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PFF Tuesday: Relive the Buffalo nightmare

No frills today, folks. It's Tuesday. It's the day this blog turns to the folks at ProFootballFocus.com for their tape review of the last game.

The last game was a nightmarish 19-0 loss to the Bills.

This is the review of the nightmare:


Left guard Sam Brenner played just 20 snaps, but clocked in with a -4.8 grade, doing poor work in the run game (-1.5) and even poorer work in pass blocking (-3.4). He was replaced by Nate Garner and its going to be interesting to see this week which of the two starts against the Jets.

RB Daniel Thomas got more snaps than Lamar Miller for just the third time this season, and second if you don’t count the game Miller suffered a concussion.

TEs Michael Egnew (three snaps) and Dion Sims (11 snaps) combined for just 14 snaps, as the Dolphins were in 11 personnel for most of the game.

Ryan Tannehill dropped back 34 times. He was under pressure on 17 of those dropbacks.

TE Charles Clay caught passes against Stephon Gilmore, Leodis McKelvin, Jim Leonhard, and Jairus Byrd.


It was a rough day for the defensive line. Cam Wake (-2.5) and Jared Odrick (-3.1) had their worst graded games of the season and Olivier Vernon also had a poor game (-3.5).

MLB Dannell Ellerbe has been trending in the wrong direction. He also had his worst graded game of the season (-5.5), and worst in run defense (-3.7) as well.

DE Dion Jordan played just 14 snaps, most coming when Olivier Vernon needed a breather on a long drive. Coach Joe Philbin mentioned last week that Jordan is getting around 40 snaps a game. Not even close.

Despite giving up the biggest gain of the game in tight coverage to Robert Woods, Nolan Carroll allowed just two other catches on six targets for 27 yards.

Bills QB Thad Lewis was able to attack Phillip Wheeler and Ellerbe. They combined to allow five catches on six targets for 58 yards. These guys were supposed to be better in coverage than Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett. Not this day.

By way of reminder, as fans continue to ask about this, the Dolphins must win or tie against the Jets and need help to make the playoffs. These are the scenarios:

Miami clinches a playoff spot with ...

1)    MIA win + BAL loss or tie OR

2)    MIA win + SD win OR

3)    MIA tie + BAL loss + SD loss or tie OR

4)    MIA tie + BAL tie + SD tie


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Odin(When you wake up)Regale us with your tales of scoring with "HOTTIES"...

The NFL should make Ross sell the team if he's gonna skimp on talent and payroll.

Suggestion for next year. Play Koa Mizi in the Middle with Jordan and Jenkins on the outside or find two new outside linebackers.

Ever wear mismatched socks? Look at he personnel of this team vs the schemes.


Most here play GM exactly like Ireland does. With little knowledge of how these players will "fit into the scheme".

Many say, "Why doesn't Philbin scheme around the player strengths?" Well, how can he do this when his knowledge is pretty limited to what GB does. He was a FIRST TIME OC in GB, just like he's a FIRST TIME HC in Miami.

Making matters worse, he wasn't even trusted to call plays in GB. Mike McCarthy did. Philbin has even less experience calling plays than being a FIRST TIME HC.

Continued In Next Post....

Big Mac tells us the Bills new our snap counts. He then states he mentioned it after the game, because he has 'been around', Ok. Would have been nice to pipe up when you saw this in the first quarter, but then why bother. Philbin and Sherman are the equivalent to Fleet Admiral Ernest King.

Sherman cant make chicken salad out of chicken. The team has no talent. Wallace isnt a real #1 WR and Hartline isnt a #2. The QB and the RB's are way below average.

Seasons like this are why you should never, ever, proclaim in August, "Well, if we finish 9-7, and in the wildcard hunt, then I'll consider this a successful year!" The record loses its luster if you lose to all the "wrong" teams and woefully underachieve at the key moments late in the year.

It's the QB STUPID Eh?

