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Thomas not practicing Wednesday, others limited

Many NFL teams did not practice on Wednesday because it was Christmas. Nonetheless, those team had to submit an injury report to the NFL that is an estimation of what would happen if the team had practiced.

According to the NFL's Wednesday injury report the New York Jets did not practice. The same report indicates the Dolphins did practice on Wednesday, although coach Joe Philbin said on Tuesday he was giving the players the day off.

I'll try to get this cleared up Thursday morning.

[Update: The Dolphins say they did not practice Wednesday. Must be some schedule misunderstanding between the Dolphins and the league. So Miami did not practice.]

At any rate this is the official injury report for Wednesday...


JETS (The New York Jets did not conduct a practice on Wednesday).

Ellis Lankster (jaw), TE Kellen Winslow (knee).

LB Quinton Coples (shoulder), CB Antonio Cromartie (hip), WR Santonio Holmes (foot, hamstring), DT Sheldon Richardson (finger, shoulder).

DT Kenrick Ellis (back), T Austin Howard (knee), RB Chris Ivory (quadricep, ankle), WR Jeremy Kerley (elbow), C Nick Mangold (toe), LB Garrett McIntyre (knee), DE Muhammad Wilkerson (wrist)

RB Daniel Thomas (ankle).

 S Chris Clemons (knee, hamstring), WR Brian Hartline (knee), LB Koa Misi (triceps), WR Marlon Moore (wrist), DT Jared Odrick (wrist), DT Paul Soliai (ankle).

And below is the injury report for the other game that matters to the Dolphins.  Also, the Chargers and Chiefs game is important to the Dolphins but practice for both teams was not complete at the time the NFL generated the report. 


RAVENS (Baltimore did not practice on Wednesday).

G Gino Gradkowski (knee), CB Asa Jackson (thigh), DT Arthur Jones (concussion)

LB Elvis Dumervil (ankle), LB Albert McClellan (neck), RB Ray Rice (thigh), WR Torrey Smith (thigh).

BENGALS (Cincinnati did not conduct a practice on Wednesday).

 LB Vontaze Burfict (concussion), TE Tyler Eifert (neck), CB Terence Newman (knee), TE Alex Smith (concussion), DT Devon Still (back).

TE Jermaine Gresham (hamstring), CB Dre Kirkpatrick (ankle), LB Vincent Rey (ankle), T Andre Smith (ankle)

LB James Harrison (concussion)


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Good. This is Lamar's game anyway. go dolphins!

I kinda want Miami to lose. 3rd place in our division would set us up favorably next year, and wht do you really think is gonna happen if we get to the playoffs ? This team is 80% short of an offensive line and 67% short of a serviceable LB corps to contend for the SB. So why go to the playoffs and have yer heart crushed one week later? Let's get another forgettable season out of the way, fire Ireland, rebuild the line, dump the hacks Ellerby and Wheeler and maybe just maybe have a shot at doing something special in 2014. Merry Xmas!

Phil you negative dilweed. If we go to the playoffs we will be playing the bengals.i could see us winning that game. Then we would have the patriots.

This is how our draft should go. Rb in the first.oline in the 2,3,4. Does any one agree? Fans get excited about skill positions coming to help.oh yeah and we slap the franchize tag on grimes. 12 and 4 next year

OL position is more valuable than RB.

WOW, Daniel Thomas is already the slowest RB in the NFL...
Now he's even slower, great pick (sarcasm), Dion Jordan # 3 overall and #1 Dolphin pick and Jamar Taylor the #2 pick for the Dolphins are not starters, they are not on the field much. What a great draft for Ireland.....Well the #3 Dolphin pick OL Thomas can not find the field either. What a bunch of Acorns!

Yeah the broncos are probably going to be the 1 seed, which means we would have to go to Denver in the second round if we got that far, not NE.

Sherman will still give to Thomas up the middle for 1-2 yards a pop, or sweep for -3 yards.

