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The reason the Dolphins did nothing on Monday

The Dolphins carried on Monday, business as usual, while other NFL teams undergoing change fired their coaches and one fired both their coach and general manager.

The reason for the relative calm?

According to a source familiar with the situation, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross had never expected Monday would be about possibly firing general manager Jeff Ireland or head coach Joe Philbin and so he wasn't prepared to do either.

The Dolphins owner instead expected Monday to be about his team preparing for a playoff game next weekend.

And that, Ross planned, meant the Dolphins brass would have remained status quo going forward -- with Ireland as the GM and Philbin as the coach in 2014.

But the Dolphins not only lost their penultimate game against Buffalo but their season-finale against the New York Jets as well. And that changed everything.

Suddenly an owner who expected to be making no change at GM or head coach this offseason was forced to begin considering just that.  And that, the source says, is exactly what is happening.

Ross is, as he told The Miami Herald Sunday afternoon, "looking at everything."

He is weighing all his options. He is consulting with trusted people. He is considering the ramifications of standing pat as well as making moves.

Understand that this can be complicated.

Fans and even media can call for the ouster of this person or that with no ramifications. Ross doesn't have that luxury. If he decides to fire someone, he has to have a plan in place that he believes will lead to a better situation than the current one.

He cannot, for example, simply fire Ireland and keep Philbin -- the sceanario believed most likely -- without weighing how he would replace his general manager. Would he conduct a search that would be hamstrung by the fact he's already got a coach on board? Would he conduct a search for a GM candidate to whom he'd give authority to fire Philbin? Would he promote a GM from within?

Ross also must consider if he wants to change the structure of the organization.

Does he want a GM and a coach who report only to him, which is the Dolphins current structure? Does he want to hire a czar of sorts to whom the coach and GM would report? Does he want to simply stand pat and not fire anyone?

The Dolphins did nothing on Monday. But apparently owner Stephen Ross was working.


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Mark, you don't have faith in Binns/Gibson providing the big bodies at WR? Cause you know Hartline/Wallace aren't going anywhere right? I think drafting a WR would be overkill when you think of the other holes we have. I'd rather get a LB and deal Wheeler, or a CB (letting Carroll walk like you said). Or a RT, LT, RG, LG (or any combo).


If Ross doesn't clean house, nobody is going to show up to the games next year.

Chris, Miami has been a trainwreck for a DECADE. We were always teetering this year between being a mediocre team and being a good team. Ross wanted to hope for the best (without preparing for the worst). That was a dereliction of duty. Fans can have that kind of faith, but an Owner should be prepared for any scenario.

Even if you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, the Buffalo collapse should have erased any modicum of faith Ross had. He should have seen the Jets game coming from the disaster of the week before. And if he had any historical reference, he would have known that the Dolphins tend to disappear in Dec. So I don't give him a pass for not being prepared.

Posted by: mike gentile | December 31, 2013 at 10:07 AM

No one will show up regardless. They need to PROVE they really fixed the situation before anyone in their right mind pays good money to sit and watch a game at SunLife.

It's really funny the level of fan knowledge on this blog. Many probably believe that the more they post here with all their football "knowledge" that Ross will suddenly call them for advice. In one post someone writes that the Cleveland Browns showed their fans the right thing by firing Chudzinski immediately after the season ended. In another post, someone wants Chudzinski here as a HC (the same coach that was just fired). Other posts people want Gruden, even though he has publicly stated he wants no part of any HC job. Other bloggers want Marino as a football czar with Cowher as the HC. Remember when Marino had a personnel job with the Dolphins and quit? Remember Cowher saying he wasn't coming back to coaching anytime soon? However, the general consensus here is we need a HC and GM with proven NFL pedigrees. Conversely, if these type of HC's and GM's were in abundance, all teams would be on the verge of a SB.

