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The Dolphins world according to Joe Philbin

Joe Philbin had his season-ending press conference on Monday. It had its interesting moments. It had its head-scratching moments.

Philbin's evaluation of the 2013 season and his evaluation of the team are underway but his message on each seemed unpolished. The coach, you see, believes the season was nothing grand ...

"It was average. We were 8-8. It was an average season," he said. "There's areas we need to improve starting with me. 8-8 is not where this franchise wants to be, needs to be or should be.

"We need to make changes, adjustments, tweaks, additions, deletions."

And yet, in the next breath, Philbin said the Dolphins are close to reaching their goals of winning a championship.

"We're not that far away," he said. "We're close."

Philbin's logic is that the team was 8-6 and a victory away from the postseason tournament. No, they didn't win either game at season's end, but he still believes that constitutes being close to some degree.

Look, the Dolphins are not close. They have the potential to be a good team but it is clear this coaching staff could not get the players to perform up to that potential. That's a problem.

And I don't see how a team that needs a virtually complete offensive line rebuild (outside of Mike Pouncey), a running back, and addressing of linebacker problems, can be considered close. I don't see how a team whose offensive coordinator failed to significantly improve his unit and whose offensive line coach failed to keep his unit from being a disaster can be close.

As far as Philbin is concerned, however, he seems to think his staff is strong.

"I have a lot of faith and confidence in myself and the staff and our players that we can make the corrections necessary to lead this team to play up to its potential and lead this team to a championship," Philbin said. "That's what I said the day I got here. I stand by what I said the day I got here and I'm confident I can do that."

Philbin knows he has to make a decision on Mike Sherman and Jim Turner. If he doesn't know, he's ignorant to the facts of 2013. But he refused to give an inch on the idea any of his coaches might have to go.

"I'm going to talk to every single player and every single coach and we'll decide and determine 2014 at a later point in time," he said. "I have a lot of confidence in our staff, our offensive staff, Mike Sherman. He's an excellent football coach. That's what I think."

I asked Philbin if, given his close relationship with Sherman, he is capable of either firing Sherman or convincing him to fade away via resignation.

"I'm beginning the evaluation of the 2013 season and we haven't made any decisions on who's coming back and who isn't," Philbin said, dodging the question. "We'll have all those discussions at the appropriate time."

No, I said. The question is whether you are capable of firing Sherman if it comes to that?

"That's my answer," Philbin said.

Philbin and owner Stephen Ross talk every week. They visited for nearly 30 minutes after Sunday's 20-7 loss to the New York Jets. At no time during those conversations has he been given assurances he'll be back in 2014. The subject hasn't even come up because both he and Ross seemed to assume the coach would be back.

"We haven't even talked about any of that stuff," Philbin said.

Ross, I'm told, likes Philbin. He doesn't want to fire Philbin.

But the collapse of 2013 in which the Dolphins didn't put up any fight in the two most important games of the season could be a game-changer.



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Been looking over the draft order already out with teams out of the Playoff picture and were at #19 in Rd-1 and 51 in Rd-2. That won't land us a Day-1 starter unless extremely lucky at LT for 2014. The ones worth taking in Rd-1 (early projections) are J.Matthews (Tex A&M) Koundijio (Alabama, I believe his name is spelled that way) Lewan (Mich.) Richardson (Tenn) and C.Irving (FSU)

I'm not an NFL scout but been a fan long enough to have a good idea of what I see! I believe J.Matthews as the highest rated so far will not be a LT in the NFL. He has the pedigree, press and fan fare but I watched A&M Vs. Bama, LSU , Auburn and he was SMOKED by those SEC speed rushers, he was one of the reasons in those games that Manziel was running for his life! A mauler though in the run game and NFL RT.

In watching Bama as well was extremely impressed with Flucker's replacement and could be the best of this group. With Irving and Richardson the best athlete's of this group. The combine drills should sort out the lining of these players for the draft. I suspect that after it's all said and done Koundijio, Richardson and Matthews are the 1st to go leaving a real blue chipper in Lewan on the boards but at 19 we would need to trade up to get and maybe given his run game attributes a RT (at least early as well) forcing a look at B.Alberts who we should have traded our 2nd for last Yr. and signed long term.

The problem is how you address the Guards were J.Jerry maybe brought back by default here. If we stay put then maybe UCLA NASTY LG Xavier Su'a-Filo is our guy and a good pick given the man crush on the Miss. 340 Pd. LG. In that event moving up in Rd-2 to secure unheralded N.C. LT James Hurst moving to RT anyway while still targeting LT in FA. All in all alot to ponder this Off-Season with Solia, Starks and Grimes hanging in the balance.

