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The Dolphins world according to Joe Philbin

Joe Philbin had his season-ending press conference on Monday. It had its interesting moments. It had its head-scratching moments.

Philbin's evaluation of the 2013 season and his evaluation of the team are underway but his message on each seemed unpolished. The coach, you see, believes the season was nothing grand ...

"It was average. We were 8-8. It was an average season," he said. "There's areas we need to improve starting with me. 8-8 is not where this franchise wants to be, needs to be or should be.

"We need to make changes, adjustments, tweaks, additions, deletions."

And yet, in the next breath, Philbin said the Dolphins are close to reaching their goals of winning a championship.

"We're not that far away," he said. "We're close."

Philbin's logic is that the team was 8-6 and a victory away from the postseason tournament. No, they didn't win either game at season's end, but he still believes that constitutes being close to some degree.

Look, the Dolphins are not close. They have the potential to be a good team but it is clear this coaching staff could not get the players to perform up to that potential. That's a problem.

And I don't see how a team that needs a virtually complete offensive line rebuild (outside of Mike Pouncey), a running back, and addressing of linebacker problems, can be considered close. I don't see how a team whose offensive coordinator failed to significantly improve his unit and whose offensive line coach failed to keep his unit from being a disaster can be close.

As far as Philbin is concerned, however, he seems to think his staff is strong.

"I have a lot of faith and confidence in myself and the staff and our players that we can make the corrections necessary to lead this team to play up to its potential and lead this team to a championship," Philbin said. "That's what I said the day I got here. I stand by what I said the day I got here and I'm confident I can do that."

Philbin knows he has to make a decision on Mike Sherman and Jim Turner. If he doesn't know, he's ignorant to the facts of 2013. But he refused to give an inch on the idea any of his coaches might have to go.

"I'm going to talk to every single player and every single coach and we'll decide and determine 2014 at a later point in time," he said. "I have a lot of confidence in our staff, our offensive staff, Mike Sherman. He's an excellent football coach. That's what I think."

I asked Philbin if, given his close relationship with Sherman, he is capable of either firing Sherman or convincing him to fade away via resignation.

"I'm beginning the evaluation of the 2013 season and we haven't made any decisions on who's coming back and who isn't," Philbin said, dodging the question. "We'll have all those discussions at the appropriate time."

No, I said. The question is whether you are capable of firing Sherman if it comes to that?

"That's my answer," Philbin said.

Philbin and owner Stephen Ross talk every week. They visited for nearly 30 minutes after Sunday's 20-7 loss to the New York Jets. At no time during those conversations has he been given assurances he'll be back in 2014. The subject hasn't even come up because both he and Ross seemed to assume the coach would be back.

"We haven't even talked about any of that stuff," Philbin said.

Ross, I'm told, likes Philbin. He doesn't want to fire Philbin.

But the collapse of 2013 in which the Dolphins didn't put up any fight in the two most important games of the season could be a game-changer.



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For the final time in 2013, Sherm is the reason this offense was shaky all season. Bad play calling, game planning and horrible understanding of the talents of his offense.

See you in 2014 everyone!

I agree with hardin drye that is why i dislike coyle he does not utilize his talent to bring the best out of his players. Really he's stubborn a quality that a coach cannot have. If this stubbornness continues i dont care if we get jj watt coyle would probably play him as a cornerback because he believes it benfits "his system" smh!

Coaching is not rocket science. It is much closer to checkers. None of these coaches are geniuses. Geniuses invent light bulbs, cameras, cell phones, and transplant hearts.

It's all about talent. Blame the players, or blame who acquires the players. Blaming the coaches is mis-quided.

Tanny played a great game against the Bills and the Jets, it was the coaches and the rest of the team let him down. All season Tanny has been accurate, most of the deep balls are on the money, its that Wallace gets the routes wrong.

Posted by: TomJeff | December 30, 2013 at 09:00 PM

Go away troll.

I have pictures of Ross doing things to small elves, I'm not going any where

Sherman did a great job this year getting Tanny ready for only his second season. I foresee next year Tanny going to the ProBowl and we reach the playoffs. Sherman has done a better job than most of you MORONS give him credit for.

Posted by: TomJeff | December 30, 2013 at 09:04 PM

Go away troll.

