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Ross: 'We're going to look at everything'

Steve Ross came out of the Dolphins locker room after Sunday's 20-7 loss and basically announced no one's job is safe.

"I'm making no comment on that," he stated before adding, "We're going to look at everything."

My question to Ross was whether he knew 100 percent he was definitely going to retain or fire anyone -- including general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin.

"I'm disappointed," he said before that. "What else can I tell you? For everybody, you know? I have a lot to think about.

"I'm going to look at everything. When you're disappointed you don't make decisions based on the fly. You have to give it a lot of thought and go look at everything."

Ross said he was feeling pretty good about his team two weeks ago when they were 8-6 and playing Buffalo and New York next. He expected to be in the playoffs.

"Of course we were. Sure," he said. "To have something like this -- to lose the last two games -- I'm disappointed for everyone."

It's clear Ireland, the team's GM, has been in a tenuous situation this year. There have been times he's been seemingly on the outs. Ross a couple of months ago told him he was safe.

But now after this collapse Ireland's status is again uncertain. Team insiders have believed that Philbin, who helped the Dolphins navigate through the NFL scandal and reach to the precipice of a playoff berth, seemed safe.

Now, that is also in question because the Dolphins failed terribly the final two games of the season against teams that had losing records going into the meeting with Miami. The Buffalo loss last week was bad. This 20-7 loss to Jets was worse.

Ross was apparently ready to excuse the first. But the second?

"The team's played well. We had one bad game," he said.

But today?

"You expect to win."


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awww...poor steelers.....no playoffs for you!!!!Misery loves company

some more truth

trade tannehill, Wallace
cut wheeler
don't resign starks, soliai
fire Ireland
fire philbin
and start allover again

Bengals didn't give up on Dalton in 2 seasons.

Oh look Fluker is going to the playoffs. Shouldn't he have been developed before being put in the line-up??


"GO" = Pass
"GO-GO" = Run

The world has known this for months. Today they continued with it. And they wonder why they can't run the ball?

A week o-line and announcing the run. Clever!

Dashi = 100% wrong

Ireland? Wrong
Dansby? Wrong
Burnett? Wrong
Ellerbe? Wrong
Wheeler? Wrong
Tannehill? Wrong
Miller? Wrong
Philbin? Wrong

my thoughts:

On Ross : He has been a GREAT owner. Put his hand in his pocket and DEEP...no complaints except that he needs to get harder on those spending his money...
On Philbin : Showed me he has n presence. Inspires no one. Dull colorless and boring. Looks like an old man and we play that way. He is PC and that is bad in a sport where BALLS matter. Needs to go...
On Ireland : Has had at least 5 years now and NO OLINE.
Just for that he needs to go. Has found "some" players but NO STARS....a few very good players but no STARS.....Time to move him on...
On Tannehill : Hard to judge against a line that is poor at best...Im not convinced either way. I see him do some great things then some terrible throws. I think he has progressed but would need a big improvement next year. Jury is out...draft more QBs
On Sherman : Way too simple and predictable game plans. Easily defeated tactically. Not aggressive not dangerous....Goodbye
Others that need to move on....Misi,Jerry,Clabo,Miller and Thomas,Wheeler,Ellerbe,patterson,.....maybe more...
Wallace is a GREAT N02 as is Hartline....There are no decent RB'sn this team.......CLEAN HOUSE and Mike Shula comes in....Rex Ryan Defensive Coord....YES

I have read many of post and I was among them who thought regime change at this point in time would actually be a bad idea. I have to say that after watching two lackluster and flat performances with the season on the line in a row, Philbin, Sherman, and Coyle have taken this train as far as it will roll. Ireland's top three draft picks who were all injured at the time of the draft were bad and unfortunately did not see the amount of playing time one should expect. Time for Ross to call his football daddy (Carl Peterson) and ask him what should he do. As always it starts with a GM who in turn will hire the coach. Hopefully the next time around when the GM asks what type of offense are you looking to install coach and the coach says a west coast offense, then the GM will not allow the coachto hire a non west coast offensive coordinator. When asking about the defensive coordinator 3/4 or 4/3 and the d coordinator says 3/4, the GM will ensure the HC actually hires a staff who knows it. And finally, if the GM asks the prospective HC who he plans to bring in as a QB coach, that dude better not say my brother in law. Time for Ross to make these mives and make them early...like by COB Friday.

