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Playoffs, PFF and more

Let me start this morning by clearing up the playoff picture because many of my twitter followers seemed confused Monday night after the Ravens defeated the Lions.

First and most importantly, if the Dolphins beat the Bills on Sunday and the Jets in the season-finale, they will be in the playoffs. 

As you just read, what the Ravens do doesn't really matter to the Dolphins if Joe Philbin's team can win out. The Ravens can win out and if the Dolphins win out, then Baltimore wins the AFC North while the Dolphins take at least the No. 6 seed. Even if the Bengals and Ravens tie in the season-finale, after winning games this week, the Dolphins still qualify based on winning percentage if they win out.

The winning percentage for 10-6 is .625.

The winning percentage for 9-6-1 is .593

If the Dolphins do not win out, there are scenarios under which they can make the playoffs at 9-7 but then they would require help from other teams.

It is possible the Dolphins can win the AFC East, believe it or not. New England would have to lose out. Miami would have to win out.

Monday night's victory by the Ravens really doesn't affect the Dolphins, but it did affect the New York Jets. That victory officially put the final playoff nail in New York's 2013 season. The Jets are eliminated from postseason consideration.

Now ... as with every Tuesday, my partners at ProFootballFocus.com deliver their nuggets based on film review of the previous game. Today, I present to you the review of the Dolphins victory over the New England Patriots:


Right tackle Tyson Clabo had his best pass blocking game of the season, not allowing any pressure while working against Rob Ninkovich.

Lamar Miller returned from his concussion to lead the backfield in snaps. Miller had 38, Daniel Thomas had 18, and Marcus Thigpen had three.

Salguero: Interesting decision by coaches to gladly accept Thomas's fine work last week against Pittsburgh and then put Miller right back in there ahead of him this week.

Sam Brenner has overtaken Nate Garner as the fulltime LG. Brenner played all 64 snaps at left guard. 

Salguero: Brenner was solid. The sacks by the Dolphins were given up by Bryant McKinnie and John Jerry.

Ryan Tannehill handled the blitz well, going six-of-nine for 97 yards, while taking two sacks.

Tannehill struggled on passes outside the numbers left from 0-9 yards. He was just one-of-four, but the one came on his touchdown pass to Marcus Thigpen.

Tannehill mostly avoided targeting Aqib Talib (four targets, two catches, 22 yards).

Salguero: Tannehill is usually a better deep thrower going to his left. He's not as good throwing right.

Mike Wallace did most of his damage (four catches on seven targets, 57 yards) against Kyle Arrington. But when Marquice Cole came in briefly for the injured Arrington, that's when Tannehill and Wallace hooked up for their touchdown.

Alfonzo Dennard was the Pats’ most friendly cornerback, giving up catches on seven of eight targets to Hartline, Wallace and Matthews for 87 yards.

Salguero: Keep all this in mind because on the possibility that Miami and New England meet again in the playoffs, I expect the Pats to change strategy. I would expect Talib to be shadowing Mike Wallace. Call it a hunch.


Jared Odrick played a season high 75 snaps after Paul Soliai (seven snaps) exited the game early.

Salguero: I don't have an update for Soliai's injured ankle.

Jelani Jenkins played 29 snaps to Philip Wheeler’s 51 after Wheeler struggled in coverage for most of the day. Philip Wheeler gave up five catches on six targets for 70 yards, including Michael Hoomanawanui’s circus TD catch.

Will Davis totaled 51 snaps, grading out at -2.4, after Nolan Carroll went down.

Michael Thomas filled in for 16 snaps after Brent Grimes was forced out late in the game. Thomas held his own against Danny Amendola, yielding two catches on five targets, but also breaking up a TD pass that Amendola had in his hands and then delivering the game-clinching pick.

Salguero: All four of the Dolphins starting defensive backs will be on the injury report this week. I expect the safeties -- Reshad Jones and Chris Clemons -- to be available for Buffalo. I expect Brent Grimes to miss practice time but the team is optimistic he'll be available for Buffalo, barring a setback. Nolan Carroll, who sustained a knee injury, is the biggest problem. He will miss practice time this week. 


