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Mike Pouncey: NFL scandal 'wasn't true'

If you read today that Jason Taylor, on a committee appointed by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to institute a code of locker room conduct, believes the Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito scandal was 'overblown' you probably should not be suprised.

It seems many Dolphins players believe the issue was overblown and some blame the media for the scandal.

Number starting center Mike Pouncey, a person of interest in the investigation conducted by Ted Wells, as one of those thinking the scandal was a media fabrication that he says "wasn't true."

'"All along we've known we done things the right way," Pouncey said. "That hasn't changed. It's been the same day since Day One. We never let any outside distractions get to us because we knew everything that was being said wasn't true. So we've just been doing our job and it's been paying off late in the season for us."

"We had the same team, we had the same mindset. We knew everything that was being said wasn't true. It affected us not one bit."

This statement seemed odd to me because while I know the media (as a giant all-encompassing entity) has gotten multiple stories on the scandal completely wrong, to say everything that was being said was untrue is ridiculous.

The media did not cause the scandal. That was conceived within the Dolphins roster and birthed when Martin threw down his lunch tray and left the team.

The media did not force Jonathan Martin to go AWOL. (He did that on his own).

The media did not suspend Richie Incognito. (The Dolphins -- Joe Philbin, onwer Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland -- did that).

The media did not leave any voice mails. (Incognito did that).

The media did not claim there was a physical attack on Martin. (Martin's lawyer did that). By the way, that alleged attack happened at Pouncey's house, a Martin associate has told the Miami Herald.

The media did not start an NFL investigation that compelled practically the entire Dolphins roster, coaches, personnel people and staff, to speak to Wells. (NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, at the request of owner Ross, did that).

So does Pouncey really think the scandal was a media thing?

"No question," Pouncey said. "You don't?"

No. I don't. The media didn't write any texts, either.

"One text," Pouncey said. "What does that mean?"

Obviously all of it means very little within the Dolphins locker room right now. That is perhaps one reason the scandal has not affected the team's ability to get hot and go on a three-game win streak so far this December.

That's good.

But the belief that the whole scandal was largely a media fabrication leaves open the possibility that the same environment that led to the mess remains unchanged and unrepetant because everyone insists nothing wrong happened. Players are convinced that which drove Martin to go AWOL was, well, nothing.

It would be interesting if that's what they're saying to their owner or their coach or the league because it was their owner, who said he was "appalled" by the issue, their coach, who suspended Incognito, and their league, which is still conducting an investigation on the affair.

[NOTE: I've no doubt Dolphins fans feel the same way as the players. Scapegoating the media is convenient and easy. Go for it in the comments section. It is predictable. But dismissing an issue that dominated the organization for nearly an entire month and still may lead to the suspension and/or firing of people as merely a media thing is unwise.]


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Oscar......of course it did not seem overblown to J Mart's family,....after all, he's their little baby boy....(at 6'4 and around 300 pounds...give me a break !!!

Arnsbarger....doesn't matter which games they won or lost...Fins are 8 and 6...if they finish 10 and 6, then that's what they are...what the record says they are...all this coulda , shoulda won that or lost this is just so much hypothetical nonsense..

....who cares if Dansby/Burnett were or weren't all that....we have Ellerbe and Wheeler and Misi now...and they are on the way to a respectable 10 and 6 job , which will be a fantastic improvement over the last few years...so if it pans out this way, how can Ireland be criticized for that?

If you want to criticize Ireland, it would be for not acquiring McKinney until the 23rd hour, when he should have had the LT issue solved before the pre-season games...that for me is his one failure this season..

But I have to give him credit for a lot of his moves this off-season, and have learned to respect him more than I had in the past...maybe he is finally getting it.. hope to Krist anyways!!!!

GO FINS!!!! NO LET DOWN GAME!! Trounce the Bills!!!

I think I have made it abundantly clear that I will ALWAYS defend
my God
my Family
my Country
my Team
and the underdog or weak.

Abuse, berate or threaten any of the above and you get an argument at least....physical at most. I do not apologize for being a MAN. When I'm wrong I MAN up!

Why do you answer for Mark, Bill. Are you him?

Bill, there are plenty of fans go to the game and post, e-mail tweet or talk on the phone, its called multi-tasking.

Marco didn't seem like he was starting a fight, you're taking it too personally if you feel that way. It looked like a friendly ribbing of a fellow fan. No biggy. If you're going to make definitive statements about your beliefs in players you have to accept a little criticism when you are proven wrong. That's the way it goes for those of us who believe and stand by our opinions until we are proven wrong, comes with the territory.