If only the Dolphins didn't lose out on Jeff Fisher, things could have been different right? Jeff Fisher's Rams are 14-17-1 in his two year tenure. Realistically, the Rams regressed this year by one more loss and a worse division record than the previous year. And to think he could have been the Dolphins coach. So no matter who the Dolphins hire, pedigree or not, winning is not guaranteed, and this is evident by the long list of coaches since Shula. Some of these coaches had a great pedigree too. Jimmy Johnson, Nick Sabin and we even had the football czar with a pedigree. Why don't we just hire the Buccaneers special teams' coordinator? Maybe he could coach the Dolphins to a winning record and a playoff win. Oh wait; he did coach the Dolphins to a playoff win. In fact, he is the best coach the Dolphins have had since Shula. YES, it's Dave Wannstedt! NO I don't really want him as our coach again! I'm just pointing out how sad it is to call Dave Wannstedt the best coach the Dolphins have had since Shula.

Maybe the Dolphins should try something new now. We know Ireland needs to be fired. We know the offense sucked and the play calling is suspect. We know the o-line is HORRIBLE! Get rid of Sherman and his family. But we don't really know how Philbin will turn out. If Philbin can coach a team to an 8-8 record with the most atrocious o-line in Dolphins history, and the arguably the worst rushing attack in Dolphins history, what could he do with more talent in just those two areas?

Understandably, we all have no patience with this team anymore. It was lost long ago. However, maybe we don't have patience because the Dolphins have had no patience with its coaches. I think if we get a new GM who can DRAFT talent (impact players), and give Philbin another year, we may be pleasantly surprised at the results. After all, this is the approach we haven't tried yet.

How about offering Norv Turner the OC position. Then you have an in house coach who can move up.

Personally I think Philbin is in the learning curve part of the game. Look back at Might Bill in Cleveland, those fans jumped early and hard and it hasn't worked since.

This team needs four or five fire in the heart linemen. mix in some old guys and young and things get better. Would probably bring in an experienced RB also.

The hard part is going to be letting starks or Big paul go. You might have to let both go to put money to better use. They both played like they wanted out of dodge. Not like they wanted 8 or 9 million.

I also really wish we could get Bates back. Nolan even more.

DC @8:39,

Read it and agree with it! I'd like to add something to your line of thinking I heard last night on local sports radio.

On 560 AM Channing Crowder has a show called the Coop-n-Crowder show which goes head-to-head with LeBatard on 790 and is very good, Crowder has become a very good radio jockey who shoots from the hip.

He said that when Philbin was hired he was at the presser with Mando (so our fearless leader probably remembers this but didn't report on it)

He was talking with Mando that day and Mando told him that he liked the hire given Philbin called the plays at G.B. and groomed Rodgers (we all remember that wasn't the case)

Crowder asked Philbin that day, "Well Coach you groomed Rodgers so I'd imagine your 1st order of business is drafting a young QB to groom"

Philbin responded, "Oh No I had nothing to do with that"

Crowder then asked, "Well Coach but you called the plays?"

Philbin responded, "No that was Coach Mac"

Crowder goes on to explain that he and Mando sort of starred at each other with a "WHAT THE HELL LOOK" and he then asked, "Well Coach what did you do?"

Philbin told him (I knew about the play calling and not grooming Rodgers but didn't know the response he gave Crowder)

"Well I was in charge of passer quality control in practice"

Crowder stated he didn't want to be rude but as a former player had never heard of it and asked out loud who the hell this guy was that Ross claimed blew him away in the interview because he had never seen such an unprepared guy taking the reigns on a flag ship franchise!

Callers asked why he hadn't said anything about it before and he said that given he had been cut by Miami and was new to the reporter job he didn't want to be seen as a guy with an ax to grind.

After listening to Crowder I no longer blame Philbin for his lousy game management but instead I blame Ross who hired a man Ill-Equipped to run a team!!!

What do the Dolphins need most at this time? A new HC, OC, DC, GM? Based mostly on their play during losses, team chemistry and execution are 2 big problems.

For example, I have not even seen a proper screen pass set up and run by a running back all year- and we have REALLY needed to do this at times. Do we think the coaches don't know how these work? Or do we rather have a problem with personnel?

Many guys are new to Miami this year. Neither team chemistry nor execution at NFL speed by players can be expected in more sophisticated systems, such as the Dolphins use.

Fans demanding coaches heads are overlooking some serious factors involved in building a winning franchise.

Who said it's been downhill since Parcells left? Huge underestimation. It's been downhill since 1972.