Coaches and coaching are way overrated. Funny how the great coaches always have great players.

It's the players. Blame the coaches is being blind to the problem.

tomjeff did i hit a sore spot, sorry guys

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 30, 2013 at 09:07 PM

Troll alert, Dusty. I don't write like that.

Ross loves me, I'm gonna keep stinkin up this joint till we are the laughing stock of the whole world, bwaaa haahaaahaaww

Hey guys. Every post with my name on it from 9:00 until 10:30 was not me. Dipshit troll who doesn't like Tanny. That you, Marco?

It's 10:43 and I'm out. Ignore every TomJeff post after this tonight. Probably Marco. He goes after Bill A, too.

no body cares TomJeff, don't worry about it, got an extra diaper???

soiled, you are as stale as crusty underwear. try a new shtick. you are boring us.

how can anybody take this joke administration and coaching staff seriously?? any one got a diaper

hey secef, I only pick the players the coach made it boring, got a diaper bud??

Agreed but it looks now like they will only fire Sherman at this point. Not really enough after the two game collapse

Sad, these people represent our society? What a wreck this country has become.

No wonder we are now 17th in education world wide and the Chinese, Indians, Russians, Koreans and Iranians are kicking our butts in science, medicine and technology while some of you goofballs prefer to pretend to be a diaper.

Pretty sad.

Those who think T-Hill is the problem are clueless. The guy can be great if given the chance to develop. Sherman is NOT A GOOD COACH, NEVER WAS AND NEVER WILL BE. Philbin does not know how to motivate, which is the biggest part of coaching along with proper use of talent. You don't get rid of your best players because they don't fit your personality mold. Players are players; find a way to GET TO THEM, not get rid of them. Any other coaching staff would have found a way to use Mike Wallace an Jordan. Look how many ex- Dolphins flourish elsewhere. Good coaches find ways to neutralize their opponents' weaknesses; not so with the Dolphins. Coyle ???? It's time for Ireland to go. He did his best which was not good enough.

I hate to argue for anyone losing his job but the case for firing Ireland is very clear. Here are just a few points:

1. OL this year. Passed on a trade for Brandon Albert to trade up to get a player in a position not of need.
2. Entire rookie draft class. The kicker is the only one starting and he not as good as the one he replaced.
3. Releasing Dansby and Barnett who were decent last year to get Ellerbe and Wheeler (Wheeler ranked last among all 4-3 OLB by PFF)
4.Spending 30 million of guaranteed money to bring a WR who is a slightly improved version of Ted Ginn Jr. (Wallace ranked 66th among WR according to PFF)
5. Letting Reggie Bush go and thinking Miller and Thomas could fill his shoes.

Yes, Ireland has made a few good decisions including Ryan Tannehill, Hartline and a couple of others.

But after 6 years it is time to thank him for his services and go in a new direction.


Not one of your better names. Nobody makes a long post like that as though they are here all the time, unless they are here all the time.

The new name just tells all the regulars to ignore you.

Time to let everyone go. Bring in a new GM and he can select our new coach

The fans need to total boycott to demand change. Real fans want a much better FO.

WTH is going on here, People answering to themselves and arguing?

In what decade do we get a decent QB?

Hey guys. Every post with my name on it from 9:00 until 10:30 was not me. Dipshit troll who doesn't like Tanny. That you, Marco?

Posted by: TomJeff | December 30, 2013 at 10:41 PM

Yeah, it's me. What of it. You think Thill is the best QB in the league which makes you the dumbest poster here and really, really makes me mad. No, really.

I am giving him a 20% chance of success in this league. I know I posted 40% right after the Jets game and then changed it to 55% after I saw that everyone wasn't hating on Thill. But it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.

Zonk I'd like to wish you and Monte a happy new year and many more years of sweet togetherness.

Bring back Wanny!

I believe the Dolphins and some of the People here really need my intervention.

oscar did dashe give you herpes?

Perhaps you'd rather have a buffoon like Rex Ryan coaching the team. So we could be an even bigger laughingstock.