You have been consistently negative toward this team in general constantly pointing out their faults while ignoring their bright spots. That is your right. But I warned you two weeks ago because I've seen it. If you're a fan who spends his whole time criticizing you could be missing something really special. And people like that have a short memory when telling their stories in the future about, "I remember the year the Dolphins did this, I was behind them the whole way".

No, you criticized and nitpicked the entire time. You barely deserve to celebrate anything good that could happen. My friend, a Giants fan, will never live it down. He spent the whole season calling for Coughlin's head, saying Eli would never win a Super Bowl, And that the defensive coaches should have been giving all of the rookies a look in the last four games. They won the Super Bowl after going 9-7 and he acts like he never said any of it.

But we all know, and he has zero credibility when talking football now. He was so negative he never looked for any of the good. Just be careful my friend, all I'm saying.

I believe the n-word will never be neutralized. It will always be a center of controversy and potential powder keg waiting for the right spark. Do not deceive yourselves.

Most of these type kids are of gang or gang like culture.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 18, 2013 at 01:15 PM

Respectfully, this sounds like a white guy's response to something he knows very little about. Rappers watching your kids? Stereotype much? I'm bi-racial and I used to be a rapper (be it a local one) and I went to the University of Virginia. I knew tons of rappers there (some even became regionally famous), from the "hood", and we used the "n" word all the time. And most of us were upstanding individuals. You heard of 2 Chains. The guy has a cookbook out, cooks for his kids, so don't paint everyone with one brush just because you're scared of their gold chains or their braids.

My brother-in-law is a Howard graduate, worked for a President, now owns his own lobbying business in New Jersey, definitely in the 1%, and he calls his own kids little "n's" (I'm not condoning that, just showing you how pervasive the word is even in the upper echelons of black society." The "n" word is here to stay, sorry to tell everyone. Other races will use it when disparaging black people, and black people will use it when disparaging each other or as terms of endearment. That's just how it is. It's a word. It's not a symbol of the racism black people experienced keeping them from achieving their dreams.

So when you stereotype "rappers", then it says more about your small universe of knowledge, which is usually the case when people don't diversify their friends and neighbors and remain clustered in their sheltered homogenous comfort zones. It's going to be a rude awakening for some people when America becomes a minority majority country in 2050. I hope y'all are ready.

mando you know very well the media needs to get its hands on something to make news and then they run with it until everyone throws up from nausea. It has been like this since the beginning of time. That is what the media does. Boring news doesn't sell airtime on TV, it doesn't get readers to follow. Ratings is the name of the game. If you didn't sensationalize it, then readers will follow someone who does. The liberal main stream media eats up bullying, they spend 90 percent of their time looking for victims to exploit. Say what you will Bullying is cool word for media professionals.

Who's are LB coach? To be honest I don't know! But the problem is either the players, their coach or Coyle. There may be a combination working here but I don't know enough inside info to make a determination. I just know something is wrong with this picture!

TYPICAL CRAP!!!!!! AS soon as this team is starting to gel and focusing on making this previously terrible season worthwhile we get this crap from Armando?

Why didn't you wait until the investigation is over to write this,Armando? Why because JT came out and said it was blown out of proportion?

Guess who blew out of proportion? THE MEDIA! Starting with a rabid, salivating ESPN, followed not too far behind by The Herald and Sentinnel. Make all the excuses you want for the media and such but they had a huge part in letting this "story" fester for weeks on end.

I know the media has a job to do. I was on that side of the fence. I also know that non-stories become big ones when they are set on loop for the twenty-four hour spin cycle. The media a lot right. However, today's media seems to eschew the facts and go for good old fashioned yellow, muckraking "journalism.'

In terms of LB's, Ellerbe and Wheeler are a big disappointment and if wasn't for a strong front 4, the fins would be in horrible shape. They will get one more year to prove themselves, but don't be surprised if the fins focus on LB in the late rounds of the draft.

Assuming the Ravens and Fins win out.

Would the Fins make the playoffs?

I think I have made it abundantly clear that I will ALWAYS defend
my God
my Family
my Country
my Team
and the underdog or weak.

Abuse, berate or threaten any of the above and you get an argument at least....physical at most. I do not apologize for being a MAN. When I'm wrong I MAN up!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 18, 2013 at 01:41 PM

Wow I have visions of you now Bill standing behind a Stars and Stripes with your Hood and robes on avec le burning Cross on in your front yard.