Posted by: perfect72 | December 30, 2013 at 02:31 PM

- - - - - - - -
Belicheck(sp?) went to the Superbowl his second year as Head coach, how long do you think we should give a clueless gutless dwebb??

The most disappointing thing is there was absolutely no progress from last year! With all the draft picks and free agency, they were only up by 1 friggen game then last year! Hard to watch next year if Jeff Ireland and Philban are back!

What now? 9 months of speculation, that's what

The strength of the group is the strength of the leaders.
-- Vince Lombardi

Nothing going to happen until Philbin is gone and Ireland is gone

The coaches, players and GM (i.e. those whose jobs are on the line) will try to convince Ross that the foundation is good and that adjustments need to be made. Others outside the organization will argue that the foundation is weak and that it's a systemic problem starting with the GM and coaches on down. The last four years under Ireland's tenure has yielded 8-8, 7-9, 6-10, 7-9. That's no improvement even with a $280M makeover. And that's no simple "adjustments, tweaks, additions, deletions." That's systemic.

The question is where does Ross think the problem lies? Ross needs to listen beyond his hired hands for honest assessments.

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.
-- Vince Lombardi

The worst part of all this is that the Dolphins BEAT four of the teams in the AFC playoffs (except the Broncos and Chiefs who they did not play). They beat the Colts, the Bengals, the Chargers and the Pats. They also beat the Steelers who ended up the 7th seed (and out). If this team could only win the games they are SUPPOSED to win, they would be in the playoffs every year.

f4l, very early in the draft process, it sounds like Cameron Erving is an excellent fit and may be there @ 19 but things can change.

I still think our LT is not in the draft. Asking a lot for a kid drafted 19 to be a day one starter, especially following this disaster. Albert LT, Erving Rt very early may solidify us for a few years.

Jerry? i'ms till laughing at how he blocked nobody on that 4th and one and gave himself a face plant. He's done. he had his shot.

belicheck did not go to the Superbowl his 2nd year as coach. Unless his 3,4 years in Cleveland were just practice...

I have followed the Dolphin's for 43 years. Every year you knew about how the team was going to perform in every game. Some surprises yes, disappointments, yes but you new about what to expect from the team. This year after 8 games I had no idea as to what team would show up and I still do not understand this team. Something is going on but no one seems to know! Good riddance to a chaotic year!

Can't anyone explain to Ross that Philbin is undoubtedly a nice guy but that has nothing to do with whether he is the right coach?

Waiting for the bomb. No firecrackers please

Ross,If you don't fire me I'm going to screw up another draft, I've already screwed up 5 drafts and your actually going to let prove how much I really suck at evaluating talent. Haven't I already countless times over proven that I totally suck?? FIRE ME you big eared dork

The PHINS need an OL (tackles and guards). That takes about 1.5-2 seasons to develop, especially when drafting 19th in the first round. So, the team is in another rebuilding season.

And Tannehill said that he's lost confidence in Sherman as OC... and Philbin will not fire or dismiss Sherman... I suggest Ross needs to dismiss much of the existing coaching staff including Philbin and his close friend Sherman.

Waiting for the bomb. No firecrackers please

Posted by: Marc | December 30, 2013 at 02:45 PM

your best post in many years.


Hire Chud as a OC and hire Schiano as the DC...

I would love this!!!

Blow it up and start over. The only player worth the money he was giving in FA probably won't be with the team next year (Grimes).

The LB's are below average. Ellebre is ok, but Wheeler looks lost half the time and Misi will never be more than what he is.

The best player of the defense will be 32 entering next year (Wake). A well run organization would seriously consider flipping him for draft picks now while he still has value. There are guys like Vernon and Jordan on the roster who can fill the void.

The offense is a mess. The O-line needs to be completely gutted.The receivers are good, not great. Lamar Miller is not a starting RB and will never be anything more than a change of pace guy.

Tannehill shows flashes. Maybe he COULD be a top 10 QB one day. But he could be Chad Henne again all over too.

The best course of action may very well be to scrap half the team and start over. Mediocre gets you nowhere in the NFL.

I personally blame the coaching staff more than Ireland or the players. Most here seem to disagree, but I think the Dolphins actually have a decent amount of talent on the team. In my personal opinion, the coaches just aren't utilizing that talent properly.

