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Mike Pouncey: NFL scandal 'wasn't true'

If you read today that Jason Taylor, on a committee appointed by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to institute a code of locker room conduct, believes the Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito scandal was 'overblown' you probably should not be suprised.

It seems many Dolphins players believe the issue was overblown and some blame the media for the scandal.

Number starting center Mike Pouncey, a person of interest in the investigation conducted by Ted Wells, as one of those thinking the scandal was a media fabrication that he says "wasn't true."

'"All along we've known we done things the right way," Pouncey said. "That hasn't changed. It's been the same day since Day One. We never let any outside distractions get to us because we knew everything that was being said wasn't true. So we've just been doing our job and it's been paying off late in the season for us."

"We had the same team, we had the same mindset. We knew everything that was being said wasn't true. It affected us not one bit."

This statement seemed odd to me because while I know the media (as a giant all-encompassing entity) has gotten multiple stories on the scandal completely wrong, to say everything that was being said was untrue is ridiculous.

The media did not cause the scandal. That was conceived within the Dolphins roster and birthed when Martin threw down his lunch tray and left the team.

The media did not force Jonathan Martin to go AWOL. (He did that on his own).

The media did not suspend Richie Incognito. (The Dolphins -- Joe Philbin, onwer Stephen Ross, general manager Jeff Ireland -- did that).

The media did not leave any voice mails. (Incognito did that).

The media did not claim there was a physical attack on Martin. (Martin's lawyer did that). By the way, that alleged attack happened at Pouncey's house, a Martin associate has told the Miami Herald.

The media did not start an NFL investigation that compelled practically the entire Dolphins roster, coaches, personnel people and staff, to speak to Wells. (NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, at the request of owner Ross, did that).

So does Pouncey really think the scandal was a media thing?

"No question," Pouncey said. "You don't?"

No. I don't. The media didn't write any texts, either.

"One text," Pouncey said. "What does that mean?"

Obviously all of it means very little within the Dolphins locker room right now. That is perhaps one reason the scandal has not affected the team's ability to get hot and go on a three-game win streak so far this December.

That's good.

But the belief that the whole scandal was largely a media fabrication leaves open the possibility that the same environment that led to the mess remains unchanged and unrepetant because everyone insists nothing wrong happened. Players are convinced that which drove Martin to go AWOL was, well, nothing.

It would be interesting if that's what they're saying to their owner or their coach or the league because it was their owner, who said he was "appalled" by the issue, their coach, who suspended Incognito, and their league, which is still conducting an investigation on the affair.

[NOTE: I've no doubt Dolphins fans feel the same way as the players. Scapegoating the media is convenient and easy. Go for it in the comments section. It is predictable. But dismissing an issue that dominated the organization for nearly an entire month and still may lead to the suspension and/or firing of people as merely a media thing is unwise.]


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How about the whole thing with Ireland asking dezs mom was a prostitute???Another thing blown outta proportion. Dez said his father was a pimp. So Ireland said what does your mom do and he said she works for my dad. So obviously the next question would be is your mom a prostitute. But once again the first 2 questions weren't reported until later so it made it seem like he asked him that question outta the blue just to see his reaction.

If my kid worked in the media ill tell friends he was a drug dealer.

Armando really is a glutton for punishment. He writes these articles then gets hard reading the responses. What a sick little freak.

Right on Gene Simmons, Armondo is very guilty.

Posted by: Marco | December 18, 2013 at 01:50 PM

As I stated I could care less what you think of me buddy....I exposed you as a TROLL a long time ago....you seem obsessed with me...reading what I write when your not on here and then DEMAND I read what you write when Im not on here. You get very personal with anybody that disagrees with you. You have even posted stuff using my name, it has been pointed out to me, when Im not on here. I use my real name and do not hide in shadows. Yes I will defend exactly what I posted earlier and if that makes me Rush Limbaugh as you put it then so be it!
You my friend are a useless punk. You are not a man. You trashed Tannehill with false lies and facts for well over 6 months...now you just cannot man up. Just what I expected from a TROLL.
Please do not respond Im done with you...your like that gum that gets stuck on the bottom of my shoe!!


I agree, the media does NOTHING AND THEY SHOULD CONTINUE TO DO SO, go back to doing the comics, you are a very funny person!

