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Ben McAdoo a possibility for OC but not yet

The moment news of Mike Sherman's firing as Dolphins offensive coordinator became public, speculation about his successor started. The name most tied to the vacancy is that of Ben McAdoo, the Green Bay Packers quarterback coach.

And while it makes sense based on ties you'll soon understand, one cannot accuse the Dolphins of acting fast if they have interest. The Dolphins as of this writing had not sought permission to interview McAdoo.

Therefore there is no interview scheduled with McAdoo.

The Cleveland Browns, meanwhile, have received permission to interview McAdoo for their open head coach job, according to the NFL Network and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. That will happen Wednesday.

(Yes, McAdoo is out of contract after this season. But as contracts don't expire until March, teams have to get permission to interview McAdoo anyway).

So why has McAdoo's name come up?

Well, he worked with Joe Philbin in Green Bay. He was the tight ends coach while Philbin was on that staff as the offensive coordinator. When Philbin came to the Dolphins to turn the Dolphins into a playoff team around, McAdoo became the quarterback coach for the Packers.

Interestingly, McAdoo, 36, has never been an offensive coordinator. He's never called plays.

So why is he so hot?

He's been compared to Kansas City coach Andy Reid, who rose from Green Bay tight ends coach, to quarterback coach to head coach in Philadelphia.


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Kubiak isn't coming here. Give the guy a break, he isn't looking to be fired in "consecutive" seasons.

And no way will Ireland draft a TE 1st nor 2nd rd. Are we blogging fantasy football now?

then promichael, you weren't there in Buffalo when our receivers were getting smothered right at the line of scrimmage. And who in your mind is our red zone target? Who creates mismatches?

I know you hate me for liking our Qb but the fact that he had our red zone offense #9 in the league with no line, no running game, and no red zone targets ... how do you explain that?

More nepotism
that is what we are looking at when you hire McAdoo.
Didn't we have enough of that with our present QB coach ( son in law) with no experience whatsoever to coach not even in elementary school
I say no to McAdoo.
He could be the next Belichick but just the fact that Philbin needs him to feel "comfortable" because he is his friend, makes me uncomfortable
Isn't it time we get some professional coaches
And what happened to Sherman's son in law is he still the QB coach ( What a waste of half a million dollars) More nepotism this is the guy that stuck with Go - Go Go the whole season and did not teach Tannehill how to change cadence to help avoid tipping our hand as to a run or a pass.
Let's make sure we replace him too

As for who we need I agree we need Offensive line help badly but we should take best available player with the 19th pick at any of the positions of need in this team OL; RB; Possession Receiver: TE; Linebacker.
If the best player on the draft board for any of those positions is still there that is who we should take and stop giving up draft picks to try and take someone we don't need.
Maybe trade our number one pick from 2013 (Jordan) for a second round pick. (He is obviously not worth a first round pick). Let's admit our mistakes Mr. Ireland. Whoever you are listening to is a jack Ass who is giving you horrible advise. If this was totally your idea then you should have some pride and quit since you would be the jack ass.
No player from the 2013 draft is playing - that is an absolute failure. Forget potential.
We do not need to worry about future potential for darn sakes get proven players that can play now, and assistant coaches that can actually coach.
You are looking at the body instead of the heart. The best players might be a little overweight or thinner than what you want but look at how they play.
If a player has been inactive in his college career for half the games then please don't trade up to draft him. Even if he looks like the best player. Some player are just more prone to injury. Get away from those players. Again this is just my opinion, since this is a blog to express our opinions.
I am just tired of driving 3 hours to go to the games and 3 hours back to Melbourne to see us loose the way we are loosing. If we lost but gave it all we could then that would be OK with me.
The pressures for all 5 of us who drive to most of the home games to stay at home are tremendous.
I will wait to see how all this falls out before we commit to going to the stadium again. All of my Dolphin fans who we car pool to the games are also in agreement. Some bloggers are recommending we stay home. With 60 inch HD screens and all the disappointments you have given us with the players you drafted and the ones you signed up in free agency (LB's) we have to finally think twice about staying home this season if we do not feel like we are going to improve this team.
By the way I think Philbin might be a good administrator, but I don't think he is a good coach.

I hope the colts lose, still hold a grudge that they purposely threw a season to get Luck. Insiders know this. They are using Branch to try to get insights, which is totally legal. But it won't be long before they start going down the road of no ethics. Owner constantly tweeting nonsense.

Posted by: Sam I Am | January 07, 2014 at 12:55 PM

that made me laugh out loud in my office

Nobody coming toca lame duck situation like the one Philbin will be in next season. See this titanic sinking faster than the original one did over 100 years ago !!

