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Ben McAdoo a possibility for OC but not yet

The moment news of Mike Sherman's firing as Dolphins offensive coordinator became public, speculation about his successor started. The name most tied to the vacancy is that of Ben McAdoo, the Green Bay Packers quarterback coach.

And while it makes sense based on ties you'll soon understand, one cannot accuse the Dolphins of acting fast if they have interest. The Dolphins as of this writing had not sought permission to interview McAdoo.

Therefore there is no interview scheduled with McAdoo.

The Cleveland Browns, meanwhile, have received permission to interview McAdoo for their open head coach job, according to the NFL Network and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. That will happen Wednesday.

(Yes, McAdoo is out of contract after this season. But as contracts don't expire until March, teams have to get permission to interview McAdoo anyway).

So why has McAdoo's name come up?

Well, he worked with Joe Philbin in Green Bay. He was the tight ends coach while Philbin was on that staff as the offensive coordinator. When Philbin came to the Dolphins to turn the Dolphins into a playoff team around, McAdoo became the quarterback coach for the Packers.

Interestingly, McAdoo, 36, has never been an offensive coordinator. He's never called plays.

So why is he so hot?

He's been compared to Kansas City coach Andy Reid, who rose from Green Bay tight ends coach, to quarterback coach to head coach in Philadelphia.


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McAdoo about nothing

Mark from Toronto,

The significance which you fail to realize is that defenses are game planning against the T-hill weakness. They are taking away everything but the deep ball. They know that T-hill lacks the accuracy. It's like what Wallace brings to the Dolphins. It's not in his amount of receptions but how he makes the defensive coordinators prepare for his speed which opens up other receivers. likewise what happens is defensive coordinators allow T-hill to try and beat their teams with the deeper route. Therefore the Dolphins are not able to throw short or run the ball as well.

what you think is right isn't the same as knowing what is right.”

Call Kubiak NOW!!!

I have one question ,if philbin was the offence /c ....in green bay why cant he call the plays like so many other coaches do?.....ie andy reid,mike mc carthy

HOFer Jimmy Johnson said that Jonathan Martin was a 6th or 7th rder on everyones board but Irescum takes him in rd 2?

McAdoo about nothing

Posted by: Mark in cinci


Well played.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 07, 2014 at 12:52 PM

agree with that. kubiak would be the best choice and he doesn't care about Ireland or Philbin if they all get fired.

How come no one on the Dolphins noticed Tannehill's lack of accuracy BEFORE the draft?

This just gets better and better.

So now it's a "seasoned OC" you guys want to bring in, rather than someone "untested" in that role, right?

Uh, perhaps this will come as a newsflash to many of you but EVERY SINGLE COORDINATOR in the NFL was at one time a lower-ranked assistant who was PROMOTED from within or hired and ELEVATED to that position.

Shocking, isn't it??

And please relate all the wondrous advantages of hiring one of these retreads..um, I mean "seasoned" guys.

Kubiak? Wasn't he last seen leading the Texans fall to abysmal status and mentoring Matt Schaub into suddenly becoming a turnover machine?

Shanahan's kid? Oh, yeah. Man, that Redskins offense last year was STATE OF THE ART STUFF for sure. Just a wizard.

Anyone else out there or do some of you take it to the 'Defcon One' level of total idiocy and think you can just hire away any coordinator you want from another team (aside from the fact that any team can prevent just that if it's a lateral move and not a promotion)

But I know actual NFL rules and how the league actually operates are huge and inscrutable mysteries to you guys.

Please carry on. It remains hilarious.

Someone had questioned cap consequences of cutting wheeler & Ellerbe. $10.6 m and $11.6 m, not going to
happen. And still have $3.5 m in dead 2014 money for dansby and burnett. Way to go Jeff

Guy is young and green...but does have some legs in the NFL with other teams:

Ben McAdoo is currently the quarterbacks coach for the Green Bay Packers. He spent the previous six seasons as tight ends coach. He previously worked under Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy in 2004 as the offensive assistant/quality control coach of the New Orleans Saints and in 2005 as the assistant offensive line/quality control coach of the San Francisco 49ers. He was promoted to quarterbacks coach in 2012 after the promotion of Tom Clements to offensive coordinator. He has also served as a coach at five colleges since 2001.


