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The reason the Dolphins did nothing on Monday

The Dolphins carried on Monday, business as usual, while other NFL teams undergoing change fired their coaches and one fired both their coach and general manager.

The reason for the relative calm?

According to a source familiar with the situation, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross had never expected Monday would be about possibly firing general manager Jeff Ireland or head coach Joe Philbin and so he wasn't prepared to do either.

The Dolphins owner instead expected Monday to be about his team preparing for a playoff game next weekend.

And that, Ross planned, meant the Dolphins brass would have remained status quo going forward -- with Ireland as the GM and Philbin as the coach in 2014.

But the Dolphins not only lost their penultimate game against Buffalo but their season-finale against the New York Jets as well. And that changed everything.

Suddenly an owner who expected to be making no change at GM or head coach this offseason was forced to begin considering just that.  And that, the source says, is exactly what is happening.

Ross is, as he told The Miami Herald Sunday afternoon, "looking at everything."

He is weighing all his options. He is consulting with trusted people. He is considering the ramifications of standing pat as well as making moves.

Understand that this can be complicated.

Fans and even media can call for the ouster of this person or that with no ramifications. Ross doesn't have that luxury. If he decides to fire someone, he has to have a plan in place that he believes will lead to a better situation than the current one.

He cannot, for example, simply fire Ireland and keep Philbin -- the sceanario believed most likely -- without weighing how he would replace his general manager. Would he conduct a search that would be hamstrung by the fact he's already got a coach on board? Would he conduct a search for a GM candidate to whom he'd give authority to fire Philbin? Would he promote a GM from within?

Ross also must consider if he wants to change the structure of the organization.

Does he want a GM and a coach who report only to him, which is the Dolphins current structure? Does he want to hire a czar of sorts to whom the coach and GM would report? Does he want to simply stand pat and not fire anyone?

The Dolphins did nothing on Monday. But apparently owner Stephen Ross was working.


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Philbin has not had this team for 4 years like Shanahan of the Redskins. Instant gratification in firing does not solve the problem. If you have to point a finger, Jeff Ireland had the most impact on the team by making a stupid pick for a defensive player and not an offensive lineman. Then as usual we let other very good players go like Dansby and Bush. Missing them became evident as they excelled to stardom with other teams. Throw in the Martin debacle, lack of connection between Wallace and Tannehill on the long throw, linebackers that are always chasing the runner and we've become the train that couldn't. In fairness, we started off well, and lost a number of games by 3 points or less. So if someone HAS to go to make everyone feel good, it should be Jeff Ireland. Philbin and Sherman are excellent coaches but they are running the right plays with pieces missing to do it with. Give them 1 more year and if the same problems are there just sell the damn team!

Let's poll which team people believe will make the Playoffs first: Tampa Bay or Miami.

If I'm honest with myself, I'd have to go with Tampa Bay right now. I just don't see how Miami gets over the hump they've been unable to get over last half decade. And Tampa has a WR, RB, good defense. Glennon with a full offseason my blossom. It would be a crushing blow for a team to be so bad and bounce back before we can escape mediocrity.

I did see the Buff game just as i saw the 8 times he won and how he played in crunch time against the bengals, colts, leading the team from behind against the pats, steelers, and chargers. Look at the entire season. there was more good than bad regarding the young qb. And this is even without making excuses for the faulty supporting cast he had.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 31, 2013 at 12:04 PM

Agreed and have made many similar posts myself! The kid balled given an OL that would have sent supposed better talents like David Carr to the scrap heap and did! If I were in a Bar and got into a scrap I would after this Yr. trust Ryan Tannehill to get my back! The kid is tough as nails! Big Ben wouldn't have survived what he endured this Yr.! Heck the loss of protection and similar hits ended Aikman, Steve Young and Co.! Tannehill might not turn out to be truly elite but his toughness buys him Joe Flacco points in my book!

"I know The Truth hurts for you. What would you like to base it on, how many letters in his name ?"

Mark, you have to admit, the above was funny!

Philbin says he was in charge of "QUARTERBACK QUALITY CONTROL" in Green Bay.

Don't know about you guys, but, that sounds like "BALL BOY" to me.

Great, now we have 2 BALL BOYS near the top of the franchise in control. Momma's it's ok o lets your sons grow up to be ball boys in Miami.

