are undersized). So he's getting killed. Then he started having differences of opinion with the Shannys on how he's being used (per his father preseason who he was gonna get killed their way). That led to some rift between him and Kyle. Then Mike. And the Owner is on his side, so he thinks it's HIS team, not Shanahan's. And now that the Skins are the worst team in the league, and his "aura" is being tarnished, something he's never had to deal with, he's unequipped to handle that pressure and negativity.

All this equals him losing confidence and playing very tentatively and missing open receivers, having 2nd thoughts of running, etc.

I don't think he's done, I think this is just a sophomore slump (by the way, am I THANKFUL we have Ryan Tannehill. He's in a much better place right now as far as progress and experience). Once he has an offseason (his injury prevented it last year) to learn and heal, a new HC who will work him into a pro system, I think he can bounce back and be the RG3 we saw before.

And with that, time to check out. Hold the fort down odin, I can always count on you for managing the night shift. Roger, go to your pink bedroom with the frills and silk sheets and play your Hello Kitty albums sweetness. Don't make the mistake this for the Patriots-NY Jets blog. We don't play that in Mando's backyard. This is the real deal, division 1. You're back there with the community colleges I think.

Should we make the playoff and both Wake/Vernon get scorching hot same game. We can beat any Afc playoff team, including Manning led Bronco's.

If everything comes together over the final 3gms, I see no reason the Fins can't become the AFC's version of those two wildcard Giants SB winning teams.

Especially if the defense can get redhot in the ass rush area.

Mark in Toronto, stay there. OJ was a clutch player. Dan Marino once called him the toughest player he ever played with. That turf toe injury is no joke, ask Jack Lambert and Deon Sanders. It ended their careers too.

Cut Patterson quickly!!!
This is another of those very talented but unprofessional players. You occupy one of the 53 roster spots all year and never make it back healthy? Really? Your not on scholarship, you are getting paid to be a pro. Rest during the season, stay home and rest, get in the training room, hydrate your body properly (and don't do things tha would dehydrate your body - out drinking the night before practice.
Twisted knee or ankle is part of the game and unavoidable. Pulled muscles are completely preventable. Cut this guy quickly and be done. Another physically talented but dead from the neck up player. Cancer be gone!

check out phinsiders breakdown on the big ben fumble:


Bill, it's one thing to be "described" as thunder and lightning…
On the other hand, LenDale White and Chris Johnson of the Titans were ALWAYS called that, both by themselves, and the media.
Morris and Zonk never, to my knowledge called THEMSELVES that.
Morris would have NEVER appreciated 2nd billing! LOL

DC hit it on the head. The father son thing doesn't really work. it didn't for Schotenheimer, nor Shannahan, Sparano, nor Sherman and son.
Tanny would progress faster with a REAL QB coach. It's Tannehills raw talent that is now taking over.
Forgot the Kiffins.

Lat thing:
Why cut Patterson NOW? Makes no sense. 4 INT's in 6 games!!!
Let him heal over the winter and spring. if he's not right at minicamp, THEN do wharf you have to do.
4 INT's in 6 games folks. Carroll doesn't have that in 2 years.

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