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Ross: 'We're going to look at everything'

Steve Ross came out of the Dolphins locker room after Sunday's 20-7 loss and basically announced no one's job is safe.

"I'm making no comment on that," he stated before adding, "We're going to look at everything."

My question to Ross was whether he knew 100 percent he was definitely going to retain or fire anyone -- including general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin.

"I'm disappointed," he said before that. "What else can I tell you? For everybody, you know? I have a lot to think about.

"I'm going to look at everything. When you're disappointed you don't make decisions based on the fly. You have to give it a lot of thought and go look at everything."

Ross said he was feeling pretty good about his team two weeks ago when they were 8-6 and playing Buffalo and New York next. He expected to be in the playoffs.

"Of course we were. Sure," he said. "To have something like this -- to lose the last two games -- I'm disappointed for everyone."

It's clear Ireland, the team's GM, has been in a tenuous situation this year. There have been times he's been seemingly on the outs. Ross a couple of months ago told him he was safe.

But now after this collapse Ireland's status is again uncertain. Team insiders have believed that Philbin, who helped the Dolphins navigate through the NFL scandal and reach to the precipice of a playoff berth, seemed safe.

Now, that is also in question because the Dolphins failed terribly the final two games of the season against teams that had losing records going into the meeting with Miami. The Buffalo loss last week was bad. This 20-7 loss to Jets was worse.

Ross was apparently ready to excuse the first. But the second?

"The team's played well. We had one bad game," he said.

But today?

"You expect to win."


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I have been saying for awhile if Ireland is fired we should promote Brian Gaine to GM and Nat Moore to Asst GM.

Now I'm not so sure. Maybe we're not as close as I thought. We need someone with some pedigree. My first thought is Bill Polian. If he will have us.

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You got me fraud. I'm drunk, tired and angry. Been thinking of the Cowboys of last few years and how Jones interferes and the team disappoints.

The second team KC Chiefs is playing more heart than the Fins showed the last two games.

True that TF

austin @ 5:28

My recollection of Alex Smith in SF was that he got benched every year except for Harbaugh season 1.

To tell you guys the TRUTH, expect no GREAT IMPROVEMENTS for AT LEAST 2 YEARS.


This current roster is MORE OF A MESS than many of you realize.

The coaching has hung thill out to dry with no oline and no running game. They are doing the same thing they did to Henne. Screw with his mind.

The GM has not brought in an oline. A couple of OK guys but for the most part pretty freaking weak.

Our backfield is poor at best. I won't say terrible. We have 3 scat backs. My granma can knock them down. You shouldn't be able to consistently knock a back down by tackling him around the shoulders. DT's shoulders are not square to the tackler and he give a tackler his back.

Wide receivers are good.

The defense needs better scheming. Very Very Very one dimensional.

Coaching is poor. We don't adjust at halftime. We don't have a game plan. The team is not ready to play every game. How many times have I seen our D coordinators going over pictures on the sideline. Uh never. How about the OC. Nope. Our clock management stunk the house out. We are telegraphing everything we do. Philbin, who I thought would be good seems more like a nice guy with football knowledge.

The Incognito thing was crap. Incognito's punishment was to severe to the crime committed. Face it, his whole career may be ruined because of what he perceives as a misunderstanding. Millions of dollars on the line. A banker does get fined that much for tax evasion. Philbin could have said, We sent Cogs out for some sensitivity training and he plays next week. We have a game to win. Any more of that stuff and he is gone.

I don't expect Super Bowls. I expect a team to be ready to compete on the field. Save for about 4 games this year the team really sucked big time.

Yep I am mad. CYA next week

Lets go San Diego. At least you guys have some balls.

It was obvious once Pioli moved from New England that the success he had was more Bellichick and Brady and less Pioli. I'd say give Gruden complete control and see where we go from there. Can't be any worse.

Sherman and Ireland should not even see tomorrow as Dolphin employees. Based on the preparation and motivation for final 2 games, I would say that Philbin is a Dead man Walking as well. This is a performance industry...this staff is lousy and the front office has sucked for years!

Ross stated at the beginning of the season he expected at least the playoffs and the very least a winning season. Well he got neither.

Philbin's chances of staying around really went down bigtime after today's game. Ross has stood beside Philbin, but he did the same for Sporano then went looking for a new HC, ~I expect the same.

Ross didn't get to where he is by being a nice guy, he will go with the best option. Ireland will go first, then the new GM will go after his coach, his coach will go after a new QB and so on.