I think Armando has been more than fair in his reporting of the bully scandal. He was reporting to the Herald readers what other news outlets were reporting. I think more to show how outrageous some of the things were.

Yo...fellow football fans...talking football is fun..

...disagreeing with another persons opinions is fine .... ...can even be fun....

....taking personal shots and calling names......ehhhhh, not so much...

....why not keep the convo to the Dolphins and the surprisingly entertaining football season they are playing......


Media causing the scandel, no.. national media blowing it out of proportion prior to getting all of the facts, guilty.
And its exactly what Martin and his family wanted to happen

The media reporting of this situation, as it is with so many, is akin to them pouring gasoline on a spark and then claiming that it was at full blaze when they got there.

I do not blame the media I blame two people, first Martin who was too soft to play in the NFL and was a terrible LT so instead of trying to get better he quit on his team. Second I blame his lawyer mother for making up this whole thing based on a few texts and other normal locker room behavior just so that her baby son did not have to repay his signing bonus. Martin got home told her that he did not want to play anymore and his big time lawyer mother (who just happened to specialize in harassment suits) concocted a story so he gets paid. Wells has figured that out also that is why he is not interviewing any other Dolphins and only talked to Martin again.

Put this behind a paywall too. Dumb fks are unbearable. Suckers and hypocrites. Too stupid to realize it.

No one with any sense cares about your laughable opinions or concepts of 'the media'. The media is simply PART OF the same business complex made up of the NFL, the advertisers and media corporations (cable, satellite and networks) that spoon feed it all to you.

Despite your complaining and pathetic indignation, you'll still watch sh!tty ESPN analysis shows, buy garbage pizza, InBev beer, Doritos, NFL Game Ticket, overpriced jerseys, $14 Rolling Rocks and $20 hamburgers and watch the SAME MEDIA CONGLOMERATE corporation's ads on Sunday, Monday and Thursday.

Why? Because you are moronic fans of teams and players that couldn't give a rat's ass about you. Only your money. And, when the Dolphin's blow two games you'll be back here blaming Ireland or Philbin or Tannehill --- they'll be on 2 month paid vacation. 'Media' always wins. You always lose.

Pouncey is right (the whole scandal is a media fabrication) and you are wrong Armando;

Fact: As you state Martin left the team (went AWOL)
Fact: the media (not the dolphins) reported he went AWOL and listed the reason as being bullied.
Fact: either Omar, Armando, or one of the South Florida media reported a code red, coaches involvement, and many other things without verifying the source or the statement, and the national media ran with these stories until they had to retract their reports.
Even above you soften the tone of your article by saying the alleged attack was at Pouncey's home; so let me ask you this then if Martin was having trouble with his teammates why was he at Pouncey's house (after work) where anything that goes on is not relevant to football and you have no verification an attack did occur.

Denial ain't just a River!

I have said all along it was an overblown story from the start. MEDIA DRIVEN!!!!!

They are the most irresponsible people on earth.

The media is 10% to blame. Jonathan Judas Martin the crybaby is 90% to blame.

Mando, The dolphins created the incident. The media made it a scandal. If they were a one loss team it wouldn't have been nearly as big a story. Because they were struggling it got piled on. THAT'S BULLYING !!!!

Philbin deserves a lot of credit. He beat Belicheat at his own game. I knew Belicheat would take our best playmaker "CLAY" out of the game. Philbin took out vereen thee one player i feard would kill us. He went after Hightower on the final TD. Hightower has been a liability in coverage for them all year. I love the fact we went for it on forth down late in the game. A lot of coaches would have punted and tried to hold them useing their time outs. Philbin wasn't going to let the Pats dictate the end of the game.

Heard John Madden say on the radio today that he would vote for Philbin for coach of the year. Although i don't think Madden is a brain surgeon. He was a successful NFL coach and knows what it takes to lead a NFL team.

Pouncey didn't say the media fabricated it, it said they made a big deal out of something that wasn't a big deal.
For example, is it the media's fault that Tebow can't get a backup QB job somewhere? Yes absolutely. No team is willing to take a chance because the media makes him a bigger deal than he is.