The Dolphins just fired the over the hill guy who was Tannehill's college coach and promoted his skills to the Dolphin brain trust.

McAdoo is VERY qualified for a promotion to OC with someone and it's little surprise he is getting some interest as a Head Coaching prospect.

That other poster is right about you guys, even if he's kind of rude about it. The intelligence level here is pretty low.

Mark, point well taken, but explain TD production then!

promichael, he can't hit the deep ball, co-ordiantors took away the short ball yet he still finished top ten in passing yardage and 12th in touchdowns... how?

Obviously Phibin isnt the offensive guru we thought.

But I know actual NFL rules and how the league actually operates are huge and inscrutable mysteries to you guys.

Posted by: I Just Sit Here Laughing | January 07, 2014 at 01:51 PM


LOL!! It's true.

If you think ANYBODY could be an "offensive guru" when you're saddled with the worst offensive line in the NFL there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

But let me guess---you're the type that believes in magical "schemes" and coaches with a wizard-like ability (and perhaps some pixie dust) that can hide a glaring talent deficiency like that.

(((eyes rolling)))

exactly wally @ 1:47, even if everything falls to pieces here, there will be adequate reasons why and he will be given the benefit of the doubt and be able to get another co-ordinator gig. yet, the upside here is still relevant. Especially with someone who truly gets the zone blcoking scheme. This offense doesn't need significantly more air attack but it needs more balance. Something Kubiak should be confident in bringing. I mean anybody who can turn Wade Smith into an pro bowler certainly gets it.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 07, 2014 at 01:26 PM

I an empathize with the frustrations of any Dolphins. It's well over 15yrs in the making. Wallace's shortcomings were well aware of before Ireland bringing him here. But, it's tough to excuse NO ONE in the Dolphins organization had clue Tanneill could no more throw the deepball as Wallace could fight for one.

It frustrates me this kind of ineptitude exist in our organization to marry the two together. I accept Wallace as "is what he is" because that's exactly what he has been before even being brought here.

However, exactly as billed, he's a top 5 deepthreat, only our qb can not take advantage of. Who's responsible for not knowing this aforehand? Wallace not being a "fight for the ball wr", and his penchant for drops were no league secret before bringing him in either.

And there goes the his best work from our most scholarly gm, Jeff Ireland.

PS: As dolfans we're all frustrated.

I'm at a lose as to why bloggers are trying to figure out the next move of the Big Three? With the 'Three Stooges' working together there is very little chance of predicting their next move.

To the blogger that wrote that we are all idiots for wanting us to enter the 21st Century and get into the passing game. And now we're bitching that we want to run the ball some. My answer is simple. If we hadn't passed and with the running game of this team we may as well punted on 1st down as apposed to trying to fruitlessly run the ball. I suspect Tannehill would of been happy because he took two years worth of hits in only one. Yes we wanted to get into this century via the passing game but we had no idea that they would put players on the field that made it impossible to run. That was not supposed to be the idea.

How come no one on the Dolphins noticed Tannehill's lack of accuracy BEFORE the draft?

Posted by: MiramarDave | January 07, 2014 at 01:49 PM

An even better question is "why no one noticed before going out and signing Wallace?" Especially with the swirling accusations Wallace's long trick was the his deepball ability.

If Kubiak is so great then how did the Texans suddenly become the worst team in the NFL and Matt Schaub go from borderline All Pro status to a Pick-6 machine who was benched for an undrafted free agent?

Are we to just have convenient amnesia about those uncomfortable facts?

Posted by: signal | January 07, 2014 at 02:05 PM

How come no one on the Dolphins noticed Tannehill's lack of accuracy BEFORE the draft?

Posted by: MiramarDave | January 07, 2014 at 01:49 PM

Great Post!

At best, expect the unexpected, while receiving the never ever heard of.