Someday they may even help run the Dolphins too.

You have to give Thill another year with a good QB coach, some guys develop quicker than others. At best he's a slow learner. You definitely have to bring him a challenge in spring training. We've had about 40 different oline changes. when does the slow QB start getting some blame?? sooo many games without a TD in the 4th quarter. Crunch time QB?? Tanny?? not seeing it

I'm not opposed to giving Philbin a 3rd year, but a new GM probably would be.

Who's asking for a quick and thought out decision, not me? What anyone in authority would do if he wasn't wearing his a** for a hat, would be to play different scenarios over and over knowing that the future is somewhat unpredictable. And seeing this OL play week after week. And knowing full well who put it together, coupled with the roughly $55 mil to 2 new LBers that clearly was a bomb. And a DC that was playing the wrong scheme with the players he had on hand and knowing who gave him these players? And the 'football' idiot had no fall back plan??????

Someone said that Nat Moore(?) was at his right hand in the past month or two?? Well that makes Nat Moore nothing but a YES MAN!!!!!!! Which is worth nothing in value!!!! We can see it here and have seen it for a month. Are we that stupid and Ross so smart? Or could it be......?

If firing IRELAND means PHILBIN has to go, so be it. Sherman should have been gone at 4:15 on Sunday. Have them take Wheeler and Ellerbe with them.

Posted by: Harleyray | December 31, 2013 at 12:01 PM


you didn't need 40,000 words for that short brilliant post, thank you

@ Benz you are right Tannehill is not our biggest problem right now. But we shouldn't act like what he has done so far allows him the comfort of knowing next training camp he walks automatically in as the starter. Tannehill needs some real competition IMO.

POLL: Will Mike Sherman Go Or Go-Go?

A. Go
B. Go-Go
C. No-Go
D. No-Go-Go

I generally try to positive in my approach,but I am utterly shocked. How can an owner not even have been considering the possibility of losing the final 2 games and the scenario thereafter. Do you mean say that Ross thought this team wasso stable given all of the mishap this year that he thought we were a shoe in? No forethought to the possibility at all? I can't imagine this lack of preparedness and planning. I understand a well thought out process with a major decision like this, but to really believe back a month ago that this wasn't a possiblility and have already had a plan in place... really. I am losing more confidence everyday. Been a fan since 1972 as a small kid, but it is getting harder and harder to support this ineptitude. Good grief!!!

The Carolina Panther's offence looks very good with Mike Shula as theirs OC. Mike Shula have already head coach experience from Alabama, he will be a very good candidate replacing Joe Philbin as head coach.

Mr. Ross is very wise not to take a passionate decision as Armando told us. He may wants a proven winner and is waiting the results from the off season to make de moves, David Shula is an example.

I like Tannehill and I really thought it WOULD BE our franchise QB, HE IS NOT REGRESSING, unfortunately HE HAVE the David Carr syndrome TOO MANY HARD HITS.

I feel Mike Sherman is not too old, is worse, I feel Sherman lost games on purpose, he may be on bets or something, I'm not a fan on conspiracy theories, but is the only reason I find to being so inconsistent.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 31, 2013 at 12:04 PM

Consistency is what you are looking for in your QB. You need a guy to come through in clutch games during the season. Week 15 and 16, you play two teams with losing records.

The rookie QB's on the Bills and the Jets clearly had more accuracy, poise, leadership, skill and determination...not to mention pocket awareness and deep ball. Would you like to argue that those games were not important ?

I dont care if he was average going into those games at 8-6 and had a rating in the top 18. When the team needed #17 he was found lacking, not just a little lacking, but in a way we have only seem since Cleo Lemon and John Beck.

Chad Henne had some games were his passer rating was over 90 just as #17 has had, I don't care. You have even looked at the leadership ability of this guy, he is a non entity. The slide on that long run was plain disgusting, he looked to save his own scared butt before taking one for the team. There goes Geno Smith playing for his team and his coach putting it on the line.

17 is a backup guy and next season he will be beaten out in camp, I'll take any bets on that. A new GM is weeks away. Anew HC won't be far behind, and don't take Ross's appraisal too seriously folks. Tony S was given a glowing reference before he was canned by Ross. I can't wait for change.

