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Source: Changes of some significance coming

You should know Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said he's going to "look at everything" in evaluating his team. Two sources told me Sunday evening changes of some significance are coming, without specifying what changes exactly that would entail.

That could involve general manager Jeff Ireland. That almost definitely will include assistant coaches. It may even mean coach Joe Philbin will be out -- although that seems the least likely scenario. A two-game end of season collapse that keeps a team from making the playoffs will do things like that.

And the Dolphins aren't just out of the postseason but they just played their fifth consecutive non-winning season.

Frankly, this coaching staff is frustrating. Consider the Dolphins have enough talent that they they were 4-3 against 2013 playoff teams. But they were so inconsistent as to go 4-5 against teams that didn't make the playoffs.

The Dolphins improved their road record this year to 4-4. And they took a step back at home by going 4-4.

I don't see this team playing desperate and smart all the time for Joe Philbin. I saw the Jets showing more desire for Rex Ryan.

Consider that in the second quarter, Jets quarterback Geno Smith rushed up the middle on a keeper inside the red zone and ran through Dolphins middle linebacker Dannell Ellerbe's tackle attempt at the goal. The QB ran through the MLB's tackle.

The flip side of that came when trailing 14-7 in the third quarter, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill faced a third-and-21 situation. He escaped the pocket and ran through the vacated middle of the New York defense for 20 yards. He went into a baseball slide one yard short of the first down. On third down he went into a slide a yard short!

One quarterback ran over a Dolphins tackler. One quarterback avoided a hit and fell short of a meaningful first down.

(On fourth down the Dolphins ran a Mike Sherman special ... an off tackle run by tight end forced to play fullback Charles Clay. Clay was stopped for no gain, which has happened plenty this year).

The last two games these Dolphins have been a lot of things but full of passion wasn't one of them. This team played better at the beginning of the year than the end, which suggests no progression. This team never had an identity on offense and never solved its run-defense issues.

That's on players. That's on coaches.

General Manager Jeff Ireland is obviously on the firing line as well. The offensive line, the unmerited trust in Daniel Thomas, the limited help from the 2013 draft class -- all of that should and will be evaluated.

Ross is going to be busy the next couple of days. 



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Huge issue I had during the offseason was swapping out our two LBers..... Seeing Dansby and Burnett replaced for over priced and over rated LBers..... Our defense was fine, more attention should have been place on the offense, like OL,... We added Wallace..... One player, sure we lost Keller, but we also lost Jake Long and Reggie Bush......... The investment in our LBers actually has downgraded our Def..... more should have been done to help our offense and to help our young Qb develop....... Moving up to the 3 rd pick of the draft and passing on a LT.... for a part time DE who I have no idea if he can even play in the NFL yet...... Didn't see much this year........ What a mess...... Enough is enough with this GM..... Ireland needs to go.

Philbin's boring approach is reflected in a boring, flat team.

We don't need Sparano fist pumps but we need someone with at least a pulse.

"of some significance"....implies more than doomed sycophant OL coach Turner.

It implies Mike Sherman and/or Ireland. Philbin gets a mulligan on last two games. One more season of policing litter and untied shoes. Awesome.

I see new GM going with new HC. Who woukd risk their new job with the likes of Philbin ?

I'm on the fence with Philbin .. But agree he's to passive or boring as stated above. But Ireland has Got To Go...... And it might be a package deal......

after 34 years of phins fan we still don't have qb

The coach has the team where it is. the talent was there to beat the Pats, Colts and Bengals, but when leadership and play calling was needed against weaker talent our coach Philbin got smashed, I mean the games weren't even close.

No excuses Philbin isn't good enough. A robotic, lifeless admin guy that should never have been made coach on any team in the league. Bye bye Joe.

Sherman needs to retire. Get a new GM. Regardless of whether his fault or not, the fanbase doesnt like him and he is part the problem for the defense breakin down.

Soliai and Starks basically shut down their A game. You can tell.

Those guys are gone. Grimes is going to be too much money for a man of 31.

I agree with Omar, I don't think Philbin and Ireland are going anywhere. Problem is that I don't trust Philbin as HC, Ireland as personnel man and Ross making the right decisions. Then what?

