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Should Dolphins pick on Dee Milliner and can they?

At times like this ripping off Shakespeare seems appropriate: To pick on Dee Milliner or not to pick on Dee Milliner? That is the question.

The last time the Dolphins played the New York Jets signaled perhaps the worst day Milliner, the Jets' first-round pick, has had since coming into the NFL. He missed three tackles, he gave up at least four catches for 74 yards, including a 31-yard touchdown to Brian Hartline on which he missed the tackle after the catch.

Milliner was benched in the third quarter.

So should the Dolphins go after the rookie again on Sunday when they need to do good work on passing downs?

Well, the answer might be a little disturbing to Dolphins fans.

To begin with, Milliner has recovered quite well from that bad outing.

He's only missed two tackles in the three games since that one, has five big stops and has graded out with a plus-grade in each game. Last week Milliner collected his first NFL interception and had five passes defensed against Cleveland.

"He's playing more comfortable, more confident," coach Joe Philbin said.

Great but it's one thing to play well against the Browns. Why wouldn't the Dolphins, who have proven they can beat Milliner go after him?

Well, it seems the Dolphins offense itself is one impediment.

"Our offense is not so much about picking on a guy," quarterback Ryan Tannehill said. "You kind of go through your progression and if you have a matchup you take the play. I don't think we completely focus on singling out any one person."

That's fine when everything is equal. But sometimes things are not equal. Sometimes teams suffer injuries and the player on the field is a weak link. Sometimes a player has lost confidence. Sometimes a player is slowed by an injury and still trying to play through. Sometimes an inexperienced player is simply struggling.

In these rare instances it would be good to single out a person.




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The Fins need to put the last game behind them, not worry about what if's for the playoffs, and just play this last game hard. Finish with a win and let the rest fall where they may.

Hmmm, does Tannehill really think that? I hope that's just to not tip his hand. Otherwise that would indicate poor coaching. Whatever would give me that idea?

What else is he supposed to say?

That's probably the PC response from tanny the reality is that they can and will if the opportunity presents itself. We need to start fast and establish the run early in the game then we can do what we do best. I want the phins to play with the intensity that this game demands. Gotta believe in yourselves. Don't allow the jets to control the line of scrimmage and employ gimmicks to get big plays on special team and on offense. Go phins!!!

True Dolfandave but with these coaches? I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't tell him to go after a weak corner or whoever. Sorry but I've seen enough of these coaches to tell me that we can do better. Call it a vote of no confidence.

I bet we come out to play. THill may not be concerned with breaking 4000 passing yards but I sure the hell can tell you that Wallace and Hartline want to break the 1000 yards mark. With this being the last chance to do so I am willing to bet you see Hartline breaking tackles and Wallace going up and fighting for the ball. Which of course will lead THill into the 4000 yard club. Not saying the Jets are going to roll over and let it happen but as we all know football is 30% body 70% mind. GO PHINS!!! Hit the playoffs and when you do LEAVE MIKE SHERMAN BEHIND YOU!!!!!

If RT doesn't have any idea what a hot read is, which is pretty clear, than it's fairly easy to assume that he doesn't have the awareness to find mismatches, and couldn't hit the deep ball even if he did.

REggie Bush, sitting watching, Long, sitting watching,Vontae Davis, sitting watching,

Plan A is to shut down their awful offense once again: 13 points should be enough to win the game.

Switch it up and go after Cromartie.

We need to zig when others zag.

Plan A is to shut down their awful offense once again: 13 points should be enough to win the game.

Posted by: Nick Savane | December 26, 2013 at 05:20 PM

Only means this game could end in a 0-0 tie. We scored how many points last week?

SMH Mando. I agree with you. I know they will not come out and say they are going to pick on a guy in a game, but I think they are telling the truth. Why wouldn't they go after the weakest link?

I hear nothing but Sherman in what Tannehill said. Which is why it grates on me so much.

