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Patriots downgrade two WRs

The Patriots, already stung by the loss of tight end Rob Gronkowski, will be without their two rookie wide receiver threats on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

The Patriots on Saturday evening downgraded both Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson from questionable to out. Dobson had missed most of the week of practice with a foot injury. Thompkins had been limited with a hip injury.

Talk about limiting the passing game.

The Patriots still have Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman and they will be New England's top receiver threats on Sunday. Running back Shane Vereen is also a threat as a receiver out of the backfield.

Oh, yes, the Patriots also have Tom Brady at quarterback.

As for the Dolphins, I checked again today and was assured by a league source that safety Reshad Jones, who is questionable with a groin injury and didn't practice full at all this week, will indeed play on Sunday. 


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so nobody good. edelman will probaly have 20 catches


There is no reason now for us to win, GO FINS!!!

Sorry meant for us to lose...

Put Jordan on Edelman out of the backfield. Wake and Vernon will crush Brady.

But two refs are probable so go ahead and give NE the W.

im tired of the pussyfooting. we shouls crush the pats tomorrow

It will require a stake thru Bradys heart delivered by Cam to win this game.
Get ready for another heart attack finish.

The REAL keys to the game?

Which ever team has collectively the best bowel movements pre-game will win.

jersey girl, with a 3rd leg? i c

Folks if we can't beat NE at home under these conditions, the team has gone nowhere. A loss tomorrow would signal it is time for a full rebuild, players and coaches.


I think we will win.

If we can win out, I think Philbin enters the Coach of the Year picture.

Elmo you are a numbnut. this Coaches 2nd year. or we're you being funny.

We will win

Who should be coach of the year? A coach that already had a great team or a coach that brought a young team to the playoffs?

Let the season play out. Too soon to vote.

Unfortunately the NFL will want Sean Payton to win for the feel good story. FK'm

The Pats are decimated by injuries.
Dolphins 31 Pats 17.

The Pats are decimated by injuries.
Dolphins 31 Pats 17.

Posted by: Vegas Mike | December 14, 2013 at 10:23 PM

God are you ever stupid. That is the hype they want you to believe. They have programmed your brain. Will you ever learn not to believe everything in the media?

Key to the game:
IF Gene "Sanitary Napkin" Steratore is the Referee in the game, count on at least one if not two crucial flags against Miami that will be game changers for the Cheatriots....

To win, or not to win and get closer to FIRELAND, that is the Question.

No Welker, no Wilfork, and no Gronkowski. WOW. And the Pats run D is ranked 31st. We should really win easy.

The average intelligence of the average blogger here is shockingly low. The government has succeeded in dumbing down society.

For the vast majority if you, your writing skills are abysmal. Your reading and comprehension are even worse.

It is a sad day.

True the Patriots have a skeleton crew of players but even more important is they have no great incentive to win. They've already made the playoffs.

Who cares, crush the Patriots!!!

I imagine they put Grimes on Edelman to shut him down. Jordan on Vereen would be intriguing. Best chance to beat this team.

I also love how the Pats fans/trolls are saying the Pats have no incentive to win this game. They get home field throughout the playoffs if they win out. Already making excuses before the game is even played.

Pathetic blog.

24-10 Dolphins.

This Defense was built to stop Brady with weapons. They should have no problem stopping Brady without Weapons. Put a CB on Vareen when he lines up wide. J.Wilson.

The Offense. I just want to keep seeing Progress with Tannehill. 2-3 TDs 250 yds, 5-6 Carries for 40yds. 1-2 Receptions. 0 Ints

(This week the Dolphins will unveil another part of the offense. Wildcat 2.0. D.Thomas at QB, L.Miller at RB, T-Hill at WR and Wallace in motion.) Just kidding. Sherman isn't that desperate.

This Team will only go as far as T-Hill takes it on offense.

Dashi = Seaweed.

With that said, Ireland has done his job. Tannehill has better weapons than T.Brady. He just needs to fix the O-line this off season.

Best case scenario, Resign McKinnie and Clabo to 1 year deals, Brenner or someone else develops at LG. Pounce is free of any wrongdoing. And all we have to do is draft a RG in the 1st round. In this draft o-linemen aren't going to be drafted that high. To much skill position talent. Good lineman to be had at the end of the first round this following draft.

The fins beat NE and go 10-6. We will be drafting in the mid 20s. Ireland would have to work his magic if he wants to move into the Top 10 of this draft. It will cost more than just one 2nd rounder. But depends on the player it could be worth it. A Big WR with breakaway speed. A game changing FS.

Dashi trying to play GM is like Gomer Pyle trying to play James Bond.

How in the world is Jamar Taylor questionable with an injury? How is he injured? He hasn't played the entire year. Don't get it.

Has irescum been fired yet?

This is really good news for us, if don't win tomorrow then we never will beat these Pats. but they still have the refs to be concerned with I say one or 2 real questionable caLLS against us in this game (just my guess)Go Phins

Why Dashi thinks hiis opinion is more valuable than toilet paper is beyond me. He has no car, no college degree, and a low paying job. He is in the bottom 2% of the population. If he knew anything at all, he'd be middle class, because even most of them are dumbo idiots.