Thomas had that one gane against the Steelers, or rather the one run, he has to go at the end of the year. Gillislee is either terrible or just being overlooked as so many of these rookies are.

Irelands 2013 Draft picks are produced no starter and one of the worst lickers in recent history, got to go back to Von Schammen to find a weaker one.

The FA's have been under performing with the exception og Grimes, so out of a combined 16 FA's and rookies we have one starter. If you fail to get have only one achiever on the 2013 new blood additions, you have failed miserably.

Thomas and Miller are done, the chaep escape route on the runners has failed and Ireland looks to be heading out the door, unless we make the playoffs, then he is back to do even more damage.


Are you saying that if you can't win the Super Bowl there is no point? That is the dumbest of dumbest statements I have ever heard.
Many teams with records similar have won playoff games. We have beat Cinci and New England.
Any given Sunday and if you are on the field the team gets a shot. If you take a shot you have a chance.
"You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take." Wayne Gretzky.
A playoff game gives the team a shot to be better.
If you are thinking draft position that is the thinking of a loser. We might move up 3 positions. Big deal. The draft is a total crap shoot with the top overall pick giving you the potential to draft a star. the rest are luck, player ability, attitude and good coaching,
So if you don't like the Phins get off the board.

Phins win 28-10. They will crush these loser Jets and send them back home, crying like little girls.

WOW, Daniel Thomas is already the slowest RB in the NFL...
Now he's even slower, great pick (sarcasm)

Posted by: promichael | December 26, 2013 at 01:41 AM

More proof at just how dumb and illiterate proMichelle is. Anyone with a brain weighing more than 1 milligram would know her statement was sarcastic, but she is so clueless she had to add the word.

Ever wonder why they need laugh tracks on sitcoms? It's for people like her.

Phil does have his points, but I want the playoffs it has been five years and I don't lose in the first round and I do think we have a shot to win a playoff game if we get there. Wheeler has to go and we need a real RB and probably Ellerbe gone as well.

Does a new OC get more production from this group of offensive players ? Hard to believe that he couldn't really when we sit at 27th in the league on Offense.

There will be better OC's available at the end of the year, I say go get one. However the sad fact is can you see Philbin choose what is best for the Miami Dolphins over loyalty to Mike Sherman... NEVER.

REALLY, REALLY, After losing 19-0 and getting swept by the BILLS with their third string QB-Thad Lewis you really think we deserve to be in the Play-Offs. As long as this team is run by ROSS/IRELAND we shall never ever rise beyond being mediocre.

It might have been a third string quarterback, but he was delivering the ball accurately and well protected behind a excellent offensive line, where as Tannehill was inaccurate and pummeled behind a sieve of an offensive line.

U C,

your Mama needs to get you back in school next week. If you had half a brain you would be considered a half wit.....

For all you clowns who do not want this team to make the playoffs, remember the Steelers from the 2005 season. They got into the playoffs as a sixth-seeded team and won Super Bowl LX. Also, who could have imagined that the Giants would defeat the Patriots on Super Bowl XLII? Once we are in the playoffs, ANYTHING can happen. GO DOLPHINS!!!!

One cannot blame a coordintor for poor execution on the field. That said, this does not give any coordinator a free pass for poor game planning and bad calls during a game. In the case of Sherman, any casual fan knew up front the Bills would open the barn doors and rush Tannehill with full abandon. Fans knew it, the Bulls knew it, the Fins coaching staff knew it, and so did the players. Yet, when it was all said and done Sherman called nothing to offset the rush. He played right into the strength of the Bills. It is not like the Fins offense, albeit terrible along the o-line could not have run simple screens, quick patterns, leveraged Thigpen by placing him in the slot, or attempted a couple of shovel passes, etc. IMO it is just time for the Tannehill / Sherman umbilical cord to be cut and bring in an offensive coordintor who looks to maximize limited talent instead of pushing for things that this group cannot execute well. It appears the Sherman is set to do what he wills to do irrespective of what is unfolding before his eyes. Just dumb pride. On the d side, again any casual fan knew the Bills would run and continue running whethe it worked or not just to tale some heat of their practice squad QB. Coyle waited too long to press and this allowed the Bills to get into a rythem aided by horrific tackling and having players simply out of position play after play. At some point it may be wise for Coyle to come out of the booth, get to the sideline and get i to his collective LB corps faces and let them know their play stinks. No reason for all the missed tackles...none. In the end, coaches game plan to take full advantage of ones strengths against an opponants weakness. These coaches failed in all aspects.