From your posts Bill I see you as the Rush Limbaugh of the blog, a narcissistic, right wing pseudo intellectual.

I've never heard you change your mind on a player, or concede any points.

Go read the Post's dear Billbo, there's a good chappie.

Good post DC.

Also, I'll be in my 80's in 2050 so the only thing I'll be ready for is a sponge bath and some murder she wrote in the rec center.

I can appreciate that Martin had difficulties. But they were his difficulties. He allowed himself to be "bullied" which of course he really wasn't. He also allowed himself to be called a name that he later said was racist. But took it none the less at the time. Frankly I think it was Martin's shortcomings on the job that made it more difficult for him to continue. He simply questioned his ability to do the job and the frustration boiled over. His loving Mom and Dad may have been involved in the young man's problems and seen the text and then all hell broke loose. Along the way he met with Jeffy, who decided that this should be taken care of mano a mano which is the dumbest way that Martin could have handled this. If you are going to punch someone, punch him. Don't continue to laugh off insults for a few months and then punch him.
The media turned this little story into a into a three ring circus. Hair on fire, hand wringing full scale hysteria. Preventing concussions, fixing the referee problem and just playing football games were of greater importance than a couple of guys exchanging insults in the locker room.
Martin could no longer handle the pressure of failure. So he blamed his play on Incognito. Incognito isn't the brightest bulb on the branch trying to be a brother when he is not and his use of language was certainly not cool.
The media did feed this story much more attention than was deserved and the team didn't miss a beat and actually got better. So as most coaches do today eff the media.
You want to read a story about eff the media look at the mayor of Toronto. Despite the mayor being a total jerk more people like him in spite of the media witch hunt.

Was there an event? yes. However I am with the majority of people who believe (and know) that today's media is hell bent on sensationalism. I call it "The National Enquirer" mentality. There are a TON of stories both local and national that "The Media" beat to death and make them bigger than they should be. It sell's advertising in newspapers and fills hours on news magazines. C'mon Man!


It wasn't the media. It was social media.

Can't believe how tired I am on hearing so much about nothing. Not talking of this blog but of the media. I suspected weeks ago that their just wasn't much to it. So I tuned out! As I'm going to do now and get a bagel! See you all later


Michael Thomas named AFC defensive player of the week. Also Bills announce Thad Lewis will be QB this weekend. Hopefully the fins will get their revenge on this QB.

Phins 78,

No, its not a joke with Bill, sorry you are giving him credit where he doesn't deserve it. He attacks people on a regular basis and calls everyone out that has a different opinion from his.

During the games Im on the blog, as are other regulars like Sam, Dolphan Rick et al.

I have been backing Thill in all of our games and if Bill had read my posts I've backed him, even after his picks and poor throws.

When any player is under performing its up to us to comment and debate with each other, Bill takes it to a new level and is so predictable with his BS.

I have seen big improvements on Thills game, although he still has a way to go for sure, even he would admit that. I've seen him develop his strengths and improved on some of his weaknesses.

Im as happy as anyone to see this and he is proving me wrong with his turnaround my friend, hopefully the other players that we attack do the same and prove us all wrong !!!

Thad Lewis, yes it revenge time for sure.

Thomas to get more snaps and give R Jones some well deserved time on the bench.

Sure Armando, I'll chime in....

The MEDIA made MUCH more of this than there had to be. You want to argue this? Laughable. I said it at the time. Who talked about the 'facts', without actually KNOWING the facts? The media?

There were multiple stories on here, at a time we SHOULD have been talking about victories. Day after day with this CRAP. You talked about 'code reds', how Philbin 'didn't know what was going on with his own team'. How 'Ireland told Martin to punch Cogs in the face'. Are you denying you said those things, Armando? You REPORTED them. You didn't want to get 'scooped', so you reported them like they were FACTS. You perpetrating this whole thing, like the rest of the media and made this MUCH more than it needed to be. And you did at a time when we SHOULD have been talking about the team. It was National Enquirer time right here on the blog.

Ypu're part of the media, Armando and you piled on like the rest of the media, in the same way that you pile on when a guy like Tyson Clabo is struggling. Man up and take your medicine.

Watch it guys don't say anything negative or your opinion Armando will block you.

Well, we should know Thad Lewis by now. He DID put a # on Us in the last Game.

Armando, if Adam Schefter didn't run to launch the voice mail report after only listening to the first part and refusing to listen to the rest, you might have a leg to stand on

Seems to me the line is playing better minus the two starters fins up baby

Craig M, your comment was so full of errors and outright lies that I'm not going to even bother with you. But for the record, you are wrong on a trillion levels.