Mit will look at Thills weaknesses and never blame it on lack of talent. After the last two games of the season the world could clearly see where Thill is at as a QB. Forget debating with him he will never change.

You point regarding how opponent's play us is a good one. Because Thill has little orno deep ball skills defenses cheat up on use a d give our Wrs the smallest of ccushion. Subsequently Thills throws would only travel very short distances. His short passes are good and he does have touch occasionally, but this isn' t enough to compete in this league. Thills first quarter stats are awful, so we are always waiting until the middle of the second before he wakes up. Sadly when we needed bim to step up, he was founded wanting again.

So we praise Tannehill's yards, yet the team finished near the bottom in points per game. All that tells me is the fins have a QB that throws a bunch of passes but can't score points and by no means has he been clutch. Has he had a few good games yes. Has Tannehill convinced anyone he is clutch. Remember when everyone was comparing stats to Luck and saying how similar they were. Did anyone think Tannehill was better than Luck. Some guys are sucked into the stat sheet which is why so many teams that look good on paper never materialize, because people can't look beyond stats. Now having said that a new OC will give Tannehill a chance to prove people like me wrong, and I truly hope it happens.

Yes we wanted to get into this century via the passing game but we had no idea that they would put players on the field that made it impossible to run. That was not supposed to be the idea.

Posted by: signal | January 07, 2014 at 02:05 PM


In other words, the Dolphins became the pass happy kind of offense many here were demanding and now you want to see them run the ball more.

Like I said.

How come no one on the Dolphins noticed Tannehill's lack of accuracy BEFORE the draft?

Posted by: MiramarDave | January 07, 2014 at 01:49 PM


Because the QB's throwing Tanny the ball were pretty accurate.

Sam, Wallace is an excellent deep threat sure, but he is also a very inefficient WR. I mean post Bruce Arians, his #s have been brutal under two different Qbs who are not exactly Christian Ponder here. Both are adequate pros and one is a two time super bowl winner - both are 4,000 yard plus qbs - so at the minimum good enough. He's averged 7 yards per attempt during the last two years - the NFL average is 7.2 yards per attempt for the top 40 qbs in the nfl last year - that's average. Hartline is efficient, Clay is efficient, Gibson is efficient. Wallace is not - another reason why i clamour for another WR/dynamic TE - a big one who may able to catch that 50/50 intermediate to long pass.

"Laughing" why bother?

These are the same clowns who had Brady Quinn pegged for the Hall of Fame.

This is Idiotsville. What they know about football would fit in a thimble with room for the Russian Army left over.

dolfnman, what part of finishing 12th among Qb tds do you not understand. If we rank near the league bottom in scoring - that says more about our run game than anything. Last I checked we are allowed to run for scores to, no?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 07, 2014 at 01:05 PM

Now that I do agree with. And Wallace said he needed to work on that in his Year in Review interview. But I blame that on neither Wallace nor Tannehill, I blame that on Ireland and Philbin. These guys (the GM/HC) both said they needed to stretch the field. When they got Wallace they both said he would help them do that.


When has Wallace EVER been a WR who fights for balls? He's always been a straight-ahead, fly route receiver. And scouts said Tannehill wasn't great on long routes. So the GM/HC go ahead and match those guys up anyway? Maybe they thought the coaches could coach them up. First year didn't go too well, let's hope they're better in Year 2.

Just because a QB has a lot of yards passing does not mean he is good! Being a QB is more than that. It is lifting your team up, it is coming up big when it is crunch time. This team will try to improve the people around Tannehill but I am not convinced he is the guy. And if you want to focus on stats, look up how many QB's spent their careers piling up numbers and were considered average QB's. If I am wrong abut Tannehill I will gladly be the first one here eating crow and bowing down to the folks who had faith in Tannehill.


There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

Now having said that a new OC will give Tannehill a chance to prove people like me wrong, and I truly hope it happens.