Posted by: JasonR | December 31, 2013 at 03:14 AM

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

How can you not account for what Marino did from '83 to at least '90. You are a complete idiot

This is really warped thiking in my mind. So Ross had no contingeny plan going into last week? He just automatically assumes the Dolphins are talking playoffs after their embarrasing #$s whooping at the hands of the Bills?

This is posturing fellas. Ross had ZERO plans of firing anyone, and was just hoping to justify his position if the Dolphins made the playoffs.

No backup plan, no thoughts of a pissed off fan base that already believes that he doesn't the competance or gumption to make a bold decision for the good of this football team.

Pathetic Mr.Ross, just pathetic!

ok boys, the AX Man is here

If there is no hope of top talent GM, Czar, HC being lured to Miami the we must stand pat w Irland and Philbin for one more year. We are an Oline and RB away. More points on the board can cover for the LB situation.

But get rid of OC and DC neither could adjust in game especially at half time to combat what was not working or where they were getting beat.

I think Ross has to step up here and make the tough decision. Last two games were completely unacceptable . Team laid down in every facet on their cue card coach.

Hoepfully he is getting sound advice.

An offensive minded young coach with some passion and emotion and the ability to lead men into battles that matter (December and playoffs)

So what I get from this poat is Ross is still clueless on owning A NFL team. So he didnt have the possible outcome of the Fins losing both games and missing the playoffs. He thought we were going to make the playoffs so figured Ireland and Philbin would stay??? How clueless is this guy?

Philbin needs to go perioid. Look at the effort the team put the last 2 games knowin they just needed to win one to make the playoffs. I dot care they lost its THE WAY THEY LOST! Got blown out by 2 teams under 500 they simply laid down and got bashed!!!!

Philbin is responisbile for this lackluster effort with him mono tone boring non emotional self. Football is a game about emtion and spirt and the fins showed none the last 2 games when we needed too!

What is Ross waiting for????

He should have seen the Jets game coming from the disaster of the week before. And if he had any historical reference, he would have known that the Dolphins tend to disappear in Dec. So I don't give him a pass for not being prepared.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 31, 2013 at 10:08 AM

EXACTLY DC Dolfan. Exactly. This story irritates me more than almost any single story I have ready about Ross. Is he THAT grossly incompetant? How can a successful billionaire be that clueless about how to conduct business for his football team? I wish the guy would sell, but since that isn't an option now, GET A CLUE ROSS! If you were running for any type of political position right now, your poll rating would be less than 10%. You're a joke.

You A*oles (DC @8:39, fin4life@10:11) that have 40,000 word comments know no one reads them right?? if you have that much time on your hands why don't you write a book instead of making us have to scroll through all that crap?? thanks

LOL... Mr. Ross... LEAD BY EXAMPE for once n your Dolphin ownershp life.

YOUR tea has the same metality for yers that YOU are settling for YOUR team being what theyare due you opting to KICK THAT FIELD GOAL vs GOING FOR A FIRST DOWN OR WIN.

Jeff Ireland aka the GM occupying the GM's office is blowing smoke up your butt as you keep him in charge.

The team watches TV, listines to radio and social media and I am sure that they know that THEY are safe if they dont produce a great season. After all, these players are millionairs and promiss the GM the world and we get the same ol results.

Part of the delima is you are left with a bunch of LEFT OVER TUNA that needs to be flushed down the T bowel (flush twice).

Fire the fake GM Ireland NOW, FIRE the Texas A&M FIRED OC Sherman NOW. Put Philben on notice as we can't put ALL the blame on him as Ireland drafted what Ireland calls Acorns. Give Philben another opertunity withut Ireland.

Look to draft another QB as clearm,y Tannie was NEVER the answer and was NEVER worthy of the draft pick waste in the first round, but rather at best he was a late third round. His performance speaks for itself, no pocket pressence, can't deliver the deep ball and is so inept that he doesent understand that he needs to throw the ball away to avoid the sack loss.

We will never become champions when YOUR team feels that winning 9 gamesd is good. We need leadership that looks to win ever game.

The Fans would love to wake up New years day and reading that you fired ireland and Sherman for starters and Polian has agreed to come in as your NEW GM to clean up this mess.