For one, Sherman never seemed to make good adjustments to make up for the weakness at offensive line. We'd occasionally have a drive or two where we threw a lot of quick passes with 3-step drops and move the ball, but then we'd go back to sending all our receivers deep and Tanny would pat the ball until he turtled and got sacked.

Secondly, I think we have a GOOD RB in Lamar Miller. Despite almost never having a hole to run through and constantly having defenders touch him before he could make it to the line of scrimmage, he still got 709 yards and 4.0 ypc. With an "average" offensive line, I could easily see him getting 4.5-5.0 ypc. The reason I bring this up talking about the coaches, is because he was also under-utilized. RB's need the carries to get into rhythm. He never had a chance most games because Daniel Thomas always came in every other drive, despite being slow and always seemingly getting beat to give up sacks (I noticed at least 10 this season where the guy he tried to block, hit Tanny -- yet the coaches always praised him as a good pass blocker).

Thirdly, the offensive play calling was horrendous. By the middle of the season, I was able to start guessing the exact play the Dolphins were going to run based on the formation and package on the field. It was laughable. If I could do that just as some bum watching games, I'm pretty sure NFL teams evaluating game tapes probably found it easy to figure out what to expect from the Dolphins' offensive.

Fourthly, Philbin just doesn't seem that bright. Four different opponents said after games that they had Tanny's cadence figured out and used it to get a jump on the snap. Yet, when McKinnie complained about this, Philbin's response was, "nah, it's not a problem. We change it up." I guess the teams you're playing against are just lying for no reason...

Lastly, I personally think the coaching staff failed to properly use Dion Jordan. Every time I saw him on the field, he seemed to jump out and be disruptive even when he didn't get a tackle or sack. Coyle kept talking about how they were going to use him in such imaginative ways, but they never really did (kinda like when they had Reggie Bush and barely used him catching passes out of the backfield in creative ways).

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 30, 2013 at 02:44 PM

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
your right, but we we were talking about the pats

Coach Joe Philbin acknowledged Monday that the Dolphins "need to make changes" in order to get better in 2014. Miami began its internal evaluations Monday, a process expected to take a couple of weeks.


Nothing to read here given Aponte and a contingent of F.O. people not on the bubble all endorse Philbin. I believe the change is another half-change with a search for the next G.M. maybe making 2014 another throw away Season with the Coach getting an audition under a new G.M. before a change is finally made.

I just want a H.C. who can put a couple of coherent sentences together!

Sparano ended every sentence with an O.K. that sounded like he was saying, K!!!!!

"On a roster of 53 men your 51st player needs get on the field 15% of snaps whether O, D or ST's cause teams with this make the post season 37% of the time and them numbers don't lie, K!!!"

This after listening through his speeches (long winded babble) a few times to get what Marble mouth meant!


On to a guy who couldn't inspire a 100 Million Lottery winner of greener pastures given his monotone sounds and feels like a flatline! Who reads off of cue cards and is about as creative as a 2 month old with building blocks!

I REALLY, REALLY! Want to give Philbin the benefit of the doubt but here in South Fl. we have the added dimension of the Joe Philbin Show on CBS at 11:30 Sundays right before the Pre-Game show and the guys a lemon whose team sleep walked through the last 2 weeks playing un-inspired flat Football!

There is NO DENYING IT!! And this from a HARDCORE LIFER like myself!!!

Phulbin's responses are not surprising. I honestly believe he would go down with the ship rather than fire Sherman or any of his staff. Sad but I think it's a reminder of how rigid and pig headed he is.


Other than the coaching staff the correct player evaluations need to be made. In other words someone has to evaluate the talent level of a linebacker or offensive linemen to be able to get the right players to win. Oh quarterback also has to be evaluated....The Dolphins have some outstanding players however certain positions are exploited by opposing teams.

I don't expect Philbin to come out and say we suck, but this is whistling past the graveyard.

We had one game we clearly won (Jets), scored over 30 points just once, couldn't close out games on the few occasions we had the opponent on the ropes, generally underachieved in every aspect as a team (especially defense), and totally folded in the end when it really counted at the end of the season.

Sorry, Coach, I like your button-down approach to the game, but we're not close and you saying so is an insult to Dolfans everywhere. Admit your failures (i.e. assistant coaches) and vow to correct them. There's no shame in admitting you're not always right.

P.S. And of course, fire Ireland.

Typo* Philbin but who really cares at this point?