I would much rather eat delicious and healthy Vietnamese food than most of the "traditional" CRAP we Americans eat at Christmas.

Turkey is fine, as is WHOLE cranberry sauce. That's it. Green bean casserole? Disgusting. That repulsive item with feet potatoes smothered in freaking MARSHMALLOWS?? Beyond repulsive. And most stuffing should be tossed directly into the trash or fed to dogs. It is based on STALE BREAD. Whoop de damn do.

A bowl of steaming pho and lemongrass beef or chicken would be far more satisfying.

"Sweet" potatoes, obviously. But that dish with marshmallows might as well be FEET potatoes. Vomit inducing.

And Saint Nicholas was a swarthy, skinny Greek man living in modern day Turkey…not some Swedish looking white lard ass.

I wouldn't feed that 3rd world garbage to a stray dog

Over it,
I think you misspelled 'pho'. If you are discussing Vietnamese food I think it should be 'a bowl of steaming poo'.

I'm in he majority that think that our OC and DC don't put their people in a position to succeed. Several cases in point. Rashad Jones, last year, was a good safety. He was the proverbial tackling machine. He was very, very strong against the run. But now he's used primarily to cover. Well he can't! But he certainly can still tackle! Whatever scheme we played last year, over the summer should be changed back. After all Jones just signed an extension and we have him for, at least, a couple of more years.

Dion Jordan has performed very well, for the most part, in the few snaps he has participated in. I'm still convinced that he's really an OLB in either the 4-3 or the 3-4. Tackling in the open field and coverage are his strengths to this point. And he's hardly house broken. A real talent that goes wasted.

On the touchdown run from the nine, straight up the middle, both Ellerbe and Wheeler were unblocked and simply took themselves out of the play. Both are very slow in seeing the play unfold and reacting to it. This is in both run and pass. On that TD run Soliai took on two OL. But where were our LBers? Either they are not to a high enough talent level to play in the NFL or they're being used poorly! PFF has Ellerbe at 58th best ILB and Wheeler somewhere in the forties. In a nut shell neither can identify and react in a timely manner. Even obvious running downs, and there were a lot last Sunday, they're playing from 5 to 7 yards off the line of scrimmage. By the time their minds have identified the play the RB has gone through one of the holes left open by these two. I'm doing a little home work to see if we can jettison them after next year w/o taking a big salary cap hit. Let them be backups to whomever we find that can play both positions.

Jimmy Wilson has been listed as a safety for a couple of years but doesn't ever get a chance to play the position. Not saying he's the answer but someone has to take over for Clemons. If he's resigned I'd be surprised. Wilson due to injury necessity is the nickel back in both the nickel and dime packages. May be limited athletically but is a 'real football player'.

And this is just the defensive side of the ball. Between Coyle and the acquisitions he was handed by Ireland, the job just isn't getting done. Way to much talent to be the 20th ranked defense.

over it,google suicide hot line Eh?

Ireland needs to go. The epitome of his failures was trading up to draft a 3-4 OLB when the teams uses a 4-3.

Sherman needs to go - poor play calling, and the schemes don't fit the personnel.

Philbin should be allowed to stay if he is willing to fire Sherman. Otherwise, he needs to go too. If he stays, the new GM should give him 1 year to right the ship or the new GM needs to replace Philbin as well.

Over it,

You gotta get with that Lechon, arroz con frijoles, yuca, maduros, flan, bunuelos y natilla.

Thank god for my grandparents handing down "las tradiciones."

Happy holidays

Hey signal, nice book you wrote @ 4:07 I agree.

Is that available at amazon.com? Does it come in one volume or two?

how many "homers" really believe this Dolphin team is a playoff caliber team, doesn't matter if the make it or not,,,if the make the playoffs its one and done,,,,wow we get to see them beaten yet again in the playoffs. And of course Ross will shout to the heavens the Dolphins made the playoffs, and what a good team he has,,,,BS, BS,,

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