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Mike Pouncey: NFL scandal 'wasn't true'

If you read today that Jason Taylor, on a committee appointed by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to institute a code of locker room conduct, believes the Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito scandal was 'overblown' you probably should not be suprised.

It seems many Dolphins players believe the issue was overblown and some blame the media for the scandal.

Number starting center Mike Pouncey, a person of interest in the investigation conducted by Ted Wells, as one of those thinking the scandal was a media fabrication that he says "wasn't true."

'"All along we've known we done things the right way," Pouncey said. "That hasn't changed. It's been the same day since Day One. We never let any outside distractions get to us because we knew everything that was being said wasn't true. So we've just been doing our job and it's been paying off late in the season for us."

"We had the same team, we had the same mindset. We knew everything that was being said wasn't true. It affected us not one bit."

This statement seemed odd to me because while I know the media (as a giant all-encompassing entity) has gotten multiple stories on the scandal completely wrong, to say everything that was being said was untrue is ridiculous.

The media did not cause the scandal. That was conceived within the Dolphins roster and birthed when Martin threw down his lunch tray and left the team.

The media did not force Jonathan Martin to go AWOL. (He did that on his own).

The media did not suspend Richie Incognito. (The Dolphins -- Joe Philbin, onwer Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland -- did that).

The media did not leave any voice mails. (Incognito did that).

The media did not claim there was a physical attack on Martin. (Martin's lawyer did that). By the way, that alleged attack happened at Pouncey's house, a Martin associate has told the Miami Herald.

The media did not start an NFL investigation that compelled practically the entire Dolphins roster, coaches, personnel people and staff, to speak to Wells. (NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, at the request of owner Ross, did that).

So does Pouncey really think the scandal was a media thing?

"No question," Pouncey said. "You don't?"

No. I don't. The media didn't write any texts, either.

"One text," Pouncey said. "What does that mean?"

Obviously all of it means very little within the Dolphins locker room right now. That is perhaps one reason the scandal has not affected the team's ability to get hot and go on a three-game win streak so far this December.

That's good.

But the belief that the whole scandal was largely a media fabrication leaves open the possibility that the same environment that led to the mess remains unchanged and unrepetant because everyone insists nothing wrong happened. Players are convinced that which drove Martin to go AWOL was, well, nothing.

It would be interesting if that's what they're saying to their owner or their coach or the league because it was their owner, who said he was "appalled" by the issue, their coach, who suspended Incognito, and their league, which is still conducting an investigation on the affair.

[NOTE: I've no doubt Dolphins fans feel the same way as the players. Scapegoating the media is convenient and easy. Go for it in the comments section. It is predictable. But dismissing an issue that dominated the organization for nearly an entire month and still may lead to the suspension and/or firing of people as merely a media thing is unwise.]


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The Defense needs to step up this weekend. They should DOMINATE this Bills team. Stuff the run and force Manuel to beat us. Grimes and company should have a turnover or 2. This should be a statement game...much like we did the NY in their house!!

Armando I don't blame you for the mess...however the National main stream media did over do the coverage. It had all the PC words involved and fit the liberal talking points...bullying, white on black racism and physical abuse. I am so sorry to say this but this would have been a non story if the roles were reversed and Cogs was the "victim".

Armando, very simply something happened and the media made a mountain out of a mole hill. This isn't even debatable. I have spent plenty of time over the past weeks documenting every lie, fabrication, and mistake the media is responsible for.

You take these things too personally because you have integrity that may of your peers lack. You try to get to the truth and you hold yourself accountable for your own mistakes. OTHERS DO NOT. They lie and manipulate to sell.

I can debate this all day, I have TONS of material to pull from. Tons of proof of lies and fabrications that painted this thin to be bigger than it was.

Yes, Richie texted Martin something that was seen by the outside world as over the line. OBVIOUSLY no one in the locker room thinks so. So you're saying that they should all feel the way some of you do about it? Why? You aren't wuith these guys every day and have no clue what they say to eachother behind closed doors.

You guys conveniently leave out so many facts. JUST THE other day I heard a media member accuse Incognito,,,,AGAIN,,,AGAIN, of threatening Martins family.

You know why, BECAUSE IT WAS A JOKE. Yes it was tasteless to the outside world but have you seen Martins texts to Richie? I don't think we have, and they're probably tasteless as well. But unless someone is a freakin fool they can see that Richie didn't actually mean he was going to kill Martins mother.

