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Ross: 'We're going to look at everything'

Steve Ross came out of the Dolphins locker room after Sunday's 20-7 loss and basically announced no one's job is safe.

"I'm making no comment on that," he stated before adding, "We're going to look at everything."

My question to Ross was whether he knew 100 percent he was definitely going to retain or fire anyone -- including general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin.

"I'm disappointed," he said before that. "What else can I tell you? For everybody, you know? I have a lot to think about.

"I'm going to look at everything. When you're disappointed you don't make decisions based on the fly. You have to give it a lot of thought and go look at everything."

Ross said he was feeling pretty good about his team two weeks ago when they were 8-6 and playing Buffalo and New York next. He expected to be in the playoffs.

"Of course we were. Sure," he said. "To have something like this -- to lose the last two games -- I'm disappointed for everyone."

It's clear Ireland, the team's GM, has been in a tenuous situation this year. There have been times he's been seemingly on the outs. Ross a couple of months ago told him he was safe.

But now after this collapse Ireland's status is again uncertain. Team insiders have believed that Philbin, who helped the Dolphins navigate through the NFL scandal and reach to the precipice of a playoff berth, seemed safe.

Now, that is also in question because the Dolphins failed terribly the final two games of the season against teams that had losing records going into the meeting with Miami. The Buffalo loss last week was bad. This 20-7 loss to Jets was worse.

Ross was apparently ready to excuse the first. But the second?

"The team's played well. We had one bad game," he said.

But today?

"You expect to win."


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I hope the Philbin experiment is over.

there is some very good GM, head coach, and coordinator talent out there this offseason and hopefully Ross will take advantage of that before they're gone.

wow kc missed fg overtime now for chargers

it better happen dark or that stadium will be a ghost town next year

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 29, 2013 at 07:11 PM

Even the concessionaires wont show up. Why should they, there will be no customers.

In general I'm on the same page with you Marco...

Hey Busted when I'm walking with my wife in South Beach it's hard not to notice a 6' 2" guy with high heels and a dress. What's in your wardrobe dude.....LOL

We don't really even have to hire a west coast or spread offense type of coach. We don't really have the personnel.

They've been talking for two years about more athletic zone blocking lineman and all we added was 2 journeyman maulers and a draft pick to ride the pine.

I know we are all pissed and venting. I am going to turn my rants toward assessing players and coaches.


Philbin - allowed the national saga of Martin/Cogs to take place in his locker room. Emotionless and makes bad judgement calls in games (like going for it on 4th down today at midfield, at home, in the 3rd QTR with bad track record). Never holding his OC and DC accountable when they are clearly failing. I would fire Philbin!

Sherman - Horrible play caller, no creativity at all, unable to get his QB and #1 WR in sync. Fire him tonight!

Coyle - Never played his young CB's and allowed Carroll and Wilson to be starters who were inconsistent and their futures are limited. Can't stop the run. Can't get consistent pressure on the QB. Allowed far too many long drives. Fire him as well!

Rizzi - Special teams were OK but never stellar. I would keep this young coach.

welcome aboard sam, tried telling everyone weeks ago about this team

steeler fans killing themselves right now

The dropped passes today were critical again as last week. A dropped touchdown pass and two other long passes that were dropped killed drives. Wallace again appeared to slow down on a perfectly thrown long pass from Tannehill that would have been a touchdown. The Defense needs to be revamped. The decision not to blitz Smith was idiotic. Wheeler and Ellerbee were pathetic, again. The Defensive coordinator and GM should be replaced. Time for changes.
Smith is not the answer at running back and that position also has to be upgraded in addition to the Offensive Line and linebackers.

Marino - VP

Pioli - Player Personnel (as New England)

Cowher/ Gruden/ ??? - HC

That is Lamar Miller.

Armando, in your opinion, is Ross aware, does he understand the epic proportions of disgust the fans are feeling about this franchise?

