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The Dolphins world according to Joe Philbin

Joe Philbin had his season-ending press conference on Monday. It had its interesting moments. It had its head-scratching moments.

Philbin's evaluation of the 2013 season and his evaluation of the team are underway but his message on each seemed unpolished. The coach, you see, believes the season was nothing grand ...

"It was average. We were 8-8. It was an average season," he said. "There's areas we need to improve starting with me. 8-8 is not where this franchise wants to be, needs to be or should be.

"We need to make changes, adjustments, tweaks, additions, deletions."

And yet, in the next breath, Philbin said the Dolphins are close to reaching their goals of winning a championship.

"We're not that far away," he said. "We're close."

Philbin's logic is that the team was 8-6 and a victory away from the postseason tournament. No, they didn't win either game at season's end, but he still believes that constitutes being close to some degree.

Look, the Dolphins are not close. They have the potential to be a good team but it is clear this coaching staff could not get the players to perform up to that potential. That's a problem.

And I don't see how a team that needs a virtually complete offensive line rebuild (outside of Mike Pouncey), a running back, and addressing of linebacker problems, can be considered close. I don't see how a team whose offensive coordinator failed to significantly improve his unit and whose offensive line coach failed to keep his unit from being a disaster can be close.

As far as Philbin is concerned, however, he seems to think his staff is strong.

"I have a lot of faith and confidence in myself and the staff and our players that we can make the corrections necessary to lead this team to play up to its potential and lead this team to a championship," Philbin said. "That's what I said the day I got here. I stand by what I said the day I got here and I'm confident I can do that."

Philbin knows he has to make a decision on Mike Sherman and Jim Turner. If he doesn't know, he's ignorant to the facts of 2013. But he refused to give an inch on the idea any of his coaches might have to go.

"I'm going to talk to every single player and every single coach and we'll decide and determine 2014 at a later point in time," he said. "I have a lot of confidence in our staff, our offensive staff, Mike Sherman. He's an excellent football coach. That's what I think."

I asked Philbin if, given his close relationship with Sherman, he is capable of either firing Sherman or convincing him to fade away via resignation.

"I'm beginning the evaluation of the 2013 season and we haven't made any decisions on who's coming back and who isn't," Philbin said, dodging the question. "We'll have all those discussions at the appropriate time."

No, I said. The question is whether you are capable of firing Sherman if it comes to that?

"That's my answer," Philbin said.

Philbin and owner Stephen Ross talk every week. They visited for nearly 30 minutes after Sunday's 20-7 loss to the New York Jets. At no time during those conversations has he been given assurances he'll be back in 2014. The subject hasn't even come up because both he and Ross seemed to assume the coach would be back.

"We haven't even talked about any of that stuff," Philbin said.

Ross, I'm told, likes Philbin. He doesn't want to fire Philbin.

But the collapse of 2013 in which the Dolphins didn't put up any fight in the two most important games of the season could be a game-changer.



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How can you move up in the draft to select a guy who is injured and who is basically an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense? How can you do this when your Offensive line stinks and you had two Tackles in Johnson and Fluker seating there for you to choose?

A Realist,
I am also a realist, I say fire me, the whole coaching staff and start over. How can we possible be any worse off??


Please fire Philbin, Sherman and Coyle. Get Rob Ryan from the Saints to leads this emotionless team. PluYou need a leader of men to coach in the NFL. Philbin looks more suited to lead a yoga class than an NFL team.

I'd sit Mike Wallace down and ask him what the Fins need to do.

Guy played for the most stable organization in football so I'd value his opinion.

If he said: "Philbin's a great leader who just needs more time" I'd take that.

But if the opposite is true and he's incapable of leading men into battle, then no amount of time will fix that, none!

Ross: call Wallace into your office and ask a real pro from a winning organization how he sees Philbin...his answer may be just what your looking for.

Now into the eve, n firings yet. The "TONE" of Philbin's presser "HIGHLY SUGGETS" there will not be.


Even worse, we may not see a COORDINATOR firing, lowly assistants could be the only ones to go.


Mark, OL did it's job yesterday, no? RBs got close to 100 yards I think. At least 75. I think Miller had a 4 yd/carry avg. Not bad, no?

