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The reason the Dolphins did nothing on Monday

The Dolphins carried on Monday, business as usual, while other NFL teams undergoing change fired their coaches and one fired both their coach and general manager.

The reason for the relative calm?

According to a source familiar with the situation, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross had never expected Monday would be about possibly firing general manager Jeff Ireland or head coach Joe Philbin and so he wasn't prepared to do either.

The Dolphins owner instead expected Monday to be about his team preparing for a playoff game next weekend.

And that, Ross planned, meant the Dolphins brass would have remained status quo going forward -- with Ireland as the GM and Philbin as the coach in 2014.

But the Dolphins not only lost their penultimate game against Buffalo but their season-finale against the New York Jets as well. And that changed everything.

Suddenly an owner who expected to be making no change at GM or head coach this offseason was forced to begin considering just that.  And that, the source says, is exactly what is happening.

Ross is, as he told The Miami Herald Sunday afternoon, "looking at everything."

He is weighing all his options. He is consulting with trusted people. He is considering the ramifications of standing pat as well as making moves.

Understand that this can be complicated.

Fans and even media can call for the ouster of this person or that with no ramifications. Ross doesn't have that luxury. If he decides to fire someone, he has to have a plan in place that he believes will lead to a better situation than the current one.

He cannot, for example, simply fire Ireland and keep Philbin -- the sceanario believed most likely -- without weighing how he would replace his general manager. Would he conduct a search that would be hamstrung by the fact he's already got a coach on board? Would he conduct a search for a GM candidate to whom he'd give authority to fire Philbin? Would he promote a GM from within?

Ross also must consider if he wants to change the structure of the organization.

Does he want a GM and a coach who report only to him, which is the Dolphins current structure? Does he want to hire a czar of sorts to whom the coach and GM would report? Does he want to simply stand pat and not fire anyone?

The Dolphins did nothing on Monday. But apparently owner Stephen Ross was working.


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I'm just glad that Ross didnt get that charity handout from the taxpayers!! He's terrible.

The Dolphins have T-hill due to Sherman who we got due to his relationship with Philbin. Sherman was a Coach who Texas A&M fired for a reason. So what happens Ireland and Philbin accept the recommendations on Tannehill from a guy who is a definite fire now by the Dolphins. My thoughts are anything that Mike Sherman said is not credible.

That's what hennehill does. He throws picks, and then he just picks and picks and picks.

Marino as the football Czar, Cowher as the HC....Let Cowher pick his own OC and DC Coaches.

The Military is tough but the Law is tougher, you know?

Fishypete you are dead on

Posted by: promichael | December 31, 2013 at 08:14 AM

How do you think #17 will play with a new OC ? he is struggling to get anything going with a system he has been in for 5 years ?

A new OC will want to get the best QB behind center. A FA vet or good rookie would beat 17 out if he plays like he did this season. Thad Lewis and Geno Smith played much better than he did, throwing running , passing and leading their teams. For the 8th pick in the draft Ireland rolled the dice and came up short again.

A new OC, only has to do better than 27th in offense, a new QB only has to be rated higher than 24th in passing, do younthink thats hard to do ?

A new DC, will not be to keen on playing Wheeler and R Jones as they simply are not good enough. Grimes will be signed and a replacement for Wheeler and Jones will come through the draft. Patterson's replacement may come through Taylor or Davis. Thanks to Philbin those players never got any time, so we can't even evaluate them. However it very telling that we went out and signed a ton of DB's rather than play either of them on a consistent basis.

The 2013 draft produced one of the worst kickers in the NFL, 1TD, zero ints, 2 sacks and less than 100 yards offense. Philbin must go with his coaches. Luckily with a few key replacements there are enough good players here, when coached and used correctly to competee for the playoffs. Tannyhill isn't one of the IMO.

If you think Marino and Cowher will leave their comfortable jobs to come here and fight all these Dolphin's ignorants you're nuts.

the plan SHOULD be to hire a new GM and give him the ability to fire Philbin if he wants, or not--because even if the new GM decides to keep Philbin, it will be a 1 year make or break season anyway--that is the best and most reasonable way to do it-yes, crushing/brutal/unacceptable end to the season, but most HCs (IMO) deserve at least 2-3 years to prove their worth--I would like Philbin to replace Sherman if he stays…..replace the GM and make it his call--if he keeps Philbin and we see no progress in year 3, Philbin's gone anyway….and the new GM has the chance to start fresh.

