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The primary reasons Miami Dolphins run D struggles

The biggest challenge the Dolphins defense faces against the New York Jets on Sunday? Well, the Dolphins certainly don't think it's rookie quarterback Geno Smith throwing the ball.

"We can’t allow them to run the football against us," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. "That is going to be our big challenge."

It's Miami's biggest challenge on Sunday because, frankly, run defense has been the biggest challenge for Coyle's unit all season long. The Dolphins are the NFL's 25th-ranked run defense. They've been hovering in that neighborhood all year but the 203 yards rushing allowed against Buffalo last week was a stunner.

"That’s unacceptable, as far as we’re concerned," Coyle said.

The problem is the Dolphins have had to accept the fact they've struggled in their rush defense all year long.

They gave up 154 yards to San Diego.

They gave up 152 yards in the first meeting against New England.

The Dolphins have given up 133 rushing yards or more in nine games this season. Opponents have averaged 4.5 yards or more per rush in six games and at least 4.0 yards per rush in 10 games. Bottom line, when teams stick with the run, the Dolphins often give up lots of yards.

So why is that? Why has a team that was No. 3 in the NFL against the run in 2011 (in Tony Sparano's final season) gotten so much worse so quickly?

Well, I'd suggest to you the decline wasn't necessarily quick. Last year (in Joe Philbin's first season) the Dolphins were No. 13 in the NFL in rush defense with generally the same personnel as in 2011. Yes, that's a drop from 2011 but the worrisome thing is the trend continued this year and this year the run defense has fallen off the table. 

And this has happened in a season where both interior run stuffers Randy Starks and Paul Soliai are playing for a contract and, guess what, doing a good job against the run.

The fact is the poor run defense doesn't necessarily start in the middle of the defensive line where the problem lies for most teams with such issues. Starks is having a great season stopping the run. He's the No. 4 rated defensive tackle against the run in the NFL according to ProFootballFocus.com.

Soliai is similarly playing well against the run. He's the No. 12 rated defensive tackle against the run. And Jared Odrick is rated No. 28 against the run. All three have plus-grades for the season against the run.

Yes, they've had struggles here and there. And sometimes one or two plays well while the other is not so good. But generally, these guys are not the problem.

So what about the edge guys? Obviously if the Dolphins are solid on the first level up the gut, perhaps they're soft on the edges.

Um, no. Not really.

The edge players were bad against Buffalo. It was a terrible performance. But taking the whole season into account, Olivier Vernon, Cameron Wake, Koa Misi, even Derrick Shelby and Dion Jordan have been solid against the run. Misi and Shelby in particular have been good against the run.

None of this translates to No. 25 against the run.

This does:

Middle linebacker Dannell Ellerbe and outside linebacker Phillip Wheeler have been, well, atrocious against the run a majority of the 2013 season. Both have struggled all around but for Ellerbe, has been particularly bad against the run.

The man who was supposed to take over for Ray Lewis in Baltimore hasn't been able to fill Karlos Dansby's shoes in Miami.

Ellerbe is the 53rd-ranked middle/inside linebacker overall in the NFL according to ProFootballFocus.com which is almost as bad as one can get because there are only 55 players rated. And he's worse against the run. Ellerbe is rated 54th out of 55 against the run.

The ratings are fair.

Anecdotally, I see a lot of Ellerbe's 58 solo tackles four- and five-yards down the field. He has not been what I would call a gap filler. And he rarely makes plays in the opponent's backfield. He has two tackles for loss the entire season.


Last year Dansby had nine tackles for loss. He had 100 solo tackles or 42 more than Ellerbe currently has.

(Dansby is also having a better year than Ellerbe out in Arizona and way better than he ever had in his time with the Dolphins. He's the No. 5 rated inside linebacker overall and No. 14 against the run, according to ProFootballFocus.com).

The issue also bleeds over onto Wheeler, who if possible, is having a worse season than Ellerbe statistically.

Wheeler is rated No. 33 out of 34 outside linebackers against the run by ProFootballFocus.com. Overall, he's dead last. While Ellerbe stays in the game despite his obvious shortcomings, the Dolphins have routinely subbed Wheeler out of games for rookie Jelani Jenkins -- not a good sign for a player making big money and hoping to stay around a few years.

Meanwhile, the NFL's No. 2 rated outside linebacker against the run?

