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Mike Pouncey, Reshad Jones miss practice

Mike Pouncey and Reshad Jones are missing practice for the Dolphins today -- one for injury reasons, the other for reasons unknown.

Jones was working off to the side with trainers trying to get a tweaked leg muscle issue rehabilitated. The injury report that will be released later will specify whether Jones has a calf, groin, hamstring, quad, whatever. Bottom line with him, however, is he will start against the New England Patriots on Sunday, according to a source close to the player.

Pouncey is not injured. But he was absent from practice today.

It is not sure if the absence had to do with his lingering legal issue in having to testify before a grand jury in connection with the Aaron Hernandez case. Pouncey was subpeonaed the last time the Dolphins played the Patriorts.

It is also possible Pouncey, who missed two games with a gall bladder issue that started out as food poisoning, had to have attention for this issue.

The Herald is working on getting clarity.

[Update: The reason Pouncey was absent from practice today is he was testifying before a Grand Jury relative to the Aaron Hernandez murder investigation.]

The Dolphins will not explain the reason for Pouncey's absence in the coming press conferences.

In Pouncey's absence, Nate Garner worked at center while Sam Brenner took the first-team snaps at left guard.


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Marc its always news whenever starter is absent from practice snores or not.

So hope the Fins beat the Pats to coronate ourselves as new KINGS OF THE AFC EAST Sunday.

Go underwater mammals!

I like how the Dolphins have regrouped in recent weeks. I like Tannehill's obvious progress. I LOVE the prospects for this team moving forward with a few needed tweaks.

And I think they have a damn good shot at winning Sunday.

But "Kings of the AFC East?" I think you actually have to win the division to claim that, and the Pats are once again going to do that this year regardless of Sunday's outcome.

The last time we beat them, Henne completed a pass on 4th down to Camarillo... To setup a Carpenter FG.... Tom Brady tried to stage a game winning drive, but got picked off by Channing Crowder..

So in other words, not a single one of them is still a Miami Dolphin.

It's been over 4 years since we beat that horrible lot.

They just squeaked one at home against the Browns, a week after squeaking one on the worst team in football.


So does that mean Campbell is the next man up ?

Jones hasn't tackled well this year. I'd like a FS from the draft to push him, or replace him altogther if this level of play continues.

I've heard from Phin 78, he is in a new role, but the tackling is a fundamental that has to work, or you are out.

I talked all preseason how t mathieu should be the first db drafted and how he is much better than milliner and any other db in the draft and he has started from day 1 and is the leader of the secondary as a rook and is second on the team in tackles on a 8-5 team. I also said that no way we should draft eifert and that he would be lucky to get on the field with Gresham playing most of the snaps in Ne. I said with Keller and clay we are set at te and should draft oline help. I also said that we should resign s smith to play with grimes and have a great corner tandem. Carroll has played ok and we have played well against wrs but smith is playing great on a 10-3 team. I also said that if we move odrick to dt our run d will fall off and that's what happened. Wake Starks soliai odrick is impossible to run on but wake is the only pass rusher. Starting Vernon gives us more pass rush but we lose a great run stopper by having Starks or soliai on the bench

There are several issues that may have Pouncey excused from practice. What will be the real issue concerning him is if he practices Friday (The team takes Thursday off)... If he is handling business in New England for a grand jury testimony, figure he left yesterday evening, will testify today and travel tomorrow......

"When I meet with world leaders, what's striking -- whether it's in Europe or here in Asia..." -mistakenly referring to Hawaii as Asia while holding a press conference outside Honolulu, Nov. 16, 2011 barack obama

Conn, be a cold day in hell embarrassing me.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 11, 2013 at 04:39 PM

dusty is dumber than a bag of rocks.

hit a nerve i see, comical

If you beyotch-slap him so hard that it makes me so ouch, I would be okay with it.

OK, just bought my tickets v the Bills. I will be in the Jim Kelly Club seats - section 212. I will be wearing a red winter coat and black toque. Come by and say hello if you're in the building!

mark should be least 1400 people there

Haha, 2 watt, my hope is that we can rock out Orcahrd park like those people in jersey a couple of weeks back. The cameras showing that dolphins section on tv was just amazing!!