Maybe, benz. You have anybody for GM in mind?

Posted by: promichael | December 31, 2013 at 07:52 AM

I'm with you, however it happens.

I believe Philbin to be a sound HC who preaches and teaches fundamentals and execution. He also is big on playmakers.

In the big wins this year, playmakers delivered. In the bad losses, playmakers were absent and play-execution was terrible.

Keep in mind that a large amount of FAs were in starting and back-up roles this year- this was not a good thing for team chemistry. Give it another year.

I'm 62 years old, I was at the first Dolphins regular season game, saw Joe A. take the kickoff for a TD, was at the Monday night game when Dick Anderson picked off 4 passes and ran two back for TD's against the Steelers, was at the 52-0 thrashing of the stinking Pats, was at the SD overtime playoff game.

I've seen the awesome and the not so great performances, but never have I seen such a lackluster display over the past two seasons as I have of this team. What shocks me is how nonchalant the the players are before the start of the game. It's almost as if they are just getting out of bed prior to kick off.

Or that they would rather be doing something else. The failures against supposedly horrible teams by this coaching staff is amazing to me. Don Shula would have killed the Titans last year, we didn't even show up. Shula didn't lose to the Bills for 20 straight games, that is 10 years of beating them twice EVERY year!

Shula ended his coaching career having never lost to the Packers or the Lions and possibly one other team I can't remember its been too long. When Shoes took over this team they had only won 3 or 4 games the year before, he took them to a 10-4 season in his first year!

That is what a GREAT coach does, he takes a team of misfits, whips them into a football team, and wins games and goes to the playoffs. He doesn't hold news conferences the day after losing to two cellar dwellers the last two games of the season to tout how great his mediocre OC is.

I don't know how many more seasons or games I have left before I'm no longer here on earth, but I desperately do not want to sit through another agonizing 20 games of Clueless Joe football next year.

The Truth,

In my opinion #17 should have been a 4th round pick and if the Dolphins try to unload him now for picks they would get perhaps a 4th round pick for this backup QB.

Posted by: benz | December 31, 2013 at 08:26 AM

Thats why Im not to concerned, a new GM will almost certainly take a new HC. Players here are cabable to be coached to the playoffs. I concede that even #17 will be a better player under a new Oc, however I feel a better QB is out there.

Let once again (as I did before the Season started) state my bottom line: We didn't have a winning season, therefore EVERYONE IS EXPENDABLE. And there's blame all around. Some here are saying it's Ireland, who has 1 winning season in 6. I agree with that. I think first and foremost, if ANYONE is getting fired, it should be him. He's had his chance. And this was the make-or-break year. And close isn't good enough, he failed because the team failed. That to me should be a no-brainer.

But on the other hand, some say Philbin didn't get what he needed. I STRONGLY disagree. What did Philbin "need" to make his system work? Well, he said himself he wanted to stretch the field. So Ireland got Wallace, the ultimate stretch the field WR. But that didn't play to Tannehill's strengths (as known as far back as his collegiate career). Tannehill #1 weakness is long ball accuracy. If anyone thinks Ireland is more responsible for Tannehill being here than Philbin/Sherman, you're smoking crack. So the coaches should know their personnel, and if they are working with the GM, should ask for complimentary talent to play to that personnel's strengths. On the Wallace failure (to not provide more big plays), I put that directly on the shoulders of Philbin/Sherman.

How about the run game? There's 2 parts to that: OL and RB. As far as OL, I don't think you can blame anyone but Ireland. He let Long walk, he drafted Martin, he elevated him to LT, he got Clabo, he didn't find anyone to replace Jerry, that's on him.

But as far as RB, again, that's the fault of the HC/OC. I didn't get the impression Ireland wanted to get rid of Reggie Bush. I think that was a HC/OC decision. First off, Bush wasn't used properly when he was here (by the OC) yet still outplayed Lamar Miller this year. Secondly, it's well known Philbin didn't like Bush's style of play, and also didn't like being confronted by him (and the leadership committee). And he felt there was enough talent behind Bush to make things work without him (maybe because he undervalues the run game). So on RB, blame Philbin/Sherman.