Kevin Burnett, the player Wheeler replaced. Burnett is rated No. 11 overall by ProFootballFocus.com. It should be noted Wheeler is not any worse this year than Burnett was last year. He misses more tackles but Burnett had issues with calls at times and was often out of position. But the fact Wheeler came to Miami as an upgrade rather than to simply continue the trend of not-good-enough is a disappointment.

Now, let me just say, I think part of the problem we have here is coaching.

Consider that Miami's defense against the run started declining with the arrival of the new staff. Also consider that Ellerbe and Wheeler were pretty good in Baltimore and Oakland, respectively, last year. And the guys who were no great shakes here the past couple of years -- Dansby and Burnett -- are turning in great to very good seasons the very year they leave Miami.

So players are better elsewhere. When they come here they get worse. When they leave here they get better again. That is not coincidence. That's on the coaches.

But the fact is Ellerbe and Wheeler are not anywhere else. They're in Miami.

And from the PFF tape study of their games, their statistics and what we've all seen with our eyes, they are major factors in Miami's struggling run defense.


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Good article.

Fans were obsessed with Dansby's salary and that translated to them wanting him gone. Plain stupid. Who cares about his salary. He is at worst much better than average and at best a pro-bowler.

Now we miss him.

Now we need him.

Now we will try to replace him again and likely that player won't be as good.

Be careful what you wish for as they say.

As a Dolphin fan of 30+ years, I can't fathom heading into Sunday's game against the hated Jets and hope for us to lose………but losing Sunday is the only chance we have at waking up Stephen Ross. We need to clean house. I don't' want to back into the playoffs, get destroyed in the wildcard game, and then have Ross under the delusion that this management group have the team headed in the right direction. We are mired in mediocrity, and the only way it changes is by changing the entire culture of the organization. Dipstick Jeff Ireland has had 6 years to do that……and has failed miserably.

The sacrifice is disgusting to any Dolphin fan, but the road to recovery is paved with a loss to the Jets this Sunday. We already have to stomach loser Buffalo fans having beat us twice this year, so adding insult to injury with the Jets knocking us out is not much worse.

Great article. This is an issue that needed to be brought to life. Players have no motivation under this coaching staff and lets face it. There's TONS of talent on this team.

Great article - well reasoned backed up with the stats - loved it ! Great work

Well written and researched article right here.

I was expecting Wheeler to be an upgrade on Burnett. I was tired of seeing the back of his shirt on highlight reels behind a TE on his way to the end zone but clearly something ain't right here.

I still wish we had like Nolan!

Excellent article. I disagree with the comment about it being the coaching. I think Kevin Coyle is an excellent coordinator. I'm not sure why the run defense has been getting worse, and why players like Dansby and Burnett improved after leaving, but this defense has not given up many points. And they always keep the team in the game. Only one really bad outing, against New Orleans, who got their butts handed to them in Seattle on a Monday night as well. I really wanted to rub that in their faces. "They just weren't as good as advertised", is what that D-lineman said after the Phins game. LOL. Neither were the Aints against the Seahawks. Losing Martin and Incog was really a blessing. NOW BEAT THE JETS, and get into the playoffs.

Yeah, a lot of folks have pointed the finger at the guys up front for the lack of run defense this year. But they have been doing their jobs effectively. The guys responsible for backing them up, plugging holes and tackling at the line of scrimmage- the LBs- haven't.

P Wheeler and D Ellerbe came here with some big question marks that they have not overcome. Their one big advantage over the pair of K Dansby and K Burnett was to be in their ability to get after the QB. As this has not materialized, their inefficiencies in pass coverage combined with their poor run defense has left the Dolphins with serious problems on D.

When the Dolphins acquired these 2, many thought J Ireland overpaid. Their performance this year has magnified those thoughts.

Yes we need to upgrade linebackers for sure , Ireland screwed on that one and letting Bush go and Long, and yet he got contract extension.

So players are better elsewhere. When they come here they get worse. When they leave here they get better again. That is not coincidence. That's on the coaches.


The paragraph above speaks volumes. I'm a little hesitant of a knee jerk reaction to fire all the coaches though.

These men have a lot of experience and aside from Sherman have a history of positive results. Given time I think they will get it corrected.

Expectations need be set though. Maybe it's the system. Perhaps it's too confusing and doesn't allow enough of just playing basic football. If the scheme needs to be tweaked to fit the players then so be it.

The trouble is this regime is nearing the end of it's second season and only two units appear to be getting better. The passing offense and pass defense. The run game and the run defense seem to be inconsistant if not straight up regressing.