Only thing that can partially save us is if the Ted Wells report finds Philbin guilty of anything and he gets suspended. Then, I think Ross will go in another direction regarding HC. But the Scout will stay.

I knew Tannehill was raw coming into the NFL, but with his talent, I assumed he could be taught the proper techniques to become a superior QB. I'm beginning to think that I assumed too much.

Everyone here acts like we went 3-13. We got sabotaged by Martin this year otherwise we might have gone 10-6. Yes we self-destructed again in December, but a new offensive coordinator should help that.

Yeah, right.

Not giving up on Tannehill yet...... I wish he showed more, but talent around him still lacking..... Plus I'll take a positive td/int ratio considering our past QBs.... Miami still lacks skill players with a terrible OLine and one of the worst running games in the NFL. There's a lot of needs, but the OLine and a running back is the priority..... In short, a running game will do wonders for this team..... Plus I'd love to see someone over 6 feet catching the ball..... Not counting our 6'3 TE .. Clay who was a pleasant surprise.......

If they are going to clean something, the OLine is it. Out with all and even Pouncey might do better at G.

Football is a game of passion. When your highest paid player never goes up for the ball or lays out for a pass it doesn't inspire anyone. His body language says it all. Men dont follow titles they follow courage.

Posted by: Srdolfan | December 30, 2013 at 07:22 AM

you hang in there with Thill.

Thad Lewis a rookie

Geno Smith a rookie

Both outplayed the 24th rated QB in the critical 2nd season.

Thill behind, Wilson, Luck and RGIII in ratings.

Thill led the Dolphins to 27th in O in the NFL.

Thill had the time to throw all day against the Jets and in the clutch he blew wide open targets.

Thill has been a QB in the Sherman system for 4 years, so stop with the BS excuses.

Tannehill had passer ratings of 45.6 and 42.1 in the final two games.

MIT gone quiet !!!

Now you know what Thill can do and what he can't.

Ireland and Philbin both deserve to be fired after this debacle. This o-line was worse before bully gate. Philbin is a lame duck coach

I think EVERYONE needs to go: Ireland, Philbin & Coaches.
We would be playing from a position of weakness by cramming Philbin on a new GM.
Lets hire a GM who hires his own staff. Philbin was supposed to be this offensive guru and frankly saw nothing of his "up tempo" offense other than a little bit of it in pre-season.
I agree with Mando: no identity.
Lets start from scratch in 2014.

Stop! When you have somethomg solid to report like or a name that might be getting fired then write about it, till then all your articles are gonna be about that one qoute... boring! How bout u write about who should get fired and why or why philbin should keep his job on order to keep developing our qb

Eddie Hughes you really bringing up mike Wallace? He did exactly what we brought him here to do. He is our deep threat not a possession guy. He was consistently open behind defenders all year long, if Tanehill hits just half of those passes he'd have 1300 yards 12 touchdowns and be headed to the pro bowl. Just half

everyone has gone nuts...this is a dolphin team who should b 10 and 6 or even 11 and 5...philbin is a solid coach and imangine what tannehill could do with a run game and o-line? the kid was sacked 58 times and hit another 20...im just as upset as everyone...fire Ireland and ask Sherman to give back some money he stole running a poor off...fix those problems and we are back in business in yr 3, look at rivera in Carolina.

Also one more thing if someone does get fired, well when someone gets fired if that little entourage reject adam shefter reports it first than a local guy c'mon man! Lets get a name so we can have clousure on this season move on and start predicting which talented rookie we're gonna pass up in the draft at number 17 overall

We hired Philbin because supposedly he was an offensive guy that was gonna bring that Green Bay spread up tempo style of play. He's been here two years and I haven't seen anything that looks like that offense

Replace Ireland with Jimmy Johnson (good luck getting Jimmy).

Clean house!!!

please dont keep Philbin. Our team was completely uninspired. Keeping him would be a mistake.

Tannehill not the answer! Get rid of Ireland, Philbin and ALL the coaches!! And Ross should sell the team!!! He is only interested in the 'stars' and their minority ownership in the team!!

any idea what number pick we will have?

