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Playoffs: Dolphins could be in or out this weekend

Most of the playoff scenarios I've been sharing with you are about good news: If the Dolphins do this or that they make the playoffs.

There's even a scenario under which the Dolphins can make the playoffs this weekend. If they beat Buffalo and both Cincinnati (vs. Minnesota) and Baltimore (vs. New England) lose, the Dolphins are in the postseason.

But there is a flip side to that.

The Dolphins can also be eliminated from the playoffs this weekend.

If Baltimore beats New England while Cincinnati beats Minnesota and Oakland beats San Diego ... and the Dolphins lose to the Buffalo Bills ... it's over for Miami. The Dolphins would not qualify for the playoffs regardless of what happens the final weekend of the season.

Yes, there are scenarios in which the Dolphins lose and still get in -- assuming the Bengals and Ravens don't both win. But that gets more complicated.

Bottom line: Dolphins win and the other two (Baltimore, Cincinnati) lose and the Dolphins are in. But the Dolphins and San Diego lose and the other two win, the Dolphins' playoff chances are done.


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1 -That we are the worst fans in the country.

Posted by: oscar_g | December 20, 2013 at 10:18 PM

Crap team = Crap fans

The wet wintery weather wasn't much of a help to the Steelers last week at all was it? After all the worrying and nervousness...the chatter from the alarmists was the Phins can't play in the cold...blah blah blah.

Just listened to Hank Goldberg's analysis on Dolphins Website and he too is very worried about this game. Buffalo historically tough at home December, they've beaten good teams this year & lost very close games. He worries that all the attention Tannehill has gotten this week may have gone to his head & distracted him from game prep.
The closer Sunday gets the more anxiety I feel.


Let's all worry like old ladies and chew our toe nails.

Good teams don't fear Buffalo. Trained professional athletes are not intimidated by anybody.

But pathetic fans are sorry worry warts that would never succeed in anything competitive. They are gloom and doomers.

Like Emo


These are professional athletes. They get paid to win. The more they win the better it is for their careers, believe me they are not overlooking this game after all this is a business! If they can't get up for this game shame on them and they would have lost the chance to get to the big show....... GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooooh myyyyy.

I am just SOOO worried.

We may overlook Buffalo and wow they can really play.

Oh my. I fear our team is too stupid to realize they need to win this game, because I am stupid and think professional athletes are clueless dumbos. Coaches too. It is a shame they don't know as much as me with no experience in anything really.

I'd like to pull up my skirt, run around screaming at the slightest possibility of a challenge and pointlessly and endlessly worry about things we have no control of...signed the fair weather/half fans/pretend fans and trolls of the blog. And they wonder where have all the people gone?? Hello..

Some of you are basically sheer idiots to think that professional players and coaches are not aware of every concern you have plus 100 more things that you basement wankers don't see because you don't know because you never played the game.

It is all too sad to see how successful our government has been in dumbing down society, Want proof? Read this blog or any other blog.

True that Emo's stupid is as stupid does ultimately it's about the Benjamin's I think jukin Joe will keep them focused......Go Fins!!!

kumbaya my lord kumbaya haha couldn't have said it better myself

Why don't you fretting old maids on this blog just come out and concede that Miami is going to lay down for Buffalo and lose? Spiller runs for 170, Mario Williams has 4 sacks, and Tannehill goes 10 for 32 with 3 picks. Buffalo 27 Miami 10. Wagons circled. God bless Chris Berman!

Chris Berman always picks the Bills, Pats and Jets. He is a blatant northeast homer while working for ESPN in Bristol. He sucks and is an embarrassment to his profession. He has become a charicature of himself.

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Where's that panic button at? I'm so scared of the cold, rain, T. Lewis, Williams and the rest the 5-9 Bills... maybe we should just forfeit due to a lack of ....shall we say sack? Yes. I am laughing at some of you gloom and doomers not with you but at you. Does it sound a bit condescending? If your answer is yes then good that is my intent. LOL

We are not the worst fans...

I have been too many games where tail gaters gave free beer and food.

The secret formula to our success?

Ross is a Jew.

A stinkin rich Jew.

They are successful.

That is why they are hated.


Despite numerous injuries and BullyWussyGate

We are in the hunt.

We are no longer part of the loser teams.

We are no part of the contenda's...

I am sooooo worried.

*now part of the contenders....