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Dashi, I have never been as bullish about the Dolphins as I am right now. Even during the Marino years, the team was incomplete. During teh JT, Zach era the team showed their best in September/October but faded because jay Fiedler was nothing more than a babysitter for that offense and never upgraded as he should've been.

Now, we have the Qb who may not be as physically gifted as #13 but may have a better mental makeup and still have a great skill set, a nice coach/gm combination that is hungry to prove themselves and appears to be able to add players, a team capable of getting stronger as the year goes on.

Like you said, loads of cap space that will continue to get bigger thanks to the unused add on rule. No matter what happens these last two games, I believe in this team. Hope is no longer part of the equation, I expect to be relevant given the team has good health in it's key positions going forward.

As I mentioned here lots of times, I will be at this game, sec 212, Jim Kelly club seats. i'd take a dump in the seat during teh game but it is Buffalo, nobody would probably notice.

Anyone that is trying to predict our opponent in the playoffs is out of touch with reality and the NFL. The old saying that 'on any given Sunday any team can beat another!'. Well it's true. If we think that we're going into Buffalo with our chests out is clueless. It's to be 35 degrees with rain/freezing rain. The crowd at Rich stadium can be a big factor. They show up when it's 35 and freezing rain and make noise and lots of it. The Jets at home is another matter but by not beating Buffalo it may not matter.

Know one should confuse the Bill's fans with the south Florida fans. At 5-9 they will be there and in numbers. Making lots and lots of noise. If we can get the jump on them early this will go along ways in negating these fanatics. Hopefully our fans will come back. But we will never be confused with Seattle, KC, NO or Denver. It's just what it is!

Thanks for proving your ignorance Marc.

That post had zero impact ON THIS SEASON!!

That was from last year when L.Miller was being redshirted because R.Bush was the feature back that was going to gain over 2000yds according to Reggie.

L.Miller has been the #1 RB aka the Starter since OTAs and Mando has been questioning that since the season started.

But yeah, bring up stuff from 2012 when L.Miller was the #3 RB on the roster.

You're an idiot, lol

IF (Ignorant Fukk)

Mando has never been a L.Miller man. And he has never shown favoritism because the player is from the U. I know you know cause you have been posting here longer than me just under a different name. You are just proving my previous post to be true.

Posted by: Dashi | December 17, 2013 at 11:29 AM


Just admit defeat fool

"But I also like expectations of the run game to be balanced against the reality of what is happening on the field. One cannot expect more explosive plays when one's offensive coordinator isn't calling very many runs.

If Philbin and the Dolphins are expecting more than one big running play per game and, more specifically, expecting more production from Lamar Miller, the number of opportunities have to go up.

Miller has carried the football 32 times so far this season. He's averaging 4.2 yards per carry. But anyone who watched Miller at the University of Miami knows his typical game would go something like this:

Five-yard gain. Three-yard gain. Four-yard gain. One-yard gain. One-yard loss. Three-yard gain. 55-yard gain. Six-yard gain. And so on.

He would usually deliver a big run in the game and sometimes two. But he needed carries to get there. He needed work and opportunities to break out.

The most Miller has carried the ball for the Dolphins in one game so far? Fourteen times versus Indianapolis. He averaged 4.9 yards per carry that game. His eight carries against Atlanta returned a whopping 7.8 yards per carry average."


I know you are an undercover Bills fan (you have been repeating beware of the Bills since we beat the Pats on Sunday). But seriously. Nobody goes to Bills game. They have had more Blackouts than the Jags this season.

And just like the Bills are going to be ready the Fins are going to be even more ready. Remember the Fins lost that first game in embarrassing fashion. This team has revenge on its mind. This defense better have revenge on its mind after the debacle early this season.

I suppose it's just obvious to everyone but you that Mandy has always favored Miller. Perhaps it's a comprehension issue?

A look at the running game with Miller, Thomas

I've been saying for several weeks the Dolphins have not decided on a starting running back. Yesterday, Joe Philbin said it. And in my column for The Herald's print editions, I detailed how it is that perhaps Daniel Thomas is now ahead of Lamar Miller for the starting job, and how it is Miller hasn't snatched the opportunity that was presented to him.

Mike Sherman, Miami's offensive coordinator, believes if the regular-season started tomorrow, the Dolphins would basically have a platoon system because neither Miller nor Thomas has earned extra carries.

