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Ben McAdoo a possibility for OC but not yet

The moment news of Mike Sherman's firing as Dolphins offensive coordinator became public, speculation about his successor started. The name most tied to the vacancy is that of Ben McAdoo, the Green Bay Packers quarterback coach.

And while it makes sense based on ties you'll soon understand, one cannot accuse the Dolphins of acting fast if they have interest. The Dolphins as of this writing had not sought permission to interview McAdoo.

Therefore there is no interview scheduled with McAdoo.

The Cleveland Browns, meanwhile, have received permission to interview McAdoo for their open head coach job, according to the NFL Network and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. That will happen Wednesday.

(Yes, McAdoo is out of contract after this season. But as contracts don't expire until March, teams have to get permission to interview McAdoo anyway).

So why has McAdoo's name come up?

Well, he worked with Joe Philbin in Green Bay. He was the tight ends coach while Philbin was on that staff as the offensive coordinator. When Philbin came to the Dolphins to turn the Dolphins into a playoff team around, McAdoo became the quarterback coach for the Packers.

Interestingly, McAdoo, 36, has never been an offensive coordinator. He's never called plays.

So why is he so hot?

He's been compared to Kansas City coach Andy Reid, who rose from Green Bay tight ends coach, to quarterback coach to head coach in Philadelphia.


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DD from the previous blog, I do agree that Mason runs a lot harder than Miller but at 205 lbs, will that translate to the pros? I want to see some astronomical combien #s to be able to validate that. If he comes up with a crazy broad/vertical score and a nice 40 time then I'm sold.

Thats cool Mark, I feel ya. Tra isnt huge but the 3 things that really stand out with him

1.Patience, he waits for a hole to open and hits it hard. How many times did Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller hit the wrong hole .I did that to my wife by accident and she told me that isnt good LOL

2. Runs with power, he is small but not microscopic. He runs hard and fights for extra yardage

3. This kid can cut on a dime. Thats what makes Lesean MCcoy so good. I am not saying Tra jukes as well as him, but he does a pretty darn good job.

Mark, do you think we have room for another receiver?
Hartline,Wallace,Matthews,Gibson,Binns are all under contract. I think Binns could be that big receiver you covet. I just dont know if we carry 6 receivers on the team.

I would be stoked if we could get someone like Ebron, but I am sure he is gone before we pick. I see us signing Albert this offseason and dont believe we draft a LT in the first

And I do agree that benjamin or that type of receiver - one who is extremely Qb friendly (Gibson is good at this) is needed whether it's at WR or TE. It was ridiculously easy for the Bills and Jets to cover our receivers.

Ellington from South Carolina has some of these traits as well but is too small for my tastes

Rdubs, I agree with everything you say - but I think the team should be aiming for Ben Tate to fill the Rb spot. Everyone here of significance is on a one yer contract. Can't afford to provide important spots to rookies (OC, RB, LT).

As far as Mason goes, I'm just taking a wait and see approach. Overall it's a pizz poor RB crop by the looks of it compared to WR/TE and I think someone will roll with mason early even if he doesn't put in a nice showing in March.

And I also do think that our first round pick might have been playing yesterday. Greg Robinson, Cameron Erving, Benjamin, Mason are all interesting propositions.


Ben Tate worries me. I think he is good, but he is rather injury prone and plays behind a really good oline. I just worry that he would expensive and wouldnt make it through the season. Kind of like what happened to Arian Foster

Rob Rang has Bortles going #1 at this stage to the Texans - stock is on fire...

..I think if the Phins are serious about a receiver round 1. (Which to me would be just fine, the idea we have to draft lineman the first 3 rounds is absurd)Mike Evans IMO is the prototype receiver we should be looking at.

It is too bad the dreadlock army is under contract to get paid next year. Or MLB would be a good avenue to explore.

The one thing we can all count on is Ireland to make the wrong decision...

DD, Evans is my favourite WR in this class - earlier it seemed improbable that he would be there at 19 but some mocks have him dropping to the mid teens ... maybe, possibly he could be there? If so, I say screw the OT and take the manbeast. Get a top end OT and OG and RB in free agency and be done with it.

rdubs, I don't know how expensive Ben Tate will be. besides us, anybody going to go buck wild for a RB? 4 year, 16m???

I was thinking along the lines of Mark when I saw Mason yesterday - GREAT, tough runner but a bit undersized for my liking. I'd rather go after a bigger back (our very own Eddie Lacy).

