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Will Dolphins show out or fail to show up?

Will the Dolphins show up on Sunday against the New York Jets?

That's the question I write about in today's Miami Herald. That's the question that matters most now.

The reason we have to ask the question is last week was a major disappointment against an inferior Buffalo team. With so much at stake the Dolphins didn't show up against the Bills.

I believe they came out flat and stayed that way. Coach Joe Philbin would argue the Dolphins were not flat.

I would suggest the Dolphins coach should have gone above and beyond last week, last night at the team meetings at the hotel, this morning, and before the game to motivate and get his team up. You know Rex Ryan, fighting for his job, will have something up his sleeve.

Last week, after the Dolphins dealt New England a defeat, Bill Belichick had something up his sleeve for the Patriots.

Some players believe coaches motivating is a good thing. Movies, highlight tapes, speeches, anything ...

“It helps motivate you," offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie told me. "Initially, it helps you as far as your mindset going into the game. Once the ball is snapped you’re obviously not still thinking about that. But your mindset going into the game,  it can help."

Several Dolphins players I spoke with, however, don't care much for motivational tactics from their coaches.

"I just don’t buy it," offensive tackle Tyson Clabo said. "You’re either good at football or you’re not.”

So why do teams play flat sometimes?

“It’s about momentum," he said.

Momentum? So the Dolphins weren't flat against the Buffalo, but rather they simply had no momentum?

“Not a lot of good stuff happened in that football game," Clabo said. "We made a lot of mistakes all across the board. The defense is out there playing hard and doing a pretty decent job and we can’t piss a drop. And they’re out there the whole game. They had 51 rushing attempts in the football game. We just didn’t make any plays. No one made any plays. We just didn’t play well.

"The whole game everybody is thinking this thing in going to turn. I felt like that until the very end when I knew it wasn’t going to turn. And even then in the fourth I’m think we’re alright, we’re alright but it never happened for us.”

Well, that was last week. This week the Dolphins cannot afford a similar letdown game.

And so I hope Philbin and his staff did something, anything, to make sure the Dolphins don't play this game like they did the last.


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You can't do what you have always done and get to the elusive next level. Teams like the ravens know how to increase their intensity level and get every ounce of effort to win. The jets will come to win by any means necessary. If you don't come ready to match that intensity and effort you will lose. Tell clabo every player in the nfl knows how to play but those players and teams that know how to take it up a notch prevail.

You are usually right on Armando. But this time I COMPLETELY disagree.

The Phins did NOT come out flat last week at all. The offensive line simply could not block the Bills. That means no running game, and no time to throw. It means no offense. THAT is why they lost, not lack of motivation.

The defense held the bills to 13 points through most of the game. But when you are getting NOTHING done on offense, good defense doesn't matter. Nothing to do with a lack of motivation.

If they are ever going to have a fast start it had better be Today.

It's no secret that HC's sometimes do not insist on absolute preparation for certain Games as a means of saving wear and tear to have the Team healthy for the Big Games. This did not appear to me to be the case vs Buff. We just couldn't do anything on O between those rushers and the cold. At least, the weather will be better Today.

Armando, WTF are you doing? Place the link to the new blog here, now!

Armando, on the money. We came out flat and stayed flat. The Bills shut down the o-line, as they were tuned in to where almost all of our running plays were going.

Im amazed Pouncey made the ProBowl after the season we have had run and pass blocking, guess its who you know as usual. Hartline had little or no focus holding on to those early Tan passes.

On D we gave up 203 yards on the ground, the Bills had their way with us. On starting early, Tannehill has a 66 rating in the first quarter, its something he has struggeled with all year. This is a big concern as momentum goes to the other side and we are playing catch up.

We have had success against the Jets run D which is ranked higher than the Bills, so to say we just can't beat then is wrong and defeatist.

Philbin has had us flat for other key games such as the Bucs, Panthers and Saints also. He has a chance to go out there and get the players jacked for this one, but we never see his optomistic, motivational prowess on the sidelines.

Bill B, will go over and talk to groups of players during the game to directly address problem area's during the games, with the hands on approach. Philbin looks completely removed from the game, refs rarely get a roasting from him as he fails to put his influence on the game. Sherman's O looks nothing like the one he ran in GB and his version of the WOO is the weakest least success version in the entire league.

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 29, 2013 at 05:48 AM

We did well against the Steelers in the cold. No the O looked lost, especially Tannehill. He struggles to throw the ball away, or step up in the pocket, he takes way to long to work out his reads, call audibles or take off and run. Its been a season long problem that Philbin hasn't addressed.

The passing games rates out as the bottom third in the league, we play to the QB's strengths, which are quick hits in the flats, the same plays sherman ran at Texas AM. DC's have this swiped out, as they do they sweep, the WR screen and the delay draw from the shotgun. If you are so arrogant to go into the season with no fullback then you get the position we are in as an Offense.

Don't be so serious. Join us in the Fun. The Future is brilliant, you know,

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 29, 2013 at 08:24 AM

Sure, let's not think or ask questions of the masters oscar, we should cheer and clap from the stands, regardless of the score or how the Dolphins play.

You're just afraid, Truth. What is there to be feared?

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 29, 2013 at 08:39 AM

Following a team, group, sport, player etc involves all of the emotions we go through ourselves. We live vicariously through these teams and players. To the extent we do is the issue. Sport and the theatre it represents is the fantasy we all need to lighten the load or reality. Don't you find it engaging to get involved in a sports blog ? You are on here for a reason too. Im happy to play my part and keep my brain ticking over, in between playing my guitar writting songs and whatever else I do on my holidays.

A critique on Philbin is required, I have a point to put across Oscar, that alright with you ? If not I'll leave you to converse with like minded fans.

You asking me, man? You should know this is a Collective effort. What is it?

Philbin looks completely removed from the game

Posted by: The Truth | December 29, 2013 at 07:52 AM

This is objective analysis?

That's it, that's all you have to say? C'mon...

Tannehill in his second season has not become a perfect, flawless QB.

Therefore we should hang him. In public.

This is a mediocre football team. You never know how a mediocre team will perform on any given day. That's the state of Miami Dolphins football and it has been that way for a very long time.

If you can't see whats happening to the Dolphins, fine thats ok. No player or coach should leave the team ever, they should all be forgiven for playing or coaching poorly at all times.

We should give no coach or player more than 2 years to shine. Better to change staff every 2 or 3 years then try to build something. If we change enough eventually we'll get lucky.

Yes, we should have kept Cam Cameron, John Beck and Gibril Wilson for 3 years. Thats the way to build success in the NFL, you are 100% coorect.

"A team takes on the personality of the head coach"

-Ricky Williams

Cleveland should have kept Belichek
Jax should have kept Coughlin
Tampa should have kept Dungy

San Diego should have kept Brees
Atlanta should have kept Farve

The Giants should have kept Wake.

Enough? For now.

I've never seen such a hissy fit from so many fans when we very well may make the playoffs.

You SadSacks are not happy unless you are whining like babies.

Good points.

Oakland should have kept Gruden, they'd have won the SB he won with Tampa.

Miami should have kept Welker.

I would like the headline tomorrow AM to read "Miami Dolphins fire Jeff Ireland after team collapses in the playoff chase." Then this season will truly be a success in my book.

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