So, million dollar question is: what was wrong with Tannehill? Ok, I saw a couple drops that were drive extenders. I also saw terrible missed passes. I also saw WAY TOO MUCH of Brandon Fields (our best weapon). Stalled drives, 3-and-outs.

None of that Tannehill's fault?

Just saying, all things considered, Tannehill is mediocre, no more, no less. We can take the 2 mins before the half in 3 particular games and give him a 101 passer rating if we want to, it's funny what you can do with numbers. But the kid has been spectacularly mediocre. Just like the rest of the team. And if you need ONE position on the field to be filled with someone who's above average, it's the QB. Your boy is not giving fans a reason to be hopeful, that's all I'm saying.

DC, time will tell. I know the Qb is a lightning rod either way when things are good or bad. But to make him the biggest culprit in this mess is sure losing sight of the entire picture. Like I said before.

If we thought we were going to get 4000+ total yards and 25 tds out of Tannehill, would you take and would you think we would have a good year? I know he turned the ball over more than average but those numbers with a low turnover ratio would be ggod for 11+ wins, no reason even with the turnovers we shouldn't have won five games. The entire team fell apart around him.


On CBS Sports.Com!

Jason Lacanfora reporting (citing sources) that the FIRING! Of Jeff Ireland is imminent, Philbin safe!

Noooooooo we need Philbin gone too!!!

Phibin only stays if Ireland stays, If Philbin were to be fired it would just be another Ireland fail since he hired him.

Armando you should be happy. The Dolphins Have given you stirring material for the whole Off-Season. So you and your trolls start the stirring.

f4l, I honestly haven't seen or paid atention to matthews but I will against Duke - now he should dominate given Duke overachieved but if he doesn't .. uh oh. Now given Fisher's links to papa with the Tenn/Oiler days it will take a colossal callapse for Fisher not to invest in Matthews knowing they have what's his name that cvan play LT initially (not long but the other guy) and also knowing Long may be out for a while.

I do like the OT from Auburn for this scheme (Richardson, right?) he is certainly athletic. Like you I enjoy watching what pans out during the testing process. I do like the measureables... And any prospective O linemen should be able to out bench me... I think I can reach 225lbs 20 times. I never really saw how far I can push it but I know I do 10 without straining at all...

He gets another year Mark, I'll give him that. But I would draft his successor (if comes to that) this year. Maybe not 1st round, but some place. At least to put a fire under his arse. Either step up or step out. There's no Ireland, decade plan for you young man. You're on Henne time (4 years). And you may not see that last year.

What do you expect Philbin to say of course he is going to stick by his staff he hired them. They drafted Tannehill because he was coached by Sherman now they have to live with it. He has no accuracy even when he does have time and he can't throw deep.Let's face it Ross will not fire Ireland or Philbin he loves mediocrity and that's exactly what he get's with these people.

I agree with Mark. Tannehill, Clay, and Vernon showed great improvement this year. Tannehill will one day be a franchise quarterback. Consider his numbers with a lousy Offensive Line and a starting running back who usually falls back two yards after getting hit. I would like to see Brady and Manning play behind that line without any running game. Neither would have lasted two games. I know Marino and Griese would have gotten killed.

So why would the new GM want to keep Philbin as a new coach???

As a Green Bay fan who watched Mike Sherman run the franchise into the ground, the Fins need to let him go like now ! Brutal coach. I like Joe Philbin however, I think with a good OC and DC Miami could be pretty damn good next year

2 of the best players on the roster were NOT drafted by Ireland:


I really do not see Branden Albert signing with Miami in fa. Things have gotten so much better in KC, so why would he want to come here? Unless, of course, we HUGELY OVERPAY.

Only other decent fa LT is Jordan Gross. He's 33yrs old right now. Basically, as for fa LT, it's Albert or bust. MY money's on bust.

Sitting in the 18th-19th draft slot, our chances of drafting a LT that can be "FRANCHISE CALIBER" looks pretty slim too.

Then there's BRENT GRIMES. He's now a fa. We do not get him signed before fa begins, I guarantee he's a GONER. I believe it will take TOP CB money to resign him. That or FRANCHISE HIM.

