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The reason the Dolphins did nothing on Monday

The Dolphins carried on Monday, business as usual, while other NFL teams undergoing change fired their coaches and one fired both their coach and general manager.

The reason for the relative calm?

According to a source familiar with the situation, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross had never expected Monday would be about possibly firing general manager Jeff Ireland or head coach Joe Philbin and so he wasn't prepared to do either.

The Dolphins owner instead expected Monday to be about his team preparing for a playoff game next weekend.

And that, Ross planned, meant the Dolphins brass would have remained status quo going forward -- with Ireland as the GM and Philbin as the coach in 2014.

But the Dolphins not only lost their penultimate game against Buffalo but their season-finale against the New York Jets as well. And that changed everything.

Suddenly an owner who expected to be making no change at GM or head coach this offseason was forced to begin considering just that.  And that, the source says, is exactly what is happening.

Ross is, as he told The Miami Herald Sunday afternoon, "looking at everything."

He is weighing all his options. He is consulting with trusted people. He is considering the ramifications of standing pat as well as making moves.

Understand that this can be complicated.

Fans and even media can call for the ouster of this person or that with no ramifications. Ross doesn't have that luxury. If he decides to fire someone, he has to have a plan in place that he believes will lead to a better situation than the current one.

He cannot, for example, simply fire Ireland and keep Philbin -- the sceanario believed most likely -- without weighing how he would replace his general manager. Would he conduct a search that would be hamstrung by the fact he's already got a coach on board? Would he conduct a search for a GM candidate to whom he'd give authority to fire Philbin? Would he promote a GM from within?

Ross also must consider if he wants to change the structure of the organization.

Does he want a GM and a coach who report only to him, which is the Dolphins current structure? Does he want to hire a czar of sorts to whom the coach and GM would report? Does he want to simply stand pat and not fire anyone?

The Dolphins did nothing on Monday. But apparently owner Stephen Ross was working.


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I would agree that the Vernon pick turned out to be a pleasant surprise this year.

Last week I stated that we can analyze Ireland's drafts after the season. I still don;t have the energy to do that until the offseason.

However, if you truly objective, I can tell you that it won't be hard to assess his drafts as being below average, if not almost a complete failure. Someone still needs to explain to me the 2013 crop of players could not make any impact on the season. That's an ENTIRE draft. But we can count the kicker because Carpenter might have won a couple of games that Sturgis lost for us. It's not under debate. So far 2013's draft produced ZERO. And I don't think the prior drafts were a whole lot better.

100% agree with oscar....the last thing we need are quick and poorly thought out decisions--not saying they should wait weeks to do something, but get some feedback from a few respected/successful folks first (Shula and Dungy make perfect sense)--that can take all of a day or so to happen, and probably less....again, 8-8 makes it a cloudy picture....put personal feelings about Ross and Ireland (and Philbin, for some) aside....

DC @ 11:04, that's what it pretty much comes down to, isn't it.

That is exactly the problem with Ross! He didn't look at the possibility of different scenarios that could happen weather the team make or not make the playoffs! The owner might be smart in making money, but does not have ONE once of football common sense!!!!! Thats what driving the fans CRAZY!!!!

It is very probable that Ross along with his Committees wipe their Asss with most Everybody's opinions here.

The past two days there have been some good articles written that call out a the lack of overall leadership on this team. They speak to Coaches AND Players. I would agree.

But I think that is on Philbin. He likes the 'steady as you go' approach. That is fine but you need some fiery players who can rally the troops when it's cruch time.

There is a difference between Thugs and Fiery Players. You can have high energy vocal leaders without employing convicts.

Joe needs to get that figured out (assuming he stays) and he needs to drop the damn note cards in the locker room and start inserting his foot into those players and coaches who are not getting it done. Lead Joe!!

If Dungy is on the committee then beg him to be our coach. The guy was a winner, a great football mind, and the classiest guy on the planet.