I doesn't seem like an impossible task with the personnel we already have. We'll see if this group can figure it out.

Bottom line...too many times both find themselves out of position and when they are in position they miss the tackle. If there is a stat for missed tacked, I would think both are atop of that list. Game after game I see both Ellerbee and Wheeler miss multiple tackles with both missing on the same play. This is a problem. This problem does not with those two. The entire defense has missed tackles all year long. That is a coaching issue. Stop with the non stop attempts at stipping the ball unless you are squared up and ready to lay a helmet into the ball. If it is not there make the tackle. Let the others coming in go for the ball. It's tackling 101.

Very True, ...that X Miami players perform better elsewhere. But it's NOT just with this coaching regime, previous coaching staff's as well. WELKER, MARSHALL, DANSBY, BUSH, CARPENTER etc., etc.
THE SYSTEM IS PASSIVE! Has been since the no name "D"

C'Mon' Man, We been saying that for the past 20+ years.
I believe Sherman and Ireland should go, but that's it. Draft a R.B, sign some O-Lineman, an get some depth on Defense. All good

Armando you nailed it!

So players are better elsewhere. When they come here they get worse. When they leave here they get better again. That is not coincidence. That's on the coaches.


Folks if you read the paragraph above thats at the end of Armando's post you see he's saying its not the players its the system and / or coaching and I agree.

Personally I'm hesitant of the knee jerk reaction to fire the coaches. Perhaps they need more time with the same players in the system.

These are coaches with a lot of experience and a history of positive results. Expectations should be set though. If the system needs to be tweaked to get the most out of what you got then so be it.

With a win this week we would finish 9-7 which is slight improvement. The run game and the run defense have to get better though, if we hope to get to double digit victories next year.

Great analysis Armando.

Dansby had to go. He simply did not make game-changing plays. Not that Ellerbe is the answer, though I thought he would be. With our salary cap situation, we could have kept Dansby and Ellerbe--now that would be interesting.

I didn't think Burnett needed to go. He didn't wow me often, but he was solid and seemed to get better over the season.

All that said. the coaches are definitely not coaching the players up, and that is inexcusable. I have not been impressed with Coyle.

Well this has been happening for ten years, and how many coaching staffs?

Maybe the issue is changing the coaching staff too frequently. All the great dynasty teams had stable coaching staffs for many years. Ben had one OC until this season. Peyton had one OC at Indy. Lombardi, Landry, Shula, Knoll were stable. Dungy and Cowher both needed DECADES to win a ring.

Think about that.

Coughlin was at JAX and did a great job with an expansion team. Nothing. Then it took him a stretch at NY and won two rings.

Do you see a common theme here?

I do.

the 18 INT on D is nice, but rather be leading the league in sacks, like BUF. There's no way we beat NE in the playoffs if we don't fix the run D issues.

I thought the biggest reason these guys were brought in was because they were better at coverage in the passing game? faster and can cover TE's etc. and since the Phins are a top 10 Defense against the pass, I think you have to say they've been ok at that facet of the game. also points allowed is the most important stat. we have a bend don't break type D whether we like it or not.

If these players were better before getting here, then Jeff Ireland is doing his job. It's the coaches who are screwing up.

When fans were complaining about Dansby's salary last year I warned them he was worth keeping. He has always been a better Lb than Ellerbe in any season. One step forward two steps backwards that's Ireland philsophy. I'm always drowned out by Armando and the peanut gallery but I am very often right in my observations. Check the post.

What gets me with regards to Coyle is knowing the Bills would come out running to protect Lewis, the defense was powerless to stop the run. It was no secret what the Bills offense game plan would be. Still it was utter failure. Same with the offensive game plan. The Bills strength is their pass rush, yet Sherman played right ito it. While I am not looking for wholesale coaching changes...AGAIN, Sherman is not the future, bit a vestiage of an offensive scheme gone the way of stick-um. It's just not used anymore. I think he is also holding Tannehill back. Sherman has done as much as he can with him. Not having a real QB coach has hindered Tannehill. Sherman and his son in law can longer aide in his still needed development. It's time for an upgrade at the OC position who will game plan to his team's strength and a defense's weakness not the other way around.

The reason you don't understand Ross is because he has something 99% of you can't possibly have.