Why can we all see the Dolphin's problem but not the owner and all those who work for him. It is time he came out of his little bubble and maybe started paying attention to other people.

awesome news, with me FIRED, the new GM will fire Philbin and bring in a coach he wants. I'm starting to get exited I'll have alot of time to build that monkey farm I've always drempt about

DC, yes he's average right now but if you sit down and take a look at the whole season, there are a lot of big names that had average seasons. There are 4 qbs in the league that can lift the entire team on their shoulders and do it all - FOUR on the planet!!! Peyton, Drew, Rodgers, Brady.

Look at the rest of the top 10 in Qbs and tell me, without a good supporting cast - what do they do?

Rivers - barely, barely in the playoffs .500
Romo - done
Roethlisberger - .500
Dalton - good supporting cast - think he can do it on his own?
Matt Ryan - done
Stafford - done

I think personally that Tannehill is at worst on par with Joe Flacco - that's if he never develops one bit further. Now you saw what you can do with a Flacco if you surround him properly.

I agree with Salguero in that his argument leads to a particular conclusion. If this team didn't perform in accord with it's potential then talent isn't the problem. And if talent isn't the problem then Jeff Ireland isn't the problem. That leaves coaching.

And that IS the problem. A failure to adjust during games is the most glaring issue.

The Dolphins won't draft a QB in this draft. Doesn't make any sense.

Tannehill is the answer and learn to go-go with it. He showed growth in his second season while playing behind the worst O-line in Dolphins history.

If T-Hill keeps progressing at this rate and with a new O-line. T-Hill can have 5000+yds and 35+TDs next season. Yeah, get rid of that guy.

This team needs a new O-line. Period!!

L.Miller is a good RB that needs a line and more touches. On top of that he is only 22. Still younger than most RBs in this draft.


DC, i don't disagree. my personal mandate had Tannehill at least being a functional Qb in his 2nd year and I think he did that. next year, he needs to at least verge on top 10 to give me confidence and he was mighty close this year before inexplicably slipping in the last two weeks. I can understand Buffalo as just one of those weeks but yesterday - a solid day of 260 yards, 62% comp, two tds, no INTs, I think would've been enough to entrench him pretty close to a top 10 performance this year.

Philbin is pretty emotionless but that doesn't mean he's not a good coach. Mike Sherman and Kevin Coyle have to go, period! Sherman is a freaking dinasaur just like Dan Henning...remember him, another dinasaur who's playbook and coaching ability sucked. The game has passed these guys by and we need someone who is young, inovative and can utilize the talent on the team. This team does have alot of talent but this coaching staff does not know how to utilize them. I personally think Ireland did a good job bringing in some talented players, he's not the problem.

The problem lies completely with coaching and game plan. if Philbin is unwilling to make the coaching changes that have to be made, then he needs to go too. I have been a diehard fan since I was 10 years old and watched the '72 undefeated team. I'm not a football guru but I can see where the problem is. OC needs to go, DC needs to go, period!

Just my humble opinion and I hope Philbin does the right thing.

The Dolphins as well as most of the NFL needs to stop recycling OLD offensive coordinators that are copycats of someone elses system ala Sherman and his comic book version of the WCO.
Ross is an old man and he dosent have any answers.He is great at running his other enterprise but is clueless in this business.I think the franchise will need another czar type hire not a dollar bill parcells but a young executive with original ideas to hire some people with their own ideas and not use someone elses scheme to collect a check in the NFL long after your productiveity has diminished.
I dont know who this is but IMO they are nowhere close
to accomplishing anything except to help aging coaches collect massive salaries from billionaire Ross.

Mark in Toronto

I agree with you on two fronts. I do believe Tannehill can be our franchise QB and perform well doing so. We have seen the talent and ability. He just needs to become more consistant.

I think what fans forget is he has progressed in a positive manner from year one to year two. I think this is a big year for Ryan. now it worries me that 4/5th of a line he is fimilar with is leaving, and from my stand point im not sad to see them go.

My worry is chemistry. Hope they can piece together the moving parts into a solid unit.

I also agree we need to sign Ben tate. Hes done awesome when hes had his chance in houston and hes that power back we dont have on the roster. He would be overly expensive and would add both a running and recieving threat to the offense. Keep him and miller and cut Thomas.