Remember, the reasons that the coaching and GM moves get made early is because those teams want the ability to go after the best fit for their organization. We can wait days but not weeks. This can't drag out very long

Hey guys what do you think about brandon Tate and legarette blount as possible free agent signings we really need a reliable RB. I want to be honest here i dont think we can get a day 1 starter O linemen with a nineteenth pick ( maybe last year could have had lane johnson). I really think the fins should really think about grabbing a linebacker if we are fortunate enough.
I mean if cj Mosley falls to nineteenth I would make the pick!
I feel like its a position we need to develop. Trading wheeler could also be an option.
Just my opinion though!!!

correct oscar....I'm (pretty) sure Ross is talking to advisors as we speak, and has been doing so since the loss on Sunday.....maybe wasnt prepared to make these decisions/changes right away, but has the resources/clout to get the ball rolling quickly if needed--agree with most here that Ross has seemingly been unimpressive as an NFL owner, but folks generally sell him way short overall....he's not a dope.

f4l, you didn't like the offense Detroit had? I did, Stafford was a top 10 qb there ... just needed more discipline. Remember that even though he's been around longer, Stafford is only 25 - same age as our Qb - a babe in NFL circles.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 31, 2013 at 10:48 AM

No doubt but I watch the NFL as in plural not just the Dolphins (who happen to be my fav team I grew up watching) I've seen them plenty and they lack alot of imagination as well. To give them credit for using Bush properly isn't really saying much given we discussed it to death and are a bunch of supposed idiot fans who know nothing, go figure? I should be doing Sports Radio with a group of you in all honesty! The ones getting paid for what we seem to love to do for free don't tend to get it more right than some of the things we discuss before hand here!

Bringing in Mike Shula as offensive coordinator would be a good start. This franchise needs some Shula type integrity back in the organization. A good replacement for Ireland might be Bill Polian. A little long in the tooth but another guy with a football pedigree. The focus on your offensive line and some veteran leadership. I don't think Ross can afford to hand over another stable of draft picks to Ireland. I think Barry Jackson recently wrote a column about Ireland's late round gems. He needs to follow up with a column on his early round record over the past several years which appears to have only netted Tannehill and Pouncey.

this team is clearly talented, beating indy, cinncy, NE, and SD. Philbin needs to go.

and draft a QB, because if RT can't throw those long balls then this team ain't going anywhere.

Posted by: benz | December 31, 2013 at 11:05 AM


Very intelligent post, Thanks Benz. Others should take note, a few succinct words shows thoughtfulness and intelligence.

I am tired of hearing Philbin give credit to the other team during the post game presser - show some emotion/get pissed off - your team choked once again!!

Tired of the lack of offense creativity (yea I know o-line issues) - bring back Daboll!!; Coyle sucked too - too much talent on D to be that bad!!;

Another season with this coaching staff (HC, OC ,and DC) might be brutal unless they learn how to adjust and put the players in the best possible position to succeed (may I say Belichick - learn/watch the master)

@ Teddy did you really just compare an injured RG3 to a perfectly healthy Tannehill who had the whole offseason to prepare which RG3 didn't? The simple fact that an injured RG3 rating was better than Tannehill's should have been reason enough for you not to post that. RG3 has made the playoffs as well!


By the way one more thing on Crowder he isn't the stuffed shirt you deal with in Lavar Arrington who thinks his sheet don't stink and was all that when he wasn't! Crowder (whom I referred to as Chowder when playing) is a breath of freash air in the sense of how real he is on his show about his short comings while Arrington who was the most undisciplined player of his generation always caught out of Pos. seems to think he knows best, Like the old Seinfeld episode, CAN'T STAND YA!

