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The Dolphins world according to Joe Philbin

Joe Philbin had his season-ending press conference on Monday. It had its interesting moments. It had its head-scratching moments.

Philbin's evaluation of the 2013 season and his evaluation of the team are underway but his message on each seemed unpolished. The coach, you see, believes the season was nothing grand ...

"It was average. We were 8-8. It was an average season," he said. "There's areas we need to improve starting with me. 8-8 is not where this franchise wants to be, needs to be or should be.

"We need to make changes, adjustments, tweaks, additions, deletions."

And yet, in the next breath, Philbin said the Dolphins are close to reaching their goals of winning a championship.

"We're not that far away," he said. "We're close."

Philbin's logic is that the team was 8-6 and a victory away from the postseason tournament. No, they didn't win either game at season's end, but he still believes that constitutes being close to some degree.

Look, the Dolphins are not close. They have the potential to be a good team but it is clear this coaching staff could not get the players to perform up to that potential. That's a problem.

And I don't see how a team that needs a virtually complete offensive line rebuild (outside of Mike Pouncey), a running back, and addressing of linebacker problems, can be considered close. I don't see how a team whose offensive coordinator failed to significantly improve his unit and whose offensive line coach failed to keep his unit from being a disaster can be close.

As far as Philbin is concerned, however, he seems to think his staff is strong.

"I have a lot of faith and confidence in myself and the staff and our players that we can make the corrections necessary to lead this team to play up to its potential and lead this team to a championship," Philbin said. "That's what I said the day I got here. I stand by what I said the day I got here and I'm confident I can do that."

Philbin knows he has to make a decision on Mike Sherman and Jim Turner. If he doesn't know, he's ignorant to the facts of 2013. But he refused to give an inch on the idea any of his coaches might have to go.

"I'm going to talk to every single player and every single coach and we'll decide and determine 2014 at a later point in time," he said. "I have a lot of confidence in our staff, our offensive staff, Mike Sherman. He's an excellent football coach. That's what I think."

I asked Philbin if, given his close relationship with Sherman, he is capable of either firing Sherman or convincing him to fade away via resignation.

"I'm beginning the evaluation of the 2013 season and we haven't made any decisions on who's coming back and who isn't," Philbin said, dodging the question. "We'll have all those discussions at the appropriate time."

No, I said. The question is whether you are capable of firing Sherman if it comes to that?

"That's my answer," Philbin said.

Philbin and owner Stephen Ross talk every week. They visited for nearly 30 minutes after Sunday's 20-7 loss to the New York Jets. At no time during those conversations has he been given assurances he'll be back in 2014. The subject hasn't even come up because both he and Ross seemed to assume the coach would be back.

"We haven't even talked about any of that stuff," Philbin said.

Ross, I'm told, likes Philbin. He doesn't want to fire Philbin.

But the collapse of 2013 in which the Dolphins didn't put up any fight in the two most important games of the season could be a game-changer.



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Typical Dolphins, sitting on their hands pondering things until it's too late for anything but half-measures. Either start firing people or don't, but don't just sit there waiting around.

What should he say? He's waiting for the axe as well...


I will dedicate the next 9 months to explaining why. MANDO PAY ATTENTION.

Any relation to Pete, Gayo?


ETF why does it matter they are white? Cant a wealthy black man buy a team? Is the owner of the Jags considered white? You are a race baiting loser. 99% of the players are black and get paid millions to play a game.

Garo Stoyanovich,

Are you the offspring of a same sex alliance between Pete and Yupremian?

Hire Chud as a OC and hire Schiano as the DC...

Ross doesn't know what to do. What a shock. Sounds like his entire tenure as owner. Maybe start by getting rid of the architect of this train wreck. Horrible draft picks, even worse free agent pick ups and Ross is unsure after 5 years of this garbage. He's probably just happy we "were in contention" until the very end. Unfortunately HE is the biggest problem with this team. Ireland and Philbin can't/ won't just fire themselves. What an absolute laughing stock and national joke this franchise has become.

Joe Philbin = Coach of the Year candidate still?

Rinse and repeat. Same old Dolphins. Only the Dolphins will change the Dolphins. The suffering will continue for the fans. They have bled the passion out of their fan base and continue to do so. The proof is in the pudding so call me when this team does something meaningful.

99% of NFL players are broke 2 years out of the league, care to guess which ones they are?
99% of NFL players throw 6 figure parties for people they don't even know, care to guess which ones they are?
99% of NFL players cannot read.
1% of NFL players invest thier money in businesses and increase thier wealth after they finish playing, care to guess who they are?

Marc, his name is obviously a morph of pete Stoyanovich and Garo yepremian. I thought you were a Floridian.... although pete has a significant # of Canadian family that I've somehow attended a wedding reception with a few years back...