TE: I'd say Ireland did a good job. He brought in one of the best (at the time) Dustin Keller. He didn't know he'd get injured, and if he hadn't, I think everyone believes our offense would have been much better. And Ireland drafted Clay, who had a breakout season and did a pretty good job of filling in. On the down side, Ireland drafted Egnew and Sims, and neither seem to be especially special at anything (catching, blocking, etc.).

On defense, Ireland's best move was Grimes (that was a huge win). As far as Dansby/Burnett, again, I blame the HC. Dansby was too outspoken, not a Philbin guy, so Philbin wanted him gone. Burnett was more due to his play, but again, like Mando stated, these players both played better in different systems, so you gotta believe the system in Miami is flawed (DC problem). Can't blame Ireland for a flawed system. And he tried bringing in personnel to fit (I'd say Ellerbe/Wheeler were players that Philbin/Coyle believed were better fits for that system) and that didn't work either.

So, overall, I see fault all around. That's why I think the best outcome would be to fire Ireland, hire a new GM, and allow him to do as he sees fit with the HC. Let him meet Philbin, and if he's comfortable with him, keep him (hopefully "recommending" Philbin change his coaching staff). If not, then allow the GM to fire Philbin and hire his successor. And once a new HC gets hired, allow him to do the same with the QB (draft "his" guy if he so chooses).

But if that's the route Ross wants to go with, it needs to start IMMEDIATELY. Teams are already interviewing HCs, things move quick in the NFL. We don't want to wind up picking through scraps. Hopefully Ross can make a decision today so things that get into motion so we don't fall much farther behind.

So where's Bill Walsh when you need him?

The Truth,

In my opinion #17 should have been a 4th round pick and if the Dolphins try to unload him now for picks they would get perhaps a 4th round pick for this backup QB.

Posted by: promichael | December 31, 2013 at 08:33 AM

Thats true. At the 8th pick you would expect a guy to complete at least 30% of his passes over 20 yards. Trade value wise no-one would give you less than a 6th for him, thats the truth.

The reason the Aggies threw so many quick outs, more than any other college team, if because of #17's ability to throw accurately deep or beyind 10 yards. the WR's were open and getting great separation all season long, 17 really struggled in the majority of KPI's all season.

Does anyone think that Ryan Tannehill at this time is a better QB than Kyle Orton?

We need Sean Payton an Drew Brees.

making big changes sets the team back 2 years minimum. this team won 8 games, gave a win away vs. Bills at home, and was one play away from beating the Panthers. they beat playoff teams- Bengals,Colts,Pats,Chargers, and beat the Steelers who were hot, on the road in the snow. the Defense that everyone is complaining about b/c it isn't stopping the run like it used to, is much better this year against the pass (which is what this league is all about)the D was 8th in league points allowed, 3rd in conf..... the offense played with one of the worst O-lines in league. it took half the year for Tannehill to start working well with Wallace. Tannehill is still learning and getting better, I'm sure he will spend his winter working on throwing the deep ball... what this team needs to do is fix the O-line, get a fullback, and try to bring in a veterean guy who maybe can become a vocal leader on this team. leadership is lacking within the team, coach can't provide that, and Philbin is not the type.

Mando, great job again this year of being our voice, Ross listens to the noise you make. IF he would have listened closer during preseason we would have addressed a lot more at that time. It was you who pointed out the Tannehill and Wallace no chemistry, it was you who pointed out that the O Line looked bad. Please stay all over Ross, we need change. If Philbin survives 1 more year thats fine. Sherman, Turner , Zac Taylor and Ireland have to go. We are all held acountable in our careers and it should be the same for these individuals. Their reponsibilites and roles this past year were exposed for the obvious weaknesses in their capacity. Polian and Kubiak would be great replacements. You must know of more capable candidates as well.
Enough is Enough this last season collapse was disgusting and made us fans all sick.
Thanks for your leadership and always calling it the way it is.