If you want me to go through the litany of ways you don't know what you're talking about, feel free to email me and I'll take 20 minutes going through your many mistakes.

Happy to do it, Armando. I'm hear almost every day. I KNOW what I read....

I changed my mind, Craig. Since I'm here and you're "hear" let me expose your mistakes in this open forum:

Yes mando you're right but the media, you specifically, jumped to way to many conclusions and formed your own basis. You were WRONG and stop trying to justify your end. YOU were the one trying to get people fired. Just remember karma is a you know what.

Armando, the Cogs/Martin mess has been quite a career builder for you. Can't blame a man for putting bread on his table guys.

Armando, your name has been tattooed ALL OVER ESPN with the Cogs/Martin mess. I was like, "Go Armando, with your bad self, big timing it with the National Media exposure." :)

Not media fault it started...media certainly made it bigger than it should have been, but not the impetus. The impetus is Jonathan Martin, who instead of taking his issues to Incognito, the coaches or managers, decided to throw the WHOLE team (who gave him his big shot in the 2nd round) under the bus. I'll be shocked if anything earth shattering is revealed in this investigation.

And you're 'not going to bother with me?'

How is it OK that you can write all the crap you did about the whole affair and we can't take issue? Can you explain that? You berated the WHOLE organization, without KNOWING the true facts, why?......because you wanted to be the first to scoop. The whole media did the same thing. It was front and centre on EVERY football show on NFL Network, ESPN, NBC, CBS and FOX. You guys all blew it up, plain and simple.

Funny, Armando....guess you've never heard of 'autocorrect'. But through whatever distractions out there to change the REAL issue if you must.....

excellent point Craig M. That's what it was all about. Now he doesn't want anyone to hold him accountable for HIS mistakes. Mando, you were WRONG!

The issue was one big BORE to start with, Armando. If you want to replay it again, then feel free. I'm not really interested in rehashing what was a NON-story to start with. I'm interested in what happens with this team on the field, not the soap opera you and the rest of the media turned this into.

yea Craig M but that's not what sells or gets you spots on national tv and radio. The field is boring for him. He needs to get a job with TMZ.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 18, 2013 at 02:31 PM

Its his job to blow the story out of the water, it was great copy for a few weeks.

We should thank Mando for bringing the team together.

Since, 'bullygate', we have unified the locker room and found a reason to fight, with an, 'us against the world mentality'. Before B-gate we were a mess my friends.


If that was Armando's intention, then hats off to him. Unfortunately, I don't believe that's what he intended.

Craig M,

You probably loved the story, it had it all, racism, bullying, class war and political correctness.

Our locker room has been reinforced since the 'Scandal', asides from the Bucs giveaway games and the heartbreaking loss to the Panthers we have been playing very well. Cheers to the media and hacks for giving the team some unity to fight the world... GGGRRRRRRRR !!!

Assuming the Ravens and Fins win out.

Would the Fins make the playoffs?

yes, Bengles would be out.

Craig M:

You say I talked about Code Reds? Yes, I talked about how the Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post reported that's what was happening ... And eventually, when I got to the bottom of it, I was the only one who reported it was not true.

You say I talked about Philbin not knowing what was going on? Yes, because Joe Philbin said he did not know of anything that was going on. And to this day, he maintains he does not know what was going on. So what is your problem with me reporting what the head coach said?

You say I talked about how Ireland told Martin to punch Incognito? Again, you don't have any idea what you are reading because that came from ProFootballTalk and I was the one who reported it was out of context. So did you miss that, too?

I reported these things as if they were facts? Another lie. I actually told folks here who was reporting it. ON the Code Red I initially said "if this is true" and then I was the only one who refuted the reports. So out of all that how do you get that I reported them as facts?

As for what posts on this blog, Craig M, you don't get to decide that. You are welcome to come here and misread as much as you like, but you don't have a say what I post. At the time this was happening, as the events were changing, as the news -- such as Martin leaving, missing the game, the Dolphins releasing statements (3 of them in one day, by the way), Incognito denying everything, then the Dolphins suspending him, then the owner going on national TV and holding a press conference, then the investigation being called by the NFL commissioner, Philbin making statements in press conferences, a grievance being filed, a national TV interview by Incognito, an appeals to the grievance, the suspension being extended, etc., etc., I suppose you would have liked for me to ignore all that and focus on Miami's kickoff return stats.