He has been around a long time. When you are 30 you see a 15 year old as a know nothing teenager. Well that doesn't stop. When you are 50 you see how little a 30 year old sees. So Ross at his age sees far more than most of you realize.

I thought I knew more than my parents by the time I was 10. I thought at 19 I was the smartest person in the world.

Now I know better. Only time can breed wisdom.

Not entirely sure you can put this all on the defense. Granted Dansby/Burnett were much better against the run than Wheeler/Ellerbe have been this year, but I also think some of this has to do with the amount of time they were spending on the field. Particularly earlier in the season.

The offense produces a lot of 3 & outs and wasn't able to run the ball. Exposing the defense to more & more plays. The offense didn't do a thing in Buffalo and they gashed Miami for 200+.

Overall the defense has been pretty solid and kept this team in many games.

I don't think you clean house, unless you want to continue to do that every 2-3 years. This is only Philbin's second year. The team has shown improvement, I don't think you pull the plug at this point.

Many fans who are regulars on this board know that WE were calling for the heads of Dansby and Burnett last year. This was mostly because we were sick of TE's scorching them on pass plays. Their ability to cover, in Coyle's system, was pathetic.

Hard to go against those #s. I guess we have to get rid of both or change the scheme.

Back to the last blog regarding Millner and whether or not the Fins should go after him or not, just keep in mind that Rex Ryan will not leave him exposed this time around. He will have safety help. This should free up Clay, Egnew, Sims, and leave Wallace one on one with Cromartie. It will also free up our RBs and set them up one one one with an LB. Hopefully Sherman will see this for what it is and take advantage of it.

It's true that we have had problems stopping the run a few times this year but unless the wheels come off against the Jets this Dolphins defense is going to give up virtually the same amount of points that the '08 AFC East championship defense did.
The bottom line is we need to score more points.

I really do think this is on Coyle. I understand he is a proven NFL level coach but his core strength is coaching the secondary. That doesn't immediately mean he is going to be a world class DC.

The main decline took place when he arrived and begain forcing the 4-3 scheme (Sparano's Defense was primarily 3-4 based). Coyle s forcing many players, chosen for 3-4 scheme into the 4-3.

Solai is a classic 3-4 NT
Odrick was drafted to be a classic 3-4 DE
Starks is versitle and can play 3-4 NT or DE
Shelby would be a good 3-4 DE
Wake, Jordan and Vernon could play both 3-4 DE and OLB depending on downs and conditions.

Wheeler is a good 3-4 OLB
Ellerbe grew up as ILB in a 3-4 in Baltimore
Jenkins could play 3-4 OLB or ILB
Misi could play 3-4 OLD or ILB

I think our DL and LB are flexible players who could fit the 3-4. I like the pass rushing flexibility of these players and the blitzing potential of those would play LB.

Not sure why Coyle won't try this scheme more?????

We can expect the same dose of blitzing to the L side of our OLine from the Jets. God protect Us!

Have no fear.

Vegas, the closest thing to God, has us as 6.5 favorites.

Agree with Oscar. Expect Rex will bring the house from all sorts of sets. Unless the Fins work to offset this, one can expect the same offensive type out put that has become typical and predictable.

Ill say this just one more time. Philbin and his staff are no more NFL coaches then Im a rocket scientist. The Dolphins defense, which was once good, is now an NFL laughing stock, but Philbin thinks the linebackers have moments of great play,,,,BS, BS, BS. The Dolphins problems and there are many, start with the top of the organization,,,,Mr Ross. Again, Ross should sweep the garbage out of the building and hire a respected, knowledgeable, NFL person who will hire a "real" HC, and GM. Fellas, we can only expect the same thing next yr and the yrs after. Sun-Life will be an orange desert of empty seats. Who wants to pay 400.00 for a family of two to watch this mess on Sunday afternoons ??

I also think this is a winnable Game but so I thought about the Buffalo one. But the Bills had our # on D and with the awful weather we could not run or pass. Had no chance. At least, the weather will be better here.

The other issue with this Defense is they 'bend but don't break.' That is good on one side....they often hold teams to FG's and not TD's. The down side is they allow significant time of possession and/or allow the competition to gain field position advantages.

With a young QB and horrible OL we need this defense to create as many 3 & Outs as possible. They don't do that very often.


