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Ben McAdoo agrees to become NYG OC

Ben McAdoo, considered the most likely hire as the Dolphins next offensive coordinator, was not an easy man to get. Indeed, he's not going to be the Dolphins next OC at all.

McAdoo left the Dolphins facility moments ago, headed to the airport and agreed to become the next offensive coordinator of the New York Giants, per a source. The story was first reported by FOXSports1.

There is no doubt the reason McAdoo was able to get done so quickly is because he was increasingly in demand. Only moments before agreeing to terms with the Giants, he had other teams already eager to speak with him, as I reported on my twitter feed:

The Dolphins knew about McAdoo's interview with the New York Giants on Monday. But the interest from the Ravens was new.

Indeed, Baltimore put in a interview notice for McAdoo only hours ago after their OC Jim Caldwell accepted the job to become the Detroit Lions coach.

Here's the issue: I doubt the Dolphins knew of the Ravens interest and thus did not know of the building momentum to get McAdoo. But they knew of the Giants interest. And they let McAdoo leave the building without getting him.

I cannot tell you if they offered McAdoo the job on the spot or not. If they did, obviously McAdoo thought better of the opportunities in New York. If they did not, well, you snooze ... you lose.


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nobody wants the Browns job, maybe they will take Macaoo.


whats Kubiak up to? I haven't heard his name in a while

TO BE.........


oh, I read that wrong...Yes he is off the board. bring Lazor or Shanny now before they re gone too......

Lazor's already gone too.

what Lazor gone too?

is philbin sabotaging us? waiting for all the good OC to be gone because he is mad about Sherman.....

They are shying away from the OC position but not from the GM one. I wonder why?

Let's sit and watch all the good GM candidates get hired as well....

Fire him now he is incompetent

Please now sign HAM GLUE JONES and FAST LAVA JOHNSON to these positions of need!

Lazor went to the Lions. The Lions! Sheesh.

Come on Philbin. Make a freaking decision before were down to Sherman's kid.

Clueless joe why us !!!!!!!!!!!

How do you let your guy leave the building ?

Good,He SUCKS anyways.IT'S THE QB STUPID Eh?

We are down to zero

different day;same results. we line up everyone and can't close the deal on any frontrunner. we will take whatever is leftover as usual.

The Lions offense needs much less work to be excellent than the Dolphins right now.

Not surprised by his decision at all. I would have done the same. Got nothing to do with Ross or Philbin or anything else. They just have better talent to work with right now.

Hire justin beriber

Marc,they use stupid Ross and the barbies as leverage for more $$$$$,JUST LIKE ALWAYS eH?
no respect eH?

Amazing!!! I am convinced he would rather coach Eli over Tannehill. No doubt. It was a no brainer decision.

Yup same old story

The world happens at 45RPM and the Dolphins circle at 33 RPM. The world just happens to them.

We just need better players a good gm will help that

Get Shanahan before to late.....

Get Shanahan before to late.....

and make him assistant head coach Ross....

don't wait for filbus...

Just hire Kyle shanahan and get it over with

hes another matt Flynn...
media hyping him up, we gave him a look, and those who know him (philbin) but him loose.

trust JP.

Harbaugh is a freakin goof ball

I can't trust philbin after losing last 2 games and defending Sherman

Hire jay Fiedler as oc

Well Maria,

Moreover if you were Mike Wallace would you want to watch the ball go 10 yards over your head or 10 yards short even though you were wide open. Franchise QB...no way

Why is he Shanahan not hired yet? NO continuity? we don't want continuity we want a fresh offensive mind not antiques....not zombies...not relics.....

ROFLMAO and the saga continues.

Ross is left standing at the alter yet again.

Anyone notice a perpetual theme here ?

No one likes Ross, or at least his methods.

The only reason anyone would come here at this point is for the money.

Miami Dolphins = the worst organization in pro-sports.

I hear Dawn Aponte asked him if his mother was a prostitute.

Then Richie Incognito left him a message.

The final straw ?

Lamar Miller was set to be his starting RB.

Everyone knows Philbin is on the hot seat. Forget whether it's deserved or not. What OC candidate wants to come into a situation like that? A young and inexperienced one, that's who.

Maybe miami can place a call to Scott pioli instead of reaching for an unproven talent. The franchise needs a proven leader. Ross needs to turn the team over to football men and just write the checks.


Then Richie Incognito left him a message.

maybe he can be the OC?

getting frustrated here!!!!!!!!!

Shanny Jr or Kubiak both to me are still better candidates. They have actually called plays in the past.

Giants Dolphins Giants Dolphins hmmmmm.

Flagship NFL franchise, floundering NFL franchise.

Recent two time Super Bowl winning franchise, ancient two time Super Bowl winning franchise.

Proven winning head coach, Joe Philbin = 15-17.

Franchise QB in place, Tannehope.

Stadium sold out every game, orange seats.

Owner who stays out of the way, owner who likes the front page.

Iconic logo with great tradition, effeminate logo with one year of tradition 8-8, no playoffs (again).

Respected franchise, ridiculed franchise.

Job security, job insecurity.

Phins lose again.

Wow man this is a bummer these two guys where hot names

Philbin gave his good friend McAdoo some invaluable career advice. "Do yourself a favor and sign with the Giants, Ben."

We are losers


I only hear the music to jeopardy.. With that said let's hire Alex trebeck for oc orgm.

HireDon Stock as the OC he has a great offensive mind



Struck is too old

Still better them most out there

Tony Sparano was just hired as The Dolphins next OC.

I say go for shanahan before he gets away. Fins say they want a young and up and coming offensive minded OC? We'll he's still available and mho is that I would go after him than kubiak regardless of the experience..... Let's sign him now ROSS before he is gone!!!!!! We have nothing to lose anyway..... Anybody other than grandpa Sherman will be an upgrade...... PERIOD!

HoHo, People got pissed here. Look at it in a + way. Everybody and their cousins know Philbin won't be with the Dolphins next year. Maybe that young, aspiring OC, can become the HC then, eh. eh?

Thank you NY Giants. Now maybe Philbin will hire someone with play calling experience ala Kubiak or Kyle. (Remember Philbin did not root for Flynn when the hype machine for Flynn was overheating.)

And I'm sure Kyle will utilize all of the players assets and leave it on the field. Why us ask? Because he is young and Hungary and probably wants to prove himself that he knows football not because of his DAD but because he is young, smart, and Hungary!!!!!!

Tank. Promote Gaines, fire everyone next season and start anew



The Shanahans are Hungarians? I thought they were Scottish.

Brian Daboll is an offensive assistant in New England, let's see if he's interested in coming back down to Miami....HA!

Thank you NY. I so did not want McApoo. I felt it would be more of the same if we got him. I want a OC that is gonna make Philbin step out of his comfort zone

Good bye clueless joe

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