Wouldn't expect the QB to not toe the company line though, so, I'm not bothered that he said it. But I'm bothered by whence it came.

I don't care who they pick on as long as they win. Gotta win to try and salvage the season.

A lot of us have been trying to give them a pass on the Bills loss but if the Ravens win and the Chargers lose, The Bills game will be the one we remember the whole off season. Unless of course we lose to the Jets.

We know that blocking is an issue but they've held together enough to win 8 games.

They need to do it again Sunday and the units that are supposed to be good need to step it up.

Dolphins will win and back into the play offs. Unfortunately that most likely means Sherman will be back

Recently, at phinfever.com a question was posed on whether we should pursue jimmy gramahm in free agency.I almost fell out of my chair , when ome of the responses was why would we pursue him, tight end isn,t a priority and we have charles clay.I don,t think this is representative of the dolphin fanbase, but the response is disturbing.This offseason will be about fixing the offensive line, but let,s also remember that this team has scored 30 points once this season. We need a seam stretching tight end and maybe a running back and maybe a receiver.

..Tanehills quote about how the offense works is definitely toeing the company line. Seriously. If you have a good matchup, the reads better start there. Then go read the rest of the field. That I just Tannehill saying something to say nothing.


Not to single you out, but after the NY, Pitt, and Pats game where Tanne had very goid days and made good decisions, you disappeared. Along with kris and Fire Ross. Now, before a big game (and I noticed immediately after the poor Buff outing, (which I might add featured a ton of drops with well-placed balls by Tanne and a few by Chad Lewis due to wet conditions and numb fingers), you have reappeared. If Tanne has a strong outing Sun., will you go back into turtle-mode?

I believe in the kid. Not so sure about the Shermanator, Coyle and Philbin (in that precise order). Definitely not an Ireland-believer. Move him to a scout position and let him promote his picks to a new GM would be the only spot he would have on the Dolphins if I'm Ross. On our QB, he's a keeper. Here's a valid suggestion to Philbin: Get on the phone and call Penny back. Offer him the QB coach position. Screw the Shermanator's son-in-law. Tanne needs a real, ex-NFL QB coaching him. Maybe we even get our future OC this way!

Just because you have a favorable matchup, doesn't necessarily means your read progression must start there. So much more goes into it.

Depends on the type of route itself. A db could be bad defending one type of route but defends another type route better. Depends on the design of the route combination itself. Receivers can be schemed open. Then there's plain old, qb can not TELEGRAPH where he's throwing the ball.

To have a true favorable matchup, a receiver has to be head and shoulders far more skilled or physically unstoppable by the defender.

When Brady picks on someone like Carroll, he still goes through at least his first progression. This is the NFL, if the qb goes through no progressions, the d soon catches on and gets the pic or pic 6.

It's the QB STUPID Eh?

This off season has to be about fixing the Offensive Line. The fins should and will not go after a WR. Improvements are coming from within with Gibson and Binns coming back. I expect Mathews and Simms to get better from within going into their second and third years. The chemistry between Wallace and Tannehill will also get better. The Saints are not going to allow Jimmy Graham to go and even if they did a team would have to pay 10 million a year for him.

The fins need to spend their cap money on a top LT, a good RG, and a proven RB that can protect the QB. Next year has to be all about improving the running game and protecting the QB. It does not matter what receivers you have, the passing game starts up front as we have witnessed this year. If you don't have time to throw the ball then it does not matter what receivers you have. A good running game also opens up the passing game. So priority this year sign 2 top OL in FA and sign a good veteran RB and draft an OL with first pick and a RB with the second or third pick.

Really, our Coaches have been mostly weak throughout the year in before Game planning and in Game planning. They always talk about having a fast start but it has happened seldom, on the contrary, we seem to struggle in the first half always coming from behind. I am definitely not sure about this our last Game.

The perfect game plan can and is blown up each week that the OL fails to show. Period!