I agree a rookie WR or TE would be a great addition to this team. There are a LOT of talented WRs and TEs in this draft. Perhaps a few QBs too (hint, hint).

But Ireland will not do that if he is still the GM.

He's going to patch the OL and focus on the defense (again). He'll do that in the hopes of winning one more game to get to 9-7 and get himself another extension.

As I sit here blogging in the nude I still must stress how crucial it is for the team to focus most of their energy on foxing that atrocious offensive line.

I may be naked as a jaybird at the moment, but one does not need to have clothes on to recognize that the Dolphins cannot and will not be able to improve their offensive output without seriously upgrading that unit.


I have heard a few teams are interested in him. I think he will sign for more than 4 mill a year.

Either way, I just want a good run game. I prefer a good run game to a good passing game. I find it more exciting

....Mark..I'm sure Tre' can put on 5-6 pounds. He would measure favorably with a Ray Rice, a MJD, not as quick as a Gio Bernard. I like those backs that have low centers of gravity. The 3 games I have seen Mason play. (Bama' SEC cup, last night) the guy is hard to tackle.

I have no idea how he translates into the Pro game. Who knows. And I get it that Lamar Miller is going nowhere. A backfield of these 2 isn't probably going to happen. But? Would it if we could sign a free agent vet? Would it make Miller expendable? I know he has talent. He deserves to run behind a better line, better scheme. Miller was brutal last year. I know some will say he averaged 4 plus behind that line..He did. But all around..He wouls disappear, he was a total liability as a blocker. Not good.

Yeah, and by the time Sleepy Deputy Dog finally awakens to is midnight coffee, McAdoo will have signed with someone else.

Ross moves so slowly, in a race to death, Vegas would handicap Ross. Even molasses would be the prohibitive favorite. If Ross were the future, the past would happen first.

Ireland has had six drafts to find elite WRs. We've got Hartline and Matthews. Hartline drops a LOT of passes. Matthews is average at best.

Ireland has only built a solid DL. That's it in six years.

As I've mentioned before (too much), Miami just does not have the talent people think they have. Tannehill is behind Luck, Foles, RGIII, and Wilson at this point. He's behind other young QBs too.

It's the drafting that has destroyed this team.

Why would any OC with any ambition or talent come to Miami if there were other jobs open?

Philbin and Ireland are lame ducks (or should be). Actually, they should have been fired last week.

And who wants to risk their career on Tannehill if the deep ball accuracy cannot be addressed.

No to Ben Tate unless contract is very reasonable. He is good, but not great. Biggest issue is health. Even in good years he is prone to miss a few games. And every other year he is out for the season. Why did Ireland trade up in 2 nod round for Thomas who is nothing more than a backup and special teams player. Solid, but lacking explosion and misses way too many blocks. Running back blitz pickups was just as big a problem as o line. Although I think a lot of that was on Sherman. ....what about a guy like Kubiak? Not a good head coach, but got more out of Schaub than most could have and had good success as a qb coach and coordinator in Denver. His teams usually run the ball well. It seems like every series Tannehill was facing 2nd and 9 or 10 or worse. We need to keep Miller as a no 2 and find a no 1. Thomas should just be used for depth and special teams.

I'm lost. Phins' have no OL, no NFL caliber RB, will need another DT and a future MLB. And this team will draft a WR in the first?

...Mark in Toronto @ 12:00 I agree 100 percent. This line needs help now. I do not want to put our trust in a rookie, or 2 to be that help.

Well can Ben McAdoo throw the deeper ball with accuracy?

He is only 36, OC and when the Dolphins need to throw over 20 yards they can go with McAdoo........

Yeah, by the time Deputy "sleep dog" Ross awakens to his midnight coffee, McAdoo will be 3yrs headcoach. If Ross were a racecar Vegas would handicap the snail.

If Ross were molasses he would lose against himself. If Ross were the future, the future would be the past. If Ross were an ass, he would poop from his pole.

Ross is doing an excellent job of setting the team up for an uncomfortable, do or die season where everyone becomes a lame duck.

Some recipe for success that is.

On defense, we're a ball hawking safety away. However, if Ireland's still gm, at offseason's end we'll still be a safety away, 2 cb's, 1 ilb's, and 2 dt's.

In his attempts to rebuild the oline, Ireland will cut Patterson, allow Grimes, Soliai, Starks to walk, will not find a ballhawking safety, nor upgrade Wheeler.

It's Ireland's way. While attempting to fix one area(oline) he'll totally neglect the other. So, if Coyle4 doesn't get fired now, he'll definitely be fired end of 2014.