Posted by: Mike C | December 31, 2013 at 11:24 AM

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Brilliant, you guys are doing good, keep it up

Excellent post here today...John in Springs, spot on. I would say most on this blog are from out of state and haven't seen the lackadaisical, no care-ish attitudes you don't see on TV. A team takes on the personality of the head coach....it's a real thing, look it up.
DC, hit the nail on the head. And what I've said for a while....GM generally gives the HC what he ask for

tvegas, I thought 2010 was an abysmal failure of a draft. yeah it produced two good players in Clay and Odrick and a solid player in Misi but when you think of what was passed over. Top end players like Earl Thomas, Derrick Morgan, JPP, Dez Bryant, Rob Gronkoswki, Jimmy Graham, and even the imprisoned Aaron hernandez (who still would've been a better pick than Aj Edds) were all there for the taking and known about but passed over. That is the biggest grudge I hold against the man as faas as draftign goes.

But 2012 was a good one. like or not, Tannehill was a worthy selection and has already proven to be at least usuable (please people calling him bust - show me the last bust to compile 4000+ yards and 25 tds and a respectable 25:17 td:int ratio given every team knew he had to pass every down behind the worst o line in nfl history). lamar miller is at least a good complimentary speed back and well worth a 4th pick. Vernon appears to be the steal of the draft in the 3rd.

Now 2013 I still like Jordan, Taylor, Davis, and jenkins. I think they will all be major contributors before it's all over. And Jordan and Taylor have pro bowl potential. may have to wait on this draft because of injuries and personnel glut at the De position but I think it will bear significant fruit. remember that JPP rode the pine for a year and the Giants didn't regret the decision to draft him for a second. I know people will throw out the #3 overall selection but let's be real - there were no stars in last year's draft. If there was, oakland would not have traded out of that slot.

I see plenty of posts with thoughts on a new OC, and/or new HC/GM, etc.....all fine, I get it--it seems (I think, and most probably agree), that Philbin wont be the only one to get canned (if changes are made at all), but IF there are going to be changes at the top, the ONLY way to do this correctly is to fire Ireland and find a new GM....start at the top--which is what I think should happen....perfect situation to let Ireland go (he's had plenty of time), new GM gives Philbin 1 more year to make it work (which he probably deserves)--or finds a new HC....that should be the plan.

EOR @ 11:20, If you mean ben Tate of Houston - I think he should be our #2 target in free agency behind Albert - our best chance at a day one LT. Like you, i dodn't think that guy exists at 19. RT, perhaps, but not LT. I'm going to keep a close eye on Cameron Erving of Fl St. HE is a guy that fits our blocking scheme and may eventually become a LT.

Mr. Ross, while you sit there contemplating what to do, at least 5 other owners have gotten the jump on you and are lining up to interview candidates. It's not complicated. The results speak for themselves.

You need to clean house and give the keys to the franchise, not to the latest hot shot college coach or some assistant coach with as many NFL wins as Mando (and Philbin when he was hired). You need to hire a proven winner who knows what it takes to put a good staff together, knows personnel and has actually coached a team to the Super Bowl. Someone like Brian Billick.

get rid of sherman and coyle. - Rob Chudzinski for OC and Nolan or Spagnolo for DC. Ireland needs to go as well, but only if you have a viable alternative.

There are more than a few games we would have won with better off/ def play calling.

I know it's hard for some of you guys but lets cut it down to one paragraph kid. Your a smart kid, short sweet and succinct. Ok, on three , one-two-three BREAK

You guys basing judgements solely on passer rating are hilarious - using it as the tell all. Do you guys even know how to compute it? What factors go into makign the calculation and which important factors do not? You also realize most people don't even think it is the most important factor in judging a performance???

OWHH, I have plenty of short posts, read those. Once in a while, indulge me..

f4l, yeah, Arrington is annoying with the "I-know-best" attitude. I can see Crowder being personable and believable (he's a smart guy from a pedigree family).