I have been a fan since the early 60's and have been through the good and bad times. I have seen many coaches come and go. I have had my hopes crushed may times, but yet I have remained faithful to this team. I am however concerned and in support of observation made in an opinion piece by Orlando on the lack of passion and excitement of the majority of players. Football is a sport, not just a business. When the players lack passion, excitement, commitment, disappointment with losses, there is something fundamentally wrong with the organization and its leadership. Look at Tom Brady's face when he lost to us three weeks ago, then look at our QB's face when we lost to Buffalo. Quite a difference in the meaning of a loss to these two men. This attitude of "no big deal" permeates this team, you can see it on the sideline during the game and in the interviews after the game. What happened to the players like Jason Taylor and Zack Thomas (to name just two) who felt like crap when we lost even non-relevant games? Is it the coach, the GM, the Owner, free-agency, too much money regardless of performance? I don't get it. It is getting increasingly difficult to get excited about, and support a team that appears to have little or no spirit or pride in themselves.

Cmon Phins...

Has steve ross ever done anything that would be understood by fans or anybody in the nfl as DISGUST for ones football team...he hasn't till this day...not getting my hopes up...

I hate to ask but does anyone know what our draft position is once again its the only thing I have to look forward too

welcome aboard sam, tried telling everyone weeks ago about this team

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 29, 2013 at 07:15 PM


You know that's called trolling. Shame on you dustybottom. To the principal's office right now young man!


THILL - 2nd year QB who needs to show improvement in year three or draft a true competitor (after third year) to see if he can be unseated. I think he will prove solid.
MILLER - OK but never really able to break tackles and gain tough yards.
Thomas - Hurt too often…time to cut him.
Clay - real talent and should be a key feature of this offense
Keller - sorry to see him hurt again this year. I'd offer him another 1 year deal.
Egnew - cut him
Simms - decent blocker, would love to see more of him in the red zone.
Pouncey - pro bowler? Not sure but the best we have on OLINE
Clabo - bye bye
Jerry - always fat and slow…never reliable and never really gets holes created.
Martin - bye bye
Cogs - bye bye
McKinnie - too old and time to go
Wallace - one trick pony who has talent but really a #2. Paid too much to cut him.
Hartline - a #3 that is paid as a #2. Keeper though for sure.
Gibson - good pickup that I want to see more of.
Mathews - good guy, pretty reliable and a keeper
Marlon Moore - who cares
Binns - has potential
Matt Moore - overpaid and reckless

Well said Ray....

I think I'll be dead before his team ever makes another playoff.

I would hire Czedzinski or however yu spell it for O-Coord

I would hire Pruitt from FSU to be the D-Coord.

One word...


Even if Ross dumps Ireland. I'm sure he'll hire the guy wearing he clown suit at the next interview.


Solai - let him go, paid too much to get so little from him
Starks - see Solai
Odrick - should be our 3-4 DE
Jordan - who knows really…I'd like to see him as a 3-4 OLB next year
Wake - not sure he earned pro bowl, not consistent, declining, keeper though
Vernon - pass rusher only…not good at setting the edge. 3-4 OLB not DE
Shelby - 3-4 DE backup
Ellerbe - overpaid but should be in a 3-4 system
Wheeler - bust that needs to be fired tonight
Misi - should be a 3-4 ILB, solid year
Grimes - please sign him to 3 year deal
Clemmons - poor hands but decent tackler
Jones - overpaid and misused. Bad coverage guy who needs to freelance
Carroll - forever a backup
Wilson - forever a backup

Pats 34 Bills 20

That's how you put away an inferior division opponent.

Chargers trying to win in. Spoke too soon about Steelers.

Wow.... Aaron Rogers !!!

Theres a QB that can go deep.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 29, 2013 at 07:24 PM

Ill take a clown over irefiend at this point....still an improvement

This shouldn't be hard. The architect of that AAA Chiefs squad beating the Chargers right now is available. According to one tweet six days ago, Bill O'Brien wouldn't be opposed to a reunion with Pioli if he moved to the NFL. Hire those two immediately.