Truth be told, no matter who the OC in Miami is, dolfans are already well conditioned to saying the play calling sucks even when it doesn't.

Agreed Mark. Tannehill needs a WR to make it easier than have 3 steps on the defender and the entire field up to the endzone as a marker. How dare Wallace give Tannehill such a tight window as the rest of the field, can't he help his QB out some?

Or the joke that he needs to learn not to outrun his QB! Because that's what WRs need to do, not outrun the QB instead of get past the defender and hope the QB can get it to him. G-d d**n Mike Wallace for being so fast.

Rick, I keep hearing conflicting reports that the LBs can be cut without significant cap penalty. I know some insist yes, some insist no. It would be great if Mando can get a report on this to us.

And Sam, believe it or not, with a nice offseason, operating this offense may be a lot easier than you think. Especially with some upgrades to the line and and if you're confident with your run schemes like Kubiak. With the volume of passing yards Tannehill put up this year, you wouldn't even need to be a top ten run game, being about 15th would make this offense respectable and be a nice add to the resume.

This team has turned into a training center for nubees. The major problem is that you end up with ZERO LEADERSHIP.

Pholbin surrounding himself with more old friends. WTF ? SO THE GUY CAN ONLY GET ALONG WITH ANYONE FROM Green Bay, or who has the exact same lack of balls or emotions.

I'm not a fan of going to the good ole boy network to find someone new. They're likely to find someone better if they consider the entire league instead of just someone they know off hand.

Back to the fins. They will address O Line first. Would be surprised if they go receiver first or second round. Fact is they desperately need a receiver. As much as I like Hartline, he not "the guy" type of receiver. Basically the fins have a modern day version of the smurfs. Hartline is a rag doll, when he catches the ball, the weight of the ball knocks him down half the time:). This day and age a team needs a big physical receiver to get that ball. Get one of those and watch what a great year Wallace will have, provided Tannehill learns how to throw deep.

Mike Wallace also caused a lot of problems for Tannehill in his inability to fight for a pass. Fact is you have to hit that guy right in the hands every time or it drops. Am I the only one who noticed Wallace got more yards receiving this year with Tannehill than he got last year with Ben?


Patterson would be just fine at rcb with Taylor developing behind him if he could stay on the field.

There is no reason to believe based on the past few seasons that Patterson can be counted on.

Hopefully Taylor will become worthy of the 2nd rd selection.

Here's more evidence of the staggering amount of unintentional humor this blog provides every single day:

The past couple of offseasons all you heard here was CONSTANT bitching and moaning about how the Dolphins needed to become a passing team. How the NFL was now a "passing league" and how Miami needed to get with the times.

And guess what? That's EXACTLY what Mike Sherman gave you.

Miami passed the ball at a higher percentage last year than all but ONE team. They were pass happy!

Worked great, didn't it?

So now I see a bunch of posts about the need to RUN the ball more...no doubt many of them from the SAME people.

Do you actually think you're fooling anyone with your self-appointed "knowledge" and "expertise" about football?? Godalmighty, aside from (maybe) 3 or 4 people here its an ongoing Carousel of Idiocy.

But please carry on. It's better than Comedy Central.

Poor Kubiak if he has to come here and watch 16 nailbiters. Can his heart take that stress? I know mine almost gave out 3 or 4 times this season.

With evrything written about Philbin. I don't think that he is going to bring in a coach like Kubiak, Norv Turner, etc. That is just not Philbin. Those guys may know more than him and that would make him feel threatened.

His history tells us that he will go with someone that is non-threatening. He got rid of the leaders of this team because they voiced their opinion. He got rid of Long, Bush, Dansby, and Burnett because these guys spoke up. Is he going to bring a former HC here? I don't think so. Expect a young coach that has never been an OC to come here (maybe McAddoo if he does not get a HC job).

No sh*t DC. Good point.

Frankly Mark from Toronto,

Your entitled to your QB opinion. T-hill will get a fair opportunity to keep his job next season and we will see what happens for the benefit of the Dolphins.

Your WR view is shared by many however Russell Wilson is not a prototype QB and has the skills to lead Seattle. Like wise the pro typical WR can be upstaged by a small quick guy creating separation. The greatest slot receiver ever is Wes Welker 5'9" 180 or so......The negative stats on T-hill are not recorded. Missing wide open receivers by over or under throw. He scored 1 TD in 2 very important games, explain that...he may still win his job next season but I believe the Dolphins will be opening up the competition more next preseason so we will see what happens.

