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Source: Changes of some significance coming

You should know Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said he's going to "look at everything" in evaluating his team. Two sources told me Sunday evening changes of some significance are coming, without specifying what changes exactly that would entail.

That could involve general manager Jeff Ireland. That almost definitely will include assistant coaches. It may even mean coach Joe Philbin will be out -- although that seems the least likely scenario. A two-game end of season collapse that keeps a team from making the playoffs will do things like that.

And the Dolphins aren't just out of the postseason but they just played their fifth consecutive non-winning season.

Frankly, this coaching staff is frustrating. Consider the Dolphins have enough talent that they they were 4-3 against 2013 playoff teams. But they were so inconsistent as to go 4-5 against teams that didn't make the playoffs.

The Dolphins improved their road record this year to 4-4. And they took a step back at home by going 4-4.

I don't see this team playing desperate and smart all the time for Joe Philbin. I saw the Jets showing more desire for Rex Ryan.

Consider that in the second quarter, Jets quarterback Geno Smith rushed up the middle on a keeper inside the red zone and ran through Dolphins middle linebacker Dannell Ellerbe's tackle attempt at the goal. The QB ran through the MLB's tackle.

The flip side of that came when trailing 14-7 in the third quarter, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill faced a third-and-21 situation. He escaped the pocket and ran through the vacated middle of the New York defense for 20 yards. He went into a baseball slide one yard short of the first down. On third down he went into a slide a yard short!

One quarterback ran over a Dolphins tackler. One quarterback avoided a hit and fell short of a meaningful first down.

(On fourth down the Dolphins ran a Mike Sherman special ... an off tackle run by tight end forced to play fullback Charles Clay. Clay was stopped for no gain, which has happened plenty this year).

The last two games these Dolphins have been a lot of things but full of passion wasn't one of them. This team played better at the beginning of the year than the end, which suggests no progression. This team never had an identity on offense and never solved its run-defense issues.

That's on players. That's on coaches.

General Manager Jeff Ireland is obviously on the firing line as well. The offensive line, the unmerited trust in Daniel Thomas, the limited help from the 2013 draft class -- all of that should and will be evaluated.

Ross is going to be busy the next couple of days. 



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Tell me how new England manage to make it work on offense after giving up on welker ,Hernandez situation and gronk being out and plus all the injury on defense and we still can't compete with them year after year the same thing . What are you going to do Mr Ross . Coming from an angry die hard dolphin fan .unless you make some changes your stadium will be empty.

Philbin during Hardknocks was more concerned about garbage on the field, during practice.

Well we ended up with garbage on the field during the season.

Joe Must Go !!!

All I could hear all day is go or go go, pass and run, so easy to pick up...wtf....I am so ashamed.....such a historic franchise being totally humiliated....we have extreme talent not being utilized....just disgusted! Fire them all....need motivation, inspiration, and yes something better for offense play calling...go go-go and gone!

First thing to address with this team is Coach Philbin ,is he the right guy. i believe he is not trusted by the Players, just look at the situation with bullying.National Headlines we didnt need. Mike Sherman is not an innovative offensive Coordinator, just because he was Tannehill's head coach in college does not make him a lock for staying as off. coord. the offensive line is a mess ,cant run block ,cant pass block, with wide reciever weapons ,Wallace, Hartline, Clay at T.E., you think the play calling would have netted more points.Our running game is non existent, in my oppinion Reggie Bush should have been kept , that is on Philbin and Ireland. and finaly the Defence, c- they kept the team respectable ,but the Linebackers are overpaid ,a big let down in the final 2 games. Grimes is a Beast ,we need better cornerback play.

Honestly if you fire everyone because you had a bad year your team will never go forward. This is Joe's 2nd year, 2ND year!! Yes, Mike Sherman needs to retire, our defense needs a change, OL help, RB help, But Tannehill is not to far off of being a good QB, everyone needs to calm down things will work out for the better. I have been a Dolphin fan for over 30 years and believe me I want a Winning team in South Florida as much as anyone, but patience is a virtue..

Jeff Ireland got a new contract after week 3 why? He needs to go he gets the increase and we give up players , that had we paid them we would have been better off. Need to build on good running backs, and a strong offence line

While I hate to sound like a broken record, or scratched CD, the common denominator since 2008,our last winning season, is Jeffie Ireland. Fire the bum and hire Bill Polian. Then give him the keys to the building and a blank checkbook to rebuild this franchise.

I hate to break this to you all, by lesean McCoy and Adrian Peterson. Wouldn't run much better behind our offensive line- that's on Turner. Lamar miller needs more holes opened up for him. Lamar miller needs to catch more passes out of the backfield- that's on Sherman.

Fire Ireland and break the bank for Cowher to be coach and GM like he wants.

I totally agree with Eddie Hughes, Wallace never jumped to get passes thrown at the highest point. He did get opened deep consistently but for $60 M He should get out of his comfort zone and jump or dive for balls. Having said that, yes Dreday, if the passes weren't short mostly and some long, his stats would be nice. I still expected a lot more from him.