I can go on and on, I haven't even scratched the surface. Armando you have to stop sticking up for your flawed cohorts. You are not this way and shouldn't be the defender for everything that is right with the media when there is so much wrong. You would never do that for the team. Your team has issues too, you're the bright spot.

Blow out time. We should completely outclass this bills team by relentlessly ground and pounding them. Should have over 150 yards on the ground

and re: Ellerbe/Wheeler vs Dansby/Burnett...yes, disappointing in year 1 but let it play out for 2-3 years--Dansby wasnt nearly as good here as he's been in AZ, plus dont forget that he reported to camp SO out shape (maybe twice?) that it was ridiculous, for the money he was making--he literally had to play himself into shape during the first 3-4 games of the year, which is unacceptable--based on his reputation as one best LBers when we signed him, I was underwhelmed to say the least--Burnett was ok, solid but not much more--dont forget that our D with both of them also underperformed at times, and definitely struggled to shut teams down late in games--neither were all-world in Miami, thats for sure.

"But dismissing an issue that dominated the organization for nearly an entire month and still may lead to the suspension and/or firing of people as merely a media thing is unwise."

THAT quote above is the distortion. This could have been handled internally in a few days. It didn't deserve 10 days of national media coverage.

Jameis Winston accused of rape? THAT deserves 10 days of national media coverage. J. Martin being treated poorly (at times) by his teammates DOES NOT deserve 10 days of media coverage.

Armando, no offense, I believe most fans would rather not hear of this story again until Ted Wells releases his investigative results. Let's not muddy the playoff waters we've only twice, in a little over a decade, have had chance to drink.

Bill, I may be in the minority, but I'd be thrilled with a 9-7 season (even if we didn't make the Playoffs). That was my prediction, that's what I pretty much think we are right now, and anything more (including making the Playoffs) is gravy. Of course, not that we have a chance to go 10-6, make the Playoffs, and maybe even win the division, OF COURSE, I'm hopeful the team does all that. But I think the team has proven it's on the right path. They played through injuries, controversies and came up big when it really mattered. Tannehill grew, the coaches got another year under their belt, and I will feel this season is a success if we have our first winning record in 5 years.

Mando........yes you guys in the media didn't create the issue.....true........but you reported every single story as fact. You guys didn't create the issue, but how you went about reporting the issue led to the hype and negative press.......and you guys do this all the time just to get ratings. Let's face it, the media in America is a bunch of leaches that sit back and criticize a person's actions and feed off the negativity. You actually think people read your articles? People come to this blog, to talk to each other......your work is a waste of time.....always has been and always will be. Honestly, anybody with any talent in the Herald has already left.

pouncey is right.
Armando missed the point.
it ain't the texts or the this or the that.
It's the context of the whole deal that was misread.

Apparently, it was not overblown by Jonathan Martin and his Family . Reverberations from that incident will follow, and perhaps, you're seeing some of them right now.

"But dismissing an issue that dominated the organization for nearly an entire month and still may lead to the suspension and/or firing of people as merely a media thing is unwise."

Again, this issue dominated the organization for a month because the media kept it in the news cycle. NOT because the Dolphins needed a whole month to address the issue.

Do you think J. Martin goes AWOL if the Dolphins were 6-2 at the time and he was still playing left tackle successfully? NO WAY. He just wasn't happy. Part of that was losing, part was being moved to right tackle, part of it was being treated poorly by teammates. Is the answer quitting on the team and running away to California?
No it is not. That is why the players do not support him.

Armando, your perspective is completely skewed. You have never played in a team sport. Management had to pull the trigger on suspending Incognito because the concept of "bullying" is a push-button MEDIA topic. Clear your head and think this out before you start in on the Dolphins players. Pouncey, I got your back. Bill (above), you are right about Defense stepping up... good post. However, I'm concerned about your comments about racism. I thought we past all that nonsense. We are men. We are football players... leave the rest at the door.

DC I predicted 10-6....but not the way we got where we are. I had us sweeping the lesser teams in our division the jets and bills and splitting with Pats. So being that we are 8-6 at this point is where I expected us to be. We are WAY more talented than the bills and jets so nothing short of a victory will suffice in my book.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 18, 2013 at 01:00 PM

9-7, may be ok, but would leave a HUGE sour taste in most DOLFANS mouths knowing 1 of those 7 losses were in the final 2 season ending games against Buff/NYJ.