Bottom line..we failed to make the playoffs. We controlled our own destiny, and failed to capitalize against two teams with inferior talent and sub .500 records. The responsibility for the final two games rests solely on the coaching staff and GM. The team wasn't prepared properly to succeed, when all we had to do was execute a proper game plan to beat these last two teams. To call this team "playoff worthy" is a gross misstatement. Playoff worthy teams find ways to execute winning plays to beat inferior teams. The dolphins failed to prove their playoff worthiness, therefore must be labeled as failures. And this speaks only of the on field ineptitude. Factor in the " bully gate " embarrassment, and the franchise looks nothing but EMBARRASING. Clean House, no matter the cost. Respectfully , 42 yr season ticket holder. Sec 141.

Sounds good JT!

Get Cowher or Coughlin in here they need a SmaSH MOUTH IN YOUR FACE couch that will instill that attitude

Respectfully , 42 yr season ticket holder. Sec 141.

Posted by: Cnote00 | December 29, 2013 at 07:46 PM

you SIR are one of the only people that should be listened to. you actually have paid for 42 yrs to support your team. not like the cry babies on this blog.

Ross said he would look at everything.... think that includes him leaving too ?

cowher, coughlin. please stop people

forget gruden, lovie and any other retread coach.

it is time to find the next shula. in fact there is one named mike that actually is a shula.

The Dolphins stink. Their bloggers are sewage.

fans should be thankful for ross he opens the purse and does not interfere. the hate for ross seems more like hate for success.

Tannehill will be a great quarterback and showed substantial improvement. We are set at QB.
But we need to replace Ireland and I'm one of the few that has always supported him but this year's draft did not address all the Offensive line issues that shot our season last year.
The Defense was a huge disappointment. The Defensive Coordinator should also be replaced.
We need upgrades at Offensive Line, Linebacker where the two new guys were awful,Running back, and a returner.

Well, Mike McCoy and the Chargers are now in the playoffs. Yes, the Mike McCoy that Ireland wanted to hire, however Ross chose Philbin. Hopefully Ireland is gone and we can have a decent draft. I think Ross keeps Philbin.

I was and never will be be a tanneyhill fan. What a soft a** team. philbin, Ireland, and Sherman must go or I want watch them next year!!!

the bloggers here are sewage. that is correct

Wow how sad! We aven't changed a bi and as I ave watched this year the linebacker rarely made tackles beind the line!! Safety play was poor as well! The game plan or lack of was pathetic on both sides of the ball! Coaches got to go and IRELAND?!?!?! Well he should be gone by morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I have been in the Dolphins fan all my life plane & simple you cannot stop the run we cannot run we have no offense line at all & Tannehill cannot throw the deep ball to save his life

Trade #1 pick & Tannnhill for #1 pick for homegrown Teddy Bridgewater

my dad said my high school cricket team could beat the Dolphins

Flacco 52/88 452 yds 1 TD 5 INT in the last two games with playoffs on the line. Backup at best. Ravens need to draft a QB in the first round next year.

I posted Ross's to-do-list below on another Blog I admit was I was wrong GM will not be fired tonight, Ross want's to sleep on it I'll give him that, GM should be let go same time as the rest of the clueless- deer in the headlights coaching staff.

Ross's to-do-list:

1. Fire GM tonight
2. Fire Head coach and rest of the coaching staff Monday PM. I'm not heartless give them some time to say their good byes - it is the Holiday season.
3. Hire Mike Shula as head coach after Carolina makes their Superbowl run.

There is an action item 2.5 not sure who I would select as the new GM but the new person needs to be in place ASAP so we can look for a starting QB. Tannehill at most a top tier backup.

Wonder if Nat Moore would be interested in the GM job? We also need a Football CEO to manage the Football Operations and Business side who reports directly to me. Marino comes to mind (note to self see Elway @ Denver).

Just imagine////Oh wait we lived it...Drafting 3 players who are injured.....Not another dime from my pocket....Not a dime!!!!!!!!!

We have a wishy washy owner who will do nothing but take our money because we are stupid lets stop accepting it stop buying tickets shirts hats everything the buck must stop here and now

Mike Shanahan will be available this week if Ross so desires.

