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Ryan Tannehill shows off trick shot accuracy

Ryan Tannehill has trouble connecting with his receivers on deep passes.

But hitting the broad side of an eight-point buck from 30 yards?

Dropping a basketball into first floor bucket from the second floor of DICK'S Sporting Goods store?

Firing a frisbee into a net while riding a bicycle?

No problem.

Tannehill and the guys from Dude Perfect are going all trick shot artists in the DICK'S Sporting Goods store make you want to shop in the place or online for the available gear.

Will doing so make you a trick shot artist like it does Tannehill? Doubt it. But wouldn't you settle for one 59-yard connection from Tannehill to a streaking Mike Wallace that lands right in the receiver's hands in stride against Pittsburgh?

Obviously, the video is in fun. The deep ball issue is not. And here's the thing:

It's probably not going to get better this year because the Dollphins don't feel they have the time or the possibility (due to circumstances) to practice it.

I'm told the Dolphins throw maybe a handful of deep ball passes throughout the week of practice. So maybe five deep ball opportunities in four and sometimes three practices.

OC Mike Sherman knows the only way to get it right is to practice it, but he says he simply cannot spare the extra time and effort it requires physically.

“I think it’s just a matter of repetition," Sherman said. "One thing you have to understand is you can’t just go out there every day in practice and just throw 25 deep balls.  You just don’t have the legs to do that during the context of our week or day, or a season.  It’s just a matter of having some work together and some familiarity.  Mike’s (Wallace) been nursing some tendonitis, so that hasn’t allowed us an opportunity at times during the course of the week even to work on that."

Understand what Sherman just said. Sherman is admitting some weeks the Dolphins don't "work on that."

Wallace also had the groin problems during training camp and that prevented the work as well. But even when he was healthy during camp, the team would go days and days without throwing him a deep ball. I know because those practices were open to the media and I reported the issue here.

This issues reminds me of the old Brooklyn Dodgers.

Maybe next year.



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breaking news....the dolphins have requested permission to allow tannehill to play QB on a bike!

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"Ryan Tannehill has trouble connecting with his receivers on deep passes."


Tannehill also is poor at crunch time(4th quarter).

As a true fan, I will kill a family member every time our pathetic team loses.

Bashing Tannehill helps me compensate for a miserable, under sexed, low wage life.

Bashing Tannehill helps me compensate for a miserable, under sexed, low wage life.

Posted by: Typical Blogger | December 04, 2013 at 11:19 PM

but, but wait I work in fast food for minimum wage and, and I have sexy kittens, little boys and my dead momma.....I do alrighty now.

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Kris - get a life already.

This is what happens when you get on a QB bandwagon when they haven't done anything yet:

Even before debuting Sunday, the Dolphins rookie has elicited the confidence of several prominent former quarterbacks. Last week, CBS' Phil Simms and ESPN's Ron Jaworski -- who have studied Beck's tapes -- joined ESPN's Steve Young in predicting success.

''He's going to be very good,'' Jaworski said off the air. ``I like him a lot. One thing I look for is do they make throws that project to the NFL. I saw those throws in Beck. Quick release, strong arm, moves well in the pocket.''

Simms -- who rated Beck ahead of Trent Edwards and Drew Stanton -- said, ``I watched every one of Beck's throws his senior year. The things I like? He can throw off-balance, can change his delivery, get the ball out of his hands [quickly]. I think he'll be fine.''

Young, who has compared Beck's delivery and accuracy to Tom Brady's, said ''if there's one guy'' who can deal with the pressure of pulling the Dolphins from ''oblivion,'' it's Beck

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Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | December 04, 2013 at 11:42 PM

It's good to see you admit to having a problem. The next step is getting professional help.

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Manning didn't hit many deep balls in years 1 and 2. Brady was a game manager while Pats D was cheating their way to championships those first couple years. It takes time. Pocket presence and the deep are the main issues, but I think they will improve. The most consistent qb thus far from last couple years has been Wilson. He's very athletic and makes smart plays. It also helps that he has a complete team around him and isn't asked to carry the team. Luck is very talented but his stats are not great yet. The media does kind of give him a pass. He will win a lot more than the others by playing in that garbage division.