"Trust the Team I Trust"

I trust most of my friends!

Some of you trust in god!

I trust myself to figure a way to get thru this life in one piece!

I, in no way shape or form, do I trust the Miami Dolphins OL or RBs!!!!!!!

Don't worry fans, there is an excellent game plan for this weekend's game. First, let me just say that we have had an excellent week of practice. The guys are psyched about this opportunity to take our team to the playoffs. Now to the specifics:

Expect a commitment to running the football in this one. I have a handful of running plays that are designed to get us solid chunks of yards up the middle on 1st and 10.

Should those 1st down run calls fail to get us much (I can't fathom how they couldn't) we will surely be able to spread them out and have everyone run a five yard route for some quick yards on 2nd down!

I have saved the best for last! There is this play we practice quite often, where Ryan appears to fake the handoff to the back and keeps it himself. It fools everyone because he actually does hand it off 99% of the time!

I hope I have cleared any doubts from my detractors with what I have revealed. See you all in the stands this weekend!

Mike S.


This game could be Rex Ryan's SWAN SONG and you can bet that he will be going for it big time. The Jets are talented enough to beat the Dolphins if the offense for Miami is predictable again or if Gino Smith shows some of his talent without the mistakes. Mike Sherman may be the worst Offensive Coordinator in the NFL so anything can happen! I'm sorry but Sherman has not shown any creativity all season so he may just show us again why Texas A&M fired his aging butt.

My doubts have been alleviated! Appreciate the inside info, we won't tell a sole! Thank you, Mr. Sherman.

I'm sorry but Sherman has not shown any creativity all season

Posted by: promichael | December 26, 2013 at 07:44 PM

Neither have you, and we are very sorry...or maybe you are just sorry.

The quote comes from R.Tannehill.

Dashi Trusts the Dolphins.

Dashi Trusts the Dolphins.

Posted by: Dashi | December 26, 2013 at 07:51 PM

We'll let you know if anyone cares.

I am not intimate with the workings between HCs and his assistants, but it seems fair to assume that each Coordinator meets with their HC to outline their plan for the upcoming Game. Their plan will be approved or not by the HC. What I'm trying to say is Philbin will be ultimately responsible for the success and or failure of any Game plan.

Hey genius The Blog,

I will not be playing on the field in Miami so my creativity will not count. Most likely you will be one of the homeless guys picking through the trash after the game.....
good luck with that

Thanks signal, but the correct spelling is "soul" not sole. I don't mean to offend, it's just the English teacher in me kicking in!
You know I actually taught Joseph um I meant Coach Philbin, during his high school years.

Also, you would be very happy to know that only proper grammar is practiced inside our huddle these days. I have also sent many textbooks to Richard, so that he may continue to improve his diction during his paid leave.

Mike S.

The dolphins will make the playoffs. The Bengals will beat the Ravens this week and the fins will beat the Jets. The dolphins match up god against the jets as evidenced by the 23 to 3 throbbing in NY.

I think the fins will be facing the Patriots in the first round unfortunately in Foxboro. The Bengals will beat the Ravens but the Patriots will lose to the Bills. The Bills are hot right now and confident after pummeling the dolphins. This is not the same Bills team that the Patriots faced earlier. They are physical and will punish Brady in this game.

We need to dominate the Jets this Sunday, at least to get Tannehill some playoff experience (1 game, maybe 2 who knows). After that, when the Jets fire Ryan, we need to make him the highest paid defensive coordinator in the league and switch back to a 3-4. Rex will definetely get more out of our defense as it currently is (plus whatever help we get out of draft or FA) then what Coyle has gotten out of them this year. Rex would figure out a way to have Jordan, Wake AND Vernon bringing heat while having Soliai, Starks and Odrick stuffing the run. We have all the pieces for a good 3-4 defense but a coach who wants to sit back in 4-3 zones and let teams just pick us apart. A better question than "are we going to pick on Milliner" is are they going to pick on Wheeler? Both answers should be YES.