"I think Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas are competing neck and neck," Sherman said. "They both have their strengths. I think their competition has brought out the best of them on most occasions. I'm anxious to see how we play this season. Obviously, I think, if we were playing tomorrow, both guys would get plenty of snaps in the ball game."

So why is this running back competition so important in a pass-first, quarterback driven league?

Well, for the Dolphins, it's important because they want balance in the offense. It's important because the offensive line needs protection from rushers just teeing off, and it's important to help quarterback Ryan Tannehill do his job.

“It’s huge," Tannehill said. "It is a passing league but if you can run the football effectively, it takes so much pressure off a quarterback and an offense in general. If teams know you’re going to throw every down, they can throw their rush at you. They can tee off on our tackles and it kind of limits the deceptiveness of anything you can do. So it’s really important for us. And we’ve done a good job of it so far."

Really? They've done a good job?

I know both Miller and Thomas are averaging 4.1 yards per carry this preseason. But a couple of years ago, Reggie Bush averaged 5.0 yards per carry and last year he was at 4.3 yards per carry and the Dolphins still finished 7-9.

Miami needs to do better than 4.1 yards per carry which is just .1 yards above the traditional league average.

“It could be better, just like the passing game could be better," Tannehill admitted. "But that’s something we’re practicing for. We’re going into preseason week three. It’s not going to be perfect right now. We’re working on it. It will continue to be better.”

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All this talk about the Bills being the team that SCARES some on here the most, Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! What about our team being P I S S E D about a game we should have won (along with Bucs) which would have us at 10-4 right now battling out the East with N.E.! Throw in 4th & 10 Vs. Car. and another late flop Vs. the Ravens and this team could off, should off, would have been in the drivers seat! Have you,"Thee afraid of the Dreaded Bills" Seen some of the lopsided losses they've had handed to them the last month, one at the hands of the Bucs? So they beat Jax big freakin deal! The Jags have become this decades version of the 90's Bengals, a SAD, SAD Franchise!!

If we get in as the 6th seed it puts us Vs. the 3 seed which could be the Colts and my money is on us then to grab our 1st Playoff win in over a decade. Invaluable exp. for our young team, it's imperative this young group and T-Hill get their Playoff footing today we all know that's a different stage and were only that better off for gaining that exp. now! As the lowest seeded at large Playoff team it would pit us Vs. the one seed in the Div. Rd. were we don't have the ponies yet to keep up with the Broncos O but all things considered a MONSTER Season that seemed lost in the Cogs/Martin fiasco just a month ago!

Getting rid of Cogs has been huge given Tannehill seems to have taken on more of a leadership role with his team which is the correct scenario given the successful teams are led by the signal caller not a Left Guard!!! Am I the only one after the missed attempt with Wallace who noticed T-Hill went and sat with him on the sideline while they discussed the play? Not something you would have seen in Sept.! Also a breath of fresh air considering Henne the sideline flatliner! Add some pieces to the OL, keep Brenner the FA steal adding a POWER RB in the coming draft while re-signing our guys and this team is ready to run in 2014!

Lets face it. If we were to run 60% of the time and pass it only 40%, I doubt if we would end up with over 250 yards, total for the game. That won't beat anybody, ask the Jets. Whether it's our OL, running backs or play calling we just aren't a very good running team. Period! If you say it's a combination of all three I won't disagree. But I will say that Miller has been a bit of a disappointment. I took the word from the U fans that he was under utilized or poorly utilized or hurt too often. That we were getting a steal with our 4th pick. Haven't seen it yet! It's shaping up that he'll be a good 3rd down back and little else. But things do change, so I'm keeping on open mind.

What did that first line say?

"I've been saying for several weeks the Dolphins have not decided on a starting running back"

Even though L.Miller was listed as the starter from the get go. Salguero was trying to build a RB controversy all preseason.

Now I can post more, but that would just be to finish humiliating you.

So go sit down in your corner facing away from the class and put your hat on.

I'm not having this discussion again when Dashi and YG already discussed the RB situation ad nauseum during the off season and preseason.

L.Miller in his Second season with Zero O-line and splitting carries with D.Thomas has already had a better season than D.Thomas ever had or R.Bush had his first 7 years in the league.