The fact remains last week I told you folks that the Dolphins were focused on football. I told you the investigation would come out after the Super Bowl. I told you Incognito would agree to extend his suspension so he didn't have to take a big punishment in 2014. I told you the way this was going.

The posts are the posts.

Your revisionist history of what I wrote or said or did Craig M is wrong. And offensive.

Wow Craig, you seem to have upset Armando today. I had no idea you were such a powerful figure on this blog my friend ?

Wow!!! Last time someone schooled somebody else this bad, it was Michael Jordan doing it to the Utah Jazz.

Good job Mando.

So Armando,

According to you, the media didn't make more out of this story than needed to be made. Everybody got up on their soapbox, including you and talked about the 'culture with the Dolphins', without actually knowing what they were talking about.

Its what you guys do. You stretch the truth. You make things worse than they are. Bad news sells. Sensationalism.....its journalism 101. Not sure how you think your hands are clean in this, Armando.

'It's offensive'? Since when did having an opinion about something become 'offensive'? You want 'offensive', you should hang around this blog a bit more. On the next page there's a guy volunteering to 'take me out'. I suppose that's ok, right?

The dream senario is the Pats losing both games and us winning both.

Fins win division and Pats miss playoffs due to tie breaker loss against Cincy.

if we win division i believe that would give us the 2 seed over Cincy and Indy....WOW, please lord make that happen...


Too bad if Armando is upset. I didn't like the way he handled any of this a few weeks ago. I stopped reading it, it became such a soap opera. Post after post about this stuff, when none of us actually knew the 'facts'. He ADDED to it whether he think so or not.

The comments fly like crazy on here with no consequences and because I'm questioning the way Armando handled all this, now all of a sudden it's 'offensive'.....ridiculous!

Well, I remember Armando telling us repeatedly that we didn't know all the facts and to withhold judgment. I also remember him correcting the record multiple times when he didn't really have to and other media were going nuts.

You're barking up the wrong tree Craig.

Wally, that would be nice, but those Ravens have slugged out so many wins from nothing it worries me.

The Bills and Jets are there to be taken by force, we have to go all out, just as we did with the Pats. We should come out firing against the Bills and the balls Philbin finally showed with last Sunday, should be on display to all the fans again in Buffalo.

Not that I actually want him to get them out on the field... way to cold for that my friend.



Craig M,

Fair comment then my friend. Mando does love the debate and has no taboos, which is the joy of this forum.

At least he has the respect to take the time to come back to you though, very commendable no ?

On the next page there's a guy volunteering to 'take me out'. I suppose that's ok, right?

Posted by: Craig M | December 18, 2013 at 02:52 PM

I'm just 1 of many. Also, you asked for someone to do it. Stop making attention needy posts & expect no reply. You ninny goat!

Yes it was overblown. A lot apparently. Especially since now the NFL/ESPN are covering positive stories about Incognito (basically the I'm sorry).

Probably the facts:

Martin is:
A) Mentally unstable
B) Giant Sandy V
C) Mix of A & B

1 of many,

I think what you should be saying is '1 of many names'......cause thats who you are, pal. You jump around using multiple names, trying to make your points. You're the SAME guy, in here 24/7.

So here's your chance to clarify, are you THREATENING me, tough guy? What is it you're suggesting, so we can bring an end to YOU on this blog. Come on man.....step out. What is it you REALLY want to say...do it!

The hit and run media.

start running.

The Bullygate commentary from AS, was pointing out the lack of control and leadership that was apparent at the time.

The story made the whole organisation shape up and much of what Mando wrote about needed to be stated.

At least AS has the balls to confront the FO and Philbin on their weaknesses, most of his questions and commentary came from the, 'state of the locker room', rather than the context of the story itself.

Craig Mando has to 'spice' the copy at times, its part of the business. Sure you have your reasons for going for it with him and good for you for taking on the battle.

the funny thing is they report all this bs and tarnish peoples reputations and at the end of the day say it wasn't me. I was just doing my job. Get the hell outta here. And then you claim to be religious. Don't be a hypocrite man.

report the facts when you have all of them. Same crap with the Winston case. All these media outlets report half truths or speculation.

The MEDIA sensationalized the story. People like ARMANDO "the GAY BLADE" SALGUERO, called for peoples JOBS before the FACTS came out. Most, not ALL, but MOST of the media did the same thing. Mandois' rush to judgment is only surpassed by his inability to admit that he is aprt of the problem.

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