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Ryan Tannehill shows off trick shot accuracy

Ryan Tannehill has trouble connecting with his receivers on deep passes.

But hitting the broad side of an eight-point buck from 30 yards?

Dropping a basketball into first floor bucket from the second floor of DICK'S Sporting Goods store?

Firing a frisbee into a net while riding a bicycle?

No problem.

Tannehill and the guys from Dude Perfect are going all trick shot artists in the DICK'S Sporting Goods store make you want to shop in the place or online for the available gear.

Will doing so make you a trick shot artist like it does Tannehill? Doubt it. But wouldn't you settle for one 59-yard connection from Tannehill to a streaking Mike Wallace that lands right in the receiver's hands in stride against Pittsburgh?

Obviously, the video is in fun. The deep ball issue is not. And here's the thing:

It's probably not going to get better this year because the Dollphins don't feel they have the time or the possibility (due to circumstances) to practice it.

I'm told the Dolphins throw maybe a handful of deep ball passes throughout the week of practice. So maybe five deep ball opportunities in four and sometimes three practices.

OC Mike Sherman knows the only way to get it right is to practice it, but he says he simply cannot spare the extra time and effort it requires physically.

“I think it’s just a matter of repetition," Sherman said. "One thing you have to understand is you can’t just go out there every day in practice and just throw 25 deep balls.  You just don’t have the legs to do that during the context of our week or day, or a season.  It’s just a matter of having some work together and some familiarity.  Mike’s (Wallace) been nursing some tendonitis, so that hasn’t allowed us an opportunity at times during the course of the week even to work on that."

Understand what Sherman just said. Sherman is admitting some weeks the Dolphins don't "work on that."

Wallace also had the groin problems during training camp and that prevented the work as well. But even when he was healthy during camp, the team would go days and days without throwing him a deep ball. I know because those practices were open to the media and I reported the issue here.

This issues reminds me of the old Brooklyn Dodgers.

Maybe next year.



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Yeah, we've all seen it. Wonder how many takes that took?

In truth, only Tannehill and Russel Wilson have shown real progress over their rookie campaigns. RG3 and Kaepernick have actually take a pretty significant step back this year, and Luck (while still awesomely talented) has been up and down along with the rest of the Colts, who as an overall team are also not progressing the way they were expected to.

All or any of it may or may not be relevant in years to come but what I CAN say without even an ounce of doubt is that you guys writing off Tannehill are delusional and short-sighted in the extreme. Not to mention not terribly bright by all appearances (sorry, but true). Aside from your VERY tiny bubble nodding their heads Pavlovian-style, you will find virtually nobody who analyzes or coaches the game for a living not pretty high on Tannehill's prospects.

May not be what you want to hear but that won't change the facts.

Tannehill rules !

...Cool Vid. I'm sure this will stir an "outrage" To those folks. Perhaps you need to find a hobbie.

I'm more concerned about him being able to pass the ball to a receiver, not a basketball hoop.

Marc, he's done that 280 times this year, 9th most in the NFL.

I like Tannehill the person, but he needs to hit those open WR's deep!

Pardon my ignorance, but couldn't RT benefit from practicing throws to a guy starting downfield?

If, as in a previous thread it was asserted, his footwork is a lot of the problem, it should be possible to practice that.

But anyway now we have the answer to my old question, "IS Tannehill even being coached on this?" And the answer is "no, not really."

So can we put antlers on Mike Wallace's helmet?

they don't have time for RT and MW to play pitch and catch?

I wonder what happens if Mike Wallace is doing the commercials with him?

Anyway, this does prove Tannehill can hit a STATIONARY target. Mike Wallace deep isn't a stationary target.

Question: Did Rothlisberger practice the deep ball with Wallace when he was at the Steelers?

My guess is no, because 9 times out of 10 when Ben hit Wallace, it was during a scramble when extending the play.

Sherman has installed his version of the West Coast Offense which is based largely on short passes where the receiver is required to get major YAC.

All of Wallace's TD's this year have come from short passes where his legs did the rest.

Wallace will almost ALWAYS be open down the right sideline, I just wish Tannehill had the ability to see it and connect.

Tannehill is our QB for a long time to come he will be a top QB in the next 2-5 years, we got that one right. he needs time to develop in two areas (Pocket Awareness and the Deep ball) other than that he is doing very well.

Ryan Tannehill is playing behind what is arguably the WORST offensive line in the NFL! Yet, a few of you seem completely oblivious to that fact---and to how greatly it would affect ANY quarterback.

He has had virtually no run game many weeks. He has been sacked and under assault FAR more than most QB's are experiencing. Yet, he has stayed in there---been largely productive--and has done so without so much as a peep of complaint.

That garners a lot of respect. And it will pay off in years to come. Miami is NOT looking for a replacement at quarterback in the offseason and nobody with an I.Q. above "chair" thinks they should be, either!

Once again....Did Manning, Harrison, & Wayne restrict themselves to team practice time to get better??? Nope...