That said, I probably have more faith in Philbin and Tannehill than Ireland and the Coordinators. I think the team needs more Pounceys (players who have fire in their bellies). And better systems on either side of the ball (with WAY more creativity). How do you (as a DC) play prevent defense based on something you saw in another game in a totally different situation, only to give up a FG at the end of the half (Carolina game). That's worse than pathetic, it's amateur. And I can't stand some of the amateur, unprepared decisions by this coaching staff. It's pathetic.

This is a pretty good look at Ireland's record from the braided coconut.....As one of the few individuals charged with holding Ireland responsible for every decision he makes there are two ways I personally evaluate his performance. There's the Ireland era with Bill Parcells, which was pretty decent (featured the NFL's biggest one-season turnaround, a division title and playoff berth in 2008, and a 25-23 record). And then there is the Ireland without Parcells track record, which features a 20-25 record, a head coaching change, and a $280-plus million roster makeover last offseason. During Ireland's three solo drafts he's selected three studs - center Mike Pouncey, H-back Charles Clay, defensive end Olivier Vernon - and five possibles in quarterback Ryan Tannehill, tailback Lamar Miller, safety Jimmy Wilson, kicker Caleb Sturgis and rookie defensive end Dion Jordan. However, his ratio of eight solid picks in his 24 draftees in three years is not good enough. While it is still early on many (Will Davis, Jamar Taylor, Dallas Thomas, Michael Egnew, Dion Sims, Jelani Jenkins and Rishard Matthews), can this team really afford to wait years for youngsters to develop like Clay (blossomed in his third season) and Vernon (second season) did? On the trade front, Ireland usually comes out on top of his trades with a few exceptions like the Brandon Marshall deal with Chicago. However, people have to understand that Marshall deal was forced by Joe Philbin, and Ireland's hands were tied. But Ireland usually wins (think about the Jordan deal) when it comes to getting trade value for a pick, or a player. Ultimately, a General Manager should be judged by his team's record, and in Ireland's six seasons as one of the Dolphins' top executives, South Florida's NFL franchise is 45-48 with one playoff apperarance. That's not good enough!

I'm available! Call me, Steve.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 31, 2013 at 11:40 AM


I do read your posts, that's why I said your a smart kid, short and sweet. I do indulge. But only breifly in spurts. Today I am immersed, It's newyears eve. Just hanging til tonight

that's why i posted it, i see people in this blog saying tannehill's making improvement, he's the franchise QB blah blah. RG3 was injured, had a terrible year and the final stats were

RG3 → 82.2
Tannehill, Franchise Boy → 81.7

Ryan Tannehill still is not better than RG3 even when RG3 had a terrible year.

Wake up, Draft me

Miami Dolphins
Home: Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings
Away: Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions

2014 games without dates, looks like a 8-8 season to me.
All the chit chat is BS. Philbin/Ireland/Thill unlikely to beat KC, Ravens, Green Bay, Denver, Bears. Will Hopefully split with Jets, NE, Bills.
Should beat Chargers, Vikings, Oakland, Jags, Lions.

No one should be upset, including ROSS, when the obvious is staring you in the face.

Miami is swimming with the fishes.

Posted by: cocoajoe | December 31, 2013 at 11:42 AM

To your point cocoa, I'm ready to move on from Ireland, but I would LOVE for him to do the deal to re-sign Grimes first. I'm positive he will get the best deal done (from the team's perspective). He has a knack for that.

Ireland isn't all bad, he's done some good things and has good qualities. It's just too little, too late. 6 years is a long time. 1 winning season. 0 Playoff wins. Not a good record overall.


Ireland and Philbin evidently view talent differently that is why all of Ireland's draft picks are on the bench.
Philbin know SB talent because he was a part of it at GB.


They have to hire somebody, no?

did you see the Buff game?? THill is not a leader of men, did you see Buff @ Pats, obviously you give THill another year if the new GM and new HC doesn't bring in someone that beats out tanny in training camp

im surprised ha has not fired the whole bunch already. if u look at the whole body of work of the season, there was mind blowing play calls both offense and defense that cost us games, and poor clock management that cost us games as well. none of that is on the players, which def gave up constantly on plays too. We cant afford to give philbin and company another year to see if they can get it right, and theres no need to as ive never seen so many coaching mis haps at this level. Im thinking marino,taylor and whoever else is on that committee has got to be thinking this.Time is essential in this process to,better get moving fast.