Hey, all you need to know about Palin is that she QUIT the job she was elected to do so that she could make millions on the book tour circuit.

We're supposed to admire that? Supposed to think this is a "public servant" with the people's best interests at heart?


I come from a long, LONG line of stalwart Republicans but if the party is going to be in bed with Professional Idiots like her---and Bachmann---and many of these Tea Party Neanderthals then I'm not coming along for the ride. And they are finished nationally until they discard that bunch, too.

If the GOP was ever again a robust and intellectually diverse party I would reconsider my defection. Until that happens, forget it.

big game sunday. pats 2 pt favs palin doing the coin flip

Posted by: Connecticut Dolfan | December 11, 2013 at 04:13 PM

This is correct, Iranian's speak Farsi, and are not Arabs.
One other thing, sir…Sarah Palin is twice the intellectual you BELIEVE you are, and most likely TWICE more the patriot. Continue, with the other .0001 % of America that
watching MSNBC as your intellect and judgement further erodes.
Here's hoping YOU have YOUR health insurance cancelled, if you even have any.

Typos aside, I stand by my 5:19PM comments.

No real harm in it, I guess, but people shouldn't get so damn annoyed about being corrected on simple facts. How the hell else do any of us learn things?

When I'm wrong on something I like to know it---and what the correct facts are.

Posted by: Connecticut Dolfan | December 11, 2013 at 05:01 PM
You still don't get it, do you? I give up.

Posted by: IMAWriter | December 11, 2013 at 05:19 PM

Damn IMAWriter.
You just got elevated 20 notches in my book.
Excellent post sir.

Let's put this nonsense to rest. Here, Miami is going to win on Sunday.

Wallace proclaimed his innocence Wednesday

"I was trying to get under the pile and get a hand on the football," Wallace insisted. "Unfortunately, I didn't get low enough. As soon as I realized what was happening, I definitely stopped. "It's unfortunate it looks that way and came out that way."

Miami needs the bengals to lose to Pitt this weekend. It means that miami controls it's own destiny. Even if Baltimore runs the table we will make the playoffs if we win out. It also helps if San Diego wins out because if we lose to ne as long as the ravens lose to ne or the bengals we will beat the ravens and chargers in the tiebreaker if it is a three way tie between chargers ravens and miami at 9-7

It's more than a little ironic to see Arab bashing on blog devoted to a team FOUNDED by two Arabs (Joe Robbie and Danny Thomas).

Robbie was a card-carrying lifelong liberal, too (gasp).

Things I've learned on this blog tonight...


seems about right.

Sorry Cocoajoe but I have to agree with Connecticut Dolfan, The Iranians / Persians are not Arab in anyway. While modern history and culture might have overlapped it does not mean they are part of the Arab race.

However, Conn.Dolfan the case can be made that the Eyptians aren't Arabs either but they are Africans. Which is frequently argued but traditional Arabs.


Top 10 Costanza lines ever!

Good night to all and to all a good night!!!

Enjoyed our conversation W1!!


Don't narrow it to the US. It's a global issue. However it always was. Mankind has always been corrupt corruptible to the bone. The more powerful any government has ever been, the more cruel they were, because they could be.

Could anyone tell me how I could find the Miami Dolphins football blog? I seem to be lost.

So...the Dolphins could not beat the BILLS here but we are going to beat the Pats.

OK, got it.

Sam I Am | December 11, 2013 at 08:16 PM

99% of the football posts are so utterly misguided and plain dumb that it's a relief to see even a few posters attempting to think.

There is nothing more to say about '72, Shula, Marino.

There has been nothing to say about this team since.

Are we seeing another knuckle ball with this team or are they actually turning the corner?

Seeing is believing.

Just a Tad freshing me thinks or a Tad too much ?

Go away non Dolphin fans, this is a blog for football fans, where we can debate the fortunes of our beloved Dolphins.

We all know the truth and its a mind bender, but without these 'bread and circuses', we would be pretty depressed, no ?

If Marco is a fan then I'm the Jolly Green Giant.

Im interested to see if Rogers gets much action against the Pats.

He may even be an upgrade on RJ Stanford. To be honest that wouldn't be too hard. I also want to see another KR out there for us Sunday, at least see if another player can inject some life into our return game.