NHFF, When Wallace was bating our corners deep it wasn't a result of Ben extending a play. Back then our cb's were suckers for the double move.

I distinctly remember this. To say most of Ben's tds to Wallace were extending plays as to be in great error. It was probably a 50/50 proposition at best.

True, Tannehill has played behind one of the worst pass protect oline in NFL history. Still, the numbers he's put up is a testament to his persistence and resolve.

Then, still on the other hand, the oline has ZERO to do with his CONSISTENT deep ball woes.

Just as Tannehill deserves credit for the good things he does, he also deserves ridicule for the not so good he does. Neither the bashers, nor the homers, here can have it both ways.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 04, 2013 at 10:43 AM

When Wallace was beating our corners

How about a golf cart and a basket? Or do they manage reps for QBs like MLB pitchers?

Maybe his shoulder aint got the strenght from.all them sacks. They have to be taking a toll

..Realist..Pretty good post @ 10:42..

So I could care less about the perceived disrespect the National Media has for our team. We haven't deserved any. So it goes with the territory.

They definitely have their favorites. A. Luck is one of them. Smug Merril Hodge did a piece on Insiders about how Luck is being hit too much, and how bad Indys line is..(Like it or not..We aren't even close to the worst line in the league..Yes we have given up the most sacks...But nowhere near the most pressures. ATl, SEA, INDY..in that order)

Anyway. It isn't like our line has been good..Not the point. Luck was getting a pass where Tannehill has never ever come close to getting the same treatment. The piece went as far to say.."How can ANYONE play quarterback under these conditions" or "Being hit this much can ruin a young quarterback forever"..

Hodge is great at using hyperbole to make his points.

I just kept thinking...This cake eater(Hodge) has the guts to call out Tannehill(in the past) yet because of similar circumstance in Indy..It is the franchises fault? It is the fault of the line there? A bit of a double standard..Hodge should ask for an Andrew Luck blowup doll for Christmas...That way he can slobber on Lucks knob at home, and not on National TV...

Hoge is a dick and probably barin-damaged from all those concussions...

Reading a wonderful book first published in 1979 called 'Gödel, Escher, Bach' that intriguingly interfuses the works of a mathematician, artist, and musician into an organic whole.

Here is a blurb about it:

GEB contains many instances of recursion and self-reference, where objects and ideas speak about or refer back to themselves. For instance, there is a phonograph that destroys itself by playing a record titled "I Cannot Be Played on Record Player X" (an analogy to Gödel's incompleteness theorems), an examination of canon form in music, and a discussion of Escher's lithograph of two hands drawing each other. To describe such self-referencing objects, Hofstadter coins the term "strange loop", a concept he examines in more depth in his follow-up book I Am a Strange Loop. To escape many of the logical contradictions brought about by these self-referencing objects, Hofstadter discusses Zen koans. He attempts to show readers how to perceive reality outside their own experience and embrace such paradoxical questions by rejecting the premise — a strategy also called "unasking".

Highly recommended!

just wish he would hit wide open receivers down field...how bout that first

Sounds like excuses to me. If you have a problem area, you work on that problem. It's as simple as that.
Not enough time? Wrong answer. You find the time!

Very well said, DD. Greenie (mike & mike) was complaining yesterday about the Jets not having any receivers for Geno to throw to. Same situation Tannehill was in last season- they tried everyone and their brother at WR. The media clearly have their favorites, and Miami is not one of them. Makes winning CONSISTENTLY even more important!

It's not just Wallace that T-hill under throws. He has underthrown other receivers also, most recently Hartline during the jets game. T-Hill's issue is he is too timid when throwing the deep ball. He is afraid to wing it because he probably would overthrow the receiver every time. This has to be something he must practice now, and all offseason.

However, even with T-hills underthrown misses, there is no doubt that with a GOOD offensive line, this team has at least 3 more W's right now. Many of you even stated that T-hill would NO TIME to operate behind this o-line. Those who said it, you were right. O-line is the off-season’s top priority.

Not to nitpick you, realist, but Kaepernick waan't a rook last year.


Now you have something to keep you happy at nights.

Thill making a throw over 20 yards, shame it's not on the field.

If Thill has this time to feck around, then someone should try getting him to bring those guys to coach his deep ball.

Russell Wilson should never be compared to Thill, its another reach by the thill fans who are sold on him.

Like that the kid wants to improve and is aware of his weaknesses. Repetition and better coaching on deep ball in the offseason will help. I already see some improvement in his pocket awareness.

He has earned his third year but I am always for drafting a project QB in the draft every couple years.

O -line last game gave him time and he delivered.

Turd, I agree. I remember Reggie Bush staying after practice to work on things, so why couldn't Tannehill/Wallace do the same? If they really were interested in fixing things sooner rather than later? Sometimes, you have to do OT to perfect your skills. Maybe they have something better to do, like hazing in the locker room or something.

