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Ryan Tannehill shows off trick shot accuracy

Ryan Tannehill has trouble connecting with his receivers on deep passes.

But hitting the broad side of an eight-point buck from 30 yards?

Dropping a basketball into first floor bucket from the second floor of DICK'S Sporting Goods store?

Firing a frisbee into a net while riding a bicycle?

No problem.

Tannehill and the guys from Dude Perfect are going all trick shot artists in the DICK'S Sporting Goods store make you want to shop in the place or online for the available gear.

Will doing so make you a trick shot artist like it does Tannehill? Doubt it. But wouldn't you settle for one 59-yard connection from Tannehill to a streaking Mike Wallace that lands right in the receiver's hands in stride against Pittsburgh?

Obviously, the video is in fun. The deep ball issue is not. And here's the thing:

It's probably not going to get better this year because the Dollphins don't feel they have the time or the possibility (due to circumstances) to practice it.

I'm told the Dolphins throw maybe a handful of deep ball passes throughout the week of practice. So maybe five deep ball opportunities in four and sometimes three practices.

OC Mike Sherman knows the only way to get it right is to practice it, but he says he simply cannot spare the extra time and effort it requires physically.

“I think it’s just a matter of repetition," Sherman said. "One thing you have to understand is you can’t just go out there every day in practice and just throw 25 deep balls.  You just don’t have the legs to do that during the context of our week or day, or a season.  It’s just a matter of having some work together and some familiarity.  Mike’s (Wallace) been nursing some tendonitis, so that hasn’t allowed us an opportunity at times during the course of the week even to work on that."

Understand what Sherman just said. Sherman is admitting some weeks the Dolphins don't "work on that."

Wallace also had the groin problems during training camp and that prevented the work as well. But even when he was healthy during camp, the team would go days and days without throwing him a deep ball. I know because those practices were open to the media and I reported the issue here.

This issues reminds me of the old Brooklyn Dodgers.

Maybe next year.



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fix the running game and Oline, and Tannehill's 3rd down and 4th quarter stats improve dramatically--with no respect for our running game, defenses ratchet up the heat at those key times---ANY kind of consistent/decent running game changes everything.

Whats your point?

Randy Mueller and Jeff's drafts make Spielman/Wanny look like geniuses. You forgot Y Bell and V Carey, adn a few others that lasted 8-10 years in the league.

Gibson and thomas don't start. Keller never played a down

Marc u had to.love those trades by rick for l gordon and aj feeley among others


Wannstedt inherited the majority of his talent. That 2002 year was a ridiculously good team, but the majority of the talent was brought in by Jimmy. If Jimmy had stuck around for another couple of years and had Yatil Green not torn his ACL twice we might have seen something REALLY special. I don't hate on the Stache the way some do, but I definitely don't want to give him too much credit either. When he departed our team was in shambles and bottom-dwelling in the NFL with little/no talent left.

Gibson was our slot WR
Thomas Share the snaps with Miller
Keller was injured in PS ( He was starter )

ridiculously good?? they had fiedler at qb and l smith at rb

If you want to place blame of anyone here's Mueller's body of work with the Dolphins:

Ronnie Brown #2 overall
Matt Roth
Channing Crowder
Travis Daniels
Anthony Alabi
Kevin Vickerson
Manuel Wright

Jason Allen
Derek Hagan
Fred Evans
Rodrique Wright
Devin Aromashodu

Tedd Ginn Jr 9th overall
John Beck
Samson Satele
Lorenzo Booker
Regan Mauia
Drew Mormino
Kelvin Smith
Brandon Fields
Abraham Wright

I'm just pointing out how BAD this team is and has been since the good 'ol days. And that was a LONG, LONG time ago.

If the Dolphins need something, you can rest assured that Mike Sherman will not make it happen. You guys gotta check out www.DolphinsTruth.com and read the Mike Sherman articles. Hysterical but all true.

he never played a down here. everyone knows miller is the primary ball carrier. and gibson was a third wr. every team has a ton of injuries

yeah marc really only good picks there is vickerson and fields

saban drafted r brown and then allen in first round. just awful, all he knew was sec and he failed big time

That might be the worst draft record ever...EVER!