I dont necessarily want to re-hash the familiar names for GM because I have no idea, honestly…..some of those familiar names sound appealing but who of us really know what the best options could be there?--and even if a new GM keeps Philbin for a year, that GM probably will get a sort of mulligan for year 1 (if he makes it clear with Ross from the beginning), because Philbin isnt the new GMs coach…..obviously its not always that clean in the real world, but the new GM could have the best of both worlds in Year 1……keep Philbin and see if they improve meaningfully, or get rid of Philbin if not--ultimately I'd probably keep Philbin for another year, all things considered…..but I would like to replace some coordinators

Posted by: promichael | December 31, 2013 at 08:41 AM

Yes he is better and showed it. Then 23 other QB's are better than #17 are too, not only that two rookies outplayed him in the final two weeks of the year. Completely unacceptable really to fans of this team that want success sooner than later. Stick with this regime, why ?

Oscar, ask how Denver is doing with John Elway in charge. I trust Marino when it comes to the Dolphins.

Go watch the last two games again, see how flat the players are on the field and on the sideline, no energy, no passion no clue as to fix the situation. I've watched the same plays run for 32 games off Philbin now and Im completely done with this guy. You will be to I guarantee it, but it will be too late and another season will be in the toilet.

Posted by: The Truth | December 31, 2013 at 08:11 AM

I have to agree wholeheartedly with this post. If you go watch the Wallace interview after the Jets game, he said as much, "they had more energy than we did out there." Yet, in Philbin's presser he said he didn't think the team was flat. If not, then that alone should be enough to fire him. That's not a HC not throwing his team under the bus, that's a clueless HC who can't see what everyone else in the world can. Lethargic, no sense of urgency, not passionate, flat, that describes the Dolphins to a tee last 2 weeks. And that plays into Philbin's own character of business-like, toned down, unemotional, detached. That strategy failed miserably. In two years it's produced 15 wins. Other HCs use everything at their disposal to give their team an edge. Philbin said he really doesn't subscribe to motivational speeches or activities (seeing a movie, etc.) or anything like that. Well, then, why should we fans make the connection from his style to the fact his team came out flat 2 weeks in a row (when a PLAYOFF APPEARANCE was on the line). OBVIOUSLY, from those 2 games alone, the idea that professional players don't need motivation to get up for a game like those has been debunked.


"Tannehill to start working well with Wallace. Tannehill is still learning and getting better", by Chris.......

Really last two games #17 went 30-67 282 1TD and 3 picks, thats a rating of 43, getting better ?

I'd hate to see what you would assess as getting worse ?

agree Chris, and thats the problem….we could easily be set-back 1-2 years with big changes, AND we dont know that whoever comes in will do a better job (GM or HC)--and I also dont get the Tannehill comments above……4th rd pick? Yes, he has to improve, no question, but even if he was a reach at 8 (which most of us thought), he was widely regarded as a mid (to late at worst) 1st rd pick…..QBs get over-drafted after all, and 2 weeks ago he looked ready to take the next step--plus he does get a small pass for me because of the brutal Oline, running game, OC and QB coach--didnt have the best support, to say the least--and he only just completed his 2nd year in the league--not saying he's a franchise QB yet at all, but I do think he can be a top 12-15, which would make us a playoff team in most years.

Tannehill at times outplayed quarterbacks that are in playoff's. The Dolphins beat New England, Cinny, Indy and San Diego. Give him an O-line and a large receiver that can catch.

"the talent that I see on the field is not the same one that I see in the locker room", Cam Wake. Perhaps we could take it from there.

Why do we have to be set back 2-3 years ? Other teams have turned things around the same year they have had change. We even did it in our past.

The facts are there if you want to look. Stay with a losing set of coaches and a player that really isn't good enough will set us back at least another year.

I ask you when is enough enough. Look at what the Chiefs did, the 49'ers, with the right HC we can turn it around.

I say bring in Scot Linehan as OC and Jim Schwartz at Defense Coordinator.

Linehan got us our first winning season in the past 10 years. I remember he made some washed up QB that headbutted walls into a downfield passer. I think that was the year (the only year) WR C. Chambers made the pro-bowl too.