If you are worried, wake up early and jerk off 3 times before the game (instead of your usual 2 on the same towel)

You'll calm down.

Emo AND Goldberg are fools.
The Dolphins have never struggled in Buffalo in the winter. Tannehill has been en fuego this year, so no way can Rain or Snow & wind trouble his throwing at all.

Tannehill just dinks and dunks anyway so the wind shouldnt bother him.

Emo AND Goldberg are fools.

Posted by: SuperScout | December 21, 2013 at 12:07 AM

Goldberg made his bookie rich. He's clueless.

Yeah, I remember an altercation between Goldberg and Raul Martinez who at that time was Hialeah's Mayor. They were at Hialeah racetrack, suddenly the toteboard went blank and Goldberg says, Why don't they put her out of her misery(referring to the ancient racetrack), Martinez, who was close by jumped up and said, Why don't I put you out of your misery. They had to be separated. Hank Goldberg is a Major Assshole.

btw, it's amazing what they are doing, I guess Brunetti's son, with Hialeah Park. They have a mighty comfortable Casino there now with 21 poker tables, simulcast at the bar and of course, the digital slots. Short of having thoroughbred racing they have quarter horses to race, with a Latin combo under the toteboard outside. Not a huge throng of People there either. Very enjoyable.

Even More Reason To Resign McKinnie

"The Patriots had noticed a little tendency in how Brenner was coming off the ball at the snap in the first half that left enough of a crease between him and McKinnie for their pass rushers to get to Tannehill. McKinnie helped correct that glitch with a true veteran move.

“They were just running a pick stunt so he was just saying, ‘come off the ball with me a little bit so we can pick this up easier,’ and it worked,” Brenner said."

Then Brenner Says:

“That’s just experience and something I wouldn’t have recognized so it was great to see it work and to find a solution in-game like that just coming from a veteran.

Jonathan Martin would not have known this. Neither would a rookie LT coming in next year. McKinnie/Brenner proving a very valuable upgrade over Cogs/Martin. Good riddance to both.

Being in Miami, he's very happy. We might get a couple more years out of him.

Sunday = Paradise

Better not wait until first half 2 min. warning to get things going on offence. Bill's can run the football. CJ Miller gets chunk yardage running & catching the ball. Contain him and run plays designed to nullify their pass rush and we win. I see the Bills stacking
7-8 on the D line with a bump & run secondary. Better be ready to thward that. This is not going to be a walk in the park.

I will deliver squid meat and frozen turquoise gravel to your front door.

Then we will kiss.

Going by The Weather Channel forecast for Sunday's game, the temperature should be around 44 degrees and the rain should have just about ended with winds out of the SE @ 12 mph. There has been an ice storm warning issued for the area from Saturday 4 pm until Sunday 12 noon. This may keep even more fans away from the stadium on Sunday.

A couple of things:
The bills did not sell out so the game is blacked out locally, which is bad for me.
The local weather guys are more accurate in their forecasts then the national weather forecasts. Local guys are calling for 50 degrees on Sunday with the precip ending mid day and the temps falling throught the afternoon.
Berman picked the bills 24-21, that's a shocker.

Go phins


Want to how these fins finally made it over the hump and why they will continue to be perched at the top of their division for years to come? personell in charge of evalutaing talent has improved greatly, players playing to their ability(essential) means the coaches are coaching to their abilities, and we have been able to retain key players, where other teams have not....simply put, the ravens are NOT dominating and miami has improved why? BRYANT MCKINNIE-DANIEL ELLERBE- atalnta lost a step why?BRENT GRIMES-oakland,the rams have regressed why?WHEELER and BRANDON GIBSON-the jets are slipping why?DUSTIN KELLER--and finally, pittsburgh is clearly not the team they once were anre looking for answers on offense to the point that their O.C.(haley) is under fire and i ask you why? MIKE WALLACE, seems wallace adds a lot more to an offense then just catching the ball, tannehill having an improved year why? it's not just a coincidence that miami's offense is better and the steelers are struggling and the same goes for those other teams in which miami has made offseason deals for dynamic players, those teams either lost heir eye for talent or just thought that they would be able to find replacements easily...yep, personell has done agreat job!...weakening other teams(taking the strength or key players away from other teams) and adding them to miami....way to go...and if miami continues on this path and retains their best players)which they have proven to do) this miami team will remain at the top for years to come.

Nahh, Ireland can't be that smart.

Mando has add the part about the Chargers winning so now the blog is right.