El Poopster,

know one bleeds a fan base dry. You're a fan or you're not simple as that. Every organization has ups and downs. NE was pathetic before '85, the Bills have never recovered from the Kelly days and their fans are always behind them, NY hasn't won since Nameth and their fans still show up. This fan base is sad ya'll look for any excuse to jump ship. Jump! Real fans don't want you here anyway.




All these people saying that Ross "does not know football therefore he sucks as an owner"

What about Jerry Jones or Daniel Snyder...owners who know football pretty good and were are they?

On the losing side once again!

Ross wants to win, heck he's a freakin' New Yorker for crying out loud.

Someone has his ear and that person needs to tell him as it is...the players were not coached to their potential this year.

Carl Peterson was that man...and now it appears Nate Moore has made it into the 'inner circle'.

If there is any dissension in the locker room and players talking down on Philbin, word will get out and Ross will make the change if needed...my guess is Sherman is dead man walking at this point and Philbin gets a pass. Ireland is 50/50.

time to take down my dolphin Christmas tree, take down my dolphin flag proudly displayed in my front yard, close my dolphin room and dream about what could have been if we had an OC with gonads and some imagination. I have lost confidence in this regime....What a sad day...
two losses to Thad practice squad level
loss to Geno..
loss to Tampa bay back up 3rd string qb.
this is bad.

Armando, I disagree with you. Regardless of the talent at QB and wide receiver, how can you succeed with the total lack of talent on the Offensive Line and Running Back positions. It's a wonder Tannehill is still able to walk after the pounding he took this year. Miller is not a starter in the NFL. Ireland blew it. He misjudged both and failed to address it. On the other hand, there was plenty of talent on Defense. Kevin Coyle along with Ireland should be replaced. Philbin and Sherman should stay.

"Miami finished 27th in total offense, 26th in rushing and 20th in passing. The Dolphins also finished 26th in scoring at 19.8 points per game." - espn.com

Glowing endorsement of Tannehill, Wallace, Hartline, Miller, Pouncey, Jerry, Clabo, Clay, EGNEW!!! I thought we were a passing team? I thought we brought in an offensive-minded HC to fix our terrible offense?

I thought ANY CHANGE would make a difference for the better! But I thought wrong.

sherman needs to go yesterday. worst offense i have ever seen. no imagination, no adjustments, no new plays, no changes. we ran the same ten pass plays all year long. we had two run plays, stretch left, and stretch right. of course the bills and jets beat us, its not hard to game plan for only 12 different plays. what a joke. I'm not sure if philbin is part of the problem with the offense but i have to assume that he is. i mean for god sakes, the patriots run a different offense every game, sometimes every half. i think the players were definitely motivated yesterday, i just think there was nothing they could do. it has been sad to watch this year. I've never seen a pro offense run the way ours was run. and the cadence, don't get me started, another thing that i have never seen before in the NFL. we went on "go" or "go, go" every single snap this season. i mean, i just don't even know what to say about that. we ve had some bad offensive co. in our day but, man sherman is the worst. philbin didn't do anything about it so he has to be held accountable as well.

I think it's comical and obvious that Philbin doesn't cater to Armando (who should be writing for Enquirer)and he goes out of his way to smite Philbin every chance he gets. The same way he fueled the bully scandal cooked up by the media, with constant innuendo, and zero facts or credibility.

Posted by: Harold | December 30, 2013 at 02:27 PM

It's because Philbin doesn't cater to Armando that Armando smites him every chance he gets. But I'm glad it isn't just me that sees it because it's as clear as Starfire glass. It was also Salguero who criticed Philbin for holding Tannehill back and claimed that Tannehill would shoulder the team to the playoffs if he was allowed to. Well, Tannehill was handed that opportunity and he fell flat on his face yesterday.

I'm no Philbin fan but Armando is transparent in his agenda and only a hack doing this job would have an agenda in the first place.

Ross needs to start cleaning house with Ireland as his first dust off. Go from there, that ought to lead to Philbin going after Ireland and another "rebuild". I'd rather start over than watch this same bunch, mainly Ireland, keep throwing mediocrity out there season after season while he strokes Ross in order to keep convincing him how close they are ...

Does anybody really think that we wouldn't of got beaten down in the playoffs ? We are better off with the higher draft pick. Our super bowl was the Pats game.
At least that's the way this team acted. How can you be on a roll , Win the biggest game in years. Then follow it up with two pathetic games against two of the worst QB's in the league.

This team could not deal with success. The playoff's were handed to them on a silver platter.

i can't believe i am reading posts saying that mike sherman should stay. obviously coming from people who have no clue. his offensive scheme or lack there of was laughable. i mean come on guys.