Who says KC resigns B.Albert.

Plus, I wouldn't sign him. He made 1 Pro bowl in 6 years. And you can say the only reason he made the Pro bowl was because Long is in the NFC and Clady was on IR the whole year.

I've been working on this Oline for 5 years, be patient it's a 10 year plan. That's what I told Ross so he would keep me around, heehee

f4l, can you link the cbs story? I want relish every word as I read it.

Incognito needs to sneak into Dolphins HQ and bully Ireland into resigning. And for the record, that would be the ONLY real bullying that Incognito will have done. The bonus is that he couldn't be called a racist for it.

You only have to fire one guy Jeff Ireland.
Hire Scott Pioli and leave the rest to him.
3 years of Chemo and still waiting for a winning season.
I wonder if I can survive another year of this crap.
I sure miss the 70s and 80s when we could wear our Dolphin shirts with pride around the neighborhood.

Dashi,it's time for you to STFU,You have been wrong about everything so far.


I understand the ties that Matthews has to Fisher (probably very familiar with Jake since childhood) but I get the feeling that Fisher and his stout D won't pass up th opportunity to draft themselves a game breaker at QB. I think that now a few Yrs. in that the Bradford experiment is on the bubble as a matter of fact I would be shocked if they aren't (as in right now!) looking to restructure the 20 Mil. plus due Bradford on the back end annually!

They passed on RG3 and gave Bradford the benefit of the doubt even though he had more realistic trade-ability for at least a 2nd Rd'er before that draft with a team taking him like maybe an Arz. re-structuring his contract. They have 2 #1's this Yr. and next and are competing in the toughest Div. in Football today more than holding there own outside better QB play.

They can afford to roll the dice here! I would be really surprised if they don't take a QB early in coming draft putting Bradford on notice! They can at 15 I believe still get themselves an OL in this draft who will play at a high level. If the Texans pass on Clowney to book-end with Watt and Bridgewater is sitting there it will be interesting to see what they do given they could again also trade out adding yet more draft ammo.

UCLA's QB declaring could also affect this process as the type of athletic, strong QB that Fisher prefers but in Bridgewater he has the more polished NFL ready McNair 2.0 he covets, time will tell.

Sherman lead the Packers to 5 straight winning seasons, 3 straight NFC North titles. Yeah, he sucked. GTFOH!!

Mark,you can surround Henne ii with M-1 Bradleys and he will always SUCK,Can you get that through that frozen block on your shoulders?

Looking like the dreaded vote of confidence will be extended by Ross to the coaching staff.

Kind of like when Huizenga gave Wanny his blessing at the end of the 2003 season, then Wanny predcitably fell on his face in 2004 and was gone by the bye week after a 1-8 start.

Kind of like when Ross begrudgingly gave Sparano his kinda/sorta blessing at the end of the 2010 season, and Sparano predictably fell on his face in 2011 and was gone after they hit 4-9.

Ross will extend his "full faith and confidence" in Ireland and Philbin then watch the team fall to pieces by mid-October 2014, thus putting the nail in the coffin for Pilbin who will resign in disgrace much like his predecssors. Ireland will just be a lame duck GM by that point, and will be sent packing by the 2014-2015 offseason.

Fire Ireland and Sherman immediately. Give Philbin another couple years and if that doesn't work out then get Peyton Manning to coach.

M is for Moron, i agree Dashi is completely wring about everything. Didnt he hammer to get rid of Dansby?? Hows he doing. Dashi how did Reggie Bush do??

For Tannehill to be more effective, it's mandatory to get a run game this offseason. Problem is, it wont be easy.

Tannehill has slightly proven at time he may be able to put this team on his shoulders. Still, the million dollar question is, to what degree? So far, we've seen only 2-3 game stretches.

This tells me it IMMINENT Tannehill must have a run game. Better run blocking, and better rb's. They must be ale to rush, pass protect, and catch from the backfield in highly consistent degree.

This coming from a guy who hides under many names because he is always wrong. I understand with old age some people get delusional but you live in fantasy land riding Unicorns bareback. You fairy.

M is a Moran,
why all the Incognito?? where's all this hate coming from?

where's mr roarke ?