The problem with this blog is not simply immaturity and trolling and illiteracy. On top of that, so few here have enough life experience to see things in perspective. We have bloggers that might be 30 thinking they have the wisdom of a 60 year old, when it is 20 at best.

Those with wisdom, know their place, and don't get ahead of themselves, while maintaining focus and equilibrium with that that is within their grasp of understanding.

We are in that group.

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 26, 2013 at 07:54 PM

While I cannot in good conscience divulge any of the inner workings of our coaching hierarchy, I can tell you that Joseph and I are on the same page.


Mike S.

You can make an argument that if this team kept 2 players from last year that they would be in the playoffs and a real threat. The fins sorely miss Burnett and Dansby. That was the biggest loss last year. The fins were a top 7 defense in recent years and now are a mediocre defense, particularly against the run. The biggest difference is the lack luster play at LB. Phillip Wheeler is so bad, the fins may consider taking the salary cap hit and letting him go after this year. The fins cannot stop the run because the LBs are always out of position and seem lost. Karlos Dansby is headed to the pro-bowl this year and has been an impact player for the Cardinals. As the old saying goes if it aint broke don't fix it. The fins would have 2 or 3 more wins if Burnett and Dansby were still on this team.

After this Season!! Dashi doesn't want to hear 1 Miami Dolphins Fan to say that the O-line is not important to an offense. You need at least 2 Real Good O-linemen to have a functional Offense(Preferably LT and C). 3 or more to have a good run game.

#1, #2, #3 Priority are O-linemen this Off-season. Hopefully 2 of them come through the Draft.

No need to go after 1 or 2 year replacement. Tannehill needs linemen he can grow with.

The way Dashi sees it, Mr. Ireland.

LT- 1st rd pick, McKinney or veteran equivalent
LG- S.Brenner, D.Thomas and N.Garner competition
RG-Blue Chip FA aka best linemen in FA
RT- 2nd rd pick, Clabo or veteran equivalent

Mr. Sherman my apologies, I'll try my best to live up to your high standards in the immediate future. After that I'll probably return to my previous standards, which I realize are hopelessly low.

We could have had Vontaze Burfict, NFL's leading tackler, on the cheap. This team needs to get off of its phony high horse puritan crapola.

Oscar Canosa,

Your correct that Philbin is responsible for his coordinators game plan and in game decisions. He is wearing a head set and has all the technology needed to communicate and correct the offense or defense. I have a problem with the predictable offense and running the same plays that are not working. Mike Sherman is an open book for the defense to read.

Thats true Orlando but Dansby did not play for us anywhere near as good as what he is playing this year for Arizona. He is still better than who we have there now but for the money we gave him, seems to me that most of the memorable (and game changing) plays that he has made during his career....most if not all came in a Cardinals uniform.

The problem with this blog is not simply immaturity and trolling and illiteracy. On top of that, so few here have enough life experience to see things in perspective. We have bloggers that might be 30 thinking they have the wisdom of a 60 year old, when it is 20 at best.

Those with wisdom, know their place, and don't get ahead of themselves, while maintaining focus and equilibrium with that that is within their grasp of understanding.

Posted by: You know who | December 26, 2013 at 08:01 PM


Dashi, a late xmas present. Read the above post three times before going to bed and three times upon waking up for the next 3 years.


I am not sure I understand your scenario. Are you saying LT 1st round OR McKinney to start or McKinney would be a back up to the 1st round pick? Same thing with brining Clabo back OR a 2nd round pick?


Dansby did not live up to his contract here but now you wonder if it was the coaching that did not allow him to blossom. Why is he thriving with the Cardinals? I would say that looking back at it now, the Dansby that played for the fins was better than the 2 replacements. Wheeler has no business starting in his league. I went back to look at the game with Buffalo and you constantly saw Wheeler filling the wrong gap or making a tackle 7 yards down field. Wheeler has no instincts.

jets talking a lot already, lets beat them bad

Dansby would've quit in the 4th qtr when Ellerbe doesn't And Hasn't. You can say Coyle called the wrong the play. You can't say Ellerbe gave up on a play.