Didn't Mueller at least draft Soliai in 07? Thats at least one good pick.

Oh, yeah. Missed that one. Solaia. I stand corrected

Ryan is losing his hair at the crown. Stress?

Marc, are you serious? There was a time at the end of Wannstedt's tenure/beginning of the next coach where there was one drafted player on the roster ... PERIOD. Tell me how you don't know how he's to blame. be serious.

And ireland did better than that alone in last year's draft when he got Tannehill, Vernon, Miller, and Matthews.

This year's draft will prove to be fruitful too. Jordan, jenkins, Taylor, and Davis will all be players.

Be real, man.

OV is probably the only one worth mentioning 5 years from now. Maybe D Jordan. So, Jeff Ireland should be a D End scout, because that's all he can draft.

Benz hit it out the park.

You're the stat man. Go back and look at Speilman/Wanny's drafts. Look how long those players played/started/pro bowls compared to anyone since?

Our season will live or die with the o-line.

I'm not saying they were good by any stretch. Just saying that's as good as this team has had. That's how bad they are



Tannehill is fine and continues to improve. Man, has he shown toughness this year - having no OL will do that. Miami's defense is basically good enough as are our special teams and passing game. Of course the passing game would be better if we still had Gibson and Keller but even without them it is good enough.

Miami has a weak OL and no running game. If that were not the case we would be 3-4 wins further ahead and challenging NE. Miller is a great change up back but is not a great primary back. Next draft and FA should be focused on getting a big RB and strengthening the OL. Hopefully Keller and Gibson heal up and we can emerge as an elite team.

But hitting the broad side of an eight-point buck from 30 yards?

Dropping a basketball into first floor bucket from the second floor of DICK'S Sporting Goods store?

Firing a frisbee into a net while riding a bicycle?
Exactly my point from last nights blog. It's a lot easier to be accurate when you don't have eleven 320 lb guys moving around in your field of vision.

It's all about reps. You can compare Tannehill to whomever you want but in that comparison it should ALWAYS be pointed out that he has only played the position for a few years now compared with other qbs who played their entire lives at the position.

Deep balls are tough. The more he practices the better they will get but he can't practice alone with his receivers. That can only get him so far. He needs to have distractions in front of him as he's slinging it. Make it happen this off season, do what you have to do.

Agree with realist, but one does have to be concerned about RT's long throw accuracy. For now, I'm writing it off as a lack of comfort/time in the pocket to execute the throw. He seems to have good accuracy on the run so I have to think he will dial the timing thing in the pocket eventually. He will have to be able to develop a quicker release with accuracy if he is to survive long-term in the league.


RT > Luck > RG3

But...complain if it makes you happy.

Must we have so much discussion about pancakes and other batter-based breakfast items??

First it is endless talk about cosmetics here, then cats, then your stupid ceramic figurine collections. Now it's pancake and waffle recipes!

Enough already!

If we traded up for Luck and he played the same way as RT, nobody would be complaining, you'd all say give him time.

But, because the media influences your brains so easily, RT wasn't the sexy pick, so you strive to make him look inferior to what he is.

I know, you all want to make yourselves believe you know better. Meanwhile, not a single NFL organization would offer you even a nickel for your opinions.

Meanwhile, not a single NFL organization would offer you even a nickel for your opinions.

Posted by: Simon | December 04, 2013 at 06:57 PM

They might for the comedy value, though.

It's not just the long ball accuracy that is a concern. It's being the 24th ranked QB. It's being 29th in interceptions. It's not leading the team to a single offensive TD in half a season. It's not scoring more than 27 points even once in 12 games.

Maybe Tannehill becomes great. It could happen.

But beating the Jets is not probably going to be the cure all for this team. There are too many flaws and too little talent.

The Dolphins as a team do not seem great. Especially not for a team in the 6th year of a Parcells/Ireland rebuild and rebuild of a rebuild.

The front office and team have made a LOT of mistakes this season (and last season). Mistakes many, if not most, on this blog agree on when the Dolphins lose (which is half the time).


You need a girlfriend. Or a new one. Things will look brighter from there. Life is short, being miserable over nothing is a waste.