Happy New Year all.

Scott Linehan was the best OC we have had here that I can remember. he doesn't run a WCO though.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 31, 2013 at 09:44 AM

I agree that this Saban hire was a very good one but he didn't distinguish himself much with a stellar cast in Detroit.

For the 1000th time you cant get rid of your GM unless the new one wants to keep Philbon. This SOB didnt even call plays in GB WTH did he do????? Never been a headcoach at any level!! So made Ross think this Crypt Keeper was the man for the job. Ridicoilous!!

Sparano would have tje same exact record Philbin has had the last 2 season. No different except this team is less physical!

I'm as frustrated as anybody, but as awful as this season feels, this team was 8-8.....not good, unacceptable, but far from awful either (I said unacceptable, before the extremists go crazy)--and while we've been medicre for too long, what happened 8-10 years ago really doesnt matter to me, in the context of this regime (not as a fan, but regarding this regime)-they have nothing to do with prior failures.....so lets start there, start with this regime, since '08.....and stop crying about 8-10-12 years ago--thats over, and nobody cares if we've been lousy for awhile....irrelevant.

Posted by: John In Springs | December 31, 2013 at 08:32 AM

Posted by: oavery | December 31, 2013 at 09:56 AM

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

two more long winded idiots

just not sure "blowing up" an 8-8 team, that was 8-6 2 weeks ago, is a great idea--firing the GM?--yes, makes sense to me.....firing the coach?--not sure, but am willing to give him 1 more year with some changes to his coordinators (not thrilled about it, dont get me wrong)....blowing up the roster?--no, not a good idea and not realistic, because of contracts/situations--plus I think we have some talented players....not enough, and not well coached enough, but plenty to build with--roster need upgrading?-definitely....but not blown up.

You A*oles (DC @8:39, fin4life@10:11) that have 40,000 word comments know no one reads them right?? if you have that much time on your hands why don't you write a book instead of making us have to scroll through all that crap?? thanks

Posted by: Off with His Head | December 31, 2013 at 10:27 AM

If you took the time and read it blasting a point of view that can be respected that's one thing but your shtick is being an ax boy? Tell you what take yourself down to the store I need a pack of cigs and bring your shine box while your at it!

As a business leader, you prepare for all contingencies. To say that Ross did nothing on Monday because he wasn't expecting the Dolphins to lose is laughable. If this is actually true, this is very scary and shows a total lack of preparation and leadership at the highest levels of the organization.

f4l, that's a great story (about Crowder). I would love for Mando to confirm that it happened as Crowder says (can't 100% believe Crowder for some reason) but I have no reason to doubt that's the case. Either way, Philbin hasn't been horrible, a HC's job is mostly organizational and as an overseer of the team. He needs to put together a staff that is skilled in the x's and o's. So if Philbin didn't have those skills (or performed them before) I don't see that as a reason not to make him a HC. But putting together the staff he did (Sherman/Coyle) who obviously weren't capable enough to produce a winning team for him IS 100% on Philbin.

we've gone down the "big name" road before, with Saban and Parcells, with not much success--c'mon, we hired Nick-freakin' Saban!--the hottest college name at the time, and probably now again, today.....and he passed on Brees and drafted Jason Allen--so the big and/or familiar names dont guarantee much....ie. its not that easy to bring quality guys in.....look at how many coaches, many well respected initially, just got fired.

I watched this team very carefully all season long and it's obvious that the Philbin, Sherman and Tannehill experiment is a work in progress, but taking too long to work. Fans are not going to continue to pay their hard earned money to go watch this slow moving machine. I watch teams like the Eagles and 49ers run the ball, throw when necessary and never be obvious. This is the kind of offense fans love to watch and it's also apparent that the defense needs to be more aggressive. The philosophy that your third round pick does not play much is ridiculous, no matter why. Other than Tannehill, Philbin refuses to give rookies their time. This team needs to bring a a coach and a new QB that will give Tannehill the idea he is not untouchable, thus he either gets it or gets out...