As for J Schwartz, he's a bit of a weener but, when he coached for Fisher in Tennessee his defenses were intense. Remember Haynesworth and J Kearse? Schwartz coached those defenses. Randy Starks played on those teams too. He and Fisher put together exciting winning teams back then.

Tannehill needs a better QB coach, period……my point is that its hard to really evaluate him (fairly) with the crap QB coach he's had, and questionable OC…..not to mention the absurd Oline we had this year--I dont know if TH will show enough to be the Fins QB for the long term, but I think he needs better support/coaching before we decide

You guys throw things here according to your imagination. It is documented that there were at least 2 other GMs and Coaches that if Ireland had not taken Tannehill at #8 they would have had. A little more knowledge, please.

That's the dumbest sh$t I have ever heard. Changes will set the team back 2 to 3 years. Really. So getting a proven coach and staff will set the team back?

Dear Mr. Salguero

First off allow me to say I got this black eye(removes dark sunglasses) when I fell down and it had nothing to do with the Dolphins being angry about losing the last 2 games of the season.

There comes a time in every relationship when one must ask am I happy ?

My Dolphins are employed and earn a nice paycheck during the NFL season but in the off season my Dolphins are always drinking, smoking and getting into trouble with the law.

I have a friend that is involved with the Carolina Panthers and he seems to always be happy regardless of there seasonal outcome....no dark sunglasses for him.

In public if I am wearing my Dolphins gear I get looks of sympathy and questions about my constantly blackened eyes and all I can tell them is I am clumsy and fall down alot.

I live in North Carolina and think the Carolina Panthers look really good and my friend said he wouldn't mind if I joined in on there fun....please don't tell the Dolphins...I don't wanna fall down again.

Anyway let Mr. Ross take stock of his situation and do what he feels is right....I am doing the same.

Tired of dark sunglasses

Soiled :)

Please remove my name from the Stadium Ring of Honor.


So again we wait for Ross to have an epiphany and realize that this team might be capable of losing to FSU or Auburn. He really believed we were going to the playoffs. PLAYOFFS?!

Miami is not Denver, bud. This is a suicide hole where most Players, Coaches and GMs that come here do not do well. Perhaps Marino, as he knows the stuff around here, but I seriously doubt he would want to come.

Tannehill at times outplayed quarterbacks that are in playoff's. The Dolphins beat New England, Cinny, Indy and San Diego. Give him an O-line and a large receiver that can catch.

Posted by: Fishypete | December 31, 2013 at 08:53 AM

He also got outplayed by Thad Lewis, (twice), Geno Smith, Mike Glennon all rookies on losing teams, Joe Flacco, having his worst season, lost to NE too, after being up 17-3 at halftime.

right on perfect 72, totally agree with you! I had some idiot argue with me thinking are defense was still good? Hello, doormats is about right for them, They have regressed big time the last 2 years under Coyle and The linebackers were horrible this year.

Posted by: benz | December 31, 2013 at 09:00 AM

Did you watch the Jets game, he had all day and his receivers were open.

Even the running game was working well, look you can blame it on all the other aspects of other players and coaches, bu the talent isn't there.

I agree with the going after Cowher. I know he has been away from coaching for a while but Miami needs to bring some sort of identity to their team. None of these coaches have any. Chip Kelly was the hot name last year because of his innovative offense. The Panthers hired Ron Rivera a few years because of his defensive mind and hard nose defense and now look at the Panthers defense.

Miami needs a coach who is going to come in and either be an offensive minded coach who is going to either try and build a smash mouth style offense or one who is going to whip the ball all over the field and actually use screen plays to the RB's or WR screens etc. There is no imagination with this current offense.

I want Cowher and as far as a GM goes i do like Pioli and Polian but what about maybe giving Mike Mayock a shot? He is always scouting college players and I think he knows his stuff.

Posted by: Fishypete | December 31, 2013 at 08:53 AM

Tannehill also at times was outplayed by backup QBs and less-talented QBs than him. That's the very definition of inconsistent. Look, I still think he should get a chance next year to compete for the starting position, but I don't want it handed to him. And if we don't draft or acquire anyone that realistically could be a starter (and just keep Moore) then that's pretty much what you're saying, the team is going full steam with Tannehill without making him earn the starting role. I don't mind seeing what he can do with better talent, but we've been here before (with Henne) and neither could Ireland provide that talent nor could the coaching staff at the time utilize it correctly. So to trust Tannehill you need to also trust Ireland and Philbin and Sherman, and that's a step too far for me.