We don't seem to be able to play with the required intensity and desperation. By beating New England in the manner in which we did we could not overcome the euphoria. In hindsight I would have rather we lost to ne and we probably would have beat the jets and bills. Our players for some reason don't seem to get the importance of the moment. There is no tommorrow. Tanny sliding short of that first down typified this. Get the first at all cost. After the game we talk about the lack of plays. Well I agree but I also think we lack play makers. We have a solid foundation. Fix the o line issues and pick up a couple players that can make people miss and take it to the house. Wallace, hartline, gibson and Matthews are good at what they do but we need to draft a few dynamic threats and find one to compliment them. Thigpin is the closest thing we have to fill that need but we don't play him.

the team has no character,Sherman needs to retire or fire him.
Dolfan for 40 yaers from Germany

There's nothing to think about... with two with two winnable games to get into the playoffs and you watched your team flat out quit...FIRE EVERYONE!!!!!

Ryan tannehill is oír QB The kid have talent to be elite. The bad play callings and poor coaching make him do bad plays. The poor OL. But the worst upgrade that the front office made was the LB's. What a shame. Hope the changes come really soon. Philbin isn't bad couch but he is bad HC. Phone up everyday.

IMAGINE. SunLife Stadium. B Marshall, Hartline, Wallace(for a lessor Price); Bush, and Clay, Miller; Pay J Long (or better yet, 3rd overall pick---get this....... A LT??). Ahhh PARADISE!!......Now Reality. This picture is not far fetch with the cap space we had. What happened? Just saying.

I would have to say start with a new GM. Let the new GM pick his own coaching staff. Although I think Philbin is a nice guy, he is not head coach material. If you listen to him talk you would see he has not said ONE thing all year. Is always the same rehearsed bologna. I used to think it was to not reveal any info other teams might use against the Dolphins but its now obvious that is because he is clueless. "We didn't make any plays, it has to be a complete team effort, Offense, Defense and Special teams"... No shit Sherlock. Even his post game speeches were read from card. WTF is that. If you can't address your team from the heart after a big win, then my friend you are not the coach I want leading my team, specially when the team plays with such little passion and urgency in playoff type games. It makes sence, they are a reflection of their head coach..

I'm tired of people thinking that Tannebum is special when he's not. No QB vision and he stays in the pocket way too much. Philbin is clueless and lack football passion and common sense. Ireland should of been fired years ago but Ross refuse to get rid of this individual and no one knows why? He has no eye for talent and it shows..Why would you let a RB like Bush go for two weaker talent? Receiving a fourth round draft pick for a Brandon Marshall yet over paying a no hands, foot ball sense Mike Wallace? Also don't forget our first round draft picks with a Ted Ginn and Tannehill. Been a fan for years and I'm tired of going through the motions, while Ross stay making money with u necessary Fins logo and carry on without a care in the world!

Gm stays, coach stays. need new coordinators ol & lb & a rb.

Tannehill doubled his TD's this year, was less than 100 yards from a 4,000 yard season. If the play calling played to his strengths and our offensive line wasn't giving up the most sacks in franchise history, Tannehill would have thrown for well over 4,000 yards and over 30 TD's. We have a solid young QB who threw for more yards this year than Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, RG3 or Cam Newton. And only Wilson threw 2 more TD's than Tannehill, Tannehill threw for the same amount or more TD's than those other 3 QBs. For the 2nd consecutive year, we almost had 2 1,000 yard WR's (Wallace was less than 100 yards shy). When was the last time that happened? Those are the facts. QB is not our problem. It's one of our strengths. Sherman needs to go now, so the new OC has plenty of time to study and work with the talent at the skill positions before next season. O-line, RB and LB should be the Dolphins focus.

All you guys clamoring for a left tackle in this past draft, the only guy left that could have been taken at that spot this past year turned out to be a COMPLETE BUST, and all you dudes want HIM? I sure am glad none of you are in the front office.

That being said moving up to the 3rd overall spot and picking a part time defensive player was a total complete phukk up.