DC, if Kelvin Benjamin is on the board when the Dolphins draft and we pass him over ... I will freak. The man is 6'5 230lbs so he probably more TE than Wr but he is a nightmare match up that fights for every ball like an animal. Pretty much Alshon Jeffrey. I love what Gibson does ... I can see your overkill comment and I guess if they draft an OG instead of a WR/TE dominant type, it may be a better move for the short term. I can go either way I guess. But I think without Gibson the lack of size is a problem with this offense ...

Bill Parcells was a terrible talent evaluator and GM, He was a great coach and motivator, I am a Parcell flunkie and girl SCOUT and I'm the best GM in the NFL. It has taken me only 5 years to build this awsome Oline, give me 5 more and think how much better it will be, thanks

My team does not stink, *sniff, sniff* wheww

Posted by: Off with His Head | December 31, 2013 at 10:32 AM

I personally want to thank you for your short posts. After glancing at 1, I realized you have nothing to say worthy of any attention, so now I just see your handle and move on. Thanks for not wasting my time!

Fire em all.

There are plenty of recently retired players that have fire in their bellies.

Chad Pennington for QB coach and groom the guy for OC
Since THill supposedly doesn't have the long ball, what better guy than a cerebral Pennington. And Thill doesn't need to be yelled at or motivated. He needs to play to his strengths and be taught how to do that.

Ray Lewis. You don't come to the game prepped, he will take you out. He knows BS when he sees it and will call linebackers out. He will make players accountable. Groom him to be DC.

If what Mando and Crowder reported is true... then Philbin was a mistake. If he doesn't run anything then why is he there?

Personally, I thought we had a good head coach in our last DC. He knew and got what he wanted out of a young defense. Mike Nolan?

Plenty of good line coaches out there.

Fire the GM because the fans just don't believe in this guy and he is costing the team money in seats they sell.

Or do nothing and see what happens. (wait 7-9)

c'mon EGV, be real....."prepare for all contingencies"?--this is not war, dude....I'm sure Ross has SOME idea of who to talk to, how to proceed, just wasnt in this mindset I'm sure....and its not like he cant get up and running with ideas pretty quickly...."prepare for all contingencies", in this context (its football, after all), is a little dramatic

Good article by Greg Cote (about whom to trust on the team). Answer: NO ONE!

Only if Nick Saban heart was into coaching the NFL we would be perineal superbowl contenders. If he picked Brees instead of Culpepper we would be a top 5 team in the league. Nick Saban is exactly the type of coach we need. You think any of his team will lay down like this Fins team did the last 2 game. Remembe when he made Manny Wright cry?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 31, 2013 at 10:42 AM


Do you expect not to freak out? I don't think I've seen a pick beyond Mike Pouncey two years ago that I didn't freak out about in the last 5 years.

Except maybe Tannehill because we knew it was coming.

Could Dan Marino or Don Shula get involved in the team decisions

they know both dolphins philosophy and has winning habits

i guess they can become a change factor we urgently need

f4l, you didn't like the offense Detroit had? I did, Stafford was a top 10 qb there ... just needed more discipline. Remember that even though he's been around longer, Stafford is only 25 - same age as our Qb - a babe in NFL circles.

Posted by: fin4life | December 31, 2013 at 10:38 AM

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

listen pal, I'll get your cigs, give you your last rights and then........ Off with Your Head

EXACTLY DC Dolfan. Exactly. This story irritates me more than almost any single story I have ready about Ross. Is he THAT grossly incompetant? How can a successful billionaire be that clueless about how to conduct business for his football team? I wish the guy would sell, but since that isn't an option now, GET A CLUE ROSS! If you were running for any type of political position right now, your poll rating would be less than 10%. You're a joke.

Posted by: tvegas | December 31, 2013 at 10:26 AM

Have agreed with your posts the last couple of days our line of thinking here is lock-n-step! I don't understand how a man looking to lure back the fans abandoning this team would make such a ludicrous claim that he wasn't prepared for this contingency. In fairness Mando starts this blog by saying, "according to sources close to the team" In my book code for unreliable, unsubstantiated claims! I have to give Ross the benefit of the doubt here because if not then the team has no repair given the most colossal failing lies at Ownership's feet and that means were now the modern day Hugh Culverhouse Bucs of the 70's, YIKES!!!!

