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Playoffs: Dolphins could be in or out this weekend

Most of the playoff scenarios I've been sharing with you are about good news: If the Dolphins do this or that they make the playoffs.

There's even a scenario under which the Dolphins can make the playoffs this weekend. If they beat Buffalo and both Cincinnati (vs. Minnesota) and Baltimore (vs. New England) lose, the Dolphins are in the postseason.

But there is a flip side to that.

The Dolphins can also be eliminated from the playoffs this weekend.

If Baltimore beats New England while Cincinnati beats Minnesota and Oakland beats San Diego ... and the Dolphins lose to the Buffalo Bills ... it's over for Miami. The Dolphins would not qualify for the playoffs regardless of what happens the final weekend of the season.

Yes, there are scenarios in which the Dolphins lose and still get in -- assuming the Bengals and Ravens don't both win. But that gets more complicated.

Bottom line: Dolphins win and the other two (Baltimore, Cincinnati) lose and the Dolphins are in. But the Dolphins and San Diego lose and the other two win, the Dolphins' playoff chances are done.