Especially, knowing it was against one of the two rookie qb's whilst we were in a HUGE playoff stretch. During a playoff stretch, a team has NO BUSINESS losing to "little ballyhooed" rookie qb's.

Just looks "very poor" on the win-loss resume.

Media one step lower than attorneys and used car salesmen. Anything for a headline / attention. No not you Armando you remain above it all at all times. This was a Martin problem all along . Couldn't hang with the Alpha Dawgs.

I agree with PHins78 in that Armando has been exemplary in reporting the facts as facts on this issue and if he got anything wrong, he quickly and honestly corrected it. I know he got the major news absolutely correct so he might have a different view of this than the goofs at Sunsentinel or palm beach post.

Posted by: Phins78 | December 18, 2013 at 12:58 PM

I have to agree with Phins post. I was even swept up in the scandal, believing it was more than it actually was. The issue here wasn't bullying, or racism, or poor coaching or a warped "culture" in the locker room. It was very simply too much for one guy to handle (Jonathan Martin). Probably started as him not liking the hazing his rookie year, then probably thinking it would be over his 2nd year (and it wasn't totally). Then he was promoted, then demoted. And he just wasn't mentally tough enough to accept all of that and had enough.

I'm ready to deal Martin away to another team, but I doubt he'll have very much success in the NFL now. I doubt his new teammates will trust him, I doubt he will "fit in" to another team's locker room culture, I doubt he will be able to withstand the withering taunting from defenders in the trenches and in-between plays.

As far as Miami, as I said, winning cures all, and that means everyone (besides Martin and Incognito) will get another year in their jobs, and that's probably how it should be.

Obviously it was an issue for the team, but the media certainly fed the fire. In today's 24/7 news cycle, that's reality and for media-types to deny so is either willful blindness or intellectual dishonesty--neither of which speak well for the profession.

Posted by: The Mad Dolphan | December 18, 2013 at 01:04 PM

I think you misread my statement. I do not believe there was any racism involved at all. The "n" word has been neutralized by the rap world and the current generation of kids. I hear white, black and Hispanic kids use in each others company on a regular basis.

Armando, why is it okay for Mike Ditka to get red in the face and pound the desk at espn screaming, "this should never happen in an nfl locker room, this guy needs to be kicked out of the league!"?

Why is that okay when it is well known that his TE almost lost an eye in New Orleans, still has the scar from it, wen to Ditka and Ditka told him, "you should have punched them". The player said, "But it was 64 guys coach".

They were making rookies run a gauntlet while whipping them with socks full of change. THEY WERE USING WEAPONS TO BEAT THEIR OWN PLAYERS and Ditka, now a member of the media you are standing up for is a complete hypocrite and should be held accountable. When you are a media member you carry weight, people believe you because they trust you are telling the truth or being on the level. That you have all of your facts straight and are accurately reporting an event or circumstance.

That should carry a heavy amount of responsibility with it. It should not be taken lightly and unfortunately many times it is.

Mike Pouncey is an idiot. Still got that free Herandez cap? Did you wear it to the grand jury hearing?

Armando.....wow, you're totally missing the point---No, OBVIOUSLY the media didnt create/fabricate/put into motion all of the actions you mention above....but I think what Pouncey and (probably) many others think is that the media (broad sense) covered/portrayed the story with a rush to judgement/"presumption of guilt" attitude--THATS the problem, in my opinion--alot of this was reported as fact, and yet wasnt (as you pointed out) or is still undetermined--its not the actions/texts/issues of the scandal that are in question, its the fact that MANY in the media put it out there like it was all true--and the Dolphins were broadly getting crushed because of it (ie, creating your own "laughingstock" articles)--the media helped make them a laughingstock without knowing all of the facts (and we still dont)--don't you understand the difference?

How about the report that Incognito threatened Martins sister.

Not only was the report inaccurate but it wasn't even Incognito involved in the inaccuracy!

It was another teammate, and he said he wanted to F Martins sister. He wanted to sleep with her. He didn't say he wanted to rape her, he didn't say he was going to force himself on her. But the media reported it as a threat.

Can't hush anything anymore, man, in this age of Social Media. If it wasn't JMartin himself, maybe a friend would have tweeted that Jonathan had to admit himself to a Hospital because of suicidal ideation, or one of his Parents would have, or his attorney. You see the difficulty in keeping things secret in this Day and Age?