Ireland will guarantee it by making sure he has shotty personnel.

Well can Ben McAdoo throw the deeper ball with accuracy?

Posted by: promichael | January 07, 2014 at 12:11 PM

Marino could. How did that work out?

You guys are talking RB, and big WR which I agree is a need along with obviously the o-line.

I also feel like a run stuffing middle backer is in order. It doesn't appear Ellerbe fits the bill.

If it were me drafting, I would be looking for the best available game changer in those three positions 1st rd and deal with the o-line via free agency and 2,3,4, or 5th rd.

Of cousre depending on Jamar Taylor, the RCB spot may still need to be adressed and DT depending on who gets resigned.

Of course I'm assuming Grimes is resigned. Which is a big assumption.

Sam...and you all know who remains the constant? Yep, your right!! Totally ridiculous!!

Ireland's the only gm I know that ends up with more personnel issues coming out of offseason than he had going into offseason.

You all know its true.

Siting here in the buff I feel as if I must continually remind you guys that it really doesn't matter who the OC is until that line is fixed.

Sure, it feels awesome to blog naked but that doesn't mean I have forgotten this huge concern for the Dolphins.

Jeff Ireland is the new Matt Millen. Only worse.

Even Matt Millen can not figure out why Jeffy has not been fired yet. If Millen had Jeffy's luck he would still be gm now.

Will Tom Brady give Andrew Luck his 2nd consecutive playoff crop dusting? Last playoffs, it was to the tune of like 30pts.

If McAdoo is really a hot commodity and is currently getting head coaching interviews, it seems like wishful thinking on the teams part to think he'll come be the teams OC.

Why would any rising candidate with options come to a situation where you don't even know if the current GM is "safe" or not, and the Head Coach will be on the hot seat in what amounts to a "win or else" one year deal.

Just looking at it realistically, if you have options, I'd imagine you'd look for more stability.

Colts signed Dion Branch for the playoffs(Pats). Would be so funny Dion Branch becomes the reason Colts lose.

DD, Tre right now weighs 205 - might be generous. MJD, Ray Rice were not small, jsut short - they each bordered on 220lbs. Like I said, I'm not dismissing him but if he will be one of our two top picks, he needs some extreme wow fator come testing time. He';s pegged to run a 4.5 and that doesn't excite me.

And yeah, I may add one rookie in the draft to the o line but it would be either a RT or an OG, both positions are deep and you can get a quality guy in round two who in outher years might have been a late 1st round pick. There are 6 guards graded round one or two picks by CBS right now - that's deep.

I would be a "hot commodity" as qb coach with Aaron Rodgers as my qb. Maybe M

..Dolfan Rick. Sadly I think 2014 we are going to have to live and die with Elerbee, and Wheeler. It would cost us a bunch to cut ties with either one. I think Elerbee is on the books for 7 mil guaranteed next year, and Wheeler 6 mil. 2015 we are in a much better spot to cut either as we would only owe on the signing bonuses. This year, both get huge bumps on their base salaries.

signal, the answer is easy to your question, it's because you can find all those positions in free agency or trade. Special big bodied WRs seldom come up in free agency and when they do, cost over $10M a year. If one is there, you grab him ... we have a smurf patrol of receivers who always need the ball perfectly thrown to make a play it seems - except for Gisbon.

Well rather than sit around and twiddle thumb waiting for McAdoo's availability, why not reach out to Chud?

I wouldn't mind giving Auburn's OC a shot. I love his scheming in Auburn's run game. I love Tre Mason's productivity, but, boy do they have a great run game scheme.

Next year we might win ten or, more probably, we win 6-8. In any event this whole thing will be blown up again and this may solve the problems or worsen the situation. What's pissing me off is the fans, and that includes us idiots that use this blog (myself included), are always paying the price. Ross bought into a situation where he's in a league that's anointed by Congress as a 'non-profit' entity. The tax savings are enormous. Goodell is the front man for the biggest con job since a man called Ponzi! And we happen to really like a franchise that's (knowingly or unknowingly) playing us for suckers!!! And we're powerless to enact our will! What is our will? This POS of a franchise that at the very lest shows some measure of competence!!! Yes, without a doubt I'm pissed. Probably as much with myself as with this soap opera called the Miami Dolphins!!!

Rick, if all else fails regarding cb, I expect Patterson to still be around. I think they will hold him until they can see what tehy have in Taylor with a clean slate. 0 guaranteed with Patterson until opening week - nice luxury.