Posted by: G | December 29, 2013 at 06:29 PM


Agree we should be in a 3-4 D jpao.

Nolan where are you???


Your posts are all for naught. The incoming GM/HC will do he meaningful player evaluation.

Are you bored?

Steelers fans must be jumping off the nearest high towers.

I hope he looks at the mirror.

Ill take a clown over irefiend at this point....still an improvement

Posted by: superPHIN | December 29, 2013 at 07:26 PM

Guess you're right. The clown would be far more entertaining

The idea of keeping the team in Miami is futile. We need a new owner and a full regime change. Move the team to Palm Beach County where there are fans with $ to go to the games, and start fresh.

Not only has the GM, HC, OC, and DC failed, but the owner failed. Owning an NFL team is not his forte. It is harder than he realized. Ross, sell the team and move on. It's not for you.


Told you Cutler/BM would fold, again.


He pissed.... and the scariest thing on this planet is a pissed off mother with money and power

Sam, I am ticked off and I am venting….leave it alone


FIRE ROSS will be laughing last...all off season and into the next one.

This season was blissful.

The only thing that could have made it better would have been a fifth losing season in a row.

That didn't happen (damn).

But The Dolphins and their fans are still losers anyway.

I thought this was the year that The Dolphins were going to overtake The Patriots ?

2-4 in the division...third place...again.

Hartline has a torn ACL, will never be the same player ever again.

Grimes leaves to play for another team, same as Starks.

Next year The Dolphins go 4-12.

New logo, new era.

3-0 start, 5-8 finish.

Outscored 39-7 with the playoffs on the line.

Pathetic logo, pathetic effort, pathetic organization.

Well, winning a few games we should have lost, only ensures we will be drafting behind teams already better than us.

2 are within our own division. Jets/Bills.



Sam, I am ticked off and I am venting….leave it alone

Posted by: jpao | December 29, 2013 at 07:31 PM

Sorry bud.

Two choices for Ross.
Sell the team.
Or die.

BILL A is a football mouse and a U-turn specialist.

Getting a new QB would be a huge mistake for Miami. Maybe that's why the Dolphins have not been contenders for years, all the good players get blamed and driven out.
Look at Tannehill's numbers this year compared to last year. Imho, he is one of the few who can hold their head high this season. Miami needs to build around Tannehill and not start over and over and over.
Aikman went 1-15 first season and 7-9 second season but they continued to build around him. Rest is history.
NEW coaches need to build around Tannehill. We need another Ricky Williams type RB and some bulldogs on our OL.

Sure Tannehill needs to improve but I feel confident Miami will finally have a 4000+ yard, 30 TD passer again. He got close this season. I would like him to become more of a leader though, yell at his team mates if things go bad. Marino would never take the crap the OL gave Tannehill this year.

Well at least your enjoying dude.

We should've drafted Rodgers....and...and...and...

Philbin's days isn't too bad, his Packers won the NFC North, no Thill the Chiefs are not in their division.

Bill Arnsberger is drunk. Tannefail a franchise QB? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Wipe it clean! Tired of being disappointed every year! Marino says he would take an fro n t office position. ..

Bill Arnsparger,

How can I be a loser when I'm laughing at you ?


Enjoy watching the playoffs on t.v..

The Dolphins won't be playing.

Ziggy, makes sense. But we have an owner who is disconnected and afraid to make drastic/right decisions. Next year will be a repeat of this. The fans are helpless, irritated and frustrated.

if I was Ross I would not fire anyone, I would just run a front page AD telling every one That I was taking apps for HC/GM/ In the paper. I think they would get the picture, Or maybe not?

Posted by: SR | December 29, 2013 at 07:34 PM

Great post!

Congrats to the Fins for a very entertaining season, and best to you next year.

truth be told bill a left an hour ago and said others would post in his name. these latest post do not appear to be what he was talking about earlier?

Ross (we will look at everything)I sure hope so everyone else will to unless they are blind.
Spend 400 million this offseason and they should finish 10-6 in 2014.

Good job Chargers.

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