Mike Wallace also caused a lot of problems for Tannehill in his inability to fight for a pass. Fact is you have to hit that guy right in the hands every time or it drops.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 07, 2014 at 01:05 PM

Hmmm.... So now it's Wallace's fault he could not fight for those UNDERTHROWN passes?

Can we now begin blaming the wet for the rain. I mean, is it ok?

Orlando please stop it. Your guy Ireland shares part of that blame. Relax it looks like he's safe too.

Good point Rick, no reason to be overly optimistic about patterson staying on the field but personally I do believe in Taylor. i thought he was an excellent prospect coming out of college. I think he will be just fine.

Great point promichael at 1:10 PM.

I like the big physical wide receivers but it is true that certian offenses are successful without it. Green Bay who runs the same offense does not have the Brandon Marshall type receivers and they have a dynamic passing game.

Seems to be disconnect between GM and coaching. Reshad jones gets hefty raise and the used completely different and exposed. Drafting Jordon and then not using him regularly because he can’t set the edge in 4-3.

Free agent LB’s that are quicker but can’t stop the run. Philbin wants incognito gone but Ireland keeps him after golfing incident. Philbin, it appears, was a Ross choice and Ireland wanting to keep his job agreed.

Pretty sure we are 1 year away from a house clean so not super excited for a new OC other than seeing if T-hill can evolve under differnet tutelage.

I can no longer keep a straight face when talking dolphins, you think we can get a used hubcap and a couple old tires if we trade Ireland?? Maybe a nickel bag of beach sand and a starfish?

Daytona (Sam), i know you get in these moods where you jsut like to challenge everything but are you going to sit here and deny that he had a problem with drops. Or that there were 50/50 balls that he wanted no part of? I was far from the only one who noticed this all year long.

And the deep ball issue - Mando said there were about 10-12 long ball opportunites that were missed by Tannehill this year. Do you think every Qb hits every one of those opportunities? No, Mando reported that the league average is 35-40% completion rate - so we are talking about 3-4 tds and ~200 yards passing (12 * 0.4). Surely something that needs correcting but not somethign that undid our season by a serious degree.

promichael, I am not saying there is no spot or space for a smallish wr, I like Wallace, I love hartline, I love Clay, but it's too much of the same - we need to add that other dimension..

Dolfan Rick,

I think that Ross assessed the situation with Ireland a lot like I did. His players got the team to 8-6 and 4-1 against AFC playoff teams. Therefore, if the team had the talent to do that, why could they not beat lousy teams like the Jets and Bills with the season on the line. The coaching staff failed. No reasonable owner would have fired a GM that put good talent on the field but that did not play up to their capabilities. That is on coachin not developing, preparing, or motivating players.

O-line should be addressed in free agency and later rounds. I would go after a Middle linebacker, Saftey or big WR in round one depeding how the board plays out. Maybe take a flyer on a QB in 5-6 th round.

Orlando, james Jones and Jordy nelson are huge!!

Well sigh I need to sigh after u saying Tanny behind RG3 anybody clamoring or thinking WR in 1st round I hope are in for a dissapointment they already have to much cash invested in that position and their are priorities way ahead of taking a receiver ol linebackers secondary did I mention oil need 4 new starters did people forget they allowed 58 sacks anybody give thought that line along with predictable playcalling affected run game and big surprise team dropped ball on signing v leach a stout blocking fb could have gone long way for this team and one thing I prey for please finally get rid of Nolan Carroll he's like Ireland should have been gone 2 yes ago but instead they get rid of vontae Davis I'm so tired of the poor personnel decisions

Ricky Williams could come out of retirement, skip training camp, and suffer a broken sternum and still be our best RB by a wide margin.

conjecture, projecture, deflecture, trying to make rocks into soup. Yet you keep trying

Philbins reads his victory speeches off cards in the locker room, he can't even speak to his players with raw emotion he has to read off cards? he's a phony and the players know it thats why they lost those 2 huge games a team takes on the persona of its head coach and their head coach reads off pre written cards after victories enough said

The Packer offense if nothing else is predicated on the big WR with one guy sprinkled in for speed. most of their damage is done in the middle of the field.


Wallace getting more yards from Thill was because of the number of times we targeted him.

You keep banging on about Thills yardage. He was 7th in attempts, but 24th in yardz per attempt, which continually stalled our offense. Getting 4000, means he threw a ton of passes.

Jeff George had 4000 yards, so it means very little is your rating is so low and you cant come through in the clutch games or situations

I agree with Armando Mike Wallace runs to fast......
When a WR runs a 4.3 40 and is 5 yards ahead of the DB you will not find many WR's that fast fighting for the ball that is thrown short. Momentum is in the opposite direction. Go figure....