I have to admit I thought the Dolphins would beat the Bills. Then I felt that would surely beat the Jets.

Having said that, Ross should NOT have extended Ireland's contract for spending money and drafting players. Any of us could do that, and some probably better than Ireland.

Ireland also should NOT have been given assurances that his position was safe after the very fortunate win over the Steelers. Beating the Jets in the first game and then the Steelers was not exactly like beating the Seahawks and 49ers.

The win over the Patriots looks more and more like a trap game - for the Patriots.

So, Ross should remember the OL disaster, the horrid LB signings, the awful draft, the over-investment in injured players (Louis and Keller), the scandal, the four game losing streak, the regression of the defense, the putrid offense, Tannehill's inability to throw anything over 15 yards with accuracy, and the two game collapse.

Even more, he should look at the inability of Ireland to build a winning team. Other than the DL, he's never even built a winning unit on a team. The DBs this year graded out well, but that may be a function of the run defense being so dreadful.

Ireland has been rebuilding for six years. Philbin lost the 'easy' games this year (and last year too). Enough.

Ross insists on a pass happy offensive scheme (who needs those boring run plays?) to please all his minority owners. So we are stuck on 8-8 tops as long as he mandates this unsound approach for consistent winning football.

No one wants to mention this, but this is at the core of his cluelessness as a football owner.

I was at the Jets game Truth….yes, I saw what you saw and obviously it wasnt a good game for TH, but that happens, especially with a young QB…..Matthews drop was huge, Wallace had a catch he probably shouldve made in the end zone….yes, TH should've made more plays but I'm talking bigger picture here--look, lets face it, the Fins have been desperate for a QB for years (like alot of teams), so that forces them and others to take risks at QB…..I've said its still unknown whether TH is the long term answer, but he's shown enough at times (for me) to be somewhat optimistic--give him better coaching and more support--look what Kelly is doing for Foles...

So, here's some good news offensively, as far as WRs, we're going to be better than good. Hartline, Wallace, Matthews, Gibson and Armon Binns will all be back ready to play next year. That should provide enough talent for any QB to be successful. Clay will be back. Not sure about Keller, but if he's not back we'll need to draft a traditional TE (who can block as well as catch) in the Fasano mold probably. Egnew hasn't progressed enough for me and I'd say move on from him. Sims is still young, keep him to try and develop. Lamar Miller stays, and we probably need another RB (and get rid of Thomas). And add a FB. That leaves OL, which needs to be completely re-worked (at least 3 new pieces, maybe 4). That's 6-7 acquisitions, and roughly half will be FAs (I'm assuming).

If this is a QB-rich draft, then you might be able to find a QB in mid rounds that can develop behind Tannehill (with the possibility to pull a Russell Wilson and win the job. That should still give you the latitude (if you're a good personnel guy) to acquire other pieces necessary to fill holes (RB, OL, LB, DT, CB, etc.).

bottom line is that its not easy to find a franchise QB…….Wilson and maybe Foles (both with better coaching) might be recent mid round exceptions, but its still not easy find stud QBs--most thought the Rams, Lions and Skins (and even the Bucs) were set at QB, and now all have questions…..Vikes, Titans, Jags all took QBs high (questionable, no doubt), and they're back at square one…..

@ oscar canosa

Tannehill was never considered a 1st rd pick until all those other QB's that year said they were going back to school. Up until that point Tannehill was considered to be a early 2nd rd pick. I saw not one mock draft or analyst put him in the 1st rd until those QB's said they were staying in school. That is when Tannehill moved up the boards because the QB options had went down.

It is smart to wait. It is not smart to hire a has been or never will be.

Chucky is a has been and was lucky to inherit a couple of teams. He was fired when they found out how nuts he was.

All of the talking heads are has beens. Stressed out, no good, at the end of their ropes, whatever they are done. Being a coach or GM in the NFL takes a special sort of person that has a lot of fire. The fire has gone out when they move to TV analyst.