The media makes money by destroying lives. They are no better then the politicians claiming to make decision that are in the best interest of the people they serve.

I missed the new post but in talking about this years linebackers compared to last PFF has a lot to say. First, Wheeler is at #32 while Burnett comes in at #12. Now to ILB, Ellerbe is rated #48th while Dansby is rated a #5. Huge difference between the two duos. This is one you can place squarely onto the head of Ireland. He simply f%*&&^**p! Way to large of a gap for them(PFF) to get it all that wrong!

No disrespect but I found it very interesting.

another story on this stupid bully scandal, who cares really anymore. Yes the media blew up the issue why because that's exactly what martin and company wanted. A big overhyped media scandal so they can capitalize on it, it backfired on them why else would they be so quiet, the dolphins are winning regardless of it and I know they figured dolphins would fall apart and when they didn't crickets, so yes over blown and misused of media.

Sam I Am, no doubt I would have a sour taste. But while those teams are at the bottom of the league, you have to throw all that out since they are division opponents. Cleveland always plays their division tough, Jax plays the Colts tough, division foes all play each other tough.

So while it would be a HUGE letdown, I wouldn't be embarrassed. Just hurt, and disappointed and sad and frankly...hurt (Anchorman, paraphrasing).

Mike Pouncey is an idiot. Still got that free Herandez cap? Did you wear it to the grand jury hearing?

Posted by: tim burke | December 18, 2013 at 01:09 PM

You are reading to much into the Pouncey wearing that hat. They were team mates, room mates and best friends. Of course he is going to support his friend. If your friend was in trouble you wouldn't support him?? As far a the grand jury stuff....Pouncey is not a suspect. He is a witness that the authorities believe may have information about Hernandez. Its a "fishing expedition" if you will. Authorities believe if you shake enough trees some fruit will fall to the ground.

I believe the n-word will never be neutralized. It will always be a center of controversy and potential powder keg waiting for the right spark. Do not deceive yourselves.

Would you have rappers and kids loosely using the n-word watching your kids? Yes, some may loosely use it, but you also have to consider the culture and class of these kids that do these things. They are not exactly the type of kids you would want our kids hanging out with.

Most of these type kids are of gang or gang like culture.

Obviously, We know that Armando has placed this entry now to increase the hits in his Blog. We are winning and most People here don't want to talk Football anymore.

And here's the doozy. EXTORTION. Remeber that? Jonathan Martin was being EXTORTED by members of the Miami Dolphins. They were ROBBING him of his pay with threats of violence.

LMAO Are you kidding me? Helllooooo? Story comes out and Martin agreed to go on a trip that was already paid for and tried to back out the night before when it was already a done deal. Sorry, in the real world you pay up. I had to do the same thing on a ski trip, it wasn't my buddies fault that I had to stay and work, I wasn't going to cost them money because of my mistake. They gave me back a little but I let them keep the bulk.

And then other players from around the league came out and said they have paid much more for the rookie dinners ARMANDOS COHORTS were reporting as "wild extravagant nights out on the town being paid for by Dolphins rookies".

No Armando, it wasn't caused by the media however as the media has a tendency to do now a days, they take one story and beat it into the ground mercilessly.


1. hazing goes on in the NFL.
2. Martin went way too far. If he had a problem, he should have discussed it with Philbin. If need be more than once.
3. Incognito is a knucklehead and shouldn't have given Martin such a hard time. Especially considering Martin, (obviously now) can't handle that kind of hazing. But is Incognito so sensitive that he should have realized this?

To recap:

Count 1. Cause: No
Count 2. Making a mole hill into a mountain? Guilty!

I rest my case.

Mando, you have some good points but absolve the media's role in all of this. To say they played no part (as you insinuate) is disingenuous and not accurate.

The people that are getting on Ireland for the Dansby and Burnett moves....you cannot look at the rankings f these players with there current teams. You must look at where they ranked last year with the Dolphins because that was there level of play in our system. So it most likely would have been there ranking this year. Saying Dansby is ranked 5 and Burnett 12 means nothing to the Dolphins. I think Dashi did a post on this a while back...I think he has there rankings form last year. If remember correct both Ellerbe and Wheeler were ranked higher than Dansby and Burnett when they were in our system.