The o-line has been blocking well the last 3 games and has given Thill time deep.

All of the last 10 deep balls have been off target. Now early on this season the protection was poor, but since Martin left things have gotten a lot better.

Thill's deep ball and his decision making still need work, but he is improving overall the last few weeks with ball security.

Many seem to compare Thill to Montana, as in hid controllled WO, ball posession style. WE need a player that can break tackles for this to work the way the 49'ers did. I don'y think we have seen the best of Matthews yet, he may be that guy ?

yeah, tputz should bank the long ball off of the safties head so mw can finally get some td's

Simple solution. RT just needs a bucket of balls and a golf cart. Streak a golfcart down the sideline at Wallace's speed (about 19mph by my calculations)and treat it like a trick shot. Over and over without real human legs. It's really just a timing thing has nothing to do with chemistry between the two of them.


Don't get me started; I've only got the next 35 days with nothing to do but talk about double standards.

This replay appears to show Lamar Miller scoring a TD in the 4th quarter against the Jets. Hard to figure out what the replay official in the booth thought he saw that was conclusive enough to overturn the call on the field.
Check out the replays beginning around the 2:00 mark.

its 2 bad this f'n staff doesn't have the 2nd best long ball paxxer in the nfl behind c palmer on the roster 2 show tputz how its done huh?


Thank the CBA.

BTW...look up Mike Wallace's highlights from previous years on Youtube...You'll be shocked at how many times Big Ben UNDERthrew him.

Foles has shown the most progress by far.


This Friday and Sunday, things could get sloppy

i understand the team can not pratice the deep throw all the time but manning and his receivers would stay after paratice all the time and get the timing down even before games


Like that idea. Or else hire a college track star with equal speed and let him run go routes untill he pukes.

Notsure how you do a 4 quater simulation. I think he has the two minute drill down pretty good?

What you fools talkin bout?

mark,what size r u
i'll send u u'r sf kaep jersey so u can wear it this weekend

BTW...look up Mike Wallace's highlights from previous years on Youtube...You'll be shocked at how many times Big Ben UNDERthrew him.

Posted by: Chris Musacchio | December 04, 2013 at 11:35 AM

Not me, if it was as easy as everyone makes it out to be Wallace should of had 50 TDs every season in Pitt.

So can we put antlers on Mike Wallace's helmet?
Posted by: CommonSense | December 04, 2013 at 10:35 AM

Post of the day..................

dix ad
or work on long ball and fade paxxes in the ez?
even chad ryan jax held team practices during the lox out

I'm not real worried about the weather in Pittsburgh. I'm worried about who the officials are for Sunday's game. If Gene or Tony Steratore end up officiating Sunday's game, we are doomed. They both are from and live in the Pittsburgh suburb of Washington, Pennsylvania. I think everyone remembers the Pittsburgh/Miami game in Miami from a few years ago when we recovered a Steelers fumble in the end zone in which the replay and the CBS announcers clearly showed and said was a fumble only to have Steratore rule it a non fumble. Steelers go on to win game on next play touchdown, and we get hosed by the NFL refs ONCE AGAIN.

When does the NFL release who is officiating the games each week?

Paul G,

I've read Gödel, Escher, Bach and found it fascinating!

That said, you are WAAAY over the heads of the people posting here, lol.

So, just FYI they don't have Florida tags with the new logo yet...at the DmV


This Friday and Sunday, things could get sloppy

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | December 04, 2013 at 11:37 AM

Actually, it's just supposed to be cold with a chance of occasional flurries. No big deal.

Always funny to me how some folks (not saying you) think warm weather teams routinely struggle in the cold. It's only true when they are BAD teams---and in that case they are struggling whatever the conditions.

Dolphins of the 70's and 80's had zero problems with cold, snow, whatever. Never bothered them a bit. Same with that Bucs team that won the Super Bowl. They destroyed the Eagles in the NFC Championship under arctic conditions.

Weather doesn't matter to good teams. It's not as if the players are all from the place they represent, anyway.

So the OC says he knows what it takes to fix it but says he doesnt have time to fix it.... hmm Next OC please...

A follow up to this story.. do Tannehill and Wallace stay after practice to get on the same page?

I have not heard anything about John Jerry is he ok for this week?

miami has played in buffalo in dec.and jan. only twice
both times during the 1990 season
losing 24-14 and 44-34


pointing fax out 2 u homerz iz az ez az gettin' laid at a rave

2 watt, you should have to cheer for Tannehill and the team this week since they beat the Jets for you.

Ed Bat, I think he is ok. Pouncey was giving him crap for being down on the field so long. We will know more when the first injury practice reports come out today.

By the way, our red zone offense has GREATLY diminished. We're now 18th in the league. Those last few games killed our percentage (52%). We were 55% last year, so going in the wrong direction.

Agreed DC, the redzone has taken a hit. Too many field goals in general and not enough 4th quarter scoring is the difference from when the team was 3-0.

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