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HEY STUPID, Yes you, it's the QB eh?

texas luck has been down right awful since wayne went down

Dec 8

Wintry Mix
Chance of precip:
E at 10 mph .

2watt, and I'll be driving down the Eastern seaboard at a furious rate trying to get home to watch the game (which I will record just in case). Hope my snow tires hug the highway!

careful dc. tivo works just fine, plus u can fast forward the third downs u get nervous on

pfff, that's a beautiful day up here ...

Why would anyone intelligent live in Canada?

Why would anyone intelligent live in Canada?

Posted by: Get Sense | December 05, 2013 at 09:12 AM

Why wouldn't they? At least give your reasoning, otherwise you sound like an ignorant idiot.

canada is known for being complete garbage, but ive never been. of the people ive known that have gone said its top 5 worst places they have visited?

Yes dusty and that explains the millions that visit every year. Have you ever been?

That's a real problem for people that never leave the USA they have no idea what the rest of the world is really like.

dusty bottoms,

Having been to Canada in Nov. and Dec. spending time there, one should not; it's cloudy, dark and overcast every day and very cold. Why would anyone in there right mind live in Canada? Well the mind may freeze up this time of year. All the Canadians that can afford it move to Florida for this time of year....

dusty, I actually prefer watching recorded games. You can FF past commercials. I'm a gluten for punishment, so I watch all our horrendous 3-and-outs, but I do sometimes FF through kickoff/punt returns. Then again you can't watch or listen to any sports (tv, radio) so you don't get the scores and mess the whole thing up (I still like to be surprised if we win or lose).

Tannehill just had back to back 300 yard games against 2 top 5 defenses Carolina and the Jets and the games before those he had 3 other good performances, none really bad:

65.1% - 331yds - 2TD/1INT 94.2RAT
66.7% - 310yds - 1TD/1INT 86.4RAT
62.9% - 268yds - 1TD/1INT 84.0RAT
64.3% - 229yds - 2TD/1INT 84.3RAT
71.4% - 208yds - 0/0 92.6RAT

Not bad for a guy in his 2nd year, with the worst offensive line in the NFL and that is still developing. People hating on him are gonna be in for a real surprise when he is a top 10 QB the next decade IMO. Tannehill was supposed to be a "project" not ready for the NFL, I say he is doing great compared to what they thought of him on draft day and he improved a lot from year 1 to 2 and will continue that trend.

Miami had no QB get back to back 300 yard games passing since 1998(Marino). Dolphin fans need to stop saying he sucks and all this nonsense as well, if you are a fan, support your QB, he is playing better than most starters and already has proven he is one of the best from last years draft, he is outplaying RG3 this year and Weeden(guys they said were going to be so much better). Only Luck and Wilson are doing better and Luck has not after he lost Wayne.

promichel does have a point. it is dark, cold and gloomy this time of year but after Dec 21, the days do start getting longer.

I live here because it's where my wife and I can make a great living but it is also my home. I will always live here but as my schedule will chance in the next few years, I will be here less frequently. It is a land of great opportunity but poor weather for 4 months a year.

Posted by: promichael | December 05, 2013 at 09:30 AM

Depends where you are promicheal, a lot of Canada is like that in the northern parts. But down on the border it's the same for us as it is for them.

Most people like living in Canada because the people are just damn decent as a rule, not a lot of crime (compared to other nations), never go bankrupt because of health care etc. etc.

But a lot of Canadians go to warmer climes in the winter if they can afford it. But would you believe a lot of Americans come to Canada to cool down in the summer? The ones that can afford to travel outside the USA that is.

To be fair, I've been to Toronto, and had a great time. My parents had their honeymoon in Montreal and loved it (I've never been myself). And my friends in Seattle ALWAYS talk about Vancouver being the funnest place they've ever been. So I think we're underestimating our Northern brethren a bit. Personally, I can't take that level of cold, I need sun, so my preference is to venture closer to the equator as much as I can, but there is considerable appeal to the Maple Leafs.

