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Ryan Tannehill shows off trick shot accuracy

Ryan Tannehill has trouble connecting with his receivers on deep passes.

But hitting the broad side of an eight-point buck from 30 yards?

Dropping a basketball into first floor bucket from the second floor of DICK'S Sporting Goods store?

Firing a frisbee into a net while riding a bicycle?

No problem.

Tannehill and the guys from Dude Perfect are going all trick shot artists in the DICK'S Sporting Goods store make you want to shop in the place or online for the available gear.

Will doing so make you a trick shot artist like it does Tannehill? Doubt it. But wouldn't you settle for one 59-yard connection from Tannehill to a streaking Mike Wallace that lands right in the receiver's hands in stride against Pittsburgh?

Obviously, the video is in fun. The deep ball issue is not. And here's the thing:

It's probably not going to get better this year because the Dollphins don't feel they have the time or the possibility (due to circumstances) to practice it.

I'm told the Dolphins throw maybe a handful of deep ball passes throughout the week of practice. So maybe five deep ball opportunities in four and sometimes three practices.

OC Mike Sherman knows the only way to get it right is to practice it, but he says he simply cannot spare the extra time and effort it requires physically.

“I think it’s just a matter of repetition," Sherman said. "One thing you have to understand is you can’t just go out there every day in practice and just throw 25 deep balls.  You just don’t have the legs to do that during the context of our week or day, or a season.  It’s just a matter of having some work together and some familiarity.  Mike’s (Wallace) been nursing some tendonitis, so that hasn’t allowed us an opportunity at times during the course of the week even to work on that."

Understand what Sherman just said. Sherman is admitting some weeks the Dolphins don't "work on that."

Wallace also had the groin problems during training camp and that prevented the work as well. But even when he was healthy during camp, the team would go days and days without throwing him a deep ball. I know because those practices were open to the media and I reported the issue here.

This issues reminds me of the old Brooklyn Dodgers.

Maybe next year.



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The Dolphins do rank 9th in pass defense this year. That is testament to the improved secondary. Don't understand why we are so poor on the ground but I'd rather have a more stout pass defense than run defense...

If I were a positive thinker, this is what I would say concerning the Dolphins:

Their secondary is playing very well. This is important as stopping the other team's QB is often key in the late season and post season.

The pass rush is good and maybe become excellent over the coming weeks.

The run defense could improve some and then the overall defense could become top 5 over the next four games.

Tannehill does have his moments. The OL, against all odds, may be stabilizing. Some better deep passing results and the team could open up the running game which would allow the offense to finally make good strides in scoring.

So, some improvements, health, and luck and the Dolphins actually could contend for the AFC Title. Not just the playoffs, but the AFC Title.


I agree - it's probably better to be better against the pass than the run.

I do see improvement in the CBs (playing the ball in the air, better coverage), but still see WRs wide open too much (probably due to the zone coverage scheme). And as always the TEs and RBs out of the backfield kill us.

But the no TD stat is deceptive, again because TEs/RBs are getting more touches since they are effective, and teams are realizing we can't stop the run.

Mark/Sigh, if we played Denver, Detroit, I suspect our CBs would get eaten alive. I think they might have gotten slightly better, but more of it is teams would rather take the easy way and keep it on the ground to use their RBs/TEs to inflict damage.

Anybody else pumped tonight for the battle for the first overall draft pick?

DC Dolfan,

Your points are good ones.

..Sigh..I think it is great to be fired up on the Phins. This team has a realistic chance at the last playoff spot. But as far as challenger for the AFC title..I don't think that is in this teams cards.

I know people are going to say..Well so and so team came from out of nowhere to win. True. But none of those teams were as offensively challenged as this team. I think it would be a gang rape if this team had to go to say Denver and play the Donkeys. We haven't beat NE in 4 years. We are going to go up there and beat them in the playoffs?

I know there a ton of scenarios. Injuries, weather. In our case even upsets. I get it. Just get into the tourney and see what happenes. IMO we saw what happened when this team went to NO on a big stage. I think this year our fate would be similar. We aren't yet ready for big time playoff football.IMO

If we still had Bush, Long & Marshall on our team we'd be challenging the Pats in the AFC East.

I still cannot believe we kept Thomas and traded Bush.

If the dolphins can't beat the Steelers away then they don't really deserve to make they playoffs.

With chances against Bill, Ravens, Buc and Panthers to close the games in the 4th. we haven't been up to the task on either side of the ball.

If we win then, its game on of course. I don't expect a win against the Pats, but I do against the Bills and Jets.

I predict therefore 9-7. I also predict Ravens go 9-7 and we lose on the tie-breaker sadly, unless the Chargers win out, ha ha.

We have had our chances, but again let them slip away. many with terrible play calling.

I'm hopeful Tannehill will continue to improve as a passer and leader, but he's never really done anything on the field that leaves me feeling like he's "The One." Granted, not all NFL teams need HOF-caliber quarterbacks running the show to be successful, but SB winning teams almost always have one constant: superb QB play. Tannehill doesn't have to be Dan Marino 2.0 for the Dolphins to be successful and make some serious noise, but he can't be mediocre, either.

Anyone else thinks Mark and Craig should just hook up already jeez!

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