I am watching the Chiefs vs. Chargers game. Chase Daniel looks great at the QB position. We must have been blind looking at Tannehill. Chase Daniels has very good awareness when you compare him to Tannehill.

George Steinbrenner was also very meddlesome.

when you don't get your team ready for two games that you must win to get into the playoffs you deserved to be fired. start with ireland and clean out everybody below him. I've never been this sick about a dolphins team. we have good players. those players weren't prepared today and haven't been all season. we ve been running the same 10 offensive plays all year. not one wrinkle, not one change. you could get an elementary kid to run a better offense. it is the most predictable offense i have ever seen at any level. i ran more complex and intelligent offensive schemes in pop warner football. our players were not prepared. good bye coaches!

exposing the fraud, yes, and if smith played for the dolphins, tannehill would sit behind him.


The Miami Dolphins are not a playoff team thus they are not in, that should be clear to everyone. This loss has to be on the entire team and organization for poor decisions such as the offensive line and going with a quarterback who is not a franchise QB; He throws high, long, short on passes that can make a difference. It's just not there. The self proclaimed GM's on this site are clueless for drinking the T-hill Kool-Aid. This guy is not accurate enough to lead any team to the playoffs. Teams can play their DB's close because they just do not respect T-hill's deep ball. He is often high with passes which get tipped for an interception by the safety who is out of the play. What do you site GM's not understand about accuracy in a quarterback and how that results in points possession time and keeping the defense off the field. T-hill was protected enough today and still missed high and deep and so it goes. The Jet's are not a good team but they won; go figure it out this off season site GM's.

one thing lost in all of this is that miami is one antonio brown toe tap away from the most ignominious loss in franchise history. aside from new england minus gronkowski, this last month has been nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

Just about anybody with NFL experience would be better than Sherman as OC. Leslie Frazier is reportedly done in Minny. He would be a decent DC. I'm on board with Lovie Smith as HC. Have no clue to who he would want as GM.

I hear that 'Bama coach is pretty good...

See, when you try to take down these Big guys, you start in their pockets. Attempted suicide is a very serious thing.

Feel better now, ranting for heads to roll?

You know nothing will change.

O, and no reputable coach would take this job. That's why we have Philbin, bless his heart.

Let's face it, the glory of this franchise has long departed.

The next regime is going to have to decide if Tannehill is going to be the man at QB. Based on what I saw today, I would not do it. I would start all over. Johny Manziel may be available. Rithe now it looks like we may be picking 13- 17.

At the very least, I would bring in competition from a young QB. I really like Aaron Murray. I think that he would be a steal in the 3rd round. Perhaps you give Tannehill, next season to Tannehill and if he does not flourish next year, turn the team over to Aaron Murray.

Now's the time to revisit Bill Cowher as head over Football Operations. He or Polian.

Before we can even consider landing a competent hc, credibility has first got to be RESTORED with this franchise.

Don't forget Grime's a fa, Ross' next move could loom large as to whether Grimes decides to stay or go.

Anyone watching the Chiefs playing when they have nothing to play for in terms of seeding?

Not sure why your on the bash Tannehill bandwagon now Orlando. Kid is just in his second year and hasn't had much blocking, decent play calling and lost a favorite target early with the Gibson injury.

Maybe Tannys the guy maybe not but lets get some new coaches and let them decide.

Geno Smith had several overthrows today but the Jets let him use his legs and he was helped by a creative gameplan like the huge halfback pass.


Chase Daniel has a QB coach in Any Reid. Andy could run circles around this team.

I watched a Dolphins team the last 2 weeks that looked very much like the dolphins team that lost 4 straight in Oct. This team has no heart. no drive and no direction from the coaches.
Where is the fire?
Where is the player that kicks over the Gatorade table?
Where is the coach or player that gets in somebodies face?
I will answer all 3 questions....The Dolphins do not have that person!! Until they do we NEVER WIN ANYTHING.
I have been a huge Tannehill supporter. I said that if by seasons end I did not see CONTINUED improvement from our QB that would change. My support has changed. Tannehill will NEVER be a CHAMPION QB in NFL. It is time for a new GM that hires a new coach that hires a new QB. Here we go with another 3 year rebuild!!

Angry Elf,

A reputable coach would take this job with the right GM and if you show him the money. It is up to Ross to make it happen. He needs to talk to his football advisors (he has to have some) and ask what do I have to do to get that great coach here. They will probably say that it starts with the GM.