The main thing that set this whole thing on fire was the Richie Incognito voicemail ... the problem many of the Dolphins players have with this is it is largely taken out of context. It was a joke inside the locker room as Martin shared this with teammates and not all of it was played but pieces were selected to make it seem like it was a threat on Martin (it also has been said nobody sees what Richie said as racist or threatening). This is not the case and I'm sure many Dolphins players didn't see what Richie was doing a problem. If he didn't speak up to anyone or say anything than how are people supposed to know he is bothered, the stuff that was going on is common place. How can not one person have a problem with it, veterans who have been on other teams or others alike .... the real problem is Richie had history and once Martin left he wanted his $$$$$$$, the only way to get that was to come up with a story so long as it was all believable.

The media dove in and bit hook line ... they were posting stories about the voicemail with nothing else on it, they did not even ask about the other 1500 or so text messages sent back and forth from the so called bully and victim. This all along has been about money and nothing else, the media was used as a tool so Martin could get his after he walked away (and he did) and now the Dolphins have to also pay Incognito so he stays away.

Mando, you are coming off as a hypocrite. You jumped immediately on the goodell, media bandwagon. Everyone with any common sense knew this was all about a flake in Martin, and media bull crap pushing an agenda.

Armando, No way I'm going let you take a pass on the media involvement in this issue! This whole thing engulfed the media for weeks with each "deadbeat" writer trying to conjure up some new angle before his competition did, all from a non-story. You know as well as us that the behavior in a locker room cannot be judged by outsiders--- the outsiders are not part of the bonding that goes into making a team out of 53 individuals. At the very beginning of this story it came out that the black players viewed Ritchie as more black that Jonathan. That right there should have killed the story dead. BUT NOOOOOOO, the media (pronounced Armando, for one) just had to milk this everyday until true fans like myself wanted to puke all over you picture next to your column. So yes its the media that blew this into a big deal!!!!

I agree that most media and people have no clue and don't understand what goes on in a football, hockey, sports locker room in general. Sports are not for the weak hearted or weak headed. I remember in high school there was a player who was a little timid when it came to tackling and we literally beat on him in the locker room and showers, and teased him, called him gay, a pussy etc, whipped him with towels, all well the coach a teacher watched and laughed along with us. The weak do not survive in sports especially violent ones like football and hockey. I agree Incognito is a bully and every team needs one and has some, they make sure everyone is pulling their weight and motivate some by fear of failure. Jonathan Martin sounds like a weak willed individual who couldn't handle the football culture and would have or should have quit on his own, without blaming and dragging others into it. The media do manipulate the truths, but I don't blame them as the same thing happened in New Orleans with bountygate. These matters are supposed to stay behind closed doors and dealt with internally. There is an unwritten code or ethics among teammates and teams. Martin did not adhere to the code and did not belong on the team. That being said they are better off without Martin. I do not condone Incognito's words and actions, but understand and agree with the role he had in the locker room as a leader.

Lol defend yourself, while you should have waited for more credible facts, one thing that gets swept under the rug is that supposed victims also have other motives for accusing people of wrongdoings, which seems more evident here, but I will wait until the investigation is over before I form a complete opinion.......

It's difficult to pinpoint the media's responsibility in this entire Martin/Incognito scandal. Like Armando points out, the media didn't drop the N bombs, do the texting or tray slamming, et al. But they offered their opinions before many of the facts came in-- and let's face it, the facts still are not all in. But columnists like Armando are under presser to be current and to make sense of confusing situations and so they make tentative judgments, often accurately, often not so accurately, because the culture we live in, and they work in, needs answers immediately. Patience is a lost virtue.

And when we blame the media each media person reacts like we're targeting them personally. Armando, you are particularly defensive in this regard. Now whether you are personally responsible for inciting the mob mentality that developed around this incident is really not germane because the reality is that talking heads from every news source weighed in and came to judgments about both Martin and Incognito based on heresay. And as a member of the media I find that atrocious. Whatever happened to reporting the news and not stamping it with your own personal opinion? Journalistic credibility in this country is at an all-time low and I find your inability to see this bigger picture particularly troubling.

Never believed Martin, the media did exactly what momma Martin wanted, so now those mean coaches that demoted her perfect baby will get what they have coming to them. Typical left coast crap and a whimpy 325 big weirdo son of theirs.