At least he gets Gatorade poured on him after the game on our field while pretty much laughing the whole time ..................... Hmmmmmmm so yeah who looked like the winner going to the playoffs that game . Joey boy and the staff MUST go !!! GOD forbid when seeing the offense had no life the last 2 game we would try no huddle to speed things up ..... Oh yeah can't think out of the box . That wouldn't be scripted . SAD

I believe you are mistaken, seaweed. I believe it was Dashi's Mother that had a herpes infested pus-y.

These super computers get better and better. 7.5 wins was called back in May. That meant 7 or 8 wins. Right on the money.

These talking heads maybe have 10 or 20 data points in their heads. They are only human. These super computers analyze BILLIONS of rows of data, every player against every player, team against team, location, stadium, probable weather, in every possible combination.

They won't always be right, but they will be right more than any other source of prediction.

Miami 8-8.

Proof is proof.

My main point is that, we have enough good players to be effective in any game we have played this year. The players we have are very functional.
I think in the college draft and FA there is a plethora of talent waiting to be plucked. The draft especially is a cesspool of talent waiting to be utilized.
I think a good GM in a system in which he knows what his competent coach wants, can acquire every player necessary to achieve playoff talent on the third day of drafting. The key is a coach that knows what he wants and a GM that can get it.
I think our players have been screwed over. I think our schemes are one denotational.

If they get rid of Ireland, let it be for Scott Pioli. No one else.

There is zero talent on the offensive side. The QB, RB's and OL all need replacing. And we still need a true #1 WR and another TE. YIKES!

When we did put out the effort we beat some good to very good Teams, close, but we beat them. When we didn't put out the effort, we lost handily to very poor Teams. We are not quite good yet.

Hey Ross, when nearly your entire fan base calls for the head of the GM over several consecutive seasons they just might be on to something.

Just got done watching the game on rewind. Tannehill certainly didn't have a great game but he is definitely improving. I like the way he is developing and his pocket awareness is much better than early in the season. Still too many drop passes by receivers(Mathews) at crucial moments in the game(Hartline last week)(Wallace throughout the season). O-line is playing better. Linebackers are terrible! Worst position on the team. Everyone gives Wheeler a hard time but Ellerbe is even worst. He got stood up by a QB(Geno Smith)going into the endzone and then blown up with the help of his running back. No self respecting inside LB would let that happen. I told you guys that you would miss Dansby. Nuff said!

In my opinion we have given Ireland 6 years to improve our roster
All those wasted draft picks
Why not draft those we know will be pro bowlers
Why not keep the good players Marshall bush long and so many others
This is not good judgement
Yes I know the cap
Work the damn cap but get so e impact players
Our needs are too heat now
We need 4 offensive lineman
We need a good running back
We need a fullback that can block
We need 2 linebackers
We need another safety
We need another corner opposite grimes
We could use another receiver
Is this really improvement ??
Ireland has set us back why can't the owner see that
Is Ross only good at real estate ? Or is he just too old to make smart decisions
Someone needs to be fired and it better be Ireland

Its no wonder Wallace hates TannePuke!! LOL

Hey, Statler, you working for Armando now?

If what is being reported is correct and Sherman is the only one let go then be prepared for more of the same disappointment on and off the field.

I hope Ross likes the colour orange because hes going to have the chance to see alot of it on sunday's next year.

Is this owner so clueless that he doesnt see that Ireland and Philbin have reached their ceiling in terms of success. One more season will not prove anything but what we all have had to endure the past 2-4.

One thing will remain the same. No playoffs in 2014. Team will start out like 4-0 then drop 6 straight, then win 3 in a row then lose their last two for another 7-9 fiasco. All this with im sure another 100 million spent on more baffoons and over paid talent.

Steve Ross, the worst owner ever?

I would prefer to have Ozzie Newsome as GM and one of the Harbaughs as HC. You know we are used to nothing but the best around here.

"I hate mediocrity", my older Son.

I can not say the QB is no good. I think he was coached to stay in the pocket( so to speak ). To step up and make the read throw. The thing is the read throw, from what I have summarized, is to throw the ball away after the count of three most of the time and sometimes before. Otherwise he should get the hell out of there after his second read and see if he can make something happen. This, I think, is a coaching perspective.
There are alot of reads that come due that I don't see RT making. I think these are due to coaching, not ability.
RB and OL, I am in definite compliance. They have to be upgraded.

