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Mike Pouncey, Reshad Jones miss practice

Mike Pouncey and Reshad Jones are missing practice for the Dolphins today -- one for injury reasons, the other for reasons unknown.

Jones was working off to the side with trainers trying to get a tweaked leg muscle issue rehabilitated. The injury report that will be released later will specify whether Jones has a calf, groin, hamstring, quad, whatever. Bottom line with him, however, is he will start against the New England Patriots on Sunday, according to a source close to the player.

Pouncey is not injured. But he was absent from practice today.

It is not sure if the absence had to do with his lingering legal issue in having to testify before a grand jury in connection with the Aaron Hernandez case. Pouncey was subpeonaed the last time the Dolphins played the Patriorts.

It is also possible Pouncey, who missed two games with a gall bladder issue that started out as food poisoning, had to have attention for this issue.

The Herald is working on getting clarity.

[Update: The reason Pouncey was absent from practice today is he was testifying before a Grand Jury relative to the Aaron Hernandez murder investigation.]

The Dolphins will not explain the reason for Pouncey's absence in the coming press conferences.

In Pouncey's absence, Nate Garner worked at center while Sam Brenner took the first-team snaps at left guard.


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Posted by: Nail on the Head | December 11, 2013 at 09:51 PM

Well said.

Pouncey and Incognito should be jailed with A Hernandez. They have no business on a team.

I watch from more of a Mount Olympus, like an internet Zeus.

Anybody here thinks Marco makes a contribution to the blog?

P:lease stand up.

Posted by: Darkoak | December 11, 2013 at 09:56 PM

You are more like Nero my friend, whating while the blog burns to the ground, you fiddle, ha ha !!! Ha feckin ha.

I never saw a pro team in any sport keep the fans in the dark like the Dolphins do. Ross lied wen he said they'd be more transparent. How can anyone be a fan of this franchise?


Where did you go my friend ? Its seems you changed into a 1000 different unfunny blokes ???

40 minutes of this is enough. I'll be back when football fans come on.

Night night dear boy !!!

Marco runs away. Just like you know who.

I wanna be like Marco one day.

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Just saw our potential 2014 schedule...that looks fun. The AFC West, the NFC north along with a second place schedule.

Dolphins unveil the wildcat and beat Patsies 15-14.

Sunday is an important game.

Nothing ever changes. It has been so since the beginning and will continue to be So. We-Only-Expand

Armando came here and deleted 2 of my post on this page. Do not know why they were not even "TABOO".

Oh, well, guess another one bites the dust. Back to the drawing board.

Of course there always have been Two.

Armando came here and deleted 2 of my post on this page. Do not know why they were not even "TABOO".

Oh, well, guess another one bites the dust. Back to the drawing board.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 12, 2013 at 02:44 AM

Apparently Armando is listening to the posters here and trying to clean the place up.

Just Saying............. ;)

I was blasted here for giving my take on the entire "Martin Gate" affair. But recent events are starting to back up my original assessment. Basically(and sadly), Martin had a big hissy fit because HIS OWN play required us to bring in another Left Tackle. After he was replaced by McKinnie he simply QUIT on his team. To make matters worse, he didn't care who he took down in trying to hide and justify his slimy actions.

It's that simple! He got replaced, saw all those BIG Left Tackle Dollars fading away, SO HE QUIT.

That's why he will not give up his text messages. That's also why the investigator canceled any further interviews.

His text messages show that he's just as guilty as Incognito, if guilty is the proper term. The messages will dhow that he and Cog's were indeed thick as thieves. Therefor they will show that Martin's true motives were simply because he got demoted and replaced.

When it's all said and done and regardless of how you feel about Incognito, I think he could/might file a civil suit against Martin for libel. I know I would if I were Cog's. The so-called "investigation"(even though Cog's will be shown in a bad light)will probably establish enough evidence ALONE for Cog's to win some type of Civil Suit against Martin.

Yep, you may think that Cog's is a bad person, but the FACT is, Martin's even WORSE! He's a BUST and a Slime-Bag all rolled into one big Jelly Roll of PURE Sissy-Tard!

PS: I absolutely LOVE the way Philbin and Jim Turner are handling our Problem at Guard. They have Garner, whose a very valuable Back Up getting tons of Live Bullet experience. Additionally, they're getting Brenner even more snaps by rotating him with Garner.

Brenner came off the Practice Squad to start. The fact that he's done so well is almost unbelievable. I didn't think we would get a good look at Brenner this season because we were still in the hunt. But Philbin obviously sees something in the kid. So now, not only are we getting a good look, but Brenner's getting a TON a valuable LIVE, Game Action.

Kudos to Brenner and the Coaching Staff. Everybody knows we have to rebuild the O-Line and Philbin and Co are ALREADY working on it.

Most important question facing the Dolphin's Defense:

How long will it take Philbin and Coyle to realize that Dion Jordan should be playing Weak-side Linebacker?

Vernon is coming on like a Play making Pro Bowler. He has 48 tackles and 11.5 sacks.

Cameron Wake **IS** a Play making Pro Bowler. While missing a few games due to injury, he has 28 tackles, 7.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. He's also made numerous game changing plays including a game winning sack/safety in overtime against Cincinnati.

Derrick Shelby is another 2nd year player who is steadily improving at DE. He has as many sacks as Dion Jordan and he got them in less snaps. He also has two forced fumbles. He's improved against the run, can get after the QB and has quickly become a valuable rotation Player.

I said all that to say this: We don't really need another Defensive End. Not as bad as we need a Super Talented, Game Changing, Play making Outside Linebacker. As talented as Dion Jordan is, he should be on the field FULL TIME as a starter and making plays.

As it stands, Jordan's snaps are ridiculously limited. All the while we have guys like Phillip Wheeler, Koa Misi and even Jason Trusnik getting snaps. This while Jordan rides the pine.

Whatever happened to getting your best 11 players on the field?

Damn Mando, Pouncy missing from practice, and you don't know why? So whats stopping your from using PFTs "unnamed sources with knowledge of the situation" stated,,,,Pouncy was out because of ___________? You used that phrase during Bully Gate, you wrote about all kinds of speculation in regard to Incognito, why not Pouncy? You folks at the Herald don't know squat, specially you Mando. You flip, flop from one to the next. Hope you handle your Johnson better then the Bully Gate,,,when Ted gets through with his investigation you might be looking for another job.

Jones must have injured himself from falling down about 47 time last Sunday.

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