Mando, you've reached a new height in ineptness with this article. You really think that a man with the success that Ross has had, has no plan and that this wasn't part of it?? Sure, they had a lot of us fooled thinking they'd be in the playoff pix now, but a man isn't a muli-BILLIONaire because he doesn't plan for these events....perhaps he chose not to make an rash decisions, maybe he just wanted his ire towards JI and the football people to wane or maybe he had already decided what to do, but it wasn't in his plan to reveal everything in one fell swoop...I'm not sure, but I don't believe for a moment that Ross "never expected" a loss...

Bullspit that the HC needs to be fired first ...

You can keep the coach and fire the GM with the new GM being given authority to make a decision on the coach, either now or after a season. And no GM worth a damned would take the job knowing that he has zero say in choosing the coach. The point is, the GM is more important, at this point, than the head coach.

Ireland is the guy that picked or had major influence in choosing Philbin. Ireland is also the guy who, with plenty of money to spend this past offseason, essentially ignored the OL which he thought was good to go. For Lombardi's sake ... there were fans on this blog that could see it and had major concerns about the OL before the season started. Ireland couldn't? And for you Tannehill haters, Ireland ultimately picked him at #8 overall despite his being a consensus 2nd rounder.

Pick the RIGHT GM and the coaching situation will be sorted out.

If you keep Ireland and fire Philbin ... then when Ross finally realizes that he needs to fire Ireland (and Ross will figure out that Ireland has to go soon enough, if not now) you end up in the same situation, with a new GM already saddled with a recently hired coach.

This team, first and foremost, needs a new GM who, among other things, can either make the hire, or have major influence in selection of the next head coach.

All that said, I don't think Ross does a thing. He'll stand pat in his indecisiveness and MAYBE, after the NFL decides who was or wasn't to blame in the Incognito-Martin media fueled BS, he'll use that as a final straw in making a decision. At that point, whomever is hired to replace whomever is fired will be 2 months behind in the organizational learning curve. Ross's choices will also have been reduced by then as, possibly, the best candidates/candidates will have been hired by other teams.

If Ross was prepared to go withthis crew two weeks agao, then he shouldn't fire anyone. 2 games shouldn't make someone change his mind. That screams like a decision made on a very small sample size. Fact is the decision is difficult because they did some very good things and some very bad things. Not like this team lost to who they should and beat who they shouldn't but probably did the opposite.

At the very least a complete clean slate given his frame of mind two weeks ago is not the right answer. I would be content with a tweak. in offensive and defensive personalities. Get some toughness on offense (like GB did at Rb - ben Tate - and Chi did on the o line - Albert - draft picks) and more aggresiveness on defense - oddly enoughwe don't need any player acquisitions to do this. Starks, Odrick, Wake, Vernon, Jordan, Ellerbe would all stand to benefit from a more aggressive approach.

yeah, calm down boys.....this is Mando's interpretation, with I'm sure a little wiggle room across the board.....dont take every word so literally (havent we learned anything from the Martin debacle, and how it was covered/expressed through the media)--I think we pretty much know what Mando means....

It's just that I think, that although I'm sure some are there now, great new GMs and HCs are just not laying around for the taking. Who is going to find out who they are and go and get them? Ireland tried with Jim Harbaugh but it was a no go.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 31, 2013 at 10:44 AM


Finally someone that gets it, thank you. You get to keep your head

Bull! Likely excuse! This guy is a multi-billionaire. He thinks of everything. He only had two scenarios- either they went to the playoffs or they didn't. Come on how hard is that? If he does stand pat and doesn't fire anyone, 2014 will be an identical repeat season as 2013. How hard can that be to acknowledge? If its too difficult for him then perhaps he should sell the team.

It was based on a "source" that indicated Ross wasn't preparing for this. I'm going to give Mando credit for being accurate on this because, it it indeed is not true, then I would agree with gross negligence in his reporting. However, just as you have a job, Mando has his. Do you not believe that reporters check their sources first to make sure the information is accurate? I hope we can trust that Mando knows how to to do is job.

And if the "source" that wants to remain anonmymous is being truthful, Ross is the biggest boob on the planet right now. That cannot be argued

OK...Ross was illprepared. I think he thought they were truly going to the playoffs. Even after the Buffao loss I truly though Miami would beat the Jets and make it as well.