Ross just needs to find a great president that has the ability to recognize a great GM who knows a great coach. Screw the media. Philbin was a good shot and certainly better than Spo but not as good as others he might have selected. Coaches are only as good as their players.

And therein lies the problem. Players and gamers. From what I have seen in the past 2 games, there weren't a lot of game day players.

There's a lot wrong with the Dolphins. It starts with the owner of the team not knowing what he's doing, and worst of all, showing the utmost disregard for its fan base. Unless there's a change of ownership, or someone is brought in, who knows what he's doing, to make all football decisions, this team is going nowhere. Then, we move on to the GM. Jeff Ireland has to be the luckiest human being alive and proof that indeed there is no God! I've never seen someone so horrible at his job constantly be rewarded with votes of confidence by a supposed successful billionaire for producing terrible results! Entrusting this man with money to buy players will only bury us more into the morass of mediocrity for years to come, even if this buffoon is fired soon! Now, HC. This guy is the epitome of what the Miami Dolphins have become. A mediocre franchise, with a very mediocre coach. I've seen more passion displayed by Fantasy Football owners! Hell, I've seen more passion by people playing Madden 2013! There's never been a situation where he's outcoached anyone. Questionable play calling. Questionable staff hiring decisions (including nepotism). His attitude towards the game is imprinted on his players...just look at Tannehill or any other player during the game (with the exception of Grimes). They're all emotionless. It's as if this team were coached by Nietzche. Lastly...QB. I feel sorry for Tannehill. Anyone expecting or demanding greatness from him MUST be on crack or some sort of hallucinogen. He's not a true QB. He will never be a Marino, Montana, Manning, Brady. Yet, that's what people are expecting from a guy who most of his college career was spent as a WR. Ireland picked him because he had no other choice than to pick a QB if he wanted to save his career. Tannehill is not smart and not accurate. At best, he's Joe Flacco on a good day. As is evident by his body of work in the NFL; he misses wide open receivers, has horrible field vision (especially the middle of the field), doesn't have the ability to read defenses or know when they're blitzing, shows zero emotion or leadership traits. He has a decent arm and has athletic ability, but he'll never be a great quarterback. You would need a great QB coach to develop him and you would need to put a great, and I mean GREAT, team around him in order for him to succeed...and, do you really trust the current ownership group, Gm, head coach to do that? Naturally, to lay all the blame on 3 individuals is insane because 'what if' Caleb Sturgis wouldn't have missed so many kicks? What if Ellerbe and Wheeler can actually make a tackle? What if Matthews catches that pass against the Jets? What if Mike Wallace wouldn't have dropped a few balls? What if the offensive play calling would've been more creative? What if we could've sacked Geno Smith just once or create a turnover against the Jets? There's a lot of people who are just simply mediocre in this franchise. So, if one person deserves to be blamed, it's the owner, not because his team fails to execute, but because he remains stubbornly still. Allowing all of this to take place! Sorry folks, unless there's a complete front office overhaul, I don't see any reason to think that things will greatly improve!

Go get Urban Meyer... open the checkbook and get a guy who has won no matter where he goes.

Hire Scott Linehan from Detroit as OC and get rid of Sherman...

1.if the gm is fired clearly the new one coming(poili or carl peterson) in will want his own coach unless mr. ross promotes dawn aponte as for female gm.2.if philbin is fired I think they go young and get an oc like mike shula(panthers) or pete carmicheal(saints).3.if both are keeped the oc and dc aqre gone.

DC, personally I think the offseason FA shoppiung spree should go like this ... Grimes, Soliai or Starks internally. That's it. Carroll can go elsewhere.

Externally, I'd target Ben Tate, Albert, and possibly Jarius Byrd.

Draft RT, WR/TE

Go big, use up at least 20 of that 30 mill in cap space.. do it wisely.