U C,

Morons like yourself may not know how bad Thomas is at RB.
You are less than a half witted person...

I apologize up front for my bad spelling. It is not that my spelling is bad, I just type as bad as the Fins o line block. That said, Thomas as a RB is neither an inside threat or a break away runner. One run (at Pitt) does not make him a threat to take it to the house. What he can bring is some catches out of the backfield and spell a true number one for a series or two. Of course that would mean having a true number one that would get 80% of the carries and not all out of the shotgun. Seems the fins playbook, all six plays are out for everyone to see!

Posted by: J T Sander | December 26, 2013 at 07:02 AM

This is completely on Sherman. The co-ordination has to involve the skill sets of the players, that should be obviously clear, even to a thicko like sherman.

He has ran his version of the WOO for years now and its been diagnoised by D co-ordinators to the point where they know the plays better than our own ones.

The Truth,

That is correct and the plays are also the same plays run over and over without misdirection. The defenses know what's coming for sure. This has also got to be on Philbin for allowing this offense to take place and expect to win with it in the NFL

tick tock getting closer to kickoff

agree on this past draft by ireland, it looks beyond awful. corners taken are either a joke or the coaching staff is for never playing them

Just read an article where stats show that the offense this year is no better than last year. Seeing how the receiving corp is much better this year, guess all the other parts of the offense have regressed. Running game certainly is worse. OL can't possibly be worse than last year, more like on par. QB? You be the judge.

oline is easily worse than last year. running game awful, thill becoming a stud has carried us to victories luckily

maxx,the qb led the team 2 zero pts last week
and the longest play from the los was from the back up qb

I think the Oline is not worse than last year. We had Martin at LT and Garner at RT late last year. If you include the fact that, even with his pass catching limitations, Fasano was a better run blocking TE than any on the current roster, plus the fact the RB's can block worth shyte, it's probably a wash.
Tannehill has showed some improvement this year, but was just terrible against Buffalo, as the whole team and coaching staff was.
Being at home, against the lousy Jets, this should be an easy victory for us. The Jets do not match up well against the Phins, but are sure to run the ball more, and Cromartie is healthier than the last meeting. If the Phins lose this Sunday, they are truly a mediocre team headed in the wrong direction.

disagree, current jets matchup fine. running the ball very well now. be another close game that i hope thill can bail us out again

Our O-line is bad there is no denying that...but I'd argue our RB's are just as bad, if not worst.

OJ, Payton, Sanders, Brown, Campbell, Dickerson

Some of the top RB's of all time and they extended runs when their O-line failed to open up holes.

Daniel Thomas drives he head into the back of Pouncey then just falls down if there is no hole to run through.
Miller makes a single cut and if there is nothing there he just stops running and gets swarmed.

We need a feature RB big-time and feel this is our missing ingredient to a great offense next year.

I say take RB with our #1 pick, then focus on OL with #2-3...obviously Ireland cannot pick RB talent so hope that Ross is pressed by the NFL to fire Ireland over the J-mart scandal and we can move onto a better talent evaluator.

Thomas being out would be a positive, not a negative.

rbs dime a dozen, i wouldnt waste first rounder on one

Carlos Hyde the next Ricky Williams.

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

already have one zonk, welcome back from your cave life

Just read an article where stats show that the offense this year is no better than last year. Seeing how the receiving corp is much better this year, guess all the other parts of the offense have regressed. QB? You be the judge.