Sorry to have changed the topic! If there was anything there they would have hung the Dolphins out to dry a week ago! All the NFL is going to do is issue new rulings as to hazing, etc. But because of all the hoop la, time and all the written words somebody will be hung out to dry. Igcognito is my first guess, maybe Ireland or perhaps a light tap on the wrists of an enviormental corporate breakdown by the 'Phins. Much ado about nothing!


If we can't beat the Bills and Jets in the next two weeks then do we deserve to be in the playoffs.

We seem to be peaking at the right time my friend no ?

Everything will come out to Light, gentlemen. If not from traditional Media then thru Social Media. Just wait.

Would you have rappers and kids loosely using the n-word watching your kids? Yes, some may loosely use it, but you also have to consider the culture and class of these kids that do these things. They are not exactly the type of kids you would want our kids hanging out with.

Most of these type kids are of gang or gang like culture.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 18, 2013 at 01:15 PM

Sam Im sorry but your perception on this is not correct. Its is not gang or gang like kids that are using the "n" word in the company of blacks. This is high income, middle income and college attending age. Its has occurred due to rap music and the ease by which the races now mix as far as dating/hooking up.

I can go on and on (everyone knows it). There is so much evidence.

OH! How about the report that the coaches, "told Incognito to toughen Martin up"?

lol Armando is the ONLY reporter who came out and admitted that was a mistake AND HE DIDN'T EVEN WRITE THE ORIGINAL ACCUSATION!

Armando, stop sticking up for these guys man, they f#@!ed up just like Incognito and Martin. The text happened, a couple of other things happened. But many lies and exaggerations were told. You can NOT sit here and deny that. It would take so little time to go back and pull from each and every article written about this thing and show proof that it was misrepresented by the media.

You sir were the one person in the media I looked to through it all and trusted. You were generally fair and admitted any mistakes. You do not have to take these criticisms and place the responsibility for standing against them on your shoulders. Let the guys who messed up answer for their own mistakes just like Richie and Jonathan will have to do themselves. Anyone who knows your writing knows you were doing a fine job through it all.

Wheeler needs to see less time to give way to Jordan and Jenkins.

Some of the whiffs he has had over the season are as poor as I've seen since Jackie Shipp !!!

To Mark in Toronto from the previous entry, I did not say I had a Spaniard Education but a European one. Please read well what I write, it's only for your benefit.

The media did not start the scandal however they did blow it up and blow it out of proportion, and made it last for weeks and weeks.

Ahhhh Marco our friend....do you have any kind words about our FRANCHISE QB?? Days, weeks and months of back and forth with you over Tannehill. Mountains of stats were thrown your way from MIT, Phins78, myself and others.....well????

Disagree Bill unless the explanation lies with the fact that Wheeler/Ellerbe aren't in the right system and that Dansby/Burnett are. That's the only thing I see that matters. And if Dansby/Burnett didn't grade out well for us last year and Wheeler/Ellerbe aren't this year then the problem lies with the coaches and their system. I see no other explanation.

like I mention above, along with Dashi and Bill....let the LBers situation play out for more than 14 games--lets see how the 4 LBers in the discussion play over the course of 2-3 seasons, before making a judgement as to whether the changes were a good thing or not

To Mark in Toronto from the previous entry, I did not say I had a Spaniard Education but a European one. Please read well what I write, it's only for your benefit.

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 18, 2013 at 01:25 PM

Spain is in Europe....last time I checked with my AMERICAN EDUCATION....hmmmm best Universities in the world!!

Bill... Bill... Bill,,,, (big Sigh),

How are you Bill, feeling better ?

Go read the posts I've been putting out during the last two games my friend. These are during games regarding Thill.

Then come back to me. You used to be on the ball with your research and lay claims to be accurate as its your profession, ha ha.

If your going to start fights already, then maybe you should take your own advice when people attack you.

Look forward to hearing from you.



Disagree Bill unless the explanation lies with the fact that Wheeler/Ellerbe aren't in the right system and that Dansby/Burnett are. That's the only thing I see that matters. And if Dansby/Burnett didn't grade out well for us last year and Wheeler/Ellerbe aren't this year then the problem lies with the coaches and their system. I see no other explanation.