Looks like Ross will have to hire "movie extras" just to make the homefield stadium look "NEAR EMPTY" in 2014.

Posted by: fin4life | December 31, 2013 at 10:11 AM

Great post which explains so much.

Losing starts at the very top of the organization, until the Dolphins culture changes the results will stay the same. Year in and year out the offense never gets that game ending first down and the defense never makes that game ending stop. Each year the names on the back of the jersey's are different and the names of the coaches are different but the results are always the same. Until the current organizational culture is changed we will never be better than 9 wins

I think both the offensive & defensive coordinators are suspect, and I don't understand how the O-line can be so bad. Can't run and can't protect the QB.

Not sure who to blame for that. GM? O-line coach? Is it the scheme?

And how do we play an all or nothing, win or go home game and not at least "show" the read option? Where were Tannehill's legs on Sunday? I don't buy that they were trying to protect the most-sacked QB in the NFL. Not in that kind of game. Stoopid.

And can someone tell me why we can't run a screen-play of any variety? Does our line suck that bad? Pathetic.

Face it, you can't replace coordinators and GM and keep the head coach. Sorry Joe, I liked you but things aren't happening fast enough. I want an Andy Reid/Bruce Arians kind of turn around next year.

The fins are not devoid of talent (as some like to think) and should not be getting swept by the friggin bills. The bills... one third of their wins were served up by the dolphins. puke. shame on us.

Clean house Ross...hire a GM with a clue (and a vision) and let him put the franchise back together.

Remember...5 YEARS, since the fins put a winning season together. I think it's time to stop giving the GM a pass (can't blame the Tuna forever). Ireland's big splash was little more than a fart in the bathtub.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | December 31, 2013 at 11:47 AM


Ireland is the heartless tightwad, Not Ross. You are right about that. Unfortunately he cares more about saving a buck than evaluating talent. He's nothing more that a bean counting 3rd rate scout

DC Dolfan I have a very strong feeling Bent Grimes will be franchised if Ireland's entering a "lameduck" year. I don't see him being in a "doing the team a favor" mood knowing it could be his last season here.

s @ 11:54

I disagree.
So many games came down to the last series (Cle, Indy, Atl, Bal, Car etc).
We won some and we lost some.

i agree with an earlier post about teddy bridgewater, i think the kid is gonna be special and have a great career,and he is from miami.


Start throwing deep early and keep doing it until you have the Phins in a hole, then go after the QB when we have to abandon the run game.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | December 31, 2013 at 11:48 AM


intelligent and extremely thought provoking, way to think out of the box


1. DB
2. DB

@ Teddy my apologies we agree that Tannehill is not the man to lead us to the promised land of a super bowl title.

Kansas City went 2-14 last year and ths year they are in the playoffs. New head coach and staff plus decent QB,and most of the players are there from last year. We have poor coaching and poor quarterback play. Correct those two major problems,plus some tweaking on defense and o-line and we will have success. Not rocket science,ya know.


I got to get back to the sofa

Dungy is the ONLY name out there I would dump Philbin for. He's superb--and so much better than some of these retreads like Gruden (puhleeze).

It's also highly unlikely Dungy would have any interest in returning. Why would he? In today's NFL you have people (like you guys) howling for your head on a platter by your second season if you're not winning big. Who needs it? He's doing fine and making big bucks without that crap on his plate.

Sherman will go. Ireland will PROBABLY go. My hunch is that a new GM will likely give Philbin a shot. He IS very well respected in those circles (notably and vocally by Bill Polian) even if some of you guys willfully ignore that fact.