Well the stats prove that Ireland's move to improve the linebackers has failed. Teams now know they can run on the Dolphins. The Dolphins against Buffalo and other teams have had a hard time stopping the screen pass also. Timely calls for the screen pass have kept the Dolphins from sacking the QB. Way to go Ireland; you leave the Dolphins last season without quality receivers with speed, then you miscalculate the OL talent and now we realize you have hurt the run defense with your great evaluations of talent. Please Mr. Ross fire Ireland and I trust that Mike Sherman will realize that he needs to retire.

agree with common sense above on our inability to run the ball + tannehill taking sacks on 3rd down caused the defense to spend way too much time on the field.

Saw it in the Bengals game when they were essentially on the field for the entire 2nd half...completely gassed and unable to run down receivers/TE's.

Last two games our D has the opposing team at 3rd down and short and we give up 5 yards rushing...they move the chains and hit replay.

over and over we failed to stop them and gave up long, time consuming drives...granted many were held to FG's to keep us in the game.

Then Tannehill gets the ball and we throw on first down, incomplete, run on 2nd down for 1 yard (thanks D.Thomas for nothing)...3rd down is passing and the other team brings the blitz sacking Tannehill for a 7 yard loss...PUNT.

Defense back on field already gassed from the previous 80 yard, 12 min. drive.



No wonder our D has horrible stats!

Fix our RUSHING GAME and we fix everything.

Good points from Everybody here, but, if we know what is wrong either the Coaches don't know it or want to admit it or they can't do anything about it.

It should be obvious that the Dolphin brain trust has not coordinated the player talent with the correct defensive schemes. Ireland is pathetic; the Dolphins could have hired a high school football coach to do a better job at coordinating this teams player personnel than Ireland has done.

Dolphins are ranked 31st on 3rd down rushing for 1st down.
Granted we are ranked 11th in passing for first down on 3rd, but that's out of necessity because we cannot run...and every defensive coordinator knows it and that's why they bring the blitz on 3rd down.

....did you see Tannehill last week late in the game on 3rd down. He points to the left CB and yells to McKinnie to pick up the corner blitz...steps back and 2 seconds later that same CB blows past McKinnie and sacks our QB.

If I can see it from my couch drinking beer...then every paid defensive coordinator on the planet can as well.

Why are we paying Jim Turner? Most sacks in team history and this guy is drawing a paycheck we can only dream about.

Turner should have been fired along with Cogs & Jmart during Bullygate.

There is really a lack of rational with the some of the fans on this blog. I understand that this Dolphins team has not lived up to SOME of your expectations. However, maybe the expectations were too high for the year, or maybe those expectations skyrocketed after the 3-0 start. Had the Dolphins not lost to the Bills, many of you would not be flip flopping your stance on the Dolphins. The Bills were and are currently a BAD matchup for the Dolphins. A great d-line vs an awful o-line, nothing more. Had our o-line played to expectations, the Dolphins win BOTH games against the Bills. However, the o-line is awful, and until it is fixed, the only thing you can expect is highs and lows with bad matchups like that.

Every Dolphins fan wants our team to win on a regular basis. Nevertheless, some of you would tear everything down and start building from the bottom again. Moreover, do you really believe that the Dolphins will win next year with a new GM, HC, QB, new system, new scheme, etc…? The Dolphins already had their last to first "Cinderella" year, and it is not happening again in the near future.

Conversely, some of you talk about how well some former Dolphins players are doing elsewhere. Players such as Jake Long, Reggie Bush, Brandon Marshall, Vontae Davis or Sean Smith. Remember how good the Dolphins were when these players were here? Because I do not. At least now the Dolphins are sniffing the playoffs. They have shown progression after year one of the Philbin era. However, they have players that need to be replaced (one of which is NOT the QB). They have coaches that I would love to see replaced (Sherman and OL coach Jim Turner).

Lastly, for all the Monday morning draft scholars who love talking about the great players the Dolphins could have had, drafted or undrafted. Why have you not won the lottery yet? It is as simple as picking the winning numbers, right? Why dwell on what the Dolphins could have had when the answer is the o-line. If the Dolphins fix the o-line for next year, this team can be, and will be a very good team.

The miscalculation by Ireland of the effectiveness of the OLine this year won't be forgiven or forgotten, at least by me.

Glad you finally got around to it at the end there mando, the #1 problem is coaching. This was a terrific run stopping unit before Coyle got here. They've upgraded and invested heavily in personnel and it gets a lot worse. We are fightign for our playoff lives ... if the defense and the caoching did the job they were supposed to do - we may be playing for the division this weekend. The coach's performance and that of the personnel has been shameful this year considering their talent. If this was the top ten unit it was supposed to be this game would be meaningless. This man should be the #1 coach to go.