I fully understand he is the owner and he should have been ready IF...the team fell apart again and lost to the Jets. But he wasn't apparently there. So, we need to move on from here.

It is what it is. But now it will be very interesting to see what he does. Does he go for a scapegoat only? Sherman! Or does he go for complete change? Fire Ireland and Staff?

I bet he goes Sherman only.

hire Cowher or Gruden and give them complete reign over GM!

Rick, I'm one of the few that likes last year's draft. i had many discussion with people like Texas Dolfan and Odin about the exciting prospects of drafting Dion Jordan and/or jamar Taylor for weeks before the draft. i mean we can all sit here and say how stupid it was to draft a DE 1st but I also remember many of us - myself included saying it was a need. The only person I remember saying it was not a need was Dashi.

Nobody expected Vernon to take the quantum leap he did from year one to two. Nobody!

I also like the draft the year before with Tannehill, Miller, and Vernon.

The Pouncey draft almost made me jump off a bridge.

Somebody trying to make Ross a bigger fool than he has been?

"He cannot, for example, simply fire Ireland and keep Philbin -- the sceanario believed most likely -- without weighing how he would replace his general manager."

This is the biggest problem with the situation. Mr. Ross can't make up his mind about who should run the franchise and who should run the team.
So, the fans sit and wonder if we are stuck with another year of this nonsense..

Hey Ross- Here's a simple solution. Don't worry about keeping one or the other. They both UNDERPERFORMED for the last two years (arguably longer with Irleand)! If your are basing your decision on performance and not emotion, GOOD RIDDANCE TO BOTH. A new GM is the answer and that GM should have final say in what coach he wants. Maybe it's still Philbin for some reason but make the move to fire Ireland NOW!

I bet he goes Sherman only.

Posted by: JPAO | December 31, 2013 at 10:58 AM

It's looking more likely (reading between the lines) this will be Ross' approach. He gives the GM/HC one more year to prove themselves. If it doesn't work, he gets to start over fresh with a clean slate. He "advises" Philbin to make a change at OC (possibly DC too) which satisfies (to Ross anyway) the fans desire for change, he can say he did something.

Personally, I will have no confidence in Ireland being able to fix what he hasn't been able to in 6 years (OL). And that leaves Tannehill. The team will rest on his ability to take a major step forward (on deep ball accuracy as well as crunch time execution). If Tannehill is able to make the leap, then good things happen. If not, we start all over from the ground up...AGAIN!

again, whatever Ross' "exact" mindset is/was regarding this situation, he can get up to speed fairly quickly with a few phone calls....just think we're making a bigger issue of this side of it (without knowing all the details), than is necessary--plus this sidetracks the biggest issue, and that is to find a new/right GM and HC if needed

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 31, 2013 at 10:41 AM

I believe what Crowder had to say given I use to switch back-n-forth between his show and LeBatard's but now listen to Crowder exclusively. He is very straight forward about his career in the NFL being mediocre and how losing Zach hurt him. He always talks about blowing up the Guards in the SEC while a 6'3"/245 Pd. LB but getting blown up by them in the NFL.

Last night he said that had he and Mando blasted Ownership and Ireland for the Philbin hire questioning his credentials it would have meant the KISS OF DEATH for them both scooping the team. I have gone as far as sending Mando a copy of that post I put up to see if he'll address Crowder's claim.

RG3 had a terrible year ok so

RG3 Rating → 82.2
Ryan Tannehill → 81.7

the only people that use a comment board and use 40,000 words to make a point are trying to let everybody know how "smart" they are. and frankly I'm not buying it. Opinions are like A**hole, why do we have to smell yours!!! thanks

plus why does something "have to happen" within 24 hours anyway?--the teams that made personnel changes sucked for the most part, and/or were very disappointing after the HC had been there for awhile (Lions)--whether we like it or not, when a team is 8-8, it aint so cut and dry (especially when the HC has only been here 2 years)--Ireland should be an easier decision, but again, 8-8 is muddy.

Ross should never move on these decisions without sound advice, for example from those committees and councils he's created with Shula, Dungy, many others among them.

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