Read some interesting posts by some reasonable folks,,,but the truth of the matter is this, every player on the Dolphins roster who's been the last 4-5 yrs is directly connected to Ireland, The two new ILBs were signed by Ireland, nether one can tackle, and the same goes for the OL, DBs, et al,,,,Ireland is responsible for the current roster. Philbin, is he really a head coach, keep in mind he's never been a head coach at any level until Ross hired him three yrs ago. Philbin brought Sherman, Coyle, all coaches. And the Dolphins are once again mediocre. Ive been a Dolfan since 1965 and the last two games of this season,,well,,,are indescribably horrible. I can't remember any two Dolphin games that were so badly played, well, maybe that playoff game against Jacksonville yrs ago. Im afraid if the powers that be are left in place, a mediocre team is all we can expect and all we will get.
My question to Ross is, why didn't he hire an experienced head coach/GM when he had the chance? Now he looks like a idiot.

Scott Linehan was the best OC we have had here that I can remember. he doesn't run a WCO though.

The arguments will run and run. The difference between Miami and the others who have fired their coaches and GM`s ( In some cases) is that those teams have been a train wreck for weeks, so the owners were geared up for this. As Mando righty points out 2 weeks ago we were thinking play offs, CBS had Philbin as potential coach of the year and SI was singing his praises too!
Now the house has come crumbling down and Ross has to get this right. Should changes happen? absolutely! All, some, a few? Who knows.......
However, those who criticise individuals (cough cough Tannehill etc) miss the point, there are no leaders in that dressing room, no fiery fighters on the field, no passion on the sideline and no anger or elation in the press conferences......

The N.F.L. should have a process to take the franchise back on an eminent domain Ruling......It is most certainly in the publics interest.

Looking at it coldly and not from a position of personality but from one of strategy:
1. The goal is to restore the Dolphins to a dominant position
2. Dominant teams require a great coach and a QB that is top 10 or better, top 5, with strong talent around them.
3. Vets are expensive (only playmakers make the cut) and rookies are cheap (but require a lot of coaching.

What is the right strategy?
Decide what kind of team you think will be dominant in the next decade? I am betting on a pass oriented team with speed, great pass blocking, big TE for short yardage, and a fast pace of play.

Do we have the right HC?
If you think about the great coaches, none of them were best in all things. Each of them had a dominant feature he drive to become a winning edge whether inspiration and toughness (Lombardi, Shula), innovation (Walsh, Chip Kelly, Don Coryell), tactical excellence in game plans that put players at advantage (Belichick), or a system they pressed to excellence (Gibbs, Grant). Philbin has shown no dominant excellence in anything. He staffed with cronies who failed. He is a weak man who got rid of talented players like Jake Long and Dansby and Bush and Marshall because they talked back. If you give him ten years, Philbin will never be a dominant coach. REPLACE HIM NOW AND STOP WASTING TIME.

Does our QB have the potential to be top 10 or top 5?
At this point he is probably bottom half - maybe 20s but taking into account the complete lack of an OL perhaps around 15-20 in reality. He is steadily improving. He has the physical tools, has been a student of the game, is respected by the players, and has accomplished what he accomplished with precious little help from his OC. What to expect from him? No doubt continued improvement with experience and an OL and better coaching - I think he definitely moves up to the 10-15 range in the next two years, maybe to 5-10 but a lot of improvement is needed to ever get to top 5. Other than one year from Pennington he is the best QB Miami has had in two decades since Marino left. We keep him and develop him but this year or next we use a 1st or 2nd round draft pick on another QB to develop behind him.

Do we have the right GM?
Ireland has been a good negotiator and deal maker. Dolphins talent is up since before he came. His weakness is that he finds the talent he is told to find but has no strategic vision for the kind we need for the future - that is, he needs a coach to tell him what kind of people we need. I think he is decent in that role but has not shown himself to be superlative. My inclination is to replace him as part of getting rid of Philbin but I would be open to keeping him if nobody better was available.

Do we have the right leadership structure?
Ross is not a football expert. Ross is doing what the Dolphins need in providing the money but is not going to dictate strategy. He needs to have a focused intense football expert running the whole show - the kind of role Parcels was picked to fill but hopefully someone more current with the game and respected. Perhaps Marino could do what Elway did in Colorado? Perhaps a Gruden could do it? Not an oldster like a Dungy but rather someone who knows the game, loves the game and loves the strategy. (Payton Manning would be perfect someday but not available now). Hire a football guy as the overall CEO/GM, put Ireland under him for scouting, bring in a new Coach he selects.

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