Hi Simon,

Funny. :)

Just saying I don't trust these Dolphins. Lol.

It's oficcial Jerry out next Sunday

Just saying I don't trust these Dolphins. Lol.

Posted by: Sigh | December 04, 2013 at 07:34 PM

Criticisms and opinions are fine. But when 100% of your posts are nothing but a long winded negative sigh, you appear to be either a gloomy person or a troll or just never willing to recognize even the slightest positive thing.

Some people just like being unhappy. They are not happy unless they have something to complain about.

If we won the SB within days they will be telling you why it is not likely we can repeat and blah blah blah.

If we won the SB within days they will be telling you why it is not likely we can repeat and blah blah blah.

Posted by: Simon | December 04, 2013 at 07:47 PM

Yeah like Kris, Marco, ETF, DC Blabbermouth and a couple others!

Most on here would complain about the parade route if we won the Super Bowl.

*** Attention Bloggers ***

Commendable job last night stopping all reply's to Marco Troll. He quickly went away. Keep up the good work.

Now let's be on the alert for his new name.

Tannehill back to back 300+ yard games against two excellent defenses, Panthers and Jets.

I guess it hurts for some to recognize that. They would draft a QB every two years and change the coach every 3 years until we won a SB, which would be never with that approach.

Ok its been a very long day and I'm little scatter brained but catching up on the post today, amongst some pretty good post about football, I literally belly laughed at the post by TIM about the owls and eagles.

I don't know where some of these cats come from but they either missed their calling in comedy or they need to go see Dr.Canosa.

In actual football news it seems our luck in catching a break continues to allude us. Amid talk from a few brave souls about potential playoff possibilities we get news of possible snow flurries in Pittsburgh and yet another starter out of the line-up.

Of course good teams are supposed to overcome these obstacles. We'll see how good we are Sunday.

Are you freakin kidding me with this story.....?!

He can throw a deep pass and afraid to make tough throws and has NO pocket presence but somehow this is important.....

HE HAS NOT PROGRESSED from last year. He is the 2nd Chad Henne. He is NOT the franchise QB for the team.

STILL. but what else is new.....

Tannehill is going bald already he's only 24 he will be totally bald by the time he 28

Henne has a stronger arm

Haha... awesome video.


Did you see Vernon Davis get dragged down by his penis against the rams

Totally unreal a penis tackle OUCH



Does it bother your ego just a teeny bit that after all these years your blog is nothing more than a cesspool of derelicts and lonely losers?

I see about 75 names. Of those 75 names, maybe you have 25 actual posters. Out of those 25 actual posters, maybe 5 - 8 are legitimate, objective posters. The rest use the blog as a degenerate recreational facility or are only here to agitate others.

Are you proud?

Have you EVER thought of a different approach or do you not give a hoot?

Tannehill gives a hoot..........he's the owl!

PHILLIE Chirino | December 04, 2013 at 10:01 PM

Wow that was such a great post. Sure you can't stroke it one more time before bed?

Sherman wonders why the Dolphins hit that 20 to 25 point ceiling in every game. Not practicing the deep ball, which is the fastest way to score points, is probably the number one reason you keep hitting that ceiling buddy boy.

Shaun Please state your professional coaching credentials. I'm guessing they are a big ZERO like your 'know-nothing about anything' opinion.

Bloggers just assume they know and see more than coaches with decades of professional experience, It is a testament to there utter ignorance.

I am so far more superior to any of you uneducated fools. I graduated from burger univ with honors.

I am a student of Chomsky, the brilliant progressive

I do not believe I am PART of any team. No WE in my vocabulary....well maybe the PINK team

I love little boys

I take medication for paranoid schizophrenia with narcissistic rage.

I have good day and bad days

I have no life so I can be here all day everyday

I love my job. Would you like fries with that?

Craig M, Bill A are gay lovers.

Citing Chomsky shows a lack of self-esteem and a desperate attempt to prove you are sophisticated when in fact you are lost.

Only a trite fool with mommy fantasies would try to impress others on a football blog.

But, but Chomsky is a progressive genius that is way ahead of his time. He is the inspiration for great American Presidents like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and the future President Hillary Rodham Clinton!

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