Posted by: dolfnman | January 07, 2014 at 02:11 PM

Not as long as Jeff Ireland is still gm. A year late an dollar short, Jeff Ireland probably goes balls in fixing the oline, at the expense of the defense falling totally apart.

I expect 2014, the offense averages around 27ppg, but the defense gives up 30ppg. So, offense improves and the defense grows even worse.

Ireland at his best, plugging one hole to have misery gush from the other. When will Ross ever learn?

sit here laughing, I actually agree with almost everything you've said but why be so rude about it?

Some of it was funny but still...

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain--and most do.”

Fools make feasts and wise men eat them.”

Maybe it's a bit on the rude side but why not call it out?

These guys sit here day after day in some delusional (and comical) haze about their "knowledge" and it's SO damn easy to destroy it all using their own skewed logic and words.

Puncturing these hot air-filled gasbags is a healthy thing.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 07, 2014 at 02:14 PM

A good gm properly does his homework before carelessly spending is owners money. I still expect Ross is at play in some of these decisions like choosing hc, qb, and most recently Wallace.

If this is true, and Ireland is only a yes man, then this franchise is in more trouble than we ever could have imagined. Even this latest saga of who goes, who stays, is being handled very amatuerly.

Sandlot football teams are managed far better.

Mark from Toronto,

T-hill was the QB of a team that was 8 and 8, do not make an absurdity to make your point. He has a high completion on short passes. However when it came to playoff time and against good teams like Belichick and the Patriots, the Jets and Ryan who is a good DC game planner took away the shorter pass and played more of an 8 in the box, not respecting the deeper route. That's what is happening. Next season all of the DC's will be game planning the same way. A NFL QB must be respected deep or he will have the shorter game taken away. The Dolphins are not a bad team but the offense needs a QB to be respected deep, then ball possession comes about. Mike Sherman and the OL did not help T-hill but the weakness still exists so we will see if a new Coordinator can help T-hill or if T-hill can win the job next preseason.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | January 07, 2014 at 01:53 PM

Yes, he has experience as a coach in the NFL under some good systems.

And maybe he is LIKE Andy Reid, but no one knows, he's never called a play. Maybe he is creative, but play-calling is an art form, it takes a while to master. Will he be quick enough to realize what a defense is doing and adjust in-game? Will he know that perfect goal line play that has always worked in the past (using his bank of experience)? Will he get too conservative when his QB just threw an INT but he's down 10 points in the 3rd quarter? Will he call the same 1st play of the game ALMOST. EVERY. GAME?

That's what worries me about this guy. And we don't know, we're taking a chance. He may be the next wonderkid. But then again he may be the next Brian Daboll (nothing special). Right now, it's anyone's guess. The team would need to be extremely sure about this guy's abilities to take a chance like that at a time like this. Not to mention Tannehill's career will be determined by what the next OC can do for him.

I think it's best to hire an experienced OC with a body of work to look at. Let other teams promote position coaches to OC and only then find out they need to go back to being position coaches. Some established, successful teams can afford the luxury/risk of promoting position coaches. This team really can't.
A good example is Norv Turner. We've all see his body of work as both OC and HC, and know he's not right for this team as OC.

TannePuke ranked 37th in yards per pass. How pathetic is that?

Laughing and Oscar share an anus

When did I ever say he was "elite" you know who is elite? Peyton, Rodgers, Brees....maybe Brady still is - within a year we will know if he still is or is someone that once was but is now fading. That's it. Three men walking the earth are elite right now. And none of them were "elite" after year two. You think qbs are just born instead of made, that's your choice but evidence points to the contrary.

Most Qbs that have won are qbs somewhere close to where Tannehill's career path is heading and surrounded by very good supporting casts and have a year or two where everything goes their way.

heck those elite Qbs I just posted above only have three super bowls between the first three... so even then ...

Writing off a qb after year two, especially when he showed significant improvement in every statistical category is beyond assinine.

