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Patriots downgrade two WRs

The Patriots, already stung by the loss of tight end Rob Gronkowski, will be without their two rookie wide receiver threats on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

The Patriots on Saturday evening downgraded both Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson from questionable to out. Dobson had missed most of the week of practice with a foot injury. Thompkins had been limited with a hip injury.

Talk about limiting the passing game.

The Patriots still have Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman and they will be New England's top receiver threats on Sunday. Running back Shane Vereen is also a threat as a receiver out of the backfield.

Oh, yes, the Patriots also have Tom Brady at quarterback.

As for the Dolphins, I checked again today and was assured by a league source that safety Reshad Jones, who is questionable with a groin injury and didn't practice full at all this week, will indeed play on Sunday. 


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How Odd is it that Jack!Swallow comes to defend Dasheba and suddenlty Dasheba is gone!

Posted by: Duh! | December 15, 2013 at 12:10 AM


Dolphins - 28
Pats and the Officials - 19


People who blame the refs are in denial.

Back to American Horror Story...I highly recommend watching this...haven't seen any of the 3rd season yet but the first was pretty good...and Asylum is off da hook!!!


If we win I'll have to take back all I said about Ireland and philbin.

Nobody should discount NE for tomorrow's Game even if they have the Division won. Belichick is a highly competitive Coach, such as Shula was, and even with a skeleton crew, he will try to win the Game.

The phins should win this game, but the officials love kraft macaroni and cheese. So expect jet game style twists and turns.

Gonna drop the Hammer tomorrow, Remember the Ronnie Brown beatdown?! this will be much of the same. Get ready for the heat Brady…….


Its okay jizzwizz...if its buttons you are trying to push...I assure you...you will jam your finger before you succeed...

Posted by: Jack! 10.6 | December 14, 2013 at 11:54 PM


The Resident Idiot Troll sits back and says a bunch of dumb shyt, under a bunch of dumb names, to everyone that comes on.

In **HIS OWN DUMB MIND(lol)** he THINKS he's attacking people and he THINKS no one knows it's really his Pathetically Dumb Ass - SMH.

Here's an average example of his idiotic contributions. As he's condemning others for THEIR "abysmal writing and comprehension skills.

*Notice how he's barely literate.

*Notice how he fails to comprehend his own "Instant Literary Fail".

*Notice how he's almost incoherent.

Most of all: ENJOY how hilariously pathetic this Toad is - ROTFLMAO!

For the vast majority if you, your writing skills are abysmal. Your reading and comprehension are even worse.

Posted by: Reality Bites | December 14, 2013 at 10:35 PM

Huh.......? What.........? **Who CARES**

Bhwaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I am overall very content with the match ups of our players versus their players. They have some relative strengths - QB and RB - but overall the match ups favor us.

To me the game turns on one thing - coaching. Last game in the first half our quality of players took us to a lead then Belichick made second half adjustments that we did not respond to and we lost. This has been a repetitive theme in our losses. We have some excellent players but a young team. So far our coaching has not brought them up to Pro speed and coherent play at a normal pace and has not matched up with the good coaches in the league. This game will let us know if our coaches can win against an excellent coach when the game is stacked in their favor.

Father Flanagan called today when I was busy but I told him to come into my Rectory later.

This is another one of those "Moments". This is another chance to MAKE IT a defining moment.

As a Fan and former player and Coach you relish these moments. You live and die for them.

Don't think for one moment that all the Dolphin Coaches and Players don't realize the implications of this ONE game. They say one game at a time and don't overlook any team. That's right, but they all know exactly what's up.

The jets and bills are in disarray(The bills shouldn't have got the first one). The Dolphins feel they've put it together with McKinnie, The rest of the O-Line play and the emergence of Tannehill.

They know that with a win against the pats, they have an excellent chance of running the table and making the playoffs. They also know that they have the best chance out of the ravens and chargers and themselves.

I said all that to say the obvious. Everything is on the line. The season, the coaching staffs respect and the players talent levels. They won't be leaving ANYTHING on the field. None of them. From Philbin and Sherman, from Coyle and Ellerbe. Tannehill and Jordan. NONE OF THEM.

This is the biggest game to date since Philbin was hired and Tannehill was drafted.

This is as big of a defining moment as there is. The top division rival sitting in the cross hairs. There's no looking back, no second guessing. What you're going to see here very shortly is the ABSOLUTE BEST the Dolphin's have to offer in 2013.

You put a smack-down on Brady and the pats and Re-Define Yourself to the NFL World.

or, you lose and slink back to the excuses, the hopes and dreams, the off season.....etc, etc.

This is it, it's on national television and I'm personally looking forward to seeing what **MY** Miami Dolphin's have to offer!

(I have this strange feeling of calm coming over me. I'm not positive, but I think it's a good sign. That happens to be whats inspired my prediction)

I say we stun the sports world and beat the pats rather handily. I say we play them so solid that it's almost boring. It won't be because I'm such a rabid fan. But that's the manner in which we will beat them. SOUNDLY!

You heard it here first!

Book It!!!!

I'm sure Belichek has a wrinkle or two for us. But I still see us winning by more than a TD with or without Dobson or whomever they have at WR. I can't put my finger on it but there's a vibe of confidence/swagger from the players. The team is peaking at the right time (the end of the year).

Gameday! Playing relevant football in December?? Priceless.

Looks the Pats vs Phins is maybe the best game of the day. Wow what a lousy schedule. Colts-Chiefs maybe but the Colts are struggling. I wouldn't have minded playing the Chiefs this year. There isn't a team in the league that scares me this year. We should be able to play with any of them.

Dolphins have to win this game and to do that they must stop the run this week, hard o understand why this has been a problem for them, when in past years they were stout against the run, Armando you got any answers for this one?

Hey Jack 10.6 or whatever your name is, that is a good one Dolphins 28 Pats and officials 19 I hope they stay out of the game today and let them play i swear if the Pats start getting calls at the end of the game to help them win my TV might not survive.

Hope the Phins don't play down to all the advertised missing talent on the Patriots this week. Don't get sucked into the mentality that these backups are going to play like high-schoolers. This is their shot and they are going to play like it's their superbowl. NE wants to knock us out now. If they lose this one, they know we could have a psychological advantage in the playoffs.


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