Dansby is in the best shape of his life. Because he is 32 and knows he only has about 1 more year left.

Dansby was getting paid over $10 mil a season. And wasn't taking a pay cut because he was the self-proclaimed Best MLB in football.

Ellerbe and Wheeler combined don't cost $5 mil against the cap. And their 5 yr deals are really 2-3 yr deals when you look at the guaranteed money.

I can keep going. The stats are similar at Half the price. They are younger and cover better. Even Wheeler.

The problem with the run defense is Soliai and Starks. They have gotten comfortable and have played this season in almost protest because they didn't get a contract extension. Which they are showing that they don't deserve.

The Dolphins were too cheap to pay Dansby, Long, or Bush. Just part of the reason we stink.

Orlando Dolphan

McKinney and Clabo will serve as mentors/competition for the rookies.

Nothing is given with Sherman as OC. He can bully other players into toughening up the weak link or expose it for Sherman to cut him.

M.Egnew took up MMA training after 1 Season of Sherman having everyone call Egnew P,,,y.

Martin is just a different kind of person.

I completely disagree with you on this Dashi. There is no talk of Wheeler or Ellerbe sniffing the pro-bowl and it is certain that Dansby will be there. He has 117 tackles, 4 interceptions, 2 TDs, and 6-5 sacks. Yes, Dansby is headed to the pro-bowl. He was over paid here but most free agents are. Mike Wallace certainly has not played up to his 60 million dollar contract.

Wheeler is horrible. He cannot cover at all which is the reason that Reshad Jones has been asked to cover more TEs. The problem is that Jones cannot cover either. The Dolphins were consistently in the top 10 against the run and now they are ranked 23rd. The defensive line is still the same; the only difference are the LBs. This LB unit is terrible.

Top QB's dont need great OL's. Its the borderline guys that need tons of help.

OK fair enough Dashi. I like your plan if McKinney and Clabo are just coming back as back up and to compete with the two drafted rookies. That would actually free up some money for the fins to go after a top running back as McKinney and Clabo will not cost that much. The fins need a proven running back like Tate or Blount.

When the season began most would of said that Jerry was the most obvious weak link on the OL. So trying to upgrade his position for next year, if possible, is a must. Right now his below average play has gone unnoticed.

I'd either pick up a free agent and draft an OG in the 2nd or third. Or go with 2 draft choices to enter the mix that might include Thomas and Brenner. If we select to not resign Jerry then it gets real interesting.

If we were to able to pick up the high priced FA Branden Albert then I could see Clabo for another year. Everything can't be fixed in one. After Albert then our biggest needs are two decent or better OGs and an NFL RB. After so many years we know that Jerry is average or probably below average. Can't keep him around for it may stunt the growth of a young player because this regime likes to take their time with the draft choices. Getting rid of Jerry forces their hand.

Hard to gauge but it is a fact they are running thru the middle of our line easier than it was last year. Not Soliai, I've seen him penetrate while with 2 blockers on top and run after ball carriers 15 yds downfield. It's either Starks or the LBs. I'd go for Starks knowing his circumstances. He is not really a DT and rather a DE. Some how other Teams have found a weak link in our D line.

This is Mckinnie's last season. He is retiring.

Jerry must go. He does not fit Philbin's zone blocking scheme and is always battling weight issues. I agree that we need to address RB. Part of the blocking issues are directly related to the backs, who can't run or block. I would like to see the fins address the RB position also. I would not mind seeing them take a tough inside runnier like Blount in FA and then drafting Lashe Seastrunk in the the 2nd round. The first round pick has to be used on an OL.

Add another one to the list. We need another huge DT.

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