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Ross: 'We're going to look at everything'

Steve Ross came out of the Dolphins locker room after Sunday's 20-7 loss and basically announced no one's job is safe.

"I'm making no comment on that," he stated before adding, "We're going to look at everything."

My question to Ross was whether he knew 100 percent he was definitely going to retain or fire anyone -- including general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin.

"I'm disappointed," he said before that. "What else can I tell you? For everybody, you know? I have a lot to think about.

"I'm going to look at everything. When you're disappointed you don't make decisions based on the fly. You have to give it a lot of thought and go look at everything."

Ross said he was feeling pretty good about his team two weeks ago when they were 8-6 and playing Buffalo and New York next. He expected to be in the playoffs.

"Of course we were. Sure," he said. "To have something like this -- to lose the last two games -- I'm disappointed for everyone."

It's clear Ireland, the team's GM, has been in a tenuous situation this year. There have been times he's been seemingly on the outs. Ross a couple of months ago told him he was safe.

But now after this collapse Ireland's status is again uncertain. Team insiders have believed that Philbin, who helped the Dolphins navigate through the NFL scandal and reach to the precipice of a playoff berth, seemed safe.

Now, that is also in question because the Dolphins failed terribly the final two games of the season against teams that had losing records going into the meeting with Miami. The Buffalo loss last week was bad. This 20-7 loss to Jets was worse.

Ross was apparently ready to excuse the first. But the second?

"The team's played well. We had one bad game," he said.

But today?

"You expect to win."


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why haven't I been fired yet today ??? WHY ???

It is a great humiliation loss for the last 2 games. first of all Tannehil the quarterback did not make a play at all, he should not be a starting quarterback. He can be a good clip holder, this guy is a dumb quarterback so afraid that when it pressured he cant make any play but turnover. The coaching was so horrific, we need smart coaches around to turn around this franchise. The defense was so awful, they can not stop a run. They replace older LB with 2 young LB and the results are horrible. Whoever is making the decision to add talents this person is very dumb. They need to REDO the defense specially at the line to stop the run. The offensive line is decent enough, it is the Qaurterback play that need to improve.

has anyone seen my brother Diarrhea Ireland?? people are saying I'm as big a joke as the Dolphins

DEFinFan....u are so rite. Hilarious snapcount...I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE! I thought going into the Jets game (after Buffalo figured it out) things would change. Now my head really hurts!

Ross has no knowledge of football. His coaches stink everyone. Only reason Philbin no HC he never ever called a offensive play in GB. Ireland shouldn't even be in football he`s lousy. Last great owners he had were the Robbie family. As long as Ross owns the team Miami Dolphins are going no where WHAT~S THE BOTTOM LINE.

The more I think about it, the more I believe the Dolphins will do nothing in the offseason. Ross has no backbone, and he's incapable of firing Ireland or Philbin. Those guys aren't going to fire Sherman and Coyle, which means we're coming back next year with another mediocre team, and another wasted draft.

This team isn't worth following.


Obviously Fins fans are mad! Im pretty pissed at our last 2 games but I dont think starting over is the answer thats why we are in this situation in the first place! We have talent and I think Ireland has done a decent job with picks and cap space! Hey you can only accomplish so much in 2 years! If he didnt spend on free agents people would bitch about that! Long and Bush wanted too much money!I say at least 1 more year! Look at the mess a lot of other teams are in! Its a long season and I think we made strides! Anyways its not up to me I say Go Joe Jeff and Go FINS!!!

Why did we get rid of DC Nolan we need better Corners to back up starters Grimes and Patterson very good then what Carol is terrible Sherman has no creative ideas and would love to see Tannie hit some deep balls and I think LBs will get better with more reps (hit harder at goal line and wrap up)

People that say Tannehill is the worst are just emotional. Best to ignore them. I bet they were singing his praises when he played very well to beat Indy, Pats, Bengals and Chargers who all are, coincidentally, in the playoffs.

If he improves as much from 2nd to 3rd year as he did 1st to 2nd then look out.

Yes he was bad vs Bills but Russell Wilson also sucked that week with a rating of 49.6. People have bad weeks, it happens. He did get injured vs the Bills and maybe he was not 100% vs the Jets and possibly should have not played at all.

Since Marino the Dolphins have not been good at QB. Tannehill gives us some hope, we cannot keep changing that position. If he regresses next year then we can discuss options. Until then fire Sherman and fix the OL and stop opposing rush.

What happen to the wild cat we started it, and where the best at it, then we just pissed it a way. Don't you think Tebow would have been a good addition to bring the wild cat that's what he pretty much did in Gainesville. We got rid of a lot of good player long ago, lets not do that again, but we do need a good offensive line.

We were out coached by rex Ryan bottom line soft soft soft, get someone who can draft wevwere 4/3 against playoff teamsthere is hope shermons gotta go need a lb and o lineman if Tannehill keeps improving who knows dont let another draft happen under Irelands watch

The New York Jets and The San Deigo Chargers Should Award Ryan Mr Interception Tannehil The Game Ball And a Small Dip Of Cash For Helping Them Keep The Jets Coaches Job. And Helping The Chargers Make Playoffs. What a Loser When you throw 17 Interceptions the Same Exact Number As your Jersey You Got to Send Him Down The Road and Let Him Go Move Around. Mr. Ross Go Get Michael Vick He Would Be a Better Fit .P.S Those Last 3 Picks Really Help A lot Of People Get Rich With The Odds in Vegas RYAN STOP LYING YOUR NOT A QB YOUR A WANNA BE....LIKE.I SAID YOU NEED TO BE REWARDED WHO WERE YOU THROWING AT? JETS WERE PICKING HIS NOSE FINDING THE GIVE IT WAY HOLES HE PROVIDED. GET THOSE WORMS YOUR GOING FISHING.LOL LOL LMAO

Bill Polian built the Bills of yesteryear and built the Colts of today .That would be a great choice

All coaches should be fired, a new regime should have full accountability for results, no half ass solutions. Also the biggest question is "who will replace them?" Ross is spending a lot if money for nothing, unfortunately.

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