Are you guys talking just to be talking or what ?
Give me your reasoning as to why you think we need yet
another WR, TE, or CB ? Sign FE's and draft the guys
that we need on the OL and DL. And another thing, if
you're so set on cutting JI loose - what is your reasoning? You are supposed to be judging whether a
person is competent in his/her position or not. Leave
the emotions out of it and give us your reasoning. I for
one am tired of excuses. Build on what we have. Leave the speculation to Mando, Omar, and Dave. Go Dolphins !!

Posted by: promichael | January 07, 2014 at 02:25 PM

Then again, if you as an OC (who has been with this young QB for a while now and should know his positives and negatives) don't emphasize practicing that part of his game ALL YEAR, how much of a disservice are you doing to the kid (whom you supposed are fond of and want to succeed)?

No one, and I mean absolutely no one, has earned the right to be fired more than Jeff Ireland.

Until Ireland is fired, a rebuild has never even started. We're still bogged down in 6yrs of ineptitude. Save, 2008, this frnchise has been alternating between black eye and runny nose.

I think it's best to hire an experienced OC with a body of work to look at. Let other teams promote position coaches to OC and only then find out they need to go back to being position coaches.

Posted by: MassDolphan | January 07, 2014 at 02:28 PM


You do know that the NFL has rules in place that allow teams to block lateral moves by their coaching staffs, right?

In other words, you CANNOT just go out and hire some other team's offensive coordinator for the SAME job elsewhere---not unless that other team wants to dump them, anyway (and you want their trash)

Every single coordinator n the league rose through the ranks and once held a lower position until someone gave them a shot. That's how it works.

You can't just cherry pick whoever you want (although many fans seem to think you can but they are demonstrably stupid)

Posted by: MassDolphan | January 07, 2014 at 02:28 PM

Good luck, an experienced OC with a great body of work, is not coming to Miami except on one week's family vacation.

Yadda Yadda about the draft you can have years of experience in football and still pick the wrong people.
Those who make it in the Pros cant use their supreme physical skills over the competition because everyone that plays professional football has top notch physical skills.Its all about the intangibles just like any other job.
Kipper has made a great life for himself gathering information about the draft and even providing his opinion,which is what it is until the player is in pads in training camp when everyone including the player finds out how he competes at this level.

We do alot of naysaying. I personally and many others have no faith in Ireland.

Alot of you have no faith in Philbin and a lot of us no faith in Coyle.

The Tanny doubters are endless as well. Chances are we are not all right and we are not all wrong.

Because we are Dolphins fans its not easy to expect good things but it is possible.

It is possible that Ireland does a good job upgrading the personnel next year.

It is possible Philbin learns from his mistakes becomes a good coach.

It is possible that Tannehill can play QB at high level in this league.

Its is possible that Coyle will find the right mix with this defense.

Several years ago Ron Rivera was an asst coach moving from job to job. Several years ago the Panthers were spinning their wheels in mediocrity. Things can change.

We'll see in the coming days, weeks, months if the Dolphins are going to make a decent effort at change for the better.

It's got to happen eventually...doesn't it???

who in their wrong mind would come to this flea circus?

Oh Mr Ross slurp slurp kiss kiss, we only need to replace slurp slurp kiss kiss one guy.

Ireland took 6 years to build this awesome oline. Thill took one year to make them look bad. Ireland has giving Thill/Henne 47 different olineman in 5 years. IT'S NOT all Irelands fault. 90% maybe

harbaugh hahaha
fisher hahaha
manning hahaha
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leach f u
Winston uppa u s
long stix it

Actually, I can see by the posts here that you guys really do NOT understand how the coaching hiring practice works in the NFL. All the posts about hiring an "experienced COORDINATOR" prove as much.

Once again (sloowwwly): You are NOT ALLOWED to just go out and hire another team's coordinator for the SAME job.

NFL rules stipulate that a team is allowed to BLOCK any such move.

This is why assistants at a lower level are PROMOTED to the job of coordinator. Because that is who is AVAILABLE.

It's how EVERY SINGLE COORDINATOR got their job.

Clear on the concept yet or will we need another refresher course in the next 5-10 minutes.

(I already now the answer to that, dullsville)

the draft pix are going to go back to college from now on

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