Exactly Lance re: Dansby - this year's linebackers would not even be here if Dansby did his job instead of treating his time here as a paid vacation. he can go stick himself - as far as his performance goes it's all his fault. The highest paid man on the team showing up for camp 30 pounds overweight - shameful.

Mark....I think Turner is the first to go.

You cannot be the O-line coach and give up a team record and NFL leading 58 sacks and expect to keep your job.

Been sayin it for awhile Mando, glad you finally caught on.

Ellerbe is invisible. When he does make tackles, it's 5 yards down field in a trailing position. Routinley hits the wrong hole Where is this guys athleticism? I don't see it. He appears slow to me.

Wheeler, well he is great at missing tackles, not making them. Get out of this contract ASAP. I don't care what the cap hit it is!

Reward Nolan Carrol & resign him with Wheelers $$. We've proven we can be in the hunt with him starting & if we can't find better than Patterson, Carroll is a good guy to fall back on.

Where our boy Dashi,, who kept harping on how bad Danby was. So we let him go for a guy who was worst than him. Smh. Wheeler is the smallest LB ive ever seen! He looks like a SS out there. Now the 49ers have real NfL LB in Bowman and Willis. Thoughs guys can cover any TE or back and are unblockable in the running game. We need 2 new Lbs again!

I'm not saying fire everybody. Turner has to go and perhaps Sherman also because the O buck stops with him. What I would like to see next year as somebody mentioned above is a knowledgeable, serious overseer of Football operations somewhat what Parcells did here.

CommonSense @ 8:37, this idea that the offense produces a lot of three and outs was never true. They were never worse than middle of the pack in three and outs this year. Even after that abomination last week, they still rank 20th which is the worst ranking they've had this year.

The defense sucks because some players regressed including our interior D linemen no matter what PFF says and our d coach is a moron.

I see the stats, but I disagree. The Dolphins are 8th in the NFL in scoring defense at 21 pts/game. That's the number that matters and the lbs are a big part of that. There was always going to be an adjustment for these new lbs, especially Ellerbee who would have had an adjustment even in Baltimore.

The REAL problem is STILL the offense. They're 24th in NFL scoring at an unacceptable 20.7 pts/game. So a top ten scoring defense is forced to play close games by a bottom 10 offense. If this offense would quit farting around in the first halves of games and put up 2 or 3 tds before the half, we wouldn't be talking about run defense.

JPAO @ 9:00 DING DING DING... The amount of time this defense spends on the field through their own crappy play allows teams to convert long third downs, fourth downs etc.

This keeps our own offense off the field and in turns wears itself down ... it's just an awful scheme. For some reason we wanted to copy thye bengals defense ... yeah cause that's been the hallmark over the years...

Indy correct the offense is down right offensive. I read a stat Tannehill is leading the league in 3 and outs again. Smh. We need 3 new OL, and 2 new RB. Miller and Thomas are god awful RBs. Ill take Ronnie Brown over both of them

NH, our defense was on the field the whole third quarter because they allowed long drives twice consecutively. Can't blame an offense when they didn't even take a snap. The first drive ended in the Grimes pick six. Come on man, blaming the offense when they didn't even take a snap?

True though about Turner .. when you have the worst o line that ever was it's ahrd to keep a job.

At least we have Nate Gardner back al LG. Buff really killed that rookie FA

Truth, the stat you see with Tannehill leading the league in three and outs is bullshite...


like I said all along mr ross knows jack about football if he did he would have fired Ireland years ago when the owner of the team is this clueless this is what you get when was the last time the dolphins won a play off game more than ten years ago when was the last time they were in the super bowel more that 30 years ago and when was the last time they won the super bowl 40 years ago with this owner and general manager it will be many many more years of the same who picks martin Ireland who picked this whole crap

of a offensive line answer jeff Ireland who when in free agency and signed these shitty players again jeff Ireland who forgot when he signed all the offensive players to protect his quarterback who drafting offensive linemen answer again jeff Ireland this guy year Ireland year out please mr ross sell the team to a owner who know about football so the dolphins can start winning again

Mark...truth, our D had plenty of ops to stop drives and failed.
Where's the QB pressure from our much advertised Wake/Jordan combo?

I think we sacked the Bills QB once all game last week and that came off a corner blitz.

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