Was Odrick worth the 1st round pic? Did he make that much of a difference?

I am not a great fan of Sherman, but he should not be the scapegoat here.
The play that make us all sick all year long was that "shotgun handoff to Miller/Thomas for 1 yard".
Eagles, Chiefs, Broncos and a few others run exactjy the same play for 4 or 5 yards a pop.
It's a question of execution and talent. And that's on Ireland. Who did deliver (after 5 years in the job) the worst OL in franchise history? Who did dump a proven RB (Bush) for that awful MIller/Thomas committee? Who made Wallace the most overpaid player in the NFL? Who's responsible for the ghost 2013 draft class? Who did replace Dansby/Burnett by Wheeler/Ellerby (a move that made us sink in the defensive rankings - the rest of the D was basically the same as last year)?
I mean, Sherman has been unable to make the proper in-game changes in his play calling, and he is as accountable as anyone on the coaching staff. But let's not pretend he's the reason of the gigantic failure this franchise has been for the last 5 years.
Fire Ireland and start a new cycle. Let the new GM decide how to proceed with the present coaching staff.

Philbin says he was in charge of "QUARTERBACK QUALITY CONTROL" in Green Bay.

Don't know about you guys, but, that sounds like "BALL BOY" to me.

Someday they may even help run the Dolphins too.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 31, 2013 at 12:14 PM

My thoughts exactly! You can't really blame Philbin for getting a jog by association to the 2010 Champs! You can however and should blame the Owner who was supposedly blown away by the interview process!

Ross is the problem.

Name ONE THING that he has done that has gone right during his tenure?

One thing.

Other than Dee being let go.

One thing.

Posted by: benz | December 31, 2013 at 12:05 PM

Yes I agree HC and GM are importnat, but the QB the least of worries ? Usually you need a good one to win a Superbowl.

Posted by: benz | December 31, 2013 at 12:05 PM


right on the money

You have to be an idiot to criticize Tannehill. How can you win a game when the whole team collapses around you. The Offensive line is a joke, the running backs can't run and can't pass block and would not start for any other team in the NFL, your receivers keep dropping key passes during the final two games,and your best receiver gets injured during the final game. Add to that a pathetic defense that is getting run over and keeping the Offense off the field. What you had was a total team collapse around Tannehill.

phins4ever...nice to see that someone else is as mystified as I to this obvious unpreparedness!!!

Wake me when anyone has anything new to say. I already know everything posted since Sunday will merely be repeated daily until Sept, with the exception of all your annoying mock drafts that will litter this place soon.

Posted by: Off with His Head | December 31, 2013 at 12:14 PM

Yes if the new HC even rates #17. sherman gave his college QB the job and the security of having his back and playing to his skill set, (limited though it is), and see what the results were.

The Pats, Bills and Jets have got his number and the last two games showed you what we have at QB when we needed to see it. I say keep him because trade value wise you get a 6th rounder at best, who would take him ?

read my post again about TH boys......I said he's not the biggest issue today/now......now, in the short term, GM/HC decisions are the most important

SamYGDB will change his mock 32 times, each time insisting you are a clueless idiot if you don't agree with his top pick.

Posted by: The Truth | December 31, 2013 at 12:20 PM

I won't dispute you here but in fairness Tannehill is saddled with Sherman's Son-in-Law as his QB Coach going into Yr. 2, how's that fair? This Coaching staff is a joke and I'll go on record here and now so if you wish save it and feed it to me if wrong!!

We will not win with the flatliner as H.C.! His Assistants suck! We have a team that could given proper Coaching compete today even with our lack luster OL!! The Colts are in with inferior D talent, I dare anyone to tell me were that D is better than ours! The OL is also a joke, the RB's are mediocre and today they'd kill for our WR's!!


Posted by: Josephus | December 31, 2013 at 12:23 PM

Okayyyyyy, AND? First off, you're wrong, I can name several, but one important thing Ross did right is stay the hell out of football operations. He let Parcells handle it, and when he left, he let Ireland handle it. Ross doesn't meddle (like Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder). Also, he opened the checkbook last year and gave the GM everything he said he needed.

BUT, let's say your premise is right, what can be done about it? Owners can't be fired. Owners are generally around for a long, long time (until they die or decide to sell the team). I can't remember a time when a fanbase was able to pressure an Owner to sell the team.