Ok. Our team missed the playoffs. That said, When you consider the offensive line debacle, we were lucky to finish 8-8. I look at this team and I still see improvement from the previous year. I see a QB who did not endure a sophomore slump (like cam newton did causing that team to question I they made the right pick- now look at Carolina!). We had a pathetic offensive line. We had pathetic play calling on offensive. We have a defense that was just- average.

Lets cut through the BS here- philbin inspired this team to put themselves in a position to control their wildcard destiny when the team could have folded and ended up 6-10. We had a fiery coach in Sparano and where did that get us? Joe philbin is stoic on the sideline. So what? Bill Walsh was stoic. Mike McCarthy is stoic. There is nothing wrong with being stoic! That's the laziest excuse to fire joe philbin I've ever heard. You ask any players in the dolphins locker room- they like playing for Joe philbin.

Jeff Ireland- spent a lot of FA money. Drafted the highest rated DE on the board in the draft. If anyone should be furious about the 8-8 finish- it's Jeff Ireland! He put together a product that should have been minimum (10-6) minus the OL scandal. I know if I was the GM and my number 1 draft pick is a part time player- I would be going to the owner and saying "do these coaches even know how to coach up talent?" The 2013 draft class will pay more dividends but they need better coaching. Is that jeff irelands fault or Is that joe philbins fault or his coordinators faults?

I think the real culprit here is the coordinators. I HATED our offensive play calling this year. Putting aside the OL issues, just the calls themselves. The 4th down run by clay yesterday typifies what's wrong with mike Sherman's play calling and it has been like that all year! Mike Sherman has got to go.

I'm also not a fan of Kevin coyle. This defense at times seemed better suited for more 3-4 looks. He flat out states that our number 1 draft pick is only going to see part time playing this year- why? Couldn't you coach him up well enough? Reshard jones- what happened? How many times did we here his name this year making big plays? Coyle had him playing a different style this year (one year after he was pro bowl caliber) thereby nullifying his effectiveness. We were too easy to run on by opposing teams. Too much zone, not enough blitzing. Kevin coyle has to go. This team starts with the D and O lines. Neither got it done effectively enough. Which brings me to....

Jim turner- was he telling philbin and Ireland that j martin was a LT? Either way, when incognito and martin were playing, we were not running the ball effectively. That squarely rests on turner.

More to come.....

I would love to hear some of your responses to the message

Here's one problem with just firing the OC, DC, QB Coach and OL Coach:

How will the team attract top talent to those positions when everyone will know that Philbin and Ireland will be in their last year unless they make a run deep into the playoffs? No OC or DC or note will want to work for such a lame duck GM and Head Coach. Up and coming coaches will look for better and more stable opportunities elsewhere.

The fact is that the Dolphins went 8-8; they could have won a few more games and they could easily have lost a handful more games.

The QB regressed in a major way the past two weeks against losing teams (and Mike Wallace is right - an 8-8 record is a losing record).

The new and improved LB unit nearly destroyed the whole defense. And they have such massive contracts, they cannot easily be replaced. The two bad LBs that were cut had very good seasons elsewhere.

The OL needs four new starters plus depth.

The WR unit is more subpar than people want to think about and the dropped passes are a significant concern.

Clay is the only good TE on the team. There are no good RBs, only a decent change of pace back.

The entire rookie class contributed nothing the entire season. Sturgis struggled mightily as the kicker and the other rookies warmed the bench, unable to earn playing time on a very subpar team of limited talent and ability. How did Dallas Thomas not get a short on this mess of an OL?

Worse of all, there may not be a good QB on the roster. Tannehill's lack of accuracy on deep balls is a major, major liability and could derail his career quickly.

The only way, in my opinion, to improve the team is to fire Ireland and Philbin. A new GM and a new Head Coach on the same page might be able to develop the talent that is on the roster and add players that 'fit.'