And you do realize that if L.Miller was getting the workload of other feature backs in the NFL he would already have over 1000yds rushing with Zero O-line help.

Who cares about L.Miller or D.THomas..Tre Mason will be our RB next year and he will carry us to the playoffs

Man I hope Tre ends up in Miami

Tre is to small.

Give me a guy like Storm Johnson. Or that RB from UGA.

We need an E.Lacy type back that can gain 1 yard even though the other team has all 11 on that line. A bulldozer.

Like you said, loads of cap space that will continue to get bigger thanks to the unused add on rule. No matter what happens these last two games, I believe in this team. Hope is no longer part of the equation, I expect to be relevant given the team has good health in it's key positions going forward.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 17, 2013 at 11:56 AM

I've been looking at this as well. We have roughly 20 Mil. in CAP space today (if there is no increase this Yr.) and then take into account that we also have 5 Mil. added from not re-signing D.Keller. I understand we need a more traditional T.E. which isn't Clay but feel the Sims gets his shot here with Clay going into 2014. We have 14.8 Mil tied into our biggest Off'Season question mark between Solia and Starks. If we stay in a 4/3 D then given their both the same age you'd think Starks has more value but Solia can play both the 3/4 and the 4/3 without the same pass rush presence.

One will walk and the other gets inked to 6 or so annually saving additional 8 Mil. plus as well as Cogs 4 Mil coming off the books. Between those 3 players we've already cleared another 18 Mil. roughly to add to our spending capital. The trick will be landing the LT in the draft as opposed to grossly over-paying on one in the FA market. The reason that even if it costs us our #2 in 2014 I would trade up and move on Taylor Lewan as my day-1 starter. The rookie CAP saves us around 7 to 8 Mil. a Yr. alone here and worth the price of the 2nd Rd'er in the rookie CAP ERA!


We have $38 mil in cap space. We get $18 mil from this year rolled over into next season.

But agreed. We should draft our linemen instead of overspending in Free Agency. I believe this was Ireland's plan until J.Martin flaked out.

I'm not expecting balls deep into fa this offseason compared to last's. Ground turbulence suggest something special could be breaking through the earth with this franchise.

Over fertilizing it could be as dangerous as under fertilizing it. Our personnel man needs to be a "good gardener" at present.

Yup!! A power running back. Someone like Carlos Hyde OSU or further down, and a more realistic draft number would be Lache Seastrunk, Baylor. Granted the fellow can't catch a cold but it's a power running back that's needed and who can do a decent job of pass blocking (late second or early third). That can keep an OT like Zack Martin, Notre Dame in play, for us, in the second. If we end up in the play offs and drafting in the 20-25 range, I would hope that we our able to trade out of this spot and into the high 2nd while picking up a high 3rd in the process. That sets everything up for these players to become Dolphins.

Sorry 'bout the draft post, just couldn't help myself!!!

Pretty cool, nobody whining on how bad everything is, nobody bitching on how bad Ireland is, nobody saying ross is an idiot, nobody saying sweep out the entire front office, nobody saying the coaching staff $ucks, nobody saying move the team, What gives toads? Where you at? I guess they all jumped to another lilliblog. Dolphins are a team right now that any team with a winning record does not want to play them. Keep the fire going and FINISH this season and don't look back. 5-0 in December? Really? 2013 has been one crazy year.

Mandy was simply repeating what the team said. Are you seriously that silly? His favoritism is clear...not that you can blame him. Thomas is atrocious

I believe we should go balls deep into fa to find a LT though. Ryan Tannehill's showing signs of turning into a franchise qb. His backside protection needs to be placed in the hands of "the goo hands people.

Look, we make the playoffs, where does that leave in terms of draft placement? At least 25TH. There absolutely will not be a PREMIUM ready to play at a very high level, LT falling into our laps.

Therefore, we must be all balls in to acquire the top LT in fa. That or resign McKinnie with the hopes of developing Dallas Thomas one more year, hoping he could be that type of LT we covet in Year 3.

We don't have NFL running backs. At least they haven', as yet, shown themselves capable.


We have $38 mil in cap space. We get $18 mil from this year rolled over into next season.

But agreed. We should draft our linemen instead of overspending in Free Agency. I believe this was Ireland's plan until J.Martin flaked out.