Mando, love you buddy but you are wrong on this one as the Media made this issue the runaway train that it was early on and Mr. Ross had to over react as a PR move to get ahead of the story and calm things down. Martin is the one that feed this monster by having his people leak things right and left with half truths. While the media is not responsible for the issue, they are responsible for totally blowing it into what it became without all of the facts.

Repent for what ? My God, you and your media friends
are eat-up with Social-Worker myopia. Please put that
latest picture of yourself ( logo ) atop your columns
in that rag of a newspaper you work for. At least then
you would "look" mature. Keep up the good work, and Go Dolphins !!

Haven't read all posts. ESPN cut end of voicemail so they could advance their racist storyline. Adam S or his boss purposely did this. They knowingly lied for ratings and convicted RI for the almighty dollar. Mark Schlereth and Tom Jackson were the worst offenders that I heard. They should be sued and ESPN should be held accountable and publicly apologize.

I moved away from Miami 36 years ago, but have been a life long Dolphins fan! I don't understand how this man can be call one of the dolphins reporters for the Miami paper? What idiot paper would let a person working for them try to trash the hometown team during this playoff push? This is a sad sad day, I have read and listen to a lot of work and he piles on when it's bad and hops on when it's good! Then he try's to buddy up and he like a cancer trying to eat away at the foundation of the team again! Your sick and should wait till all the facts come out!!!!!

DC Dolfan,

Blacks will not become an overall majority in 2050 because they have the highest concentration of abortions (which I am against, BTW). This is not a stereo type, this is a fact and can be verified by many sources. It is also a fact that the majority of rappers selling the use of the n-word are black, too. Neither of these two facts should be blamed on whites. Other things like American slavery, yes, but let us not forget that thousands of whites gave up their lives to free them. The US is not divided by black and white. It is divided by racists and non-racists, (whether they be black or white) We're all humans. If I could snap my fingers and make both black and white racism go away I would.
BTW, slavery still exists in the world,(mostly Asian). What are we doing about it???

The problem with the media is that they do not keep things in perspective. They went for the sensational and opinions of those who new nothing about the situation. I continue to read your blog because, all in all, while I think you have gone over the edge at times your reporting and opinions have been balanced. I can't say that about other media outlets, especially national media outlets, who made the big splash and moved on. I can't wait to see how the Wells report is reported.

Other than the 'N word' issue, all of this was overblown by the media and shows how they are either clueless or are just intent on capturing attention at all costs. The things that happened are the same kinds of things that happened in my high school jv football, varsity baseball, marching band locker rooms. That stuff even happened on my intramural flag football team in college. FIU media should investigate those flag football teams. Lots to find there. FOH!!!


I said it then, and I will repeat it, the media CREATED the majority of this story. Sure, you can say that the media didn't directly perform any of those actions, but OTHER than the Martin actions (i.e. throwing tray, leaving team, quitting....) most of this is happening in many (dare I say the majority of)NFL locker rooms. Players of all races and ethnicity are NOT-PC with each other, imagine that!!!! The media loves PC, they love to have a victim and an antagonist (guess who...). Well the Dolphin players, to their credit, were having NONE of it. Incognito, probably correctly, will pay for this AND past transgressions but ultimately this will be viewed as a grossly over-reported event. I can only hope that it galvanized the Dolphins some as a team.

If you want to split hairs about the meaning of the word "fabrication" that's your prerogative. But there can be no dispute that the media completely inflated this into a scandal and expressed virtually no skepticism when it came to context or Martin's motivation. It's really indefensible.

Football is a game of bullying, if you can do it. It involves physically overpowering other players, often taunting them and intimidating them if possible. There's a lot of money involved. To say that it's not for the sensitive or the faint of heart is an understatement. A football locker room at any level is not a Leo Buscaglia hugging session.

Martin did not have the mental toughness to play in the NFL. That's a given. He was also failing. That's another given. Ingognito is a nutcase and an idiot. Martin broke down. It probably happens often, but it's internalized. Martin went public. The media jumped on the story. That's what the media does. Since an NFL locker room is not open to the public, they had to rely on hearsay, and got a lot of things wrong. Hard to blame them for doing their job. I doubt that they acted with malice toward Martin, Incognito or the team.

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