Good job, Mando. You and Barry Jackson are my favorite reads. Love the stuff.

This team can still get the two seed as well Mando and a first round bye!! Tell us about that!! That is what we want to hear!!

Well Oscar to put this all in context; President Obama was considered a Messiah by many in this country. Now with Obamacare not being able to launch?

Is Ireland the Miami Dolphins Messiah?

Berman=Goldberg=fake phins fans=trolls=repulsive disgusting annoying jackasses.

Blue 28...blue 28...GO! GO!

Touchdown Dolphins!

Dolphins can't expect to make the playoffs with a couple of 3-4 game losing streaks during the season. Tannehill leading the league in fumbles lost, the Ol leading the league in sacks allowed is not the ingredient of a playoff team. Wether or not the Dolphns make the playoffs they are not the prototypical "playoff" team. To many non moving parts. The OL, altho playing better is still suspect along with run defense and a couple of DBs. Dolphin RBs are not what you would expect from a playoff team, neither one, or combined, is near gaining a 1000 yds this season. The only diamonds on the Fish offense are the WRs and Tannehill, sometimes he's the windshield, some times he's the bug. Theres no consistence to these Dolphins.

History shows that the Bills are a thorn in our side despite of their record this is a scary bills team

Suggs want to eat Tom Brady just devour him

We must protect tannehill and run a balanced attack and stop the run simple right

I am in the camp with those saying the Fins need to Win out and not rely on others losing. They are playing two division rivals but both are bad teams and the Fins SHOULD and MUST win these games. That creates the momentum needed for a young team entering the playoffs for the first time in a long time. We sneak into the playoffs and this team is doomed upon arrival.

To keep it in perspective I tried to look at the probabilities for each game (courtesy of PickingPros.com) and calculate the chances of the Dolphins clinching or being eliminated this week using basic math.
According to Picking Pros:
The Dolphins have a 64% chance of winning against Bills.
Ravens have a 50% chance against Patriots.
Bengals have 87% chance against Vikings.13% of losing)

(All the 3 events must happen for Mia to clinch Sunday)
Chances of clinching= 64% x 50% x 13%= 4.2%

For the Dolphins to be eliminated Bengals must win, Ravens must win and SD must lose.

SD has a 91% chance against the raiders.(95 of losing)

Chances of elimination = 36% x 50% x 9%= 1.8%

So we have a better chances of clinching than eliminations but neither is likely to happen in week 16.

Marc from nj,

True, but I still love being in this position. December games that matter where our team controls its own destiny. If we're worthy this year, we'll win. I believe we are, and if we stumble I still love the direction of this team/organization and have reinforced trust for the people in charge.

No way Dolphins lose this game Berman picked the Bills again, you trying to bring us down Armando it is playoff time baby lets go FINS !!!!!!


How can you be that bad at writing in your native language? You are a reminder of the governments deliberate dumbing down of society, as many others here are.

I seriously feel embarrassed that my country and fellow Americans have eroded into 3rd world hillbillies.

Only a loser would waste time watching a loser Eh losers?

Armando is trying to keep the suicides down to a minimum after Buffalo STAMPEDES the barbies Eh?

Blue 28...blue 28...GO! GO!
Touchdown Dolphins!
Posted by: C'mon Phins! | December 21, 2013 at 08:39 AM
Yes, but there is only 55 seconds left on the game clock and the barbies are down by 35 Eh?

Miami needs to stop the run this week and get pressure on the qb which will force him to make some bad throws which we will pick off hopefully. On the other side, i would like to see Miller show some growth and attack the lanes. Look for clay to have a better game this week too.Miami could win big if it comes out with urgency and focus on winning this game. I dont think pats are going to lose back to back games, brady will out smart ravens d even short handed. Vikings had a big game last week and could roll that this week but unlikely if cincy takes this game serious also. GO MIAMI!!!

Fans cry and cry and cry about their team not doing well, and then when they are winning games, they find reasons to undermine the team's success. Football is a game, and it's a game that the Dolphins have been winning a lot lately. Good teams win games however they can. You don't get style points. Go Dolphins!

Berman is the worst golfer I've ever seen. Such a clown.

Tomorrow the Dolphins will prove character and endurance. If they lose then dont deserve to go to the playoffs. Time to beat the teams that are supposed to be weaker. To do that, they have to avoid stupid mistakes and play hard, really hard as ever.

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