Anyone watching what an easy time the Pats are having running on the Bills?

173yds rushing at the half. We managed 14 for the entire games.

It all begins at the top so Ross should fire himself. Think if he got a half decent offer he would cut his losses and sell. He still looks clueless as an owner and should realise some people just are not cut out to be an owner. Stick to what you know Ross.
Remember we could easily have lost to Pitt and NE. This regime will not work but is he capable of finding one that will?
We will look at everything rubbish comment. Your in the locker room paying their wages and more. My words would be guys you did not perform, I will announce your leaving in the morning and be grateful you got 12 hours.

Look I clearly saw THILL look lousy the past two games. But I also see him rally several times this year and pull out wins against good teams…including the Pats who have had the Fin's number for years.

I think he is smart, mobile, tough and able to lead this team to the playoffs. He needs a better OC more than anything. If he got away from Sherman it would be the best thing for him. Yes, he needs to improve. Clearly with the long ball. But with this swiss chese OLINE (it was good today), RB's who can't block or break tackles and a poor TE corp…I think he did what should have been expected from a second year QB.

This team can and will win with THILL. They won't win with this coaching staff and GM.

What an embarrassing effort 2 weeks in a row. No emotion, listless! With playoff berth on the line. 23 or so offensive possessions with 1 score!

Are we the only team when interference is called, there is a conference and the flag is picked up??? I have never seen anything like it.


U need to clean house or the city will run u out of town. Your choice!

Armando: "Dolphins fans on twitter are not happy".

Ya think?

They've done NOTHING in THIRTY YEARS. Even when they've accidentally won the division or a playoff spot, they've still lost by AT LEAST 17 POINTS in the playoffs. And every, single, year we get renewed hope, by one form or another, but it turns into epic failure. I'm firmly convinced that this team will never, EVER change. Dress them up however you want to but this team has zero chance of winning another Super Bowl. ZERO.

I don't give a rat's ass what Ross does now. It's simply not going to change. This team is dead to me.

dolfan rick, let's look at tannehill's performance today. the guy was completely overwhelmed by the moment, and as soon as his security blanket hartline went down, he was a lost puppy dog in the offense. he had a qb rating below 50 in the most important game of the year, while not being sacked once, was wildly inaccurate, showed no heart (the G rated description) by sliding short of a first down deep in the third quarter of a do-or-die game, and threw two crucial interceptions, one in the red zone. he lost to (statistically) the worst qb in the nfl, a quarterback who, by the way, sold out his body at the goal line twice in a meaningless game for the jets.

Posted by: BIll Arnsparger | December 29, 2013 at 05:41 PM

I said all of these things last week and was called troll, even you. Hmm..?

I agree with Orlando Dolphin, this team shows no emotion, excitement, or toughness. I am tired of watching the politically correct Dolphins. I want attitude. As much as I cannot believe I am saying this, I wish Rex Ryan was the defensive coordinator for the Dolphins, bring me some attitude. The politically correct Philbin needs to go. PS: If you have he game taped, watch the Dolphins players walking off the field after the 3 and out to start the 3rd quarter. That was a huge series BUT....it looks like they are walking their dog holding hands with someone on the beach, no emotion at all....VERY SICKENING to watch. I want to love this team but they are making it very hard to do.

Don't delude yourselves, guys, the problem is and has always been Ross. The signs are everywhere.

Ireland has to be fired. Move up to get dion Jordan when O LINE WAS GLARING NEED AND THAT WAS A KEY FAILURE FOR THIS TEAM. HOW ABOUT GM SCOTT PIOLI?

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 29, 2013 at 05:45 PM

Keeping Ireland was another huge Ross blunder.


I like Cowher but I am not crazy about Polian. Polian rode the coat tails of Peyton Manning at Indianapolis. I think that he is overrated and he is old. Remember what happened when Peyton Manning was out for the year. That was one of the worst teams I ever saw. It kind of showed you what kind of team Polian built at Indianapolis (-Peyton). That team was awful. As a result, they showed him the door.

But I love Cowher. I am not sure what GM to bring. My guess is that all the good GMs are taken. It would have to be new blood at the GM position, someone that has not been a GM yet.

Lovie Smith will be a HC next year for sure. Who he plays for is the question. Houston - great fan base, solid defense, good RB and OLINE.
Detroit - great fan base, great talent all over the offense, strong DLINE.
Miami - no home field advantage, a young QB with potential, many questions in terms of talent, a long list of FA's to deal with, a lot of money to spend as you want.