Should have resigned Bush and Jake Long instead of wasting money on linebackers that were worse then what we had. Tannehill is not a franchise QB can't hit Wallace and the deep throws. Philbin is boring has no passion just like the team. Ireland wasted so much money. And whereIis the #3 pick at. Traded up for a guy who never played!!!! 8-8 was good for a mess of a team. The Miami Dolphins are what they are average and boring. Never getting better never making the playoffs. It's getting really old

New OC and GM!!!

Pray for new ownership.

Thanks for the great season that you and your lack of coaching,organization,team leadership (MARTN INCOGS),great passion,play calling,sherman is your hand picked O/C,and not coaching rookies enough to play.Ps the best asset that you have JOE PHILBIN is that you look stoic and DROOL well on the sidelines.GREAT JOB for a highly paid H?C.Thank you from all of us FORMER MIAMI DOLPHIN FANS.

Scoring seven points in the last two games against two teams that wasn't going anywhere, it's something the fans didn't need to see. There need to be some changing in the coaching system. Don't need to talk about it get it done. This missing the playoffs is getting old. Been a fan for along time, know more excuses get it done.
Posted by Bill Gangemi Sr. [December 30, 2013 at 8:00PM

Get Washington redskins coach he wanted tannehill

Ireland's neglect of building around our young QB has got us here...... Moving up to get a DE. And two large contracts to two new LBers which downgraded the team..... So we add Wallace a deep threat..... But lost our LT long and Bush...... Are you kidding me, Tannehill is our offense. Which isn't saying much...... No one has success with our OLine per scandal and running game.... Our def was good enough ...more was needed to help on the offensive side of the ball.. Over the years ......Marshall, Bush and Jake Long have been shown the door.....

But I agree with a previous post...... Ireland always survives....... Teams win with talent..... Coaching is important, but we need the horses... And that's been our GMs job who has failed over and over.......

Mike Sherman is a jackass, he was demoted to the collegiate level because he was good? And Mike Wallace had two passes thrown to him in both of the last two games , that he gave a half hearted attempt to catch. What it boils down to is some of the players seem to have a nonchalant attitude about winning because of the coaches.

If we don't select a QB to develop, we're crazy. Tannerunofthemill is average at best. We have seen his upside. His failure to execute the deep pass goes back to his college days. He is what he is, which means not elite.

Don't forget this years mantra,...it's our time! Oh man what a freakin joke!!!! Our time, yeah right!

It is difficult at this point to think clearly. Like most of you, I was pissed at what looked like an apathetic effort against both the jets and bills. The problem is the dolphins never seemed to take advantage of potential momentum situations when games could have been won.

I do think mike Sherman needs to go, first and foremost. His inability to make in game adjustments (throw a screen against the blitzing bills) cost them games throughout the season.

I don't mind joe philbin but if Steven Ross is wise he would be talking to potential coaches and gms that could come in and make some changes immediately. If they don't go down that path then philbin needs to find a creative and passionate oc to help teach tannehill and shape this offense in a new way.

The defense was always fighting without help from the offense and that takes its toll throughout a game. So I think with a revamped offense this team could do some good things next year.

Philbin was OC at Green Bay but never called the plays. We should have known something was up way back then. Lacks the decision ability to make adjustments on game day.

Their is an artical that shows the Dolphins rookie snap count to other teams. It clearly shows that Ireland needs to go, but I will settled for OC Sherman to leave and bring in Rob Chedski ( FormerBrownsCoach)

Armando, I agree with you. There is no passion in this team. Tannehill has no "fire in his eyes", I've said it before and and I want to put an exclamation mark on it Now! I'm old enough to remember Griese, Morrall and Marino. They all had a passion or urgency when catapulted in conditions that required it. Marinos eyes told the story best; I think they actually turned red and the fans could tell that we may lose the game but Marino and the team would leave it all on the field. There is no such urgency or passion with Tannehill, that I can see. If he broke his leg on the next to last play of either the Buffalo or Jets game they should have had to tie him down in order to keep him from going back on to the field. There is no fire no passion. Further, he can't throw a long pass worth a crap! I don't know if it's a coaching thing or if Tannehill is so damn laid back that he does not like confrontation. Tannehill has to take over the team and by that I mean tell the coaches to f #@%* if he doesn't like the call. He needs to get bloddied and show his guy's, HIS team that he is the leader and willing to get hurt to prove it.
Maybe I'm too old and remember the Nitschkes and Butkus type players and admired them so, that I think Miami would benefit from one or two of that type of player more so than a $60 Million dollar receiver. But I could be wrong...

This team could make Johnny Unitas look good and he has been dead for years

How can any of you be talking about dumping Tanneill? The kid had a great season for a second year year QB. The oline gave up a record breaking amount of sacks and he lost key weapons like Keller and Gibson before they could be factors. He even lost his security blanket heart line in a key game. Too often the kid was victim of horrendously conservative play calling. Tanneill is the guy. The fan base needs to show a little patience an let the kid develop. There aren't Andrew Lucks growing on trees and no one is coming out that is even close to being as good.

We need John Grudon


All coaches should be fired, a new regime should have full accountability for results, no half ass solutions. I don't understand how the record does not reflect on Philbin or the regressing defense does not reflect on Coyle. Also the biggest question is "who will replace them?" Ross is spending a lot if money for nothing, unfortunately.

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