Posted by: signal | December 18, 2013 at 01:29 PM

BINGO that's it exactly its not the players....the coaches try to fit a square peg in a round hole. Dansby and Burnett are now on teams that allow them to play to there talent and strengths. The Dolphin coaches don't get this fact yet. Look at Jordan and Wallace??Why did Marshall come here a star, suck here, then leave and become a star again? What about Long, Bush, Davis, Smith, ....on and on and on!!

oscar that's the thing, no one cares anymore. Everyone has moved on. Who cares about he said she said, jonatahn called me a cracker, Richie called me the nword. Really? Do you actually care about this soap opera stuff? I'm commenting on it because of the write up, I'm certainly not waiting with bated breath like a kid at Christmas. The whole thing is a joke.

Mando, the simple truth is that nothing like this has ever been reported to the extent this has. I would imagine that stuff like this has happened in the past but with the 24hr news cycle now and with technology it has taken on new context.

The problem that I have is that it seems Martin was played as the victim and Cogs the bad guy...there can be no refuting this. And I think you were part of this to some extent. Your previous blog entries exhibit this.

The media (aka...the liberal scumbag media), went out of its way to make Cogs the guilty party and Martin the victim because it fits their narrative.

If only you heard what myself and my co-worker call each other on a daily basis. In fact, if we don't talk like that to one another then we both feel something is wrong with the other person...and we feel it is funny. It keeps us laughing. There is no animosity from either of us towards the other.

So if my co-worker all of a sudden has a mental break and goes off the deep end like Martin then I would be in the same boat as Cogs.

Martin is a 300lb guy and he is being bullied? I think it was total BS and a way to collect a paycheck w/o doing any work...sounds like a liberal talking point and that is why the media gravitated to it.

If Martin had a problem with it he should have spoken up...but from what I gather it sounds as if Martin had a few of his own texts that might raise some eyebrows. Why haven't we heard of these texts from you all. Where is the balanced reporting?

The reason fins org had to do all this crap is because the media was bullying them into it.

What happened to innocent until proven guilt? This was a clear cut guilty verdict from the beginning. Shame on the media for eating the dog food that Martin put down on your plates.

What happens if it a 4 way tie?

Miami,N.E,Cinn and Bal all finish 10-6.

Bal. Gets the bye.

Mia gets a home game.

Cinn. Gets the tie breaker Pats go home.

I love the way this sounds better

Posted by: Marco | December 18, 2013 at 01:32 PM

Never look to "start fights" my friend not in my nature......I also do not participate on gamedays as Im usually at the game. I also do not track what you or anybody else says when Im not here. However I do think you OWE this blog an apology for the hatred you spewed for months against our QB. Don't ya really think its time to man up??

Sorry but on this you are wrong in some areas.
Yes, the media did not create this situation, however the media poured gallons upon gallons of gas on this and made it a much bigger story than it needed to be.
Especially since this happens in every locker room and is usually kept there. And here you are yet again bringing this to the forefront while the Dolphins are trying to finally get into the playoffs. Asumptions were made , false reports were given and yet no one really knows the truth. This is the problem with the media reporting things before facts are true.
We still do not know the true facts but we do know the fact that the Dolphins have a very important game coming on Sunday, that is a fact , so maybe we should talk about that.

I know Armando does not like to talk about Internet but now that we are into that topic, here it goes. We realized years ago, that Social Media is the most powerful device for change, be this + or -, ever invented. One of its infinite uses is, as has happened in this case, the simple fact that anything written in this Social environment can ignite the fuse of traditional Media and from there it propagates to its final consequence(s).

"But the belief that the whole scandal was largely a media fabrication leaves open the possibility that the same environment that led to the mess remains unchanged and unrepetant because everyone insists nothing wrong happened."

So, apparently, Armando is claiming that Hartline, Murtha, Pouncey, et al are all liars. I'm surprised this hasn't been picked up everywhere - "Armando Salguero claims to have proof that an environment of bullying really does exist in the Dolphins locker room."

PFF stats indicate that these two LBers aren't good at stopping the run or in coverage. Are we to wait two or three years and in the meantime lose a game here and another there because of their shortcomings? That could be the difference between the playoffs and even a Super Bowl run. If they can't get the job done by the next exhibition season and if the organization has your attitude toward these players then we are in trouble. Especially when you consider all the talent on this team being held back because of a few that just don't measure up!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 18, 2013 at 01:36 PM

Go back read the posts Bill. Or are you too lazy to do so, or have you done so and realize what an arse you have made of yourself yet again my friend ?

I await your response with much eagerness, then I'll consider your apology mu friend.

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