DC @ 2:57, you should know that Tannehill accounted for the 10th most passing yards in the NFL. The sack yardage lost brought us from 10th to 20th!!!!

Yes, Philbin and Ireland are safe. I hope Sherman and Coyle are safe too.

My New Year's resolution is to see MORE OF THE SAME!!!


Let's get some consistency for once for the Dolphins. We have gone through coaches an QB's like turn-stiles since Marino and Shula retired.

I do say fire Ireland. I believe we need a better GM than Jeff Ireland (I'll listen to mama and not say anything bad about Mr. Ireland). I would put Sherman on Notice (O-line play must be better) and re-evaluate the D-Coordinator position. Defense was supposed to be our strength, yet it was our weakness this season. At least Mike Nolan kept us dominant on Defense.

My Opinion is stay put with Philbin; terminate Ireland's contract, and re-evaluate the OC and DC positions. Oh! and like I have been saying at the end of every year; "It will be our year, next year!"


Ireland safe?, WTF, if that is the case, given what he has done over the past several years, next year is already over. He has proven that he doesn't know who to draft (see this past years mess)or who to sign in FA. Don Shula Where are you.

Ross had no talks with failbin about him returning next season. That's because ross is a panzy with no heart no balls, no backbone!

I gotta feelin Ross will fire the offensive line coach and thats it.He will be sacrificed as the scapegoat.
Wells the NFL investigator needs to come up with someting good to give Ross the credibility to swing the ax with a little more fire not like his team played in the last two games.
Ross I can tell you without a doubt committees dont mean SQUAT.Their recomendations will go in one ear and out the other.

Any OC who goes for it on fourth down inside the Dolphins own territory with same sweep that hasn't worked all season has to go. Any DC who twice lets Jeno Smith beat you by running inside the red zone has to go. Any GM who uses a first and second down pick to draft an injured, undersized OLB from Oregon to play DE in the NFL has to go. Any HC who gets rid of his three team leaders and best players because of the Chad Johnson incident has to go. Any Owner who puts up with this crap should hire a new team President and GM and focus on his other businesses.

Mark, you should know Tannehill accounted for 7 points in 1/8 of the games played this year. Think he could win with Seattle's defense with that offensive firepower? No, didn't think so.

ben Tate says he won't return to Houston next year. ben Tate anyone?!?! Can't address everything in the draft and we should do soemthing with that $30M in cap space.

Adam Shefner is reporting that Philbin and Ireland are safe. Now we need to know if he is willing to fire his coordinators.

I hope this isn't a true statement because it confirms that Ross is lost even more than I thought he was.

Bottom line- the coaching stunk and the talent isn;t there.

In basic math terms (bad coaching + bad talent)= FIRE GM AND COACHING STAFF.

There will be no further setback then where this team already is. Trust me

As a Green Bay fan, I can tell you Mike Sherman needs to go ! He was an awful coach in Green Bay and has been getting canned ever since. I like Joe Philbin though, and with a quality OC and DC you could be a much better team next year.
Good Luck Dolphins, you are my second favorite team after green Bay


You are very limited as an Offensive Coach as to what you can do when your Offensive Line and Running backs stink.On top of that the receivers had over ten key drops during the last two games.Add to that a Defense which always gives up points right after you score.


SEE.. This IS what's ben wrong and will REMAIN wrong with this Team's leadeship >>>>> from the arical >> Philbin's logic is that the team was 8-6 and a victory away from the postseason tournament.<<<

What logic is he refering to? Settling for a 9 win season is NOT being good. I mean, how about a logic that we win 14 games and winning the AFC championship and winning the Superbowl?

THAT is what logic should be not for "just being good enough" to slip into the playoffs.

Teams that relay on other teams hard work to make a sopt for getting into the playoffs is a logic for disaster.

The entie left over Tuna crap from parcells like Ireland and compay need to be flushed down the T bowel. Fire Sherman, Ireland and put Philban on notice. Get rid of Tannehill as he is NOT the answer, never was and most likely never will be. How can I say that now? Easy... ANY sub par QB with a reciever group such as the Finsd have would be ripping up the other teams. Got it? SUB PAR aint gonna get us anywhere. We need a QB who has what it takes. Give Brady a Wallace and hartline and he tossess 65 TD's. Give Tannie the same and he cant even delever the deep ball and has no pocket pressence.

If you want change draft a QB and hire Polian NOW for GM and let him clean up this mess. Look for winnetrs in 2018 because it'[s going to take that long to unplug the drains after the crap is flushed out.