Changing the OC and OL coach is a joke of a fix and will result in another embarrassment in 2014.

agree with a lot of the posts here, team looks unmotivated with no on field leadership, absolutely pathetic. Tannehill plays like a p*ssy compared to other new QBs and is a mirror reflection of our unemotional coaching staff. How can you have a playoff spot in your grasp for 2 weeks and field that crap of an effort - NO LEADERSHIP

Tanehills slide defined the game and the season. I agree with that was said about the invisible and wasted 2013 draft class. Didn't understand the change of linebackers and still do not.

If one didn't know one would have thought the jets were vying for a playoff birth. The offense has been flat all year. Good bye Sherman and your uses up the middle runs. I liked what the jets did with the powerhouse backfield. They sold out to get the short yardage and the phins quit on us

I never expected a Super Bowl this year but the disappointment was overwhelming

One thing good was Tanehill finally over threw Wallace. Maybe in 8 months he will figure that out

Got some slightly used jerseys for sale

Here it is. Let's start by changing the QB cadence I'm not a coach just a fan and I knew every play before they ran it. 1 GO= PASS 2- Go Go = run. That is why we only scored 7 points in the last two games. If no one on our coaching staff and above then we need to clean house.

Dreday is absolutely correct. If Tannehill just hits HALF of those 9 patterns to Wallace he has a monster year and goes to the Pro Bowl, AND that probably also would have translated into at least 2 more wins. He HAS to correct this fatal flaw in his game to ever be a top tier QB. The really good ones don't miss sure TD throws. I counted at least 12 such plays with Wallace this year, including 3 in one game! I've got an idea many might consider radical. If Johnny Manziel is on the board when we pick I might consider him. If Tannehill develops, fine, Manziel would be a valuable bargaining chip.

Time for Jeff Ireland to go! If he stays we will never put a solid Playoff or any kind of title together! This years team never seemed pumped up & even the fans were lacking at the stadium the whole organization needs to be more passionate!

Here it is. Let's start by changing the QB cadence I'm not a coach just a fan and I knew every play before they ran it. 1 GO= PASS 2- Go Go = run. That is why we only scored 7 points in the last two games. If no one on our coaching staff and above thinks that's not a problem then we need to clean house.

The team is a reflection of the coach. boring and no desire. look at other teams that fought for their playoff lives on sunday. linemen pushing the running back in the pile, guys hitting hard, making tackles. ryan tannehills slide on 3rd and 21 are u kidding me. he should have been running for the first, ripped his helmet off then dove face first for the 1st down. then got up with dirt and grass in his mouth. then maybe the team would have been a little bit more inspired. but then again, how can grown men get pumped up to play for the dork head coach that they have. hes more worried about being a hard ass and policing the most minor things, instead of worrying about the intricacies of winning an nfl football game

anyone who thinks philban or ireland should be kept just dont know football. these past 3 coaches, philban, sporano, and cameron were a joke. laughing stock. they make wanstett look like don shula. this team is so good at being bad. thats the problem. everyone stinks. we had the 1st overall pick and took our franchise LT, who is gone. (Matt Ryan would have been nice) we dont even have a couple studs at least. ya know, from all the years missing the playoffs, we havent gathered one bonafide stud player to build around. they cant even just stink and get good draft picks. they have to go 8-8 to get a mediocre pick. look at the 1st-3rd picks that are wasted. everyone needs to go!

Please stop raising our hopes on Ireland being gone. You all have done that year in, year out for the past half decade and look where we still are?

This franchise refuses to learn from its own mistakes, let alone from the mistakes and successes of others. By definition, that makes it incompetent.

I think Tannehenne proved himself this year. We should have won at least one of our last two games.
Coach Philbin is good Ireland not so much. We should have kept a few of the players they released last year and made better picks, for instance Keachley would nave been great for us. 40 years of frustration and we keep on keeping on!

Some posters are saying that the Dolphins could have gone 10-6 with a few breaks or if the Marin/Cogs scandal had not broken the OL.

Well, the OL was broken before the scandal became a new story.

And, the Dolphins could easily have lost to the Colts, Falcons, Bengals, Steelers, and Patriots to finish at 3-13. They didn't and they did not finish 10-6 either. They had their fifth straight losing season after having massive amounts of cap space and five premium drafts picks entering the 2013 offseason.