So what good is it really to blame the Owner? Other than making yourself feel better. How does that improve anything next year (realistically)?

Mike Shula as HC~!

Right now, in this place and time, Ross is no closer to righting this ship then he was yesterday. My guess is that he will ultimately offer up a coach. This may take the form of Coyle or perhaps only Turner. He will have done his job. With the biggest cancer still sitting at his elbow blowing smoke up his a** in the form of our current GM!!!!

Won't happen but remove Ireland/Coyle and leave Philbin/Sherman as is for another year.

Posted by: The Truth | December 31, 2013 at 12:20 PM


WoW, the truth is the TRUTH

Unreal. What Ryan did was basically come into Ross's house and banged his wife. While he watched in horror.

You can criticize all you want but if Ross isn't ready to pull a trigger on his GM then he most certainly won't on his coach or 'his daddy'!!

Miami ranks 29th in offensive first downs made, 20th in passing offense, and 29th in rushing attempts. Yet they rank 17th in yards per rush, which is about average. This shows a blatant disregard for running the ball. Atrocious playcalling, especially with an inexperienced qb running the offense. No balance on offense leads to sacks and a predictable offense. These coaches should all be fired, and competition needs to be brought in at the qb position, as Tannehill may not be the answer.

What pisses me off the most is that game gave Rex Ryan another year.

This division is starting to get tight. There is very little room for error now.

to scott lemire and the truth, first scott-when you come up with a proven coach and staff that's available and wants the job ? let us all know!! and truth- if your only gonna look at the last 2 games that tannehill played, that wud be a bit shortsided. the guy improved on all his numbers this year substantially. plus he took more sacks than anyone in the league and still stood in there trying to make plays. have a clue about the position before commenting , will ya!

Posted by: Zzzzzzzzzz | December 31, 2013 at 12:27 PM


Thanks for keeping it short and happy New Years

I go back and forth on Tannehill. I hope he works out, but his rating is tenth for the 2013 season among all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year QBs. Not good.

His rating was even lower than RGIII who had a very difficult year. Truth is, Tannehill had a difficult year too. The last Jet game was a prime example. In short, he is inconsistent and his accuracy on deep passes could be a limitation that keeps him from progressing much more.

But he deserves another year. And he deserves some serious rookie competition just in case.

While most say (and I agree) that serious attention needs to be paid to the OL and RB positions, I believe that the team needs another TE and a bigger WR in the 2014 draft. These players will make Clay, Wallace, and Hartline much better. Teams will have a difficult time shutting down two TEs than just one TE. Two TEs and a bigger WR will help Tannehill if he continues with his deep pass incompetence in 2014.

The 2013 draft has been one in which we know even less about the rookies now than we did when they were drafted. The only exception to that is Sturgis who we know to be inaccurate and a worse kicker than Carpenter.

Jordon, Taylor, Davis, Thomas? They did not play very much at all. They may work out or they may be part of the worst draft class in a very long time. When a below average team enters the draft with five premium picks and glaring needs all over the roster, at least three of those picks should have been starters by mid-season.

This team is not close to championship level in my opinion. It's closer to being 6-10 than 9-7 in 2014.

Truth, your post at 12:20 is filled with so many factual innacuracies that it isn't even worth putting in the necessary time to prove you factually wrong.. pass on the effort.

Need Pennington as QB coach a new O-coordinator a 3-4 defensive coordinator and a new o-line coach. One more year for Philbin and Ireland to prove it and get to the playoffs.

Posted by: Phillie Chirino | December 31, 2013 at 01:44 AM

This makes alot of sense. Can't just start over after year 2 of a rebuild. I say the one 2 go should be Sherman.

Posted by: fin4life | December 31, 2013 at 12:30 PM


You nailed it, they all need the Ax right after Ireland.

Posted by: Jj | December 31, 2013 at 12:35 PM


singing to the choir kid

Posted by: William Oliver | December 31, 2013 at 12:25 PM
right on....

and what is all this Mike Shula talk? the Panthers are no offensive juggernaut.

I think Pennigton could really help Tannehill and i hope the Dolphins figure this out.