Dashi your football knowledge is putrid at best. Its pathetic..

f4l, can you link the cbs story? I want relish every word as I read it.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 30, 2013 at 03:47 PM

I believ fin4life maybe getting "back-draft" frm this La Canfora story back in November(Martin/Cogs). I can not find anything else:

Jason La Canfora: ‘There Will Be Major Changes With The Dolphins’

November 13, 2013 4:08 PM

Absolute nothing about it on CBS Sports.

Hope everyone got a good look at their last 2 games because if no coaching changes are made that's all you'll see next year. Total beatdowns by the Bills, Jets, & Pats.....because they will all get better.


Philbin is the problem. He's a very nice person, a really good CAMP COACH but, He is not a very good game day head coach. He was actually out coached all year especally the last two games. Way back when the Ravins beat us, their defensive players stated "I wish we could play the Dolphins every week" The Ravin's 2013 roster WAS NOT better then the Dolphins. Nor was Buffalo's or the Jets. But they had a sceem, they were prepared to play, they knew the Dolphin tendencies. Coach Philbin dosen't coach that way. Proof? If he did coach his player's on opponents tendencies, the Bill's would never have had 7 sacks againt them in week 16. Because they had 8 sacks against them in Miami the first time they played. This falls on the coach's shoulders not the players.Phibins philosophy is: We do what we do & don't worry about snap counts, QB cadance or what other teams like to do. We just play our game type of coaching. That will give you an 8-8 season every season. Unless of course you have an all star team. And, no team in the NFL has or will ever have that type of roster. Not much to look foward to folks. I was looking foward to the draft but I'm afraid it's not going to help. Things have to change at the top.

First Comment but long time follower.

I think a good strategy for rebuild would include - Philbin making coaching changes - the OC has to go and new OC bring in position coaches. DC is OK. GM is OK - if next year is a step back then Philbin and GM go (even mid-late regular season).

You guys know this:
New Linebackers (El and Wheel not good enough next to each other)
New O-line (with Pouncey staying)love to see on nasty Larry Allen type added (professional lineman)
1 more corner to complete with a healthy Patterson - (let Carrol go)
Power runner (let Daniel Thomas go)

Yeah D29, it is a year where we need to see another positive step from the QB ... let's see or the franchise will have to make a decision whether it thinks it can win with him and a superior supporting cast or will we have a Qb that can give us an opporutnity to compensate for some weaknesses or will we choose to start over.

And especially ben tate, 5.11, 220, is 25 and fresh, I would try to woo him and save a draft pick and this year's rbs don't look so hot in the draft at this early stage anyway. Ben Tate may be our alpha back in 2014, let's see.

Leslie Frazier DC. Kubiak as OC.

My money says only Sherman will go, this round. Same as what happened to Dan Henning.

This franchise is stuck in perpetual rewind.

Don't worry. You and your boys can keep the blog. We all know that this is the most important thing in your life, to be king of the blog by any means necessary. Even if that means that you are the only one here most of the day.

Again, your opinion means nothing to Dashi or any other dolphin fan with self respect.

Quantity doesn't mean quality.

But you keep posting over and over. Same thing again and again. And nobody remembers anything your insignificant self post.

While Dashi just has to post things once for you to remember.

f4l @ 3:49, interesting point re: the Qb. bradford's biggest problem has been durability. Sure wouldve liked to see him be healthy this year as he was putting up some very good #s before he went down and that is a nice supporting cast down there.

The durability thing is a big issue in the NFL and it will be interesting indeed if they decide to go another way... I can see it

I'm out.

Looks like another SUCKY OFFSEASON and another SUCKY 014 SEASON.

Good News is we're probably be 8-8 in 2014 too.

thanks for the insight @ 3:51. it was thought provoking to say the least. You can make a point without being rude. I just have an opinion, man.

Ross... sell the team to Rush Limbaugh and let him restore us to greatness...

Dashi, stick to soccer, you know nothing about football.

Things Dummshai say

Get rid of Dansby and Burnett! Fail
Get rid of Bush! Fail
I like Mike Sherman! Fail
I like Philbin! Fail
Dont resign Long! Fail
Get rid of Marshall! Fail

Everything you posted was hog wash. Please stick to picking up trash on the side of the road.

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