Posted by: MassDolphan | December 26, 2013 at 08:50 AM

Tannehill has NOT improved one bit. He is on the exact same path as Henne.

What is that Zonk's adventure from turbo graphics 16?

RB's are NOT a dime a dozen, just look at our rushing stats this year vs. last year with Reggie Bush.

I would gladly give up Miller for Bush any day.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 26, 2013 at 09:47 AM

Franchise QB's dont get shut out....IN BUFFALO!


somebody show Zonkie, Tannehills stats this year compared to last year. Then show this fool henne's stats. And let him know the improvements

is zonk a jets fan or retarded? honest question hennes first 2 years 6179 yards 27 tds 33 ints 84 rush yds 1 td thill 7003 yards 35 tds 27 ints 430 rush yds 3 tds not even close thill is the man for years to come here

I see that McKinnie is saying the Bills figured out Tannehill's snap count this past Sunday and that is one of the reason's why they sacked him so much.
Great coaching, great QB play.

zonk u fool, marino got shut out at buffalo

I truly believe the problems are in the coaching and schemes. Last off season almost everyone was screaming for Dansby and Burnett to be cut loose, have you seen the year he has had with the Cardinals. It is universally understood that Dion Jordan's natural position is linebacker in a 3-4 defense, how has he been used this year? Can you honestly assess any running back this past year when we haven't at any point commit to the run. I believe this team is in desperate search of an identity and when found needs to perform up to its potential.

Also to note. 3 of Tannehills pics came from trash time at the end of the game were he just threw the ball up for grabs. Last season 5 of his 13 pics were batted up in the air from the line of scrimmage. My point is he's interceptions doesn't come from making poor throwing choices as is in Henne.

Hennehill won't be here too long if he doesn'T find his pocket awareness and stops holding onto the fu$%ing ball.

Tannehill needs 294 yards passing to reach 4000 yes this season.

scott he has 2 secs to throw, thats not holding onto the ball


promichael, Truth, JT Sander,

I agree 100% about the general management and coaching.

It seems to me the team is regressing despite a better record from last year. We have 2 convincing wins and 2 embarrassing loses. If I remember right, the rest of the games have been won and lost by one score (correct if wrong). Anybody know the difference in strength of schedules for this and last year?

too funny
the same dumb homers that wanted henne
want tpuke

most nfl games are withing one score


don't waste time with zonk, he got that name from being under the influence of mind altering substances and cannot function as a normal thinking person.

Yea that was a dumb comment. This is the NFL not college football where as good teams are suppose to beat bad teams by 4 scores.

Anyone who watched the Bills game saw a head coach in complete disarray. My wife even commented saying:
"Why is he just standing there...he's not talking on his headset or to any of his players."

Now if my wife can notice this...the players are for sure!

If Philbin has turned the play calling duties to both his cooridinators then he should be pumping up his players on the sidelines.
Getting down on one knee and pumping them up, getting them to dig deep and put out 110%, not 75% like most of them were doing.

I've been a Philbin supporter all season, but he has been out coached in many games and his sideline optics show a man who's not the leader, but rather the follower.

hey dusty

don't waste time with scott, hes not an original thinker, hes been brainwashed by reading too much troll propaganda.

I watched the Atlanta/SF game and Atlanta had a game plan to stop the SF outside pass rush by having the WRs line up closer to the tackles and chip the OLBs and blitzing corners before running their patterns. It worked pretty well, and showed innovation and flexibility by their OC.
Why doesn't our OC come up with schemes like that?


To deal with situations when someone puts you down, avoid yelling back at them or displaying aggression. Doing so will enforce their actions, making the person feel better because they feel that their actions have perceived outcomes.

You are right.

the coaches have to challenge our LB corps to start leading the way. if they don't shine in this game i would cut both elerbe and wheeler. i know it will be dead money, but addition by subtraction is better than putting out players that stink.


Unless the person is incredibly thick-headed, he/she will usually leave you alone after being ignored.

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