Not seeing Miami as the clear choice for Lovie.

dion jordan is a boutique player, when the dolphins needed a solid contributer. you don't reach like that when there are so many glaring needs on your team.

Both Coordinators must go...those guys had this team underachieve and regress. I have no confidence either will get better in the off season no matter players they have or bring in to the team. It's going to be a long off season.

It makes no sense to beat the Pats like that and come out the next 2 weeks and lay goose eggs. The offense collapsed the last 2 games and the defense couldn't stop anyone. I entirely blame the coordinators, not the HC, not the players, the FO or the owner.

Tannehill still looks like a visitor in the huddle, not the general he needs to be. He has one more yr to prove he's a real NFL QB, not a college WR.

I'm afraid, even if Ross cleans house, his new search will be limited to:


I look forward to see Philbin GONE

Sam I am I have not been on here since Dec 19th. I said on my last post I would be busy with work until today. Anything posted in my name was not me. However you, Marco, MarC had Tannehill 100% correct. I don't care how many stats MIT brings tomorrow he will be wrong and I was wrong about TH. He just is not good enough!!

I was thinking the same thing Mike. Also Dierdorf made me sick. When our guys were interfered with he said it was just football but if our DB's even touched a Jet WR, we were mauling them.

That's football though. You have to be good enough to overcome bad calls and most all the talking heads are bandwagon jumpers. Winning cures all that and apparently we still aren't there.

Jon Gruden isn't leaving his $5 mil/yr. cush ESPN job for this HC job...or any. NO chance.

However, Jay Gruden might be persuaded with a big contract because he's stuck behind Marvin Lewis. He's a guy that will quickly fix Tannehill's deep ball problem or replace him.

Posted by: BIll Arnsparger | December 29, 2013 at 05:41 PM

I said all of these things last week and was called troll, even you. Hmm..?

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 29, 2013 at 05:44 PM

I've been called a TROLL all season by this guy, now he finally gets it Sam.

Better late than never Bill A, welcome back to reality my friend.

I would have Bill Polian as G.M. and hire Mike Shula. We need a Shula back in South Florida and looked what he did with Cam Newton this year. He has paid his dues and is ready to be a head coach!

the only good team we won against was new england everybody is suspect

If Ross fires Ireland/Philbin Monday, & hires Lovie Smith by friday he won't have to worry about the Rooney rule.


I like Cowher but I am not crazy about Polian.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 29, 2013 at 05:47 PM


I've been reading your posts for the last few months, so I'm sorry man Im scratching Cowher and going Polian.

Your logic on things now scares hell out of me. Not, trying to put you down, just telling the truth.

I've been called a TROLL all season by this guy, now he finally gets it Sam.

Better late than never Bill A, welcome back to reality my friend.

Posted by: Marco | December 29, 2013 at 05:50 PM

Yes you were called a Troll because you would change your position on Tannehill depending on who you were debating. Sam didn't do that until TH went on a 3 game winning streak. Then he said TH was the real deal and we were going to the Super Bowl.

Those of you who want Philbin fired but Ireland to stay ... I guess that means Ireland gets a pass for hiring Philbin in the first place? It was Ross who hired Philbin and Ireland was out of it, eh? Oh, and all the money spent on players this past off season was spent by Parcels, right? Kinda like everything that is wrong in DC and getting worse under Obama is all Bush's fault.

Personally, I think Ross should fire everyone including himself. Barring that, the logical move is to replace Ireland and allow his replacement to assess the head coach. Ultimately, things will not change until the GM does ...

Would love to hear the conversation between Marino and Cowher. They have seen the Fins blow it the past few years while Cowher remains out of the game. I just don't know if he would ever come back, let alone deal with Ross who has no credibility as an NFL owner.

Posted by: promichael | December 29, 2013 at 05:33 PM

where is M~IT now ? I really couldn't care the dolphins stuck with Sherman and Thill all season long, whata joke.

After the Bills game Thill should have been benched. The Ravens got rid of Cam at mid season then went on to win the Superbowl. We should have made changes. Thats been the problem, we cannot make the changes required unless we have had to through injury.

Philbin and Sherman really stunk this place up and Thill was the guy for Sherman. With Sherman gone thill is on high alert to hit the bench if his skills set doesn't dramatically improve.

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