Thigpen has given us very little this year, I wouldn't miss him after this seasons performance.

Posted by: Ho Ho Ho | December 11, 2013 at 08:35 PMAre

Are you lonesome tonight? Ha ha.


If I offer you a can of peas will you promise not to pester the bloggers tonight with your usual drivel?

What does Iran mean? Why did they change the name of their country from Persia to Iran?

What does Iran mean?

Posted by: R williams | December 11, 2013 at 08:47 PM

It has its root in Latin...roughly translated it means Sand Neegro

Posted by: Ho Ho Ho | December 11, 2013 at 08:43 PM

Sure, send them peas over to Dade in the next few months my friend, I'll be looking out for a big green MoFo walking down the street.

I take it you are Ho Ho Hopeless at the best of times.

Your offerings to us all are so sound my friend. Whats your real blogger name ? One of Thill Clan no doubt.

Why did Siam become Thailand and Burma become Myanmar? Congo became Zaire and went back to Congo, too. Zimbabwe was Rhodesia.

For that matter, had we lost the Revolution we'd be living in England.

So in answer to why Persia became Iran, I don't know, lol!

A lot of politics tonight.

Its a shame our 'leaders', don't have this level of intellect.

And they say Americans are dumb feckers these days, with IQ's falling faster than J Martins football stock, how wrong could the world be my friends ?

Posted by: It Just Did, OK? | December 11, 2013 at 08:54 PM

Yes the Brits did it old boy !!!

Your offerings to us all are so sound my friend. Whats your real blogger name ? One of Thill Clan no doubt.

Posted by: Marco | December 11, 2013 at 08:51 PM

And here we have a dead give away this rot is a troll. Anyone who sees even one single aspect of the team as a positive, he will try to mock and shame them, with silly ha haa's.

What an adolescent dunce.

Posted by: Ho Ho Ho | December 11, 2013 at 08:59 PM

Go and read the posts my friend. I've been positive about many aspects of this team, but I call it as I see it and always will, so suck it up.

Whats wrong with you HHH, you are a new blogger, I've never heard of you, are you learning how to be an A-hole or does it just come naturally my friend ???

Another Thill fan, sold on his God as a franchise QB.

90% of the writers for the Miami press aren't completely sold on him yet, which makes sense. Thill is getting better, but if you had any football IQ, you'd know it'll be at least another year for his future in Miami to be decided. So Ho go have a wee look again at the big picture and come back when your all better.

Neither have you the brains or intellect to debate, you fire off your BS behind a weak name ho ho, my friend.

Let's guess Marco's age.

1. 14
2. 17
3. 12

OK, I'll say #3.

Let's guess Marco's age.

1. 14
2. 17
3. 12

I'm not quite sure. I would guess #1

Let's guess Marco's age.

1. 14
2. 17
3. 12

Can I vote for 11?

Ho, thats all you got ? BHAAAA HA, keep em coming mate, your a comedy genius.

Are you the new George Carlin, Lenny Bruce or Bill Hicks ?

Nah, I see you as Carrott Top or Gallagher, playing with your new name, my friend.

Iran means Aryan. Yes the same Aryan race as Hitler. Hitler was go buddies with the Persians and the Persians loved Hitler so much they changed the name of their country to honor him. Did you know the Iranian Islamic Republic still uses the Nazi salute go search it. Valerie Jarett the woman behind Obama is Iranian.

Bloggers that think ha ha or LOL or LMFAO enhances their posts are seriously immature, illiterate, and undereducated posters. Possibly never mentally reached puberty.

I mean really, that is so teenager circa 1998.

I enjoy this quick fire wit with these guys, its a hoot and gives us all so much material to use on the comedy circuits no ?


That was 2/10 my friend.

Next !

Marco, the fact you go up and back with any fool that baits you shows you how desperate you are for attention and also how freakin empty your life is.

Trolls feeding the trolls tonight.

Who is fooling who? God are they stupid.

Posted by: Jon Do | December 11, 2013 at 09:32 PM

Happens every night, that's why they never leave. It's like perpetual trolldumb.

Posted by: Darkoak | December 11, 2013 at 09:45 PM

Football chat mate, or are you just watching the show from your Ivory Tower again ?

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