Happy New Year.

Once again Armando...WRONG, how you say...Kanas City Chiefs...if what you're saying is that a dramatic turnaround isn't possible...then the entire world is imagining that they're in the playoffs right now and won 11 games...

DC, I know he would score more with Seattle's run game and their A1 offensive line. heck they even have real tight ends. How many touchdowns did Russel Wilson contribute to the Seattle Seahawks ... exactly 2 more!!


In 2011, Ryan Tannehill and Mike Sherman led Texas A&M to a 6-6 record (deja vu all over again, isn't it?).

In 2012, under a new HC, with a new QB went 11-2.

Maybe Ryan Tannehill IS something. But with Sherman, he's mediocre. And the facts prove that out if you look at the only stat that matters, RECORD!

f4l, very early in the draft process, it sounds like Cameron Erving is an excellent fit and may be there @ 19 but things can change.

Albert LT, Erving Rt very early may solidify us for a few years.

Jerry? i'ms till laughing at how he blocked nobody on that 4th and one and gave himself a face plant.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 30, 2013 at 02:44 PM

Agree with every point on your post I highlighted above and like I said the combine drills (especially) will sort this group out along with your yearly pet peeve with the 225 rep drill. You after all were spot on after the 2012 draft regarding the weak out put of J. (Honey suckle) Martin. I personally have always believed that such a weak showing is the product of an undisclosed injury but will not so easily discard in the future!

That said if you watched Bama you know that Koundijio seemed more solid than Flucker in pass protection, kid gave McCarron a ton of time! Matthews I insist will bare out at RT and a pedestrian LT for team that buys hype (no shortage annually) Yes he's Bruce's son who played 19 Yrs. for Oilers/Titans but I watched him with great interest and he was toast Vs. the speed rush in SEC which is a good indicator for how he'll fair Vs. even faster NFL DE/OLB's.

Irving's measurable's don't bare out his sweet feet and am curious to see him Vs. that Auburn pass rush in Nat'l Champ game which CLOWNED Matthews! Richarsson is the defacto athlete here from what I read because he's the only one I didn't see play this last Season and Lewan is the very Jake Long grader (also wears #77 at Mich) who plays with a mean streak making him my favorite. We will see given Su'a-Filo at #19 if there is a solid pick as well but again agree we need to target the Pos. in the draft with 1st pick to man RT while now really grossly over-paying on Alberts if that's the course.

Thank you, David. Stick with Green Bay, though. No green pastures over here for the foreseeable future.

None of what Philbin says matters. If 50% of the players had talent, and the Dolphins had good coaches, they'd be dominating. But that's not the case, because the perfect example is New England. I wish I had a dime for every time I've heard a coach or player say "we're close", "this team has a chance to be special", "we'll get better", "we got to fix it". It's like the alcoholic parent constantly trying to give you hope.

I've rooted for the Dolphins for 40 years, only to be left looking like an idiot. "You're a Dolphins fan? bwahahahahahahahaha". And how do I reply to that? That they'll be better next year?

Not anymore. I'm done with this pathetic, defrauding, joke of a team and the ridicule ever, single, year. If I could post a picture of my burning jersey from last night I would. Every single item with a Dolphins logo has been cleansed from my house, computer, phone, everything. This team is DEAD to me.


We haven't even heard what the NFL found out about the Richie / Jonathan fiasco!!

The result of this will be the driving force in Ross's decisions.

Last Super Bowl title=1973-40 years ago !!
Last Super Bowl appearance=1985-29 years ago !!
Last AFC Title game appearance=1992-21 years ago
1 playoff appearance in 13 years=EMBARRASSING AND PATHETIC !! This franchise is a laughingstock since 1986, a dwindling fan base that's only going to get worse !! Also the media and fan base also is to blame, for SERIOUSLY OVERRATING AND OVER HYPING THS SORRY A** FRANCHISE !!

I have had 24 hours and I am still ticked with how this coaching staff couldn't properly prepare this team to beat two less than mediocre teams to earn a playoff spot. I want to see HC, OC and DC all fired after this melt down.

That said, I really think it may be wise to hold off on announcing these firings until the 'report' comes out on the Martin/Cogs investigation. Ross doesn't know exactly what will be reported and what if any 'punishment' would be levied against the team by the NFL. I don't think a punishment is coming but we just don't know for sure.

I worry that Ross fires Ireland and Philbin, then the report comes out and it creates an ugly situation for the Fins, and then no top HC or GM candidate wants to take the job in 2014.

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