If Ireland had any morals he'd resign.

What would be the morality in Ireland's resignation.?

Apparently you have nothing. I will further reiterate my point. Ireland is getting the talent that the coaches are requesting. The boss has no problem with the price he is spending to acquire this talent. What makes his performance so wrong that he should perceive it as immoral?

Many on here are so ready to criticize why we are not good enough. I want to here someone say what will make us better. What players can get get in the draft or via FA to make us better. What schemes would make our O or D more valid. What coaches would upgrade the ones we have and why. Make a point and then substantiate it.

If we are good enough to beat NE (#2 seed), Cincy (#3 seed), Indy (#4 seed), SD (#6), and have the #2 seed in the NFC (Car) dominated all game (until the last minute when our bend but dont break Dfense finally broke) then it is not a matter of having the talent. Losing two games when your playoff lives are in control, and in the manner in which those games were lost (flat, lifeless and un-inspired) is on the coaching, my friends. Just sayin....

I concur. There is no aspect to this coaching staff that I can defend.
I think our talent can be upgraded, and I have made specific suggestions to that effect. However the way the players we have have been implemented is criminal, especially the QB.

Now you all know why Philbin's kid killed himself in a drunken stupor.

Just thinking that I've never read a more insensitive comment on this blog. That's really not called for...

I'm guessing Regis stays...

What worries me is how passionless the team is under his leadership.

The dilemma for Ross is that if he fires Ireland... a new GM will won't to bring in "his" coach.

I'd grade Ireland a C. Same for Regis. Very average.

The solution is clearly a new logo, new uniforms, and stadium improvements!

Tony Dungy proves you can be a winning coach without being an emotional, cheerleader, complainer on the sideline.

I see 3 problems with the team.

1. Poor players. The players aren't good enough. Ireland isn't bringing in the best talent for the team. I live outside of Baltimore, and no Ravens fans were upset that Ellerbie left. He's not a top talent at linebacker. Ravens fans were upset that Boldin, Lewis, and Reed were gone.

2. Poor coaching. Does the current coaching staff maximize the talents of the players they have? Does the coaching staff develop players so that they improve over time? Tannehill improved in 2013, but how much better will he get? The kid is tough, no dobut and I admire that and he doesn't complain about his coaches or the offensive line in front of him. But somehow, THill needs to get more accurate with his long throws.

3. Poor planning. Really, what is the direction of this team? What's the plan? What's the back up plan? What is the back up plan to the back up plan? What is being done to look forward and improve every day, with the ultimate goal of eventually being better than the Jets and Patriots to win the AFC East?


Joe Philban needs to wake up and smell the coffee ! This team is not close, and he needs to grow some brass balls and f*ck it and fire Sherman and Coyle!


In MY Opinion this lacks Intensity ( that is on Philbin )
Offensively lacks Creativity and that is on Sherman
defensively they lack the killer instinct and that is on Coyle . In other words with the talent this team has there is no way in hell we should had lose 2 times to Buffalo playing with a 3rd string QB and inferior Team , to a Win less Tampa team that was playing without their top RB to a Jets Team with a playoff birth waiting for us that 3 weeks before we man handled all of those losses I blame the coaching staff , not to mention taht we dominated Carolina for 58 Min until Coyle chicken out and play conservative and let carolina score in the last few seconds.
Think about that that is at least 4 more wins meaning 13-3 or 12-4 and we win the Division and get the 2nd seed and first week bye but again somehow this coaches cost this teams 4 to 5 games not to mention the OL Coach that is a disaster and in there we have to include some of the players , the 2 LB that we got and paid big$ for are avg at best missing a lot of tackles not creating turnovers , them you look at 2013 draft look good on paper back in April but what did those players did NOT MUCH when you trade up to get the 3rd overall pick in the Draft and he only play ST and around 15 plays on DEF / game that is a disaster and that is on IRELAND
Honestly if I were Ross I fired Ireland replace him with Bill Polian , fired Philbin if I have a chance to hired T Dungy or B Cohwer if not keep Philbin but make sure he fired his friends Sherman and Coyle and also the OL COACH , LB COACH DL Coach and RB Coach something needs to be done this team has some talent and 8-8 is no good for us when we easily should had been 12-4

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