ETF, a Paki owns the jags. he looks like the Iron Sheik with hair. he employs your favourite NFler. You should know better!!

Right now it is on the owner. It's his move. Maybe he should call all of his partners, groups, evaluators, etc and lock them in a room for 18 hours and make a decision. Otherwise the team will be behind the curveball. Again

I agree with coach Philbin and I believe in this staff , other than maybe Mike Sherman.
Fins up next season !

All you have to do is watch him on the sideline, he is clueless as to what to do with this team.


Ross needs to ask himself this question. If I fire Joe Philbin how many NFL teams would be knocking at Philbins door to be their coach? How many top University programs would be knocking at his door? Exactly. None. There is your answer. You have an average Joe as your coach. His teams tanked it at the most important games of the season and his teams lost way to many games to teams with inferior talent. It should not be that difficult of a decision.

I don't understand what there is to think about here. They're either going to keep Philbin, his staff & Ireland or they're not, right? So what's the hold-up? Either say a) yes, they're staying or b) they're gone...and do it today, not next week or in February or whatever. This team has been wallowing around in mediocrity for almost twenty years now, let's shake off the cobwebs and see some decisive decision making for once.

The Dolphins put up a fight this week unfortunately play calling and turnovers put a quick end to that fight as well as a defense that could not produce turnovers or enough stops. The 2013 season of failure comes down to a horrible OL that could not block consistently in both phases of the game, a defense whose LBs did not play well and some very questionable game calling by both coordinators.

Kudos to coach Philbin for being professional and not giving the media what they want but don't deserve.

I'm not fired yet today??? WTF. This big eared clown is a joke

Is Eddie on bars?? How do you put up a fight losing 19 to 0 and 20 to 7. You flat out choked away your playoffs spot... Im assuming hes being sarcastic.


Oh, that was you Mando? Good question. And yeah, good follow-up too because as ALWAYS, Philbin was looking to deflect the question. I think the answer though to your question is "no", Philbin won't be able to fire Sherman. Someone's really going to need to nudge him towards doing the right thing.

Considering the cap situation the Dolphins will find themselves in and the number of needs this team has...I don't have much hope for next year's team being better.

Ireland seemingly squandered the huge amount of picks we had this year and didn't produce a notable starter in the group. Again, I wonder how Ireland keeps his job when you consistently draft this poorly. 4 picks spent on running backs in the past 3 years and not a viable starting RB in the group.

As for Philbin, he is like many coaches, he can't inspire his team. Say what you will about Rex Ryan, but the guy has energy in the locker room. Philbin only seems to be able to motivate out of shaming them when they make a mistake.

The Dolphins put up a fight? Yeah we really bloodied their knuckles with our faces, didn't we?

I'm in the middle of my ten year oline rebuild, won't be long now fellas. Be patient

20-7 a fite wtf?

I don't mind the two losses to finish the season. What I have a problem with is the way they lost. It appeared they were not interested and that is on the coaches as well as the players. Even Sparano showed more life than Philbin does. Get a better coach and GM. Bring in Mike Zimmer as the head coach and Butch Davis as the GM. None of Butch's players at UM had high grades coming in, but they left as high draft picks. He has an eye for talent.

I saw Don Shula on A Football Life. He looks good!!! Can he get Arnsparger to run he D? Yes, lets do it!!!

Look it is Mike Sherman, Jim Turner and Zac Taylor (all related) that need to be shown the door, NOW! I am sick of this nepotism which is destroying a solid roster, minus the OLine and LBs. I would like to also go back to a 3-4 D. With that said maybe if Ross likes Philbin he should fire Ireland and make him GM. Then bring in Chud as OC and Gruden as HC. Instead of the Philbin show it would be called the "Chucky and Chud" show.

No GM/HC Changes=2014 4-12. Tannehill will never progress under this regime. He is not talented enough to get there without a real god staff/team around him.

12 of 16 games without a 4th Quarter TD. It takes time to score TD'S, Be patient. Thill is a joke just like I am

Ross is a pathetic joke, so why wouldn't his top lieutenants be pathetic jokes as well?

Ireland must go. Sherman should have some friggin' class and resign. Our defense keeps getting worse under Coyle. If Philbin cannot do the necessary thing (firing the OC and DC), then he must exit stage left. Quickly.

pkm - EXACTLY RIGHT!!! - If you lose 28-24 or 24-20 and the ball didn't bounce your way and you lost, so be it. But to totally seem disinterested is a real problem. Don't these guys have any pride? Do they really need a coach yelling and screaming at them in order to perform? Were they tight? Afraid to make a mistake? Itis unacceptable to even let anyone have the perception that you are not trying hard. I would actually let someone cut off one of my fingers to have this team win ONE big game!!! Just one. Just one. Just one. Just one.