Posted by: Dashi | December 17, 2013 at 12:30 PM

I've heard talk about it and the serious windfall the roll over will give Oakland at something like 70 Mil. in FA! I haven't read up on it to much though and don't yet get exactly how that works out? I would trade our 2 though moving up on T.Lewan while eyeballing a bigger RB with some POWER like FSU's Freeman or to a lesser extend Wilder Jr. In a perfect world it's Wilder Jr. but he's injured far to often for my taste another still is Ohio St.'s Carlos Hyde. I'll try ans stay put with the DB's waiting to see what we have with this young group. I let Patterson walk and tryto keep Grimes at his current 5 mil. a Yr. Everybody high on this new kid out of left-field Thomas but I like big, fast Safety project Don Jones whose been ripping up ST's and has shown me enough speed to were I want to see him Coached up at S.S.

I saw Lamar Miller get absolutely "TRUCKED" by a Pats db on a pass rush blitz. It was a pitiful sight. Rb's in pass protect have zero business getting trucked by db's.

I'm serious, that db pancaked Miller.


Agreed. A power RB is desperately needed. D.Thomas isn't it. And from what I was looking at we can find a guy like C.Hyde or A.Brown in the 3rd.

Yes, I know draft talk.

But I wouldn't mind the Fins Draft looking a little like this

1- LT
2- RT
3- RB
4- OLB or FS
4- TE

With the skill position talent in this draft good linemen won't be going as high as last season. I expect to see more QBs and WRs drafted high in 2014.

Wheeler hasn't been absolutely awful, but, he has been "wildly inconsistent". So, his job is there for the taking in the camp of 2014.

Beit Jelani Jenkins or Dion Jordan.

Have you ever heard. Lamar Miller speak? If that's a testament to the education you receive at the U...holy crap. He might be the dumbest player on the roster...

James Wilder Jr runs too upright. Will get killed, Freeman the better prospect just not sure about his breakaway speed. We need a T and a G in the draft, if Benjamin from FSU falls please select him... Lamar isnt a stratimg RB Dashi he breaks noooooo tackles


That was a LB.

2 things the guy was white and his number was 50 or 52.

The Pats don't have any white guys in the secondary.

Now sam as an objective person to this argument. (I hope)

Hasn't Mr. Salguero said repeatedly during preseason that L.Miller shouldn't be the starter and That it was a RB competition between him and D.Thomas. Even though L.Miller has been the starter from Day 1. Honest opinion please.

No way Grimes only makes 5 million this year. i dont see anything less than 8 million and thats the low end. Depending on how much he costs, I would bring back Nolan Caroll, him and grimes make a good tandem.

I think we get an LT in free agency. I think they will want someone with experience, since he will be lining up next to a young player in Brenner.

I still want Tre Mason, he is smallish but has great moves and runs with power. I wonder what round he goes in. Dashi any idea?


What happened try to find another post but couldn't find one. That's cool.

Remember what the first line in my post said. Armando has been saying it for weeks. So if you want I can go back.

But I will wait for you to prove your point, because I already proved mine.

If Mandy has ever said that Miller 'shouldn't be the starter' I challenge you to find it. Every article he's ever posted is right here...good luck

Rb's in pass protect have zero business getting trucked by db's.

I'm serious, that db pancaked Miller.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 17, 2013 at 12:46 PM

Led to a Sack and it happened to DT s well, they're a real liability back there and the reason I forever scratched my head at Miami passing on Mike Tolbert whom was a real bargain at the 4 Mil a Yr. Car. gave him in FA out of S.D. Also I wonder why the Chargers traded up on there often injured RB when they had at one point in 05 LT, Micheal Turner, Sproles and Tolbert as their 4 RB's! Talk about an embarrassment of riches! Should have dealt LT by 05 and signed Turner as featured with Sproles as utility and Tolbert off bench.

Sorry to butt in but...I usually recall AS talking about why Miller doesn't get most of the snaps and why Sherman insists on splitting his time with Thomas...complaining about it only as Salguero can...but that is just my recollection of the above mentioned debate...


yeah homerz
the bills and jets r gonna just lay down and not show ^


Was looking at the CBS rankings. They have T.Mason as the #1 RB prospect going in the top of round 2.