Those guys are down on orders from the NFL brain trust. Knowing full well the eyes of the whole football world is going to watch this game for cheating refs, the NFL will make sure that Phins win. Just to let the controversy die down on at least 50 very questionable game changing calls that went the Pats way this season already.
The NFL knows already that any sort of cheating will drive more fans away from the game.
The NFL feeds us hope each week and then takes it away. The NFL treats us like Big Tobacoo treats smokers.

He had 12 snaps last week. Try and keep up.

Also, I don't see the point of putting a 6'7" 260lb LB/DE on a 5'10" 205lb RB out wide in coverage. Mismatch, advantage RB. Put a 5'11" 205lb CB/S that hits like a DE to cover him. J.Wilson is the answer. He is already the Dolphins Nickel CB. And the less you show Brady the Better.

This game defensively falls on Ellerbe and Wheeler. Ellerbe because he needs to keep up with the pace of T.Brady's no-huddle. And Wheeler because he is Wheeler and he hasn't even shown to be better than K.Misi.

This game also falls on Coyle. Please can we have some 2nd half adjustments for once.

I have to work from 8 to 4:15.
I feel like I'm missing the game of the century.
Please enjoy! Hopefully ill celebrate after.

TanneChoke better not screw this game up. We don't want to have to draft a QB in round 1.

No Dashi, Dion Jordan is the X factor.


I'm not much the "Knee Jerk" sort of personality. I like to think I take a fairly educated and unbiased view when stating the obvious. I'm a Dolphins fan by blood and by hard fought days in the bleachers of The Orange Bowl and the the upper decks of Joe Robbie back in the fist fight days of the Jest/Buffalo games.

So I'm gonna do something I usually don't do. I'm gonna call out the team I love and the coaches, players & fans (like me) who will be in that stadium tomorrow.

Yous guys go lose >>>.."THIS"..<<< Game..... When the playoffs are on the line and the Patsy's are a banged up and decimated as they have ever been... You let that Pr!^# Tom Brady walk into our house without a pot to pizzz in or a window to throw it out of and leave with another AFC East Title and a 1st seed run at ANOTHER Superbowl.... Then I believe and will stand behind the whole damned lot... Coaches, Managers, players and staff need to be fired on the damned spot.

I love ya, Dolphins... I'll be right there screaming till my voice goes (AGAIN).... PLEASE!!! Don't let us down.... Not this time... No... Not this time. It's right there... just reach up and grab it. Once you do it will never be the same... The seal will be busted... The rise of the B & B Gang will have crested and a decent will follow.

I can't help ya if ya fail... Youd bust my heart... The season for me would seem at an end.

Breeze is gay. Not me.

Well that's certainly not Dashi @1129...whoever it is...is pretty pathetic...

Joe Philbin given the opportunity will be the best HC the Phins have had since Shula...and Tannehill will be the best QB since Marino...they are both already almost there...that speaks to their current abilities and the height of their ceilings...it also speaks to the jokes we have gone through in the past...the sun is rising in SoFla...


What is your regular name? You've exposed yourself as being a multi-name blogger.

Ellerbe has shown he plays his best ball when its win or die...

Jack! bang wad, you've been exposed. Go away. You can only embarrass yourself further. You have nothing to say anyway.

JizzWizz...do I care what you post??? Let me check...



Posted by: Jack! 10.6 | December 14, 2013 at 11:44 PM

And that is why you responded! LMFAO.

You are god awful dumb, and not fooling anybody.

Jack! is a multi name blogger. I wonder why a blogger out of the blue defend dashi? Hmmmm... Could one be two?

It seems logical. Dashi wishing he was American, taking the American name Jack.


Dashi is a DOPE!!!!!!!!!

How does my self not caring what you post correlate to responding to what you post???

I didn't care who won the Army/Navy game earlier...but I still watched it...

Its okay jizzwizz...if its buttons you are trying to push...I assure you...you will jam your finger before you succeed...

JackOff please don't respond to me anymore. You've been exposed. Just another Pathetic Blog loser. I'll bet you have 5 names here if not more. Have fun with the kiddies here, just your level.

When I see a decent regular posters name be used by some jizzwizz...I bring the truth to the surface...seems the one who used Dashi name to make that ridiculous post did not appreciate that...so who is exposing their self again???

Jack!, you are never here, but for some reason assumed someone was faking dashi. How would that be unless you are normally here under other names?

It doesn't add up. You are dumber than dirty underwear. Keep trying to weasel out of it, you only dig a deeper hole.

Only Dashi would know that wasnt Dashi.


I have been here for YEARS bro...and I have changed my handle a few times...freely admitted and told to anyone asking or reading...could care less how anyone feels about that...I also read much more than I post...I read every day...post occasionally...more of an offseason daily poster...and ANYONE on this blog for more than a week knows that Dashi is a very big supporter of Tannehill...not as much as me though...Jack! LOVES Ryan Tannehill...

When you really think about it, none of us really knows what will happen week to week. Any given Sunday, right? We all spout off about what the Dolphins should do or what we would do if we were GM/HC. But in the end it amounts to a bunch of uninformed OPINIONS. Then we have A-holes (Craig M, for example) coming back and calling people out when their predictions/opinions turned out to be incorrect. The fact is none of us are professional coaches or managers. We post what we want to see happen, right, wrong or indifferent. The fans of the Dolphins want them to win, but we obviously have no control over anything they do. With that said, go Fins!

Jack, Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

How Odd is it that Jack!Swallow comes to defend Dasheba and suddenlty Dasheba is gone!

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