All you folks saying , "Philbin just stands on the sideline , therefore he must be clueless . ."
don't know what you're talking about. Belichick just "stands on the sideline" , too , and you don't hear people saying that about him. Perhaps you'd rather have a buffoon like Rex Ryan coaching the team. So we could be an even bigger laughingstock.

Go get Urban Meyer!! Utah, Florida, Ohio State all dominated with him...Jim Tresell????

I go to work every day - I don't need my boss yelling and screaming at me everyday to do a good job. Its called personal pride. Don't these guys know that millions of dollars are at stake and that their performance is what gets them these millions. The coaches can't go ouyt on the field and make plays for them. I bet Philbin could whip half their asses anyway. A bunch of cowards.

Come on Ross, get off your butt and fire these clowns or you'll have to lower threshold for blackouts to 20,000 tickets sold next year.

I never saw Tony Dungy, Tom Landry, Chuck Noll, Bill Walsh, any of these guys yelling and screaming. THE PLAYERS ARE PROFESSIONALS!!! The Dolphins just have a bunch of shite players that are worthless in crunch time.

Posted by: Craniator | December 30, 2013 at 02:16 PM

- - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -
that laughing stock beat the crap out of our laughing stock

they say a team is gonna go out on the field and play like there coach and u people wonder why they lost third last 2 like they did. Phillibin has no fire no passion no hunger for winning we need a bad ass coachwho won't be scared to show sum emotion

we need your passion on the sideline

Every team that had worse records than us that fired a coach today will surpass us next year. The NFL is a league of parity with the exception of the few real good teams. The top level is strong. The Seahawks, Pats, Niners and Broncos are elite. The rest are all equal and could beat each other on any given day. This is parity. They got better today by removing a coach that didn't get the most from there team. We are sitting pat?? Ross are you frigging alive??

I think it's comical and obvious that Philbin doesn't cater to Armando (who should be writing for Enquirer)and he goes out of his way to smite Philbin every chance he gets. The same way he fueled the bully scandal cooked up by the media, with constant innuendo, and zero facts or credibility.

Ross, you're going to lose out the longer you wait, fire me and the whole coaching staff, NOW

In defense of Philbin, he's great with that red flag and it's obvious he knows the rules. That's it for now.

Most painful ending to a season since the year we beat cowboys on thanksgiving and didn't win a single game after. There's little reason to expect any changes with regards to HC or gm since Ross has no balls. No reasonably talented OC would come in if Philbin stayed on basically a win or you're done contract as well as a talented DC, who can make us a 3-4 which is what we are staffed for, defense. Fire the lot of them, if we do not, the same result will occur next season. Lest we forget the definition of insanity?!?!?!

Ross I keep saying it but you haven't a clue along with Wayne H. Just stick to what you know which ain't football. Tired of hiring these type of head coaches. Nice guys come last. Albert is spot on. Ross what the hell are you waiting for. I'd have already been in that dressing and told them all your finished. Why would you hand your money to these people.

We continue to start over while the Patriots use continuity to dominate the league. The have assistant coaching changes but their secret is that they have been using the same offense and defense for the last 13 years. Coaches that are hired run the pats scheme which allows them to retain continuity. We are playing checkers while they play chess.

Mike sherman is a brutal coach. He doesnt know offensive rhythm or flow of the game if his life depended on it. wd were running the ball well. 3rd and 3 screen pazs to wallace 5 yards behind the line of srimmage with the ddfense playing up. Good call sherman. He couldnt even manage his cheque book that has all the money he stole from the dolphins. He doesnt need to get fired if he was the least bit clued in hed quit. And ellerbe and wheeler 70 million. I feel sorry for stephen ross.

IMO, Ross is probably looking for a GM. Once he finds Ireland's replacement, heads will be chopped. Ross by himself is not a football guy, he needs constant guidance when making football decisions. GM, OC and DC should be a "must" go. I like Philbin but I "Love" the Phins. If he can Man up to himself and make improvements, I would give him one last chance.

Please FIRE ME!!!!!!!! NOW Ross

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others

Ross is like Philbin, clueless. No changes will be made. As has been said already, what is there to think or meditate about. The Dolphins organization is an embarrassment. Any other organization would have fired everyone already.

Ross you've got to fire the lot. They are taking the piss out of you. How did you ever become a billionaire? Next year we will be 4 and 12. Still a Dolphin fan and taking the rough with the rough.

The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.
Theodore Roosevelt

Adam Shefner is reporting that Philbin and Ireland are safe. Now we need to know if he is willing to fire his coordinators.

I feel that if they are going to keep Ireland and Philbing the coordinator that I would get rid of is Coyle. Coyle has ruined this defense. In 2011 this was a top 7 defense in the NFL and #3 against the run. Now they are a mediocre defense with the rush defense ranked 25th in the NFL.

Schicano has just been released by the Bucs as the headcoach. He is a defensive minded coach and could be a good pick up if Coyle is released.

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