I don't like to predict where RBs go because so much is predicated on the 40yd dash. If T.Mason runs a 4.3, which it looks like he has that speed he is a borderline 1st rounder.
But if One of these 230lb RBs runs at least a 4.4, T.Mason won't be the first RB taken.

Don't get me wrong. I like T.Mason, he is built like a RB 5'9" 205lbs. Very Barry Sanders like. But we need a Bruiser.

I know only a few here were with Dashi on this. But could you picture what E.Lacy would look like with this offense. With L.Miller as his change of pace back.

The problem with all this cap money is who will be the giver and to whom? Ireland has got ourselves in somewhat of a box as we're stuck with Jones, Wheeler and Ellerbee for the next two years. They all signed contracts running 5 years at between 25-30 mil. each. With guarantees in the neighborhood 15-18 mil. And you can't trade even one of them, who would take them? They're starters with young guns behind them just waiting for their chance. We have players such as Jenkins that has entered the equation. Jordan must be given a position sooner or later and it appears that OLB in a 3-4 will be his strength. Drop into coverage or rush the passer. He'll be given this option on almost every play. Wonder what might happen if we moved Misi inside? Part of our running defense problems stems from our LBer's not being able to get their jobs done. And, please, don't anyone confuse Ellerbe with Dansby. Granted, we went for youth and the lowering of our salary cap but we went backwards in talent. Also we thought we were going to upgrade our speed. Nope! The reaction time is so slow that it negates any upgrade in speed. And the current system we're playing does not play to Jones' strengths. He can't cover a tuperware bowl with the lid it came with.

Interesting how our GM will get us out of this problem?

Posted by: Dashi | December 17, 2013 at 12:53 PM

Dashi, I believe you may be referring to another play when you said it was a lb. I distinctly remember it being a db with a 20-something number. I was appalled.

Had to be a safety, he came running with a full head of steam from the secondary, just as the ball was snapped.

Just as fin4life posted, our rb's have been a liability in pass protect.

Yes, Armando has been annointing Miller as starter. He's been disenfranchised with Daniel Thomas from watching Thomas in camp for at least a couple seasons now.

1- LT
2- RT
3- RB/DT
4- OLB or FS
4- RB/DT

we need to replace Starks or Solia.

Sorry 'bout the draft post, just couldn't help myself!!!

Posted by: signal | December 17, 2013 at 12:36 PM

Nothing wrong with looking at how we fix the warts on the team going into a 2014 run at the AFC East! I also like Hyde and he should be there RD-3, I was posting the very thing right after this post by you! But instead of the Baylor kid I would look at FSU's Freeman who has a low center of gravity and seems to keep his legs going in a pile. Sort of a bigger MJD, small in stature but powerful lower body! He has the speed to break away in the open field as well with good hands. His running mate James Wilder Jr. has the gifts but is always injured so I like Freman and Hyde on my RD-3 wish list! I would trade the 2 and move heaven and high water on Taylor Lewan if not possible then m maybe look at Guard late Rd-1 with N.C.'s James Hurst as my LT in the 2nd.

weather for Sunday:

Day Dec 22 Buffalo


Rain / Snow

Chance of precip: 70% Wind: NNW at 12 mph Humidity: 91%

not too bad...

It is Tuesday. Today at 3 p.m. I shall invite my elderly Vietnamese neighbors for chicken soup and allow them to observe my private parts for five minutes. Then they must return to their homes.

Grimes, Soliai, and Carroll all worked today. Not sure if they were limited or not but good news regardless.

The Miami Dolphins have claimed cornerback Jalil Brown off waivers in order to bolster a secondary that was impacted by two big injuries last weekend against the New England Patriots. Both starting corners, Brent Grimes and Nolan Carroll, missed playing time during the contest.

Maybe another acorn...LOL

Guys predicting LT as our #1 draft pick are omitting that we're at least in the #20 draft spot should we make the playoffs.

Unless you get really lucky, franchise LT's do not fall from the trees at the #20 draft spot. Exactly why I say it maybe more prudent to go after one of the premium fa LT's.

If we win any playoff games that draft positioning grows worse.

Have you ever heard. Lamar Miller speak? If that's a testament to the education you receive at the U...holy crap. He might be the dumbest player on the roster...