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 07, 2014 at 01:16 PM

Do not get angry with me. Blame your boy Ireland. I only call it as I see, not defending either Tannehill or Wallace. The common denominator is Ireland brought both to Miami.

Your ire directed towards me is as underthrown as Tannehill's deep passes, and as lame as Wallace drops.


Fair enough Mark but that offense seems to do it with more finesse, and precise passing. The 2 Bears receivers I would consider top notch and physical. Cutler just throws the ball up their to let Marshall and the other kid get it.

We can get a red zone type TE in the draft or develop Dion Simms to play that role.

Green bay WRs - expect for the speed guy in Cobb and one guy who doesn't even have a #, all those guys are large. San Diego does it the same way too... I personally prefer this way.

Jarrett Boykin WR 24 6-2 218 2 Virginia Tech
18 Randall Cobb WR 23 5-10 192 3 Kentucky
-- Sederrik Cunningham WR 24 5-11 188 R Furman
16 Kevin Dorsey WR 23 6-1 207 R Maryland
13 Chris Harper WR 24 6-1 228 R Kansas State
89 James Jones WR 29 6-1 208 7 San Jose State
87 Jordy Nelson WR 28 6-3 217 6 Kansas State
19 Myles White WR 23 6-0 182 R Louisiana Tech

Wallace got more yard receiving this year than in Pitt because he is a primary receiver for the first time, however look at his TD production! So do people want to give up TD production for yards on short routes. That is not what Wallace was brought in for.

Phillis is no more head coach material than Joe Namath is an unbiased quality commentator

As for Philbin he will not bring in a big name that could potentially take his job. He does not want to be overshadowed by a name like Kubiak taking over coaching duties mid season if they are sub 500 half way through the season. Kubiak is not coming anyway, but that is my thought on why Philbin will not bring in a former HC or a seasoned OC.

agree dolfnman at 1:24 PM

Kubiak could take Philbin's job mid way through the season.

Sam, I'm getting frustrated with your post not properly telling the story that was. the chemistry problem was a lot to dow ith both the WR and teh Qb - not a one way street. - like a lot here I like the deep ball but it's probably about 5-10% tops of what a Qb is.

Moreover every QB does not hit on the low percentage deep ball which in T-hill case is over 25 yards. The percentage is usually low on the 'bomb' however if a WR is wide open Armando has observed this as I have. The reality is that T-hill has what the scouts indicated out of Texas A&M, 'a deep ball accuracy issue'. All DC's know this now which is why the last two games are so meaningful.

Kubiak could have his job right now if he wanted it

Pray for new ownership.

Ross already allowed Philbin to choose his old Packer cronie Mike Sherman as OC, and it was a disaster. No more! Force Philbin to hire a proven play-caller, not an assistant QB coach.
check out www.DolphinsTruth.com today. great insight about Philbin

mark, I'm beginning to just skip over u'r posts
tsk tsk

Yeah well you give plenty of credit to Ireland for Vernon and Clay. I guess they developed themselves.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion Orlando.

I think Ireland has became a personal thing with me. I can't stand the guy. And I'm generally easy going lol.

I'll try to chill and hope for the best.

dolfnman, hartline got 134 targets compared to Wallace's 142. Pretty dam split. he was the primary WR is pitt last year too and got 119 targets.

So in Miami he got 930 on 142 target- 7 yards per target.
In pitt he got 836 yards on 119 targets - 7 yards per target

Interesting, no?

promichael, of course you have the stats to back this up instead of just hypothesizing based on frustration of having your favourite team not meet your expectations, right?

See above on yards per target for Wallace, year over year - dam similar.

You cant judge Wallace on his time with Tannebust. We all saw what he did with Big Ben.

2 watt, I wish you would just skip this dam board.

And promicahel, I am not arguing that Tannehill is below average or substandard as it stands on the deep ball, I am just debating it's significance.

the truth hurtz!!!!!yoooowsa

OK Dolfan Rick,

How can you blame Ireland for the debacle at the end of the season? The team was 8-6 and favoritest to make it to the playoffs. At that point of the season there is nothing else Ireland can do. It is up to the coaches to get the team over the hump. They got blown out by two terrible teams. If they win just 1 of those two games they are in the playoffs.

That would have fullfilled most of our expectations (at least the reasonable fan).

Ireland's incompetence on bringing in talent is getting everyone fired lol

Sherman was fired for bringing TannePuke to the Dolphins.

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