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A second look at finalist possibilities

So who are the finalists?

Ever since my report saying the Dolphins will this weekend be interviewing the finalists for the vacant general manager job, the one thought on everyone's mind has been ... who are these guys?

Well, there seems to be much speculation and some confusion about that so allow me to dive in with my own speculation and confusion.

Late last night I was told by one NFL source two candidates who are definitely out are Pittsburgh's Omar Khan and Tennessee's Lake Dawson. Others reported the same thing. I don't care about them. That was wrong. I'm correcting me.

Khan is indeed out. Dawson, however, is in, multiple sources are telling me this morning. Dawson was always in. He is indeed a finalist for the job.

This ties closely with the fact Dawson had a good interview in Miami.

There are others and here is where the speculation begins:

I'm guessing Dolphins in-house candidate Brian Gaine will be a finalist. I have not been told this beyond doubt. But I do know the Dolphins recognize the respect Gaine has around the league. I know how he fits in being able to work with ownership, coach Joe Philbin and executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte.

One thing I must tell you about Gaine's candidacy that doesn't apply to any other is he's a known quantity. He has been in the Dolphins war room on draft day with owner Stephen Ross and Philbin so they know what he's like on that day. That's a view the Dolphins don't have on any other candidate.

The Dolphins also have his reports on players -- assuming he wrote some -- they can refer to. So I assume the Dolphins know with certainty how much Gaine hit and missed on players. They know whether he was truly a driving force in the chase for Cameron Wake, as has been reported, or not really.

(I was told that like everyone else in the building, Gaine was very much for getting Wake but expressed doubts about paying him the kind of guarantees the Dolphins paid him as someone jumping from the CFL).  

At any rate, my guess is Gaine will be a finalist.

I know others had great interviews with the Dolphins and I believe those resonated.

One of those is Cleveland's Ray Farmer. He was among the first candidates interviewed and I reported then he impressed in that interview.

Two things on Farmer:

He has a powerful ally in the room in that Carl Peterson, the former Kansas City Chiefs general manager and president and current Ross advisor, loves Farmer. Peterson hired Farmer in Kansas City. Peterson is intimately familiar with Farmer's abilities and potential and has passed those along to Ross.

One complaint I hear about Farmer is he's working for the Cleveland Browns. And if there is one franchise that is on the lips of NFL critics more than the Dolphins it's the Browns. So, readers continually ask me, why hire someone from the Browns?

Well, Farmer went to the Browns in 2013. He's been there one season.

I don't think you can blame the years of struggles the Browns have suffered on someone who has been in the organization one season.


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farmer now probaly coming in for second interview since wooten told him to,lol, cant make this stuff up

Guys wanted Ireland gone....you get your wish.

Maybe, just maybe it's a shitty place to work and everyone around the NFL knows it. Better to dance with the devil you know sometimes, no?

Posted by: Craig M | January 23, 2014 at 04:54 PM

You and MIT need stop this BS. It has totally to do with the JOKER in the DECK that's still here.


He should have canned Saprano and Ireland both in 2011.

In 2011, he did it wrong, and the exact same thing in 2013. Except with the gm position. Ross is adamant about keeping Philbin as he was about keeping Ireland in 2011.

ROSS learns NOTHING from past mistakes, except to create new ones. This is now more about HOW THE REST OF THE LEAGUE presently feels about what's GOING ON IN MIAMI.

When will you guys open your eyes!

Xander told to blow by the Dolphins, this is such a of a joke franchise. If Gaine gets the gig, this blog will be a fight club. Can we go back to picket outside the team HQ ?

ohn Wooten tells me Ray Farmer has reservations about the Dolphins structure. Wooten told Farmer to interview and get clarity on the issue. .

farmer now coming in, but wont take it since they still wont offer control

if it was the other way around, Dashi would be really sore

Dusty, so its a token interview now WTH is going on

ray u couldnt make this stuff up for a movie, nobody would believe it. so pissed, glad baseball almost here

Dusty, if Farmer has reservations and takes the job anyway. We're still in lots of trouble. I don't want anyone being here when he doesn't really want to be here.

true sam, im speechless on what else to say at this point

Whoever is hired as GM, I am willing to give them a chance, see what they can do. I did that with Ireland until it became obvious he was not right for the job. I also want to see what Tannehill can do next year, if the OL is fixed. Gotta have some hope here, looking forward to the draft which they moved to May for some reason.

DawnJoe has scared most good people away. Ross can't have it both ways, I'd say all of the candidates rated Philbin quite lowly and as for his relationship with Dawn, that would have been nauseating.

The GM would want to clear the coaching staff of dead wood like Coyle, Turner and Taylor. Philbin would have gone pink in the interview and put his foot down,(most likely while playing footsie with Dawn), insisting his coaches were, 'Excellent', truly pathetic viewing.

Sam, you won't get your message through to him, give up my friend.

Why would you take a second interview if you weren't sure about the structure?

cause wooten is basically forcing him to

new article

Care to join us in the new blog gentlemen ?

News has it Ross called one of the finalist candidates his wrong name repeatedly.
This shows how little ross truly knows and cares about our football operations. Seems like if we build a contender this year the credit will go to Petersen and the new GM.

Ross has lost a chunk of respect in my book.
Notice i said Ross not our dolphins in general

2014 no thanks to Ross!

I think Farmer's the guy and, truthfully, cannot pinpoint any one reason other than what I've read about him. Great work ethic, former player, has good rapport with players and staff alike and no doubt, if he had something to do with the Trent Richardson trade, it was a good for the Browns. He spent some time in KC and while their bad coaching overshadowed the talent on that team, Andy Reid showed what they could do. They lost Jamaal Charles early in that game which hurt them bad.
Whoever their choice is, if he can shore up the OL and get a Safety, this will be a much improved playoff caliber team. Would like at least 1 LB too and possibly an every down RB.

I'm not getting my hopes up next season, I was begging to think this franchise was finally turning things around, but it seems like no one has a clue. I still love the dolphins but pull for other teams, kinda like having an affair.

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