Posted by: Marc | December 17, 2013 at 12:52 PM


He's got nothing on Ferrell Edmunds or Brian Sochia. Absolutely the two most moronic Fins I can recall. It was literally painful hearing them try to express themselves.

Plus, Sochia was a world class jerk. No idea why Shula tolerated that Neanderthal nitwit as long as he did. T.J. Turner once told me that he would routinely take loaded weapons into the locker room. Ugh.

Gurley from UGA would be a dream RB but he won't be in the draft until next year along with yeldon and Duke Johnson. 2015 is the return of the RB


Salguero in only the way he can would ask these questions to bait Sherman into saying that L.Miller was the starter. Even though he gets the Depth chart every week and PFF gives him the snap count. Salguero this whole preseason tried to make that into a debate. Who should start L.Miller or D.Thomas.

Did he ask is Hartline the starter every other day?

Or is OV the starter?

No. But every press conference this preseason he asked Sherman who is going to be the starter "in the RB competition". Armando and a couple on here really thought there was a competition for the starting RB job all preseason.

Heck, L.Miller gets hurt last week and what is the first thing armando says? Should D.Thomas be starting because he had a good game against the Steelers.

How many more ways should Armando Imply if D.Thomas should be the starter to the coaching staff.

It got to a point this preseason that he asked Philbin the question and Coach just told him ask Sherman.

I believe Salguero doesn't understand Philbin. The Bigger the Lie the straighter the face Philbin has.

Philbin is the type of guy that you can't tell when he is joking or not. He keeps a good serious face.

Notice you never see Philbin emotional at Press Conferences. He stands there with his PokerFace.

Dashi is a moron


Turner and I were fishing buddies back then, which is why I know that about Sochia---along with plenty of other dirt (and good stuff, to be fair) from that era, lol.

Poor T.J.--passed away far too young. He was a genuinely nice guy.

Interesting how our GM will get us out of this problem?

Posted by: signal | December 17, 2013 at 01:04 PM

Agree with alot of this post except for your analysis of Ellerbee. He was turned into a player as a 3/4 MLB. At the end age zapped the G.O.A.T. Sugar Ray of his pass coverage ability and if you watched he was always kept in the last few Yrs. with Chuck Pagano inside a 10 Yd. radius of the line of scrimmage were he was ripping up the intermediate routes and cleaning up in the run game. Ellerbee was the MIKE and taking the deeper coverage in a pseudo zone scheme if you will. I watched them towards the end of last Season and noticed the unique way they used the Ellerbee/Lewis combo at their strengths.

Your right on about trying Misi inside in the 3/4 because you can then employ them much like the Ravens did with Misi having the strength to clog everything up in front of him and Ellerbee goes back to dropping into more underneath coverage's in front of the Safeties. DJ looks taylor made as the SOLB in the 3/4. The WOLB gets the glory and sacks but Weakside is your man in coverage. Vernon/Wake are the WOLB's with Vernon getting consistent and eventually replacing. The key then is we would need to resign both Starks and Solia to man the NT, RDE Positions with Odrick back at LDE. In my mind this grouping is top-5 NFL material!

"Phillip" Michael Thomas showed some pretty good ball skills Sunday. In limited action Sunday, he truly could be called:

"Miami's Vice".

I am sure glad that Matthew Stafford is not our QB. He is very careless with his throws. he lost that game last night.

Best scenario: NE lose @ Balt. then Buffalo and we win out as AFC East champs?!!? Are u kidding me?! Would be great to see Brady exit Gillette a la Dez Bryant at the end of season.

LOVE Philbins poker face...and dry sense of humor...the kind that everyone looks around awkwardly after a comment from Joe wondering if he will crack a smile...or not...its great...

Good point...Brady and the Cheatriots have received EVERY single break in the proverbial "book"...this year...the NFL even adjust the rules of the game for Brady and Co...but Brady loses a game against the team that will soon be replacing them on top of the East and he storms out of his presser...after cursing...like a like Brady beetch...Classless...If they would have won that game he would still be up there talking with that little...someone please smack me in the mouth grin...Fk Tom Brady and Fk the Cheatriots!!!

WTF??? Do I stink or something...
***sniff sniff***
Smells okay to me...

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