Flacco 52/88 452 yds 1 TD 5 INT in the last two games with playoffs on the line. Backup at best. Ravens need to draft a QB in the first round next year.

Posted by: TomJeff | December 29, 2013 at 07:54 PM


Flacco is 20 times the QB that THill so don't even go there fool

The Dolphins stink. Their bloggers are sewage.

Posted by: Waste Management | December 29, 2013 at 07:52 PM

HOw DId you know

One reason he Chargers squeaked into the playoffs. This years draft.

Fluker, Te'o, Keenan Allen, Tourek Williams all starters this year.

It's still the holiday season. I say trade the entire team for a giant pumpkin pie and share it with the fans.

We have to take a look at things,,,,,,,,,,,,,,really is that all this baboon can say really wow

The guy they need to get is Mula. He was the architect of the great Patriot teams and has counseled the last 4 BCS Champions.

The wasted Draft picks, the half ass game planning, the unbelievable play calling and a joke for a O-line(50+ sacks. Part 2 now Both starting DTs and secondary players like Grimes up for free agency. O-line needs a major overhaul. Ireland is NOT the person to FIX this awful team. Losing the last 2 games to the Bills and Jets and we controlled our fate. FIRELAND FIRE SHERMAN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! IF NEED BE FIRE PHILBEN!!!!!! Get us a real team now ROSS!!!!

true rick except teo is horrible but they also hired mccoy who we passed on

Who is mula

Don Shula gave Philbin his endorsement today.

That is likely now the kiss of death.

i agree black monday is tomorrow and they need to fire them asap. dont let teams get a head start


Now that most of the venting is done....

Make no mistake....

This was a HUGE meltdown.

2 games in a row.

Had we won one of them we'd be in.

It is the same old team, just different masks.

ROSS is an idoit!! The stench of bill blowcells will live on!! Been a fan since 1970,Im done with these losers, Im to old to support the blowish who are now the Saints of the 70s!! Check that I am being way to hard on the Saints!!

You can be sure after the Buffalo loss Ross was putting out feelers to see what his options are. People as successful as he are prepared in advance.

I think he should dump 100% of what he inherited and hired and start over.

Keeping fingers crossed for black Monday dusty.

Point is how many of our draft picks started. Or even sniffed the field.



I say fire Ireland and Sherman. Terrible play calling. Like going on fourth down barely into the third quarter right around mid field. Are you kiddin me. Like pass pass run. They moved for a while by running on each first down but then they shut that down and incompletion after incompoetion killed us/ Another lost year.

They are a petite little bunch.

They get run over by any team remotely physical.

Ireland, Kevin Coyle, Ellerbee, and Wheeler should be replaced Mr. Ross. These two losses were an embarrassment.
We need to upgrades at Offensive line, Running back, Linebacker,Kickoff/punt returners.
Bring back Starks and Soliai.
Move Koa Mizi to the middle.

Fire everyone!!!!!!

Every one is too hard on my brother Jeff Ireland, I'm tired of people saying my family stinks.

philbin is a joke, zero emotion ever. everytime they showed him he never moved his lips. need some fire here. hopefully new gm fires him and brings in right guy

Disappointment is easy to handle. The finish to this season was an extreme embarrassment.

This team s nowhere.

We should bring back Parcells, but as HC.

Fire ALL I mean ALL offensive coaches because they are really offensive. The problem is not your players Mr. Ross;they all thrive when they play for other teams! The free agents who were good then play like scrubs on your team, leave and thrive again! You sir are a Billionaire ( do the math) you are not stupid!HEADS should roll!

Mula was GC Player Personnel at Pats. Former agent who brought Flutie back to NFL from Canada, discovered Priest Holmes as a backup to Ricky Williams at Texas and his company now reps Auburn, Bama, Florida State. The guy has won wherever he's gone. C'mon Mr. Ross, please bring us people who win. Mula and Shula, nice ring to it!!

My brother tries really hard to make you guys happy by hiring injury prone players at high prices just so you'll be . You guys want everything, you're mean

Posted by: Simsplaya | December 29, 2013 at 08:15 PM

Too shy to use your regular name?

You know we know.

I here by declare my interest in assuming the head coaching position. Experience: 3 years high school football. 3 years Pop Warner coach. 2 years champion.... I believe I could have done better today than the current coaching crew.....

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