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Victory Monday: Ireland safe, locker room well, Philbin good

PITTSBURGH -- I reported in my column that appears in Monday's Miami Herald that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has given Jeff Ireland assurances he is safe in his job as general manager.

It has been long speculated around league circles that Ireland could be something of a scapegoat after this season if the Dolphins didn't reach certain heights -- most likely making the playoffs -- or if the continuing NFL investigation finds some sort of lack of institutional control within the organization that led to Richie Incognito to somehow harass Jonathan Martin.

That speculation was fed the evening of November 11 when Ross spoke in glowing terms about coach Joe Philbin but did not mention Ireland other than to say he would be on one of his committees.

It was as if Ross was supporting his head coach while throwing his GM under the bus.

But I'm told Ross and Ireland have discussed the GM's status and the speculation is not accurate -- at least not right now. Obviously, there are three games remaining in the regular season and the Dolphins are neither in the playoffs nor out of the playoff hunt so no final declarations or assertions of fact can be made on the matter.

But for now, that which is being widely assumed -- that Ireland is a goner after the season -- is not correct.

And you know what?

Right now, keeping Ireland would seem to be the right call. Indeed, keeping the current administration -- personnel dept., coaching staff -- as status quo seems right based on the results the team is getting.

That's not how I felt back when the Dolphins lost to winless Tampa Bay and the NFL investigation was in its infancy. At that point it seemed as if the Dolphins were a mess internally and Ross needed to clean house.

But the team has won three of four games since then, the so-called "Code Red" reported by two South Florida media outlets has been debunked by team sources, and the locker room that was supposedly in disrepair has come together.

Even the offensive line that seemed to be a mess doesn't look so bad now. (The Dolphins averaged 7.5 yards per carry against Pittsbugh).

That all requires credit given to the players and coaches that previously came under earned criticism. Fair is fair. Tyson Clabo was a turnstile to the quarterback early in the season. He's been good the past month. Offensive line coach Jim Turner, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, and yes, head coach Joe Philbin, made mistakes and were criticized earlier this seaosn.

Lately, they've made corrections, corrected course even as they remained convinced what they've been doing is right, and it has worked. 

This team's course has changed. And that must be noted and accepted as fact now.

Obviously, the season is not over. And if this NFL season has proven anything it's to expect the unexpected. So no one knows whether the Dolphins will continue their current hot streak and perhaps finish the season 10-6. No one knows if the Dolphins might also collapse and finish 7-9.

The point is to draw conclusions on what will happen based on what we know today is unwise. To say the offense or defense is this or that based on what we saw early in the season is unwise.

The wise thing, I believe, is to see what actually happens before we make proclamations about the 2013 Dolphins. Let's see what happens first. Let's watch the next three weeks and judge afterward.



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We can win all these games man, the team is rolling the offense and defense are coming along at just the right time.

Actually I never remember a team to get stronger as the year was coming to an end - a truly unique Dolphins team.

Lets acknowledge my 1 ranking for this season in the Dolphins in Depth fantasy league.

It has been a pleasure dominating everyone so far this year and hope it continues to the Superbowl.

Yes lets all praise me, I deserve it LMAO

rdubs, you gave everyone the Cody Wallace treatment!


Except I use my face!

I am in a pay league and was the 8th seed out of 8 and had to play the first seed. Guess who won? I know he is mad right now!

rdubs, your boy Tre mason is a finalist for the heisman!

Man, watching that game yesterday and just jealous that we don't have one of those big WRs. Well, we had one of them but he decided to be a first class jerk when he was here...


Good posts. The Bills need to move to Toronto if they want to start preventing Blackouts. They could do it the other way around play 6 games in Toronto and 2 games in Buffalo. I always wondered why they never moved the Bills. Even to LA. But definitely to Toronto. Makes more economic sense for the NFL to be in a Bigger Market.

The game will be a great game, I just don't think either team will score that many points. 24-13 Dolphins. I would say we can hold them to less, But I don't know if the Defense will play 4 Qtrs. We match up well against the Pats. Specially with Glasskowski injured.

We have the ability to send 3 Real Good DEs at Brady and he won't be able to run. Everyone knows that is the formula to beat Brady. Plus our CBs can cover. And they are probably angry over their worst game of the season as a group against Pitt.


I really think Marshall and Tannehill would make a great duo. I think Marshall didnt respect any of our QB's. I think Marshall would respect Tannehill. I could see Tannehill throwing up balls for Marshall to catch all game long. Wallace doesnt fight or go up for any balls, Except maybe in his personal time.

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"Let's see what happens first..." a startlingly logical proposition that has most certainly landed on deaf ears in this forum.

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