A 'wintery mix' is forecasted for Sunday in Pittsburgh.

Run game needs to be established early. We did a good job against the Jets and hope it keeps rolling in Pittsburgh.

You know Sherman has a "Mike Wallace" package inserted into the game plan so he can silence the home crowd.

Big Ben is the difference in this one and if we can get Vernon/Wake in his face enough, we should pull this one out with a victory.

Mark in Toronto I understand and respect making a great living however we all have to make a choice, make some time to just get away on vacation. I spent a lot of time in Canada last year at this time and the people there are great but yes it's just the weather...

promicheal unless you are going to Canada for an event or winter outdoor sports, not going in late fall, winter or early spring is a given.

I think the Steelers fans are going to get on Wallace early especially if he shows his usual dropsies.

I go to Montreal every new years eve to party and let me tell you, those canadians know how to party.

...oh yea, and the women in montreal are some of the most beautiful around.


I went there on business so the choice was not mine alone...

I wouldnt go to Canada if you paid me.

...Let me tell you all how awesome it is where I live this morning....Ready? -20 degrees right now. Expected high today..-8. It gets better though. Tonights expected low..-27. This is good livin'

darryl...u in Montana?

...Yup. So..Here is a side story..The Griz are hosting a playoff game in Missoula this weekend. The team(Coastal Carolina). Has never played a game west of the Mississippi later then September. Game time high is supposed to be -6. But if the wind blows out of Hellgate Canyon(which it usually does this time of year)....30.000 mutant Montana fans screaming drunk on Schnapps.. Those guys have no chance.

Too bad he can't hit Wallace on a deep pass.

-6 at game time....jesus, you better have a solid running game in those conditions.

agree dc

Those French Canadian girls are a lot of fun ...

We get a lot of them in Toronto that come her eto work in clubs because they don't want to be outed near home ... good times indeed...

Why is it so cold in Montana this time of year? That's crazy!!!

..Mark..December is usually the coldest month because of the jet stream from.....Canada.

Btw..I don't know why people are harshing Cananda. I love the place. Montreal is sweet. Calgary is awesome. Whistler area-Fernie. Great. Banff. I have never been to Toronto.

Ron Burgandy on the DP show right now...

A couple of posters have mentioned that I never write anything positive about the Dolphins.

Here's something positive (Per Sports Buzz):

"...the team’s top four cornerbacks...are all allowing less than a 70 passer rating in their coverage area...To put that in perspective, only 23 cornerbacks in the league are below 70, and Miami is the only team with four of them..."

And that's not all,"...through three quarters of the season, the Dolphins have allowed only one touchdown reception by an opposing receiver – a 14-yard pass from Tom Brady to Aaron Dobson, against Nolan Carroll."

Pretty good. ;)

I must admit I'm hard on Tannehill but looking at his numbers he isn't bad and is miles better than Henne. I still would like him to improve his 4th quarter numbers and long ball accuracy. Also it'd be nice if he use his legs more instead of taking sacks, I must admit he's been doing more running the last couple of games. Win 4str8 and were in the playoffs!b.

Daryl, if you have any kind of marketable skill and want to get paid twice your market rate, go to Calgary right now ... life is crazy good out there right now..

That Dobson TD still hurts tho, they had crazy pressure and Carroll was scratching his nuts the entire play.


Yeah, I've heard some parts of Canada are doing great. In most parts of rural America, it's difficult to even find part-time work.

Getting paid twice one's market rate sounds good. :)

Yeah Carroll has been a lot better though Mark. Had a really good game against Carolina. I no longer cringe (too badly) when he enters the game. Coyle has done some stuff I don't love this year, but he has developed the secondary very well.

Ryan Tannehill reminds me of Chad Henne. Same exact career path. A few wins but lots of faults for an early draft pick.

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