The result was not a single rookie made the team better. Or even started - except for one of the worst kickers in the league, Sturgis.

The Dolphins had a bad season because they have a horrid GM, a subpar coach, and a very iffy QB.

This is what you get when you hire a coach with No head coaching experience, a 2 year experiment. There must be a reason that Philbin was never a head coach in his 30 years of coaching.
Nepotism has led to mediocrity, don't hire your friends! Philbin was friends with Sherman who worked with Tannehill in college and is also related to the OL and QB coaches. Hire people based on merit and objective judgment, not your buddies.
Advice to Tannehill and Wallace, if you want to be great then practice the deep ball 100 times a day. Tannehill--Drop back and throw it Sooner, Higher, and Farther and let him go get it. Master this and you will be an All Pro!

We over-paid for 2 LB's and a WR. Our defense was worst than last year because of the LB change. Wallace did little to improve the offense. Our problem for several years has been OL and it still is. Our rookies did nothing. But we went 4-3 against playoff teams- there is hope.

I think that Thill should be released, GM and HC should be fired ASAP. This team need an complete overhual. Hired an in your face HC this team lacks passion!!!!

Mr Philbin is everyones favourite Grandad...but too warm and soft to be a HC in the NFL,Ieland oin the other hand has less admirers than Lee Harvey Oswald.

Darren the fans at the stadium haven't been passionate for over 10 years. Not that I completely disagree with them. And Braydon, let's stop with the Matt Ryan stuff, yeah
he's been decent but he had what 5 less wins than Tannehill on team that was loaded on paper? I think Sherman may need to go. I agree the clay play worked once(on 3rd down I think) but was stopped a few times on 4th. I knew they were gonna do that so you know The Jets knew that as well. Tannehill did have the best season any QB has had here in over a decade. But yes he and Wallace need to spend the off-season playing catch and working on his deep ball passes. Even short passes he missed to Hartline. I'd still take these LBs over Dansby. Dansby did not play hard as a Dolphin, he was not worth the money period. Are these guys? No. But to say we should of kept
Dansby is terrible. As far as Ireland goes he had some hits and misses so whatever they do with him is fine w/me. Still wish someone could see that Martin was a Looney Toon. Considering the controversy and injuries they played Vailiany but yes should of one those last two. I'm still bitter at our pathetic media for the Tampa Bay game. No way does Miami loose that game w/out this Martin And Incognitio stuff. This is a fairly young team, make some changes, but overall let's hope they learn from blowing these two games and win these games next year. Gotta at least give Philbin 3yrs. Fans want to blow it up every yr or two then wonder why it's not a finished project. You can't put it all toghether when you are constantly rebuilding. Look at the Browns.

Lots of cherry picking of stats to support invalid arguments. Tannehill finished 10th in yards and 12th in TD passes and had significant improvement in every category from year one to year two. Beat Roethlisberger, Ryan, Brady, Luck, and Dalton head to head. All while being sacked a record 58 times, and not ending up on IR.

Tannehill is an asset, not a liability. Sherman on the other hand needs to go, and I'm quite sure he is gone.

I do agree that the linebacker swap, was a bad move, as reflected by the once venerable run D, disappearing. And I felt the team played better in the 3-4 scheme. Other than that Ireland is ahead of the pack in players he has acquired, and those he passed on. The team was talented this year. The fact that they underperformed at times is not on him.

In regards to players he let walk, like Bush, Long, and Brandon Marshall (BM was all Philbin) have these players helped their teams to the postseason? Nope.

And lastly to Armando, has Miami ever had coaching that you approved of? You are an enemy of the Dolphins and were a chief player in the media created scandal this year. Too bad the press isn't accountable to actually be truthful. Instead they say whatever they want, quoting sources, and see what sticks. Pathetic.

The Dolphins lack passion all year. can you name one emotional leader on that team? I didn't think so. I think Thill can be a solid NFL quarterback. They need to address the OL, get 2 more solid pass rushers, and oh yeah, get rid of Ireland today!

Philbin has never impressed me as a NFL coach. His team reflects his passion. It doesn't have any. They made Geno Smith look at a really good QB.

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