Like your post 0 Ring. May I add? If Mike Sherman could throw the long pass with accuracy would he still be here?
I have lost all confidence in Philbin. Nice Guy for sure, great camp coach as well. But, he is not a good game day coach. Now if he bring's someone in to help him with that weakness perhaps the team can be coached to recognise and be prepared for opponents tendencies and,also be able to disguise their own tendencies and darn, this staff may be able to outcoach an opponent.

Please, let's not draft anymore smallish RBs with no power who can't pass block - we have plenty of those already.

Millen went 0-16, there is only one Matt Millen.

It'll be just our luck Zac Taylor gets bumped up to OC. Sherman will email him the play calls on game day.

I agree that nobody with either A. a proven track record, or B. a rising star in the making is going to want to come here in a lame duck year to be the OC.

So we are stuck with a hire from within scenario, or some washed up has-been, or some total no-name nobody taking that lame duck OC position.

Unless Ross makes a few earth shattering moves, 2014 is going to be a difficult year for Phins phans, probably worse than the Cam Cameron year.


Having OC McAdoo throw was just some levity.....

If we do hire from within I'd like to see the ST's coach get the OC position, he seems to at least know what he's doing based on the performance of the ST's and what he had to work with regarding returners this year. Heck we even had a FG block and a punt block this year, when has that ever happened since the 70's?

When will Roger Goodell step in and take this franchise away from Stephen Ross. It has to be bad business for the NFL to see one of its former flagship franchise run with such careless ineptitude.

The league should just refund Ross his money and send him on his merry way.

TEs Ebron or Amaro would be my choice in the 1st round. I agree with those that say that we will address LT through FA. If so, then no need to take an OT with the 1st pick. Sign a LT and a G/C in FA. Take the RT in tne 2nd round of the draft.

We have to many holes in other areas to take a WR in the 1st round. I agree that beside OL, we need a RB, DT, and possible a LB this offseason.

The kid Mason looks amazing. I agree that he runs hard and is not timid about hitting the hole. He does not dance around like Miller. I wonder if he would be available in the 3rd round? However, knowing this regime the kid would ride the pine because they will say that he does not know how to block.

John I could see a guy like Kubiak coming here. He knows he's not going to be the head coach somewhere next year but if he can get this offense straightened out, he's likely to be a head coaching candidate again, just like Whisenhunt did in San Diego.

An up and comer like McAdoo, not likely, but a vet, most certainly. I mean, Turner used a year as OC with Wannstedt into a nice little pile of money with San Diego

Mark from Toronto,

Your showing your limited knowledge of a WR, a small wide receiver in the NFL is able to create separation that a larger guy can not do as quickly. They can be used for ball control and go deep; Welker, Steve Smith etc....

I'm embarrassed to say I'm having dusty-like visions of us folding next year and top of the list for the services of one Jameis Winston. Think of it, Ireland/Philbin/Tannehill would all be out (if we were that bad), new GM, new HC/OC/DC, and the #1 pick with the #1 prospect since Andrew Luck.

Instant contenders!

I would also agree with an athletic TE in the 1st for the same reason I would like a monster WR in the same slot... we need to give our Qb some easier throws like Gibson did... the only one who did.

This blog remains a source of humor.

Yesterday, McAdoo was just some guy you had NEVER heard of (you know it's true) but that didn't stop the criticism of him being "just a friend" of Philbin or whatever.

Today, you find out he's actually a well-respected guy on the rise who is deemed possible Head Coach material by some teams which means he "won't come" to Miami because he's too good.

Clueless---thy name is 'Dolphins in Depth.'


Maybe we can bring back Tony Sporano as OC. Or Kippy Brown or Fail Forward Fast Cam Cameron.

Try Brandon Fields at qb. He can kick the football further than Tannehill can throw it. He's an all-pro too.

Good point Mark at 12:52.

Kubiak will probably be a HC again at some point as he did have some success with the Texans. If Kubiak can come here and TH becomes a top 10 QB and this offense starts to click, then he will easily get another shot.

Heck if the offense does great and the defense is awful and somehow the fins miss the playoffs with that mix then, he could be the next coach in Miami.

DD who knows maybe the linebackers play a little better their 2nd year in the system. It certainly doesn't appear that way yet though.

I don't know if Barry Jackson has some inside info or is just speculating but he talks about possible fixes in his sports buzz column.

He actually mentions cutting Wheeler, moving Ellerbe outside and list a bunch of free agent middle backers.

Personally I would rather go through the draft. Highest lber we've taken in awhile was Misi I believe in the 2nd rd.

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