I also want Sherman gone. His play calling and play design is terrible. There is no misdirection or deception in any of our plays. the defenses are sitting all over them.

What this article tells me is that Ross was ill prepared for the possibility of losing the last 2 games. He had no plan B. He had no plan at all really. He is a joke of an owner who simply does not understand football.
The major issue with thinking this out and waiting, is that the top coaching and GM candidates are going to be scooped up by the teams who made changes immediately. This is also going to give Philbin and Ireland time to sway Ross with dumb statements like "This is a good team", "We are very close to winning", blah blah.
Gut reactions to these situations are almost always correct - by those who know football. The mere fact he is waiting, did not have a plan in place, all means he is completely incompetent as an owner. He's also the idiot who gave Ireland an extension before seeing how the season panned out. That is total lunacy.

Adding a quality NFL RB next year and fixing the O-line will make the most dramatic difference in this team. Imagine a RB and o-line that can make first downs instead of punting and putting the D right back out there.

Heck, might even get a play action pass to work.

The fact that Ross had no contingency plan if expectations aren't met is shocking. Seriously after spending $280M, he had no plans if the team doesn't make a playoff? I remember during preseason posters on this blog raised the question of what'll Ross do if the team misses the playoff with another .500 season. Yet, Ross didn't prepare for it? Wow, how did he become a billionaire with such shortsightedness? He completely drank Ireland and Philbin's kool-aid and is now feeling the burn. And now he's behind six other teams already looking.

The Truth,

Mark from Toronto is clueless and will not debate the issue of #17 because... well It's just a waste of time and emotion to debate with someone who will not accept the truth......

fixing the o-line and getting a quality NFL running back would make biggest difference. imagine getting first downs instead of punting and putting the D right back out.

Heck, might even get a play action pass to work.

4 Teddy Bridgewater
12 Derek Carr1
14 Johnny Manziel1
37 Blake Bortles
53 A.J. McCarron
71 Brett Smith
81 David Fales

We should gun after on of these guys with the first pick. Im willing to thrown in Wheeler and R jones to bump up the pick value... joke.

you guys think you know everything, I punched some info into my elixir analyzer and screen plays didn't register on my screen. that's why I called all the pass plays, Tanny said a screen pass wouldn't slow down the Buff rush anyway. So there know it alls

Mike Sherman recommended T-hill, who was given a job by Philbin after he was fired from his college coaching job.
Mike Sherman evaluated Thill and promotes him to the starting job on the basis of training camp with a new offense that only T-hill was familiar with from college. Sherman is not credible and should and will be the first guy fired from the staff. Mike Sherman needs to be held accountable for a terrible job as offensive coordinator. Does anyone think Sherman will be given offers any where else in the NFL? He has held T-hills hand since he was drafted. This has got to end with some new credible person doing the evaluations.

This is how Ross will look at 'everything': he'll look at the books and as long as they show an acceptable profit he'll claim this was a 'good year', and 'we are almost there', 'I have confidence in Philbin and Ireland', 'The right pieces are in place',blah, blah, blah.
Remember all the lies he told after his failed attempt to land Harbaugh, about how he had the right coach in place all along?
You see, this is how you become rich. It's not wisdom, or intelligence, it's lying, fraud, thievery, and ruthlessness. Or you just have rich parents like Romney and Trump.

Sherman has to go. There were no adjustments after halftime, no attempts at misdirection, and not use of a mobile quarterback's ability to roll out. Coyle was just OK, but perhaps poor play by Ellerbe and Wheeler were the cause.

Will the QB job be open for competition in 2014 if the current regime is still here (especially Ireland and Philbin)?

If no, why not?

If yes, will it be from a veteran QB, Moore, Devlin or a drafted QB?

Posted by: promichael | December 31, 2013 at 12:56 PM

Thats how he rolls. The Jets game showed us what we have here, lets go get another QB to compete with him.

Bring in a HC to help the team, nevermind help #17, hw had been wet nursed enough by Sherman and Philbin.

Posted by: The Truth | December 31, 2013 at 12:20 PM

The Truth, I read MIT's response about your post not being factual. So I went back and read your post - it seems pretty darn factual to me.

I tried my best you guys suck I hate you, If I stay here I'm passing 3 yd passing plays every down. You guys are gonna pay again

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