I did see the Buff game just as i saw the 8 times he won and how he played in crunch time against the bengals, colts, leading the team from behind against the pats, steelers, and chargers. Look at the entire season. there was more good than bad regarding the young qb. And this is even without making excuses for the faulty supporting cast he had.

Philbin states we are close....Hmmmmmm, close to what, lets have a lookee.

According to Sundays game the Jets are closer.

According to the Bills game, their rookie QB and rookie head coach are closer.

We are closer to being at the bottom of the divison than the top.

We are closer to being the bottom rated offense than the top.

We are closer to being the bottom rated defense than the top.

Philbin also states he doesn't know why they couldn't execute the plays on the field. I believe him, so why then if he doesn't have the answers now, and after two full seasons here should he have them next year ???

Philbin also states the Sherman is an excellent coach and has done a great job. 27th in the NFL with the QB rates 24th, is a great job. I would hate to see what Philbin then thinks is a bad or terrible job.

By the way ask him about any coach or player and he will tell you they have done a great job. When the coach addresses the media, he also has a platform to communicate with us the fans. If any of you ordered a meal and it comes back tasting like garbage and the waiter tells you its great, do you then keep on eating ? Ok some of you on this blog would that claer, but most of us would give the waiter hell, not pay and never return.

Posted by: Blog Fodder | December 31, 2013 at 11:54 AM


best one liner of the day -- "Ireland's big splash was little more than a fart in the bathtub"

for those talking about replacing Tannehill....yeah, maybe at some point, but honestly he's probably the least of our worries at the moment.....I mean today, next week....there will be plenty of time to evaluate and make decisions about him--but gotta be bigger picture first....decisions about the GM/HC are the highest priorities, and then they'll evaluate Tannehill--plus you're craxy if you think they're moving on from TH anytime soon....a young/inexperienced QB that has shown some promise/potential is gonna get more than 2 years rope.....and should.

If Dungy is on the committee then beg him to be our coach. The guy was a winner, a great football mind, and the classiest guy on the planet.

Posted by: tvegas | December 31, 2013 at 11:20 AM

You know this is were I disagree, after the Shula Hey-Day run had you told me that the man coming in had the team Dungy had in Tampa but couldn't win a S.B. while being flat out lucky with Peyton Manning in his UBBER prime falling in his lap for a 9 Yr. run while all he had to do was give him a D and they have ALL OF 1!!!! TITLE TO SHOW FOR IT! And I would have said HELL NO!!

As Fins fans we've reached the spectrum of desperate!! Dungy is a RE-TREAD mark my words!!!! Leave him with Harrison on NBC I say!!! I would as Owner sooner Hire the group as in the entire staff just fired in Cleveland before handing Dungy this team!! I believe the fans in Cleveland who blasted the Owner and was voiced by a reporter in embarrassing fashion for Jimmy Haslem and his Stooges said it best yesterday!

agree that its very discouraging, and concerning, that Tannehill was not good when it counted most....no question about that--but you cant discount the fact that he did beat a number of very good/great QBs this year head to head--thats a fact--yes, issues to address but hopefully better coaching gets him over the hump.

Ross will be hiring movie extras just to make Joe Robbie Stadium look "NEAR EMPTY" in 2014.

Be sure to check The Miami Herald want ads next year. You could be GETTING PAID attend Dolphin games next year.

You guys basing judgements solely on passer rating are hilarious - using it as the tell all. Do you guys even know how to compute it? What factors go into makign the calculation and which important factors do not? You also realize most people don't even think it is the most important factor in judging a performance???

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 31, 2013 at 11:39 AM

I know The Truth hurts for you. What would you like to base it on, how many letters in his name ?

The NFL and the entire world goes on the QBR, but this guy in Canada wants a new rating system for the player.

Maybe rushing yards should be on after the first tackle is broken, may rec yards should be YAC only, may TD's should be given more points if